White Day A Labyrinth Named School Walkthrough

Welcome to our White Day A Labyrinth Named School Walkthrough information. Detailed White Day A Labyrinth Named School walkthrough that will help you get by means of the sport as shortly as attainable. Only covers necessary actions and objects.

White Day A Labyrinth Named School Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough that will help you get by means of the sport as shortly as attainable. Only covers necessary actions and objects. We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the White Day A Labyrinth Named School recreation. If you might be a type of who discover it tough to complete the sport, let’s take you to our White Day A Labyrinth Named School information.

Main Building 1

  • As quickly as you begin the sport, go left and enter room 2-6. Turn the sunshine on and seize the School Magazine from the holder.
  • Exit the room and open the double doorways your digital camera focuses on.
  • You will meet Seong-A and Ji-Hyeon for the primary time. Choose the dialogue choices that coincide with no matter ending you’re going for.
  • After speaking to them, comply with Seong-A to the lavatory and he or she’ll ask you to seize just a few objects. You can discover each of them down the corridor the place you first met the women.
  • Head again to the lavatory and enter the vent. Hook a left inside and switch off each valves.
  • Exit the vent kind the place the steam was initially, then run over to the field to the fitting of the fireplace alarm and open it.
  • Turn the primary field twice and the opposite 2 as soon as.
  • Grab the Key and the Metal Token that fly out.
  • Unlock the doorways to the fitting of 2-6 and a cutscene will play out. Talk to Ji-Hyeon.
  • Grab the Lighter off the desk behind you, exit the room and plug the Token into the wall in your proper.
  • Climb upstairs and comply with the corridor to room 2-8. You’ll discover it’s locked, so we have to proceed down the corridor. Grab the observe close to the locked double doorways telling us there’s a code in a software field.
  • Head again to the place you discovered the Ladder earlier and look within the field on the ground to discover a Tool Belt.
  • Inspect the belt and take a look at the tops of the screwdrivers to discover a code.
  • Head again to the 1F Main Office and open the locked field within the again with that code. Grab the Keys inside.
  • Go upstairs to the place we discovered the observe detailing the situation of the belt and open the doorways there. Head by means of to begin a cutscene with out first ghost.
  • If you’re going for the White Chrysanthemum ending(s) make sure that to work together with the flower on the window!
  • Continue down the corridor to seek out the Auditorium doorways are locked.
  • Now head again to 2-8 to satisfy up with So-Young. After the cutscene we’ll begin our first timed boss battle!
  • Grab the Key off the ground, then go down the corridor to the Hiking Club room. Inside is a bottle of Insect Repellent.
  • Go just a few doorways over to the Gym Storage Room and skim the observe on the desk as you stroll in. This will inform us the order of the years we want for the upcoming puzzle.
  • Open the locker to the again proper of the room to see a set of medals. The goal is to match the quantity of medals to the order of yr. So in my instance beneath it could be 5924.
White Day A Labyrinth Named School Walkthrough
White Day A Labyrinth Named School Walkthrough
White Day A Labyrinth Named School Walkthrough
  • After discovering your code, open the secure to the left (alternating left to proper as you enter the numbers) and seize the Chemical Solvent inside.
  • We now have to make use of this stuff to kill 5 evil crops. Their areas are as follows: In the cubby close to the 2F loos, Outside room 2-12, outdoors the Broadcasting Room, outdoors the Main Office, the place we discovered the Ladder.
  • Once all 5 are killed, head to 2-2 and comply with the prompts to kill the boss.
  • Head again to room 2-8 to seek out the Wood Token. Use that on the doorways close to the place we used the Metal Token to proceed to Main Building 2.

Main Building 2

  • As quickly as you load into MB2, stroll ahead a bit to set off a cutscene. Afterwards, enter the Faculty Office 1 and seize the observe on one of many laptop desks. It’ll say there’s one thing within the Principle’s Office.
  • Head to the Night Duty Room and seize the Lost and Found Key, then head to the Nurses Room and seize the Key from the jacket pocket.
  • Go as much as the 2nd flooring and also you’ll spot one other Token barrier. You must also spot a wierd portray to your proper. Grab the portray piece off of it, then undergo the double doorways.
  • Unlock the Student Department Office and take a look at the chalkboard with the lights off and your lighter on.
  • This is, for my part, probably the most annoying puzzle within the recreation. Thankfully, the answer will all the time be a mix of the numbers 1, 2, 4, and eight. What it’s essential do is erase the fitting image from the left image within the 4 strings to determine the quantity, based mostly on the sheet. In my instance, the code can be 4218.
White Day A Labyrinth Named School Walkthrough
White Day A Labyrinth Named School Walkthrough
  • Head again all the way down to the first flooring and plug this code into the Principle’s Office door.
  • Once inside, look along with the desk and hold observe of how the sample is oriented. Repeat that sample on the entrance of the desk to open the drawer.
White Day A Labyrinth Named School Walkthrough
White Day A Labyrinth Named School Walkthrough
  • Grab the Video Tape, then work together with the highest left monitor within the bookshelf.
  • Once the Janitor is gone, head subsequent door to the Faculty Office to discover a Key on high of the cabinets the place the chair is.
  • Head as much as the 2nd flooring Faculty Office, then go into the again room to seek out the Science key. Head again to the primary room and open the radio up entrance to discover a cassette. If you’re on the White Chrysanthemum route you’ll mechanically seize the cassette.
  • Head as much as the third flooring Science Supply Room through the Science Room. If you’re on the White Chrysanthemum route you’ll be able to skip this room.
  • Afterwards, head to the Music Room and also you’ll spot a piano with blood dripping on it. There’s solely 5 keys we will hit, so hit them on this order: 3, 2, 4, 5, 4.
  • Grab the important thing that falls then open the bench to seek out one other image piece. On the again of this piece is a code. Use this code to achieve entry to the Music Supplies Room.
  • Once inside, seize the ultimate portray piece. Keep the stereo in right here in thoughts. We’ll come again for that later.
  • Head all the way down to the 2nd flooring Councilors Office and plug within the portray items.
  • Go down the corridor to the Lost and Found. Once inside, seize the vase and look inside it to discover a distant.
  • Remember that stereo within the Music Supply Room? Head again and work together with it to get a CD. Inspect the again of the CD to seek out the Art Room key.
  • Go as much as the Art Room on the 4th flooring to set off the 2nd timed boss battle.
  • Our first aim is to run all the way down to the Lost and Found once more and seize the Clay Doll that fell.
  • Next, head again to the 4th flooring Art Room and fireplace the doll within the oven.
  • Finally, head all the way down to the Science Room on flooring 3 and work together with the third sink in your left.
  • Once you may have the completed doll, deliver it again to the infant within the Art Room.
  • Enter the room the infant was in to seek out the Earth Token. Take it all the way down to flooring 2 and head on over to the New Building.

New Building

  • After arriving within the New Building, make your method all the way down to the first flooring and seize the Yellow Keycard. If you’re on the White Chrysanthemum route it will occur after you speak to So-Young.
  • Head again as much as flooring 2 and open the yellow door on the far finish of the corridor. You’ll now end up in a big atrium.
  • Once inside, head all the way down to the first flooring and unlock the Dance Studio. Interact with the stereo to set off our first boss battle on this space.
  • The goal right here is to match the place the audio system are within the mirror whereas avoiding the doppelgangers assaults. Once you’ve achieved this 3 occasions, the window will shatter and you may seize the Red Keycard.
  • After grabbing the cardboard, head as much as the 4th flooring. Just previous the Library is an influence field. Turn off the Lights swap, slot the fuse into the Power slot, and activate the Power swap. Enter the Library and activate the AC.
  • Grab the plaque that fell and work together with the door behind the Library. Shove the plaque all the best way in, then slide it up and down slowly till the door unlocks.
  • After the cutscene, seize the Yin-Yang Token from the rostrum, then head all the way down to the first flooring Music Appreciation Room for our subsequent boss.
  • The aim right here is to shortly discover the lady and burn her with the token just a few occasions. Easy peasy, however be fast! There’s truly a digital camera manipulation methodology you should use to make this battle even simpler. I’ll present a video on the backside of the part.
  • After defeating her, open the cassette participant and take the drive belt out.
  • Head again to the hallway we began this zone in and enter the Language Lab. In the highest left nook is one other cassette participant. Slot the drive belt and cassette in then click on play.
  • After receiving the Blue Keycard, we have to activate room lights in a particular order. The order is: 3-1, 3-5, 3-8, 3-10, and 3-12. After you’ve achieved that, go to the first flooring and unlock the Electrical Room. Activate the lever inside to overload the lights.
  • Grab the important thing that fell in the midst of the atrium.
  • Next, we have to full the portray and clock puzzle. In the Occult Club, the Art Studio, the Earth Science Lab, and the Computer Lab are a portray and a clock subsequent to one another. Our first step is to find the room that incorporates Greenwich and observe the time the clock is ready to.
  • Once we’ve achieved that, set the opposite clocks within the following method: Beijing +8, Moscow +3, and DC -3. So if Greenwich is 12, DC can be 9 for instance.
  • Once these are all set accurately, the locker within the Occult Club will open, Grab the Divining Rods inside.
  • With these, we’re set to deal with the roof. Go again to the corridor we began the zone in and climb to the highest of the small staircase (not the steps within the atrium).
  • After stepping outdoors, you’ll now have the rods in your fingers. They’ll do one among two issues; go straight, or go crossed. What you wish to do is shimmy alongside the pool edge till they go straight, then stroll in a straight line till they cross. Once they do, take a step again and switch your character aspect to aspect to seek out the following secure path we will take. Straight = secure.
  • Once on the opposite aspect, drain the pool by turning the valve, then hop into the pool to seek out the Water Token.
  • Before we plug that in, head again to the ability field on the 4th flooring. Turn off the Power swap, change the fuse over to the alarm slot, then again away from the field. If you don’t do that now, you’ll mechanically die within the subsequent battle.
  • Head again to the 2nd flooring of the atrium and plug the token in to begin our final boss of the zone.
  • Run as much as the 4th flooring energy field and switch the alarm on to defeat her!
  • Now it’s time to maneuver on to the ultimate space of the sport.


  • As quickly as you load into the zone, head to the Projector Room and activate the lever.
  • Head downstairs and make your method over to the Auditorium Control Room. Inside is a swap board with a single swap flipped up. Switch it all the way down to set off a cutscene.
  • Exit the room and enter the fitness center flooring to set off the following boss battle. The aim right here is to seek out 3 fireplace extinguishers and extinguish the flames.
  • From the place we begin, hook a left and head to the right-most nook to discover a fireplace extinguisher outdoors the fitting aspect Storage Room.
  • Head over to the hallway outdoors the Girl’s Locker Room and extinguish the flame. Inside is our final extinguisher.
  • Next, head over to the hallway outdoors the Boy’s Locker Room and extinguish the fireplace, then enter the locker room for an additional extinguisher.
  • Take this over to the left Storage Room and extinguish the blue flame.
  • Once that’s out, seize the valve deal with and head again to the Girl’s Locker hallway. Just past the locker room is the Green Room. Slot the valve into the pipe and activate the water system.
  • After any cutscenes, seize the Fire Token and head as much as the 2nd flooring to fit it in.


  • Grab the Fire Token as quickly as you spawn.
  • Facing the Fire Token holder, go straight till you hit a useless finish.
  • Hook a proper, after which one other proper on the useless finish.
  • Follow the trail ahead till you notice the Metal Token in your proper and the Wood Token a little bit additional to your left.
  • Facing the Wood Token holder, 180 and head down the trail. You’ll spot the Earth Token to your proper. Grab it.
  • Head again to the Metal Token and seize it.
  • Facing the Metal Token holder, head proper and comply with the trail till you hit a T-junction. Go left.
  • Follow the trail and hook the one left you’ll be able to. Go straight till you come to a bit the place you’ll be able to both go proper, or proceed straight a little bit to your left. Go straight.
  • Continue going ahead and also you’ll spot the Water Token glowing in your proper. Grab it.
  • Facing the Water Token holder, comply with the trail in a straight line (a little bit zig-zaggy, however straight, nonetheless) till your solely choice is to show proper. Do so.
  • Follow the linear path again to the Wood Token and seize it.


  • After taking management of Ji-Min, run again to MB1 and go to the place the White Chrysanthemum is.
  • On the left wall, about shin top, is a blood stain. Interact with it.
  • After the cutscene, head again to MB2 and go to the Music Room on the third flooring for an additional cutscene.
  • Next, run all the way down to the Counselor’s Office on the 2nd flooring.
  • Run down the corridor to the Lost and Found, then search the containers on the ground to seek out Ji-Won Kim’s Book.
  • Now pop over to the New Building.
  • As quickly as you load in to the NB, go to the Art Room in entrance of you to discover a e book close to the white board.
  • Climb the small staircase close by straight to the roof. Cross the pool and head inside.
  • Go to Library 1 and find the e book on the again shelf.
  • Slip into library 2 and find the e book once more on the again.
  • Cross over to the Reading Room and seize the e book from the entrance.
  • Go again to MB2 and head to the 2nd flooring Faculty Office. Prepare for a really tough sequence of occasions.
  • Now within the Faculty Office, find which desk has the vase on it and also you’ll spot a padlock beneath it. The concept is to make use of the numbers on the spines of the books, ranging from the pinnacle of the tiger and going to the tail, to unlock it. Remember to alternate sides like a traditional padlock.
  • Now head again in the direction of the stairwell to begin a really prolonged stealth part. You might want to path Choi Eun-mi with out being seen. If you divert from following her, or get noticed, you’ll immediately die. Also remember the fact that she’ll randomly cease and go searching. This part can take you roughly 7+ minutes.
  • After trailing her again to NB, run as much as the roof, cross the pool, and enter the primary atrium.
  • After the cutscene, dash all the way down to her physique and gather the inhaler.
  • You’ll end up in a brand new space unique to Ji-Min. This space is much like the Labyrinth, besides we now have an lively risk within the space who will insta-kill you if caught. If Seong-A spots you, you’ll be able to run away and have her lose observe of you.
  • You want to make use of the beams of sunshine to gather the Tokens on this order: White, inexperienced, yellow, blue, crimson.
  • After gathering all 5 you’ll end up again in MB1. You have to navigate your method again to MB2 whereas avoiding the onslaught of spirits. It’s price noting you could kite the spirits right into a extra favorable place at occasions.
  • Once in MB2 run over to the Music Room on the third flooring and put together for some VERY quick QTEs. A small tip: You can preemptively guess the QTE by taking a look at what a part of the display the circle seems on. IE. if it’s on high you’ll be pushing up, if it’s left you’ll push left.
  • Congrats on beating the toughest route within the recreation, for my part.

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