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Windows Toolbox from GitHub is malicious; Uninstall it ASAP!

There’s information {that a} common Windows Toolbox script used so as to add the Google Play Store to the Android Subsystem is infecting programs with malicious scripts. Apart from this, the script is additionally including some unknown Chrome extensions and probably different malware.

Windows Toolbox executes malicious instructions

The incident got here to gentle when a handful of customers found, that the Toolbox script downloaded from the GitHub web page carried out all of the capabilities as given within the description, however hid one thing sinister. It received a number of scripts from Cloudflare employees and exploited them to execute malicious instructions or obtain information to the contaminated gadget.

For occasion, to run Windows Toolbox efficiently, the developer requested customers to run a command that resulted in loading a PowerShell script from a Cloudflare employee hosted at http: //ps.microsoft-toolbox.employees.dev/.

It’s fairly a process to select malicious scripts utilizing Cloudflare employees as cybercriminals can modify the scripts as wanted. Only final yr through the October month, when the Windows 11 launch was introduced, Microsoft had declared that it would permit customers to run native Android apps instantly from inside Windows.

However, when the Android for Windows 11 preview was launched in February, many had been left disillusioned as they may not use it with Google Play. As such, they had been left stranded with apps from the Amazon App Store.

Around the identical time, some unknown developer launched a brand new software referred to as Windows Toolbox on GitHub with a bunch of options. Among different issues, it supported Google Play Store set up for the Android subsystem on Windows.

Sadly, the software that was hailed as an exquisite different turned out to be a Trojan that cleverly executed a sequence of malicious PowerShell scripts to put in a trojan clicker and presumably different variants of malware on units.

Via BleepingComputer.

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