Weird West 100% Achievements Guide

For achievement hunters of Weird West, this information will present you learn how to unlock all achievements in sport, let’s examine them out.

The Bounty Hunter Journey Half 1

Unforgiven (Unmissable, story associated)
Dig up your Bounty Hunter cache and go well with upWeird West 100% Achievements GuideOut on the Ebb Tide (Missable)
Take down Shelby Cross in Copper Mountain Quarry

When you plan on having just one playthrough, I counsel you make a save when you attain your husband, as a result of there are two achievements right here you could get utilizing this save. Don’t overwrite that save slot.

The primary is to take down Shelby Cross, however you have to to open that Unbreakable door, and to try this, you should pull three levers.

First lever:
You’ll need to hold a barrel, place it beside the ledge, stand on it and soar to the ledge.
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements Guide

Second lever:
This one is situated behind the place your husband was imprisoned. Bounce over to the ledge on the best aspect to get there.
Price mentioning: For followers of the Dishonored sport, examine the corpse on the backside of the place your husband was imprisoned, the place the rats are at.
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements Guide

Third lever:
Bounce from the prepare tracks to entry this ledge.
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements Guide

The doorway to Shelby Cross might be opened and now, you may battle and kill him. Then escape the world for the achievement to pop.
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements Guide

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideThe Nice Escape (Missable)
Get your partner out of the quarry with out ever alerting Shelby Cross

Now you may reload that save slot, go away the world with out bothering about Shelby and save him for one of many bounty targets later.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideJustice Served (Unmissable, story associated)
Full the Bounty Hunter Journey

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideSelf-Enchancment (Unlikely to be missed)
Use a Nimp Relic to realize a capability for the primary time

Weird West 100% Achievements GuidePerky (Unlikely to be missed)
Use a Golden Ace of Spades to realize a perk for the primary time

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideLet’s Experience (Unlikely to be missed)
Recruit your first follower

Recruit a person to your posse.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideFull Home (Unlikely to be missed)
Recruit a full posse

Recruit a further particular person to your posse.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWelcome to the Weird West (Unlikely to be missed)
Kill your first monstrous enemy

You need to get this one killing a siren. Werewolves, zombies and wraiths ought to work as effectively.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideLifeless or Alive (Missable)
Flip in your first bounty from the board

Search for the bounty boards, decide a goal and hunt them down inside 15 days.

The Bounty Hunter Journey Half 2

Be aware: The Steam Achievements listed right here on Half 2, can be obtained if you transfer on to different heroes’ journeys. Or course, it’s at all times higher to get most of them accomplished whilst you’re nonetheless enjoying the Bounty Hunter.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideOff the Path (Missable)
Full 10 aspect quests

As the outline implies, search for 10 aspect quests to finish. Going after bounty targets rely in direction of getting this achievement too.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideDishonored (Missable)
Knock somebody out by dropping onto them from above

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideA reference to the Dishonored sport. You simply must get someplace larger up and soar down touchdown in your goal. They must be knocked out for the achievement to pop, so when you land on them however they weren’t knocked out, you should strive once more.

When you’re doing this on city of us, keep in mind to save lots of your sport earlier than you do it. I did this one on the Protector’s Journey.

And sure, I do know I’m an a** for doing it on this poor woman who’s grieving for her deceased member of the family.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideChain Response (Missable)
Catch 2 or extra enemies in Chain Lightning

Sneak shut to 2 targets which are shut collectively and throw a Lightning In A Bottle at them, ensuring that they’re throughout the radius of impact.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideThis Is Sparta (Missable)
Kick somebody off of a rooftop or cliff

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideA reference to the 300 film. Simply kick somebody off a roof. Press “F” to kick.

Galen’s Crossing is an effective place to do that.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideI Kicked a Chook and I Preferred it (Missable)
Kick a flying Vulture

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideDiscover a vulture snacking on carcasses and kick it, hopefully because it flies off.

For me, the achievement popped once I jumped and kicked one which was perched on a fence. It wasn’t flying although.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideRight here Comes Santa Claus (Missable)
Break right into a constructing by means of the chimney

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideEnsure you have a rope in your stock. Search for a home with a chimney, get on the roof, go subsequent to the chimney and you must do that straightforward sufficient.

When you’re not in a position to get on the roof, carrying some barrels and inserting them subsequent to the roof edge will make it easier to stand up there.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideLord Inut Sends His Regards (Missable)
Roast a reside hen

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideIf you see any hen, search for a lighted lamp to hold and throw it on the hen.

Or when you’ve got a Wildfire Cocktail, that works too.

Make sure to save your sport earlier than you do it, or chances are you’ll be caught for vandalizing different folks’s property.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideRevenant (Missable)
Begin a battle in opposition to a bear whereas drunk… and win

I achieved this one throughout a random encounter in opposition to two bears. Shortly open up your stock, drink up and battle the bears!

In keeping with the World Achievements stats as of third April 2022, not many individuals have this one, however that may change in time as that is actually a straightforward one. Good luck although!

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideScholar (Missable)
Learn 50 books

Ensure you learn each e book and literature that you simply see as you discover round. It doesn’t must be accomplished by the tip of the Bounty Hunter’s journey as I received this achievement on the Pigman’s Journey after studying just a few extra books. So it accumulates in your objective with the subsequent hero’s journey.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideGold Digger (Missable)
Dig up 10 mound caches

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements Guide

It’s important to be observant as you might be exploring numerous locations and search for these mound caches. Ten of those will make it easier to pop the achievement.

Weird West 100% Achievements Guide‘Ma Barker (Missable)
Steal $10,000 value of products in a single playthrough

As the outline states, you should steal $10,000 value of things in a single playthrough. Sure, it may be amassed over all of the 5 heroes’ journeys. So if by the tip of the sport, you continue to haven’t achieved this, simply load up the save slot earlier than heading off to the final a part of the sport and go on a stealing rampage.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideDo Not Go Go… (Missable)
Serve time in jail

Save your sport earlier than you do that if you wish to keep your status.

Steal some objects ensuring there are folks watching you do it and when the sheriff comes to select you up, select the choice to go to jail. Don’t pay the advantageous.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideGhost City (Missable)
Flip a settlement right into a ghost city

Once more, save your sport earlier than you do that if you wish to keep your status.

Search for a straightforward city and kill everybody in it. Remember that the sheriff and devotees (if any) are tougher to kill so what I did was, I sneaked up on a few of them and knocked them out first with out alerting different folks, then kill them later whereas they’re down.

As soon as everyone seems to be useless, go away the map to a different place and the achievement ought to pop.

The Pigman Journey

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideThat’s All, People (Unmissable, story associated)
Full the Pigman JourneyWeird West 100% Achievements GuideEmployees’ Rights (Missable)
Kill Maximo and free the Lantern room’s employees

At Quigley’s Lantern Room entrance, ring the doorbell. After some dialogue, a girl will ask to satisfy you within the again. Accomplish that and when she request in your assist, conform to it.

The mission right here is to get inside, knock out your goal – Maximo De Cueva, carry him to the closest balcony and throw him off. It’s important to do that with out being seen.
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements GuideAfter you have accomplished so, go away the world and the achievement ought to pop.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideTurning the Tables (Missable)
Flip Ruth right into a Pigwoman

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWhen given the choice, please make sure that to decide on that you really want Ruth to be changed into a pig. This can even assist your “Monster Hunter” achievement in a while, when Ruth Bough turns into a bounty goal.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideBy means of Their Eyes (Missable)
Recruit a earlier Journey Hero to your posse

Go to Bell Stead and recruit Jane Bell, the Bounty Hunter.

The Protector Journey
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideFor Stability (Unmissable, story associated)
Full the Protector JourneyWeird West 100% Achievements GuideFilth and Blame (Missable)
Develop into a Wiindigo

Please observe: On the Protector’s Journey, you must save the sport after assembly Maryann for the primary time and hold that save slot. Don’t overwrite it! Play the nice and good Protector, you may even end the sport first, then load that save slot and are available again later to this for the “Filth and Blame” achievement.

Because of SKADRIL who posted the necessities for this achievement within the feedback!

Listed here are the necessities:
– Extort Noemi for her husband’s gold star.
– Dump Sheriff del Bosque’s gold star.
– Extort the farm house owners for his or her land titles, then kill them.
– Dump the farm house owners’ land titles to a financial institution.
– Don’t strike a truce with the Dagger and Bones.

Doing so will flip you into Wiindigo on the finish the place you burn Olvidado’s head.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideFallen Star (Missable)
Retrieve the fallen Sheriff’s star from the ruins of Boulder Creek mine

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements Guide
After killing all of the Ravenous in Boulder Creek, you’ll communicate to Jun Peng who tells you that their sheriff went lacking. Ask extra concerning the sheriff and you can be informed that you must speak to his spouse, Noemi.

Search for Noemi Del Bosque on the town (she can have the aspect quest emblem on high of her head), speak to her and ask about her husband. Conform to search for him.

She’s going to ask you to search for his sheriff’s star if you go to Boulder Creek Mine.

The achievement pops as soon as you discover it there, although you must nonetheless return it to Noemi after that.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideTherapeutic Previous Wounds (Missable)
Return Glenn Mills’s rifle to Maryann

Because of Iron Bear who posted his video within the feedback!
Take a look at the video above to see the place to search out Glenn Mills’ rifle and as soon as you bought it, head to Fort Glenn to present it again to Maryann.

For me, I saved the sport earlier than I gave it to her, so I can reload again and use the rifle for myself after the achievement pops.

Nonetheless, when you’ve got it on you on the finish of the Protector’s journey the place you might be about to burn Olvidado’s head, you’ll mechanically give it again to her. A technique round that is to let one other member of your posse (a earlier hero which you understand you’ll recruit because the Werewolf) maintain on to it first.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideRain of Loss of life (Missable)
Flip certainly one of your arrows into an elemental arrow

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideLevel a nocked arrow at an open flame and shoot.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWinds of Warfare (Missable)
Flip a Twister into an Elemental Twister

This one popped for me firstly of the Protector’s journey once I was within the cave searching the primary Ravenous. I received this one unintentionally when my posse determined to make use of a twister.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements Guide

If that didn’t occur for you too, you should buy the Western Wind means and anytime you see a fireplace, you should utilize the power.

Alternatively, you may throw both a Lightning In A Bottle or a Wildfire Cocktail, then use the power.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWho You Gonna Name? (Missable)
Full a quest given by a Ghost

A reference to the Ghostbusters film.

After a ceremony which lets you speak to spirits (or ghosts), you may then settle for aspect quest from ghosts for this achievement.

When you’re not capable of finding one with the Protector, you may nonetheless accomplish that with the Werewolf or the Oneirist.

For me, I discovered my first ghost quest with the Oneirist in Winstead, once I was getting the Thriller Machine achievement. She was wandering close to the graveyard.
Weird West 100% Achievements Guide

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideMonster Hunter (Missable)
Accumulate the bounty on a Pigman or Ravenous

All you should do is take a look at the bounty boards and select a Pigman or Ravenous as your subsequent bounty to gather. For me, it was Ruth Bough.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideElusive Prey (Missable)
Accumulate a bounty for delivering both Leila, Shelby Cross or Galen Weeks

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideAs the outline states, kill certainly one of these people and gather their bounty for the achievement to pop.

I did this one on the Protector’s Journey, however I feel you may get this one throughout Pigman’s, as Shelby would’ve most likely been a bounty goal then.

If Shelby was killed throughout the Bounty Hunter’s journey, then any of the opposite two must suffice.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideHog Wild (Missable)
Beat Pigman Joe at a Poker Sport

From the Protector’s Journey onward, you’ll want to go to saloons every time you enter any city as chances are you’ll randomly encounter Pigman Joe in search of somebody to play poker with.
Weird West 100% Achievements Guide
When you do see him sitting on the poker desk ready for somebody, ensure you take that likelihood to play with him. From the feedback, many have talked about that it is vitally arduous to search out him to play poker with.

So long as you win one spherical, the achievement will pop.

If by the tip of the sport, you continue to haven’t discovered him, then here’s a save file you should utilize to get this achievement.

Credit to SKADRIL who discovered it and LoveTrain who uploaded it to Weird West server on Discord!

First, you disable Steam Cloud synchronization for Weird West.

Right here is the save file so that you can get this achievement:

Bear in mind to backup your individual save recordsdata, earlier than you substitute it with this.

You could find your Weird West save recordsdata situated at:
C:Customers<Your Consumer Identify>AppDataLocalNovaSavedSaveGames

The Werewolf Journey

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideCanine Days (Unmissable, story associated)
Full the Werewolf JourneyWeird West 100% Achievements GuideLoyalty to the Pack (Missable)
Rescue the lacking Werewolf

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWhen Leila goes lacking and you might be informed to search for her in Grackle, go there and in the midst of city, you will note two males standing subsequent to a physique of an individual killed by Leila. One is the sheriff and the opposite is Albert Jones, the Werewolf Hunter.

Discuss to Albert and conform to go to his home. This might be a aspect quest and you’ll have to go away Grackle and on the map, select his home which might be indicated by the blue aspect quest emblem.

At his home, let him present you the rifle, which he’ll carry you to his basement and you will note one other werewolf imprisoned there.

Inform Albert to get flooded and kill him. Open the jail door to free her and the achievement ought to pop.

You need to do that one earlier than studying Sybil’s journal.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideMoon Hunter (Missable)
Flip a Bounty Hunter right into a Werewolf

You’ll need to have:
1. Wolfsbane Clippings (only one is sufficient)
2. A Silver Knife
3. A human in your posse (mine was Jane Bell, however it appears others can suffice too)

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWhen you aren’t in a position to get Wolfsbane Clippings, there’s one proper exterior Leila’s home entrance in a suitcase if you go to Grackle to search for her. The one downside is there are folks watching making it arduous so that you can take…okay, steal it.

The nice factor is, you’re enjoying the Werewolf and you’ve got a novel means referred to as Yeb’s Invisibility, so activate that and steal the Wolfsbane Clippings from the suitcase.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements Guide

Now, you may go to Albert Jones’ home (see earlier achievement) as there’s a tame wolf there.

Ensure that it’s night time time. If it isn’t, you may Loiter. Give the Wolfsbane Clippings to your human companion after which, kill the wolf with a Silver Knife.

The achievement ought to pop when you see your companion flip.

In fact, it’s also possible to do that at every other locations with wolves. I’m simply making it straightforward so that you can get two achievements in a single place.

For a video reference, please see this YouTube video made by Iron Bear. Thanks, Iron Bear!
The situations for this achievement are acknowledged on the finish:

“To Carry a Beast Into the Blood. Vogue ye a DAGGER from purest SILVER. Let the one MARKED FOR THE TRANSFORMATION carry upon their particular person a sprig of WOLFSBANE.

By NIGHT, discover thee a WOLF, and hunt it with all thy craft and crafty. KILL the wolf with thy SILVER DAGGER.

With the wolf slain, let thy topic stand earlier than the corpse, wolfsbane clutched tight, that the wolf’s SPIRIT could also be drawn inside their beating coronary heart, and so fastened in place, the 2 wedded forever.”

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideThe Thinker’s Stone (Missable)
Assist Essex Mast on his quest

Ensure that to assist Essex Mast each time he asks you for assist. Nonetheless, it’s the Werewolf’s one the place this achievement will pop if you assist him once more, this time, by in search of the soul vessel for him when you are additionally in search of Leila on the Oleander Temple.

As you discover Leila imprisoned, there’s one other prisoner reverse Leila’s cell who will ask you to assist open the cell and in return, that prisoner will inform you learn how to discover the soul vessel.
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements Guide

After you free that prisoner, you may then press a hidden mechanism on the wall, close to the massive incense and it is possible for you to to get the soul vessel.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideEnergy Behind the Pulpit (Missable)
Learn Sybil’s journal

In Cleric Franciscus’ room, there’s a hidden button behind one of many curtains. Press that and a entice door might be revealed.
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements Guide

Enter the entice door and you’ll come nose to nose with Sybil, an Oneirist who’s hidden on this basement. Behind her desk is a door with a lightning signal on it. To open it, throw a Lightning In A Bottle at it and it is going to be opened revealing Sybil’s Journal.
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements Guide

Decide it as much as learn it and the achievement will pop.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideMoondrunk (Missable)
Kill 3 enemies in lower than 5 seconds in Wolf kind

This one is fairly simple. Activate your werewolf kind and kill three enemies inside 5 seconds.

The trick is to search out three enemies shut to one another and do it.

The Oneirist Journey

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideOne thing Depraved This Method Comes… (Unmissable, story associated)
Full the Oneirist JourneyWeird West 100% Achievements GuideKnuckle Sandwich (Missable)
Beat the Heathen at her Slap Sport

When you begin the Oneirist’s Journey, it’s a must to move some Provoke’s check first and after some dialogue, you’ll be capable to discover the world.

Search for The Authority’s Quarters and you’ll both lockpick your approach in or undergo the drainage space on the aspect (it’s a must to crouch to get in).

On the desk is the Amulet Of The Open Palm!
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements GuideTake it and equip it the subsequent time you meet the Heathen. When she suggests the Slap Sport, conform to it and slap the sh*t out of her utilizing the facility of the amulet!

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideThriller Machine (Missable)
Save each innocents in The Strangeness

This can be a aspect quest that appear to be a random encounter you’ll get upon travelling out out of your place to begin. Ensure that to resolve on OK in assembly them and to not keep away from the encounter. They’ll inform you there’s a “strangeness” in Winstead and ask you for assist, so journey there and meet the children on the saloon rooftop.
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements Guide

Weird West 100% Achievements Guide

Subsequent, go to the river and search for this girl and speak to her. She gives you phrases of banishing to make use of do you have to encounter bother.

From right here, speak to the townfolks, as many as you may and you’ll collect data that you will want to satisfy three people – the physician, the varsity instructor and the financial institution supervisor.

Meet the physician and faculty instructor first and if you press them concerning the blue gentle, their possession will manifest and that’s if you use the banishing phrases. These are the 2 innocents you’ll save for this achievement.
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements GuideSubsequent, meet the financial institution supervisor and he’ll inform you about this deserted home and that’s the place you must go to subsequent. Enter through the chimney, you have to a rope after all. One can find a shelter door under, so enter that subsequent.
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements GuideBeneath, you’ll discover a suicide observe and an urn. Learn the suicide observe first. When you search the urn, a Dread Wraith will seem and upon killing him, the achievement will pop.
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWeird West 100% Achievements GuideAnd sure, I’m killing him with my fists on this screenshot as I panicked and forgot to equip a weapon.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideExplorer (Missable)
Find each Temple of the Ancients

Because of SKADRIL who posted the achievement necessities within the feedback!

Work together with the Temple Steles at these three locations – Blood Moon TempleCedar Flats and Horsetail Grotto. Merely interacting with the Steles ought to provide the achievement.

You may solely obtain this on the Oneirist’s journey as she’s the one one who can decipher the temple steles.

Blood Moon Temple:
Weird West 100% Achievements Guide

Cedar Flats:
Weird West 100% Achievements Guide

Horsetail Grotto:
Weird West 100% Achievements Guide

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWinter Has Come (Missable)
Accumulate all 3 of Pigman Joe’s Tour du Weird West memento snow globes

A reference to The Sport of Thrones. This one appear to be the toughest achievement to get based on the World Achievement as of fifth April 2022. That may change in time as it’s a straightforward one.
Weird West 100% Achievements Guide
So long as Pigman Joe nonetheless lives, you’re in a position to get all three snow globes at his place (Joe’s Hideaway) throughout the Oneirist’s Journey. You may see all three snow globes on this screenshot.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideGetting the Gang Again Collectively (Missable)
Carry all of the Journey Heroes again to the Damaged Steppe Temple alive

Ensure that any earlier heroes that you simply recruit in your posse keep alive until the tip of the sport.
Weird West 100% Achievements GuideBecause the Oneirist, you’ll finally have a quest to acquire a Wellspring Textual content on the Damaged Steppe Temple.

Right here, you have to to assemble all of the earlier Journey Heroes so it’s a must to journey to every, one after the other and if you open a dialogue with them, they are going to mechanically journey to this place themselves. If any are in your posse if you go contained in the temple, they are going to go away your posse and keep there.

The Protector is a tough one as if you reached Fort Glenn, he’s buried within the graveyard there, however sure, nonetheless alive. So long as you will have a shovel prepared, you must get him out in time.

On my playthrough, I didn’t have one so once I went to out to get one and got here again later, he was useless. I needed to reload additional again. So ensure you have a shovel prepared in your stock earlier than you go to Fort Glenn to get him.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideWhat’s within the Field? (Missable)
Return the Heathen’s Field unopened

Throughout the Bounty Hunter’s journey, the Heathen gives you a field and inform you to not open it. Ensure you by no means open it, it doesn’t matter what!

Because the Oneirist, earlier than the final mission to Foxglove, journey across the map until you encounter the Heathen once more and she is going to ask the field from you. The achievement ought to pop when you didn’t open it, not even for a peek.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideEternity Can Wait (Missable)
Spare Essex Mast on the finish of the Oneirist Journey

On the finish of the sport, when given the selection, select “Spare Essex — he doesn’t need to die“.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideThere’s Hope (Unlikely to be missed, however sure, missable)
Save the world

On the finish of the sport, reply the questions honestly with emotions.

Weird West 100% Achievements GuideIt All Dies (Missable)
Finish the world

When you achieved “There’s Hope”, reload the newest auto-save slot for the tip a part of the sport and reply the questions once more, however this time, impassive and with out emotions for anybody or something.




That’s all we’re sharing immediately in Hidden Cats in Paris 100% Completion Hidden Cats Location Guide, when you’ve got something so as to add, please be happy to depart a remark under, it’s also possible to learn the unique article here, all of the credit goes to the unique creator Joanne

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