Void Scrappers Basics, Weapons, Characters and Scrap Upgrades Guide

For Void Scrappers gamers, this information will train you all in regards to the Basics, Weapons, Characters, Scrap Upgrades and a lot extra with a purpose to get you conquering house and accumulating all that Scrap!


You downloaded the sport and are prepared to begin capturing enemies and accumulating Scrap. But you would possibly wish to maintain your horses earlier than you fly among the many stars, as this information would possibly save your life!

Here, you’ll be taught all the things from the Basics, to the completely different weapons and upgrades, all the best way as much as tips on how to beat that pesky boss!

So, have a seat, younger house traveler and let me train you all the things it’s good to know to change into…

A Void Scrapper!

(I’ve since up to date the information to incorporate all the things that I’ve unlocked (which is just about all the things, save for just a few which might be presently bugged and can’t be unlocked and getting each character to menace 40… silly Shrapnel…)

The Basics

The Basics:
So, you simply completed downloading the sport and are about to play on your very first time. Maybe you watched the trailer and know what sort of sport that is, however simply in case:This is a “survivor” like sport. Essentially: You are a dude who has a weapon that kills enemies. But in contrast to different genres, your weapons mechanically fireplace with none participant enter. All you are able to do is transfer round and sprint. Controls smart, that is simply so simple as the 4 motion keys and the Dash button (or the analog stick plus sprint button for controllers). Super easy.The sport’s problem comes from attempting to kill these pesky enemies earlier than they kill you. To do this, there’s just a few stuff you’ll have to learn about this sport.

First: You have three shields. Shields are “free” hits. If you’re taking three hits and have misplaced all of your shields, the following hit will kill you. Every enemy within the sport does a single level of harm, so don’t fear about that big boss wiping you out in a single hit from full shields. Shields may be recharged by choosing up Shield Drops. These are random drops that spawn generally and may have an Orange Circle with a White Shield inside pointing you within the route it’s good to go. The Shield Drop itself is blue and you just about need to go straight over it to choose it up.

Second: This sport is extra about your means to keep away from enemies reasonably then your means to kill them shortly. Enemies will fixed spawn in, so having the ability to keep away from them is vital. Every enemy within the sport will fly straight in the direction of you, so that you don’t want to fret about fancy dodging AI. If you see an enemy, it sees you and is coming straight at you.

Third: Enemies will continually get stronger because the “Threat” degree goes up (the Red Bar on the high proper). It begins at degree one and raises at a gentle fee. Whenever the bar fills, it “empties” and raises the Threat Level by one. This will increase the enemy’s Health, the quantity of them that spawn and the number of enemies that spawn. So, a method that works early on MIGHT not work afterward.

Fourth: You additionally get stronger! You do that in two methods: Scrap Ups (upgrades) and Weapons. You get Scrap Ups from choosing up Scrap. Enemies drop Scrap (they seem like gray circles). More Scrap = More Scrap Ups (extra about Scrap Ups of their part). Weapons drop from the Bosses that spawn. There are a number of completely different weapons, so mess around with them to seek out what fits you finest.

Fifth: Sometimes it’s too harmful to choose up all the beautiful Scrap otherwise you have been operating away from the boss and needed to depart a bunch behind. Don’t fear, It by no means despawns and the sport has a mechanic to assist: The Magnet! Like the Shield Drop, that is an merchandise that can drop randomly. When it does, a Green Circle with a Magnet icon will seem in your display, main you in the direction of it. Picking it up will mechanically collect each single Scrap within the degree, no matter distance. So, if it’s too harmful so that you can decide up all that Scrap, simply look forward to the Magnet, don’t die attempting to choose it up!

Lastly: Death. It’s going to occur. Do your finest to AVOID it taking place, but additionally settle for that it’s going to. However, dying isn’t the tip, removed from it. Every time you die, just a few issues will occur. You’ll see what Scrap Ups, Weapons and Characters you’ve unlocked. You’ll additionally obtain Credits based mostly on how effectively you probably did. These may be spent within the “Permanent Upgrades” part of the primary menu and give, effectively, Permanent Upgrades. So, every time you die, you may come again stronger.

Now that you understand the fundamentals, let’s transfer on to your Tools of War! (Aka: The Weapons)


Ah effectively, your technique for making the enemy useless. This sport options plenty of various kinds of weapons, so I’ll be breaking them down by class.

While there are dozens of weapons, every of them may be put into one in every of 4 broad classes: Projectiles, Lasers, Orbitals and Explosives.

While you begin with only some choose weapons you may get, you unlock extra by enjoying the sport. Want some cool new Orbitals? Collect Orbital weapons.
Want Lasers? Collect Lasers.
Pretty easy.

However, as a result of there are such a lot of, I’ve damaged this part down into sub-sections for every weapon sort.

Try all of them and discover the sort you want essentially the most!


Projectiles: Your very first sort of weapon you begin with. These are small orbs which might be shot from you. While the projectile weapons operate barely completely different relying on which one you will have, all of them observe the rule of “shoot small orbs”. In this class are just a few particular weapons:

– Auto Repeater: A small, quick and continually capturing weapon that targets the closest enemy. This is your “bread and butter” for projectile weapons. The truth it targets the closest enemy and shoots comparatively shortly makes this a pleasant, simple to make use of weapon for freshmen. (Upgraded Auto Repeater: Same as above, however fires three bullets in a twig reasonably then one)

– Scatter Repeater: Fires quick, comparatively good damaging orbs in random instructions. While the very fact it shoots sooner and does extra injury then the Auto Repeater sounds good, the very fact it shoots randomly isn’t. There’s no method to predict which route it’s going to shoot, so I’d solely advocate this for those who get a selected improve (Boomerang Bullets). (Upgrade: Changes fireplace sample to capturing within the 8 cardinal instructions. Honestly, not the worst)

– Auto Smasher: Fires a excessive injury however slower firing projectile on the closest enemy. Just the Auto Repeater however slower and increased injury. I extremely advocate this if you’re going projectiles together with Auto Repeater (Upgrade: Same as above)

– Scatter Smasher : Fires a really excessive injury however gradual firing projectile at random. Just the Auto Smasher however fires randomly as an alternative of on the closest enemy. Same recommendation as Scatter Repeater (Upgrade: Same as Scatter Repeater)

– Minigun: Fires a barrage of bullets in a short time, however lengthy cooldown. A reasonably helpful projectile weapon, particularly for those who get cooldown discount. Piling on the injury in a brief burst may be an effective way to take care of bosses. That being stated, Auto Repeater/Smasher being continually firing will serve you higher more often than not. (Upgrade: More Bullets = More Good)

– Chaingun: Fires a barrage of heavy bullets shortly, however very lengthy cooldown. This is the Auto Smasher equal to the Minigun. So, identical assessment (Upgrade: Same)


Orbitals: These are impartial floating sawblades that act otherwise relying on which one you will have. What all of them share in frequent is that they’re continually flying round, so that they don’t have a “cooldown” like different weapons. Their greatest draw back is that you simply don’t management them in any respect actually, they simply observe their set path, to allow them to be difficult to make use of.

– Kinetic Drone: Flies in circles round you at a medium distance. This is among the first two you’re prone to see. They can do fairly an excellent quantity of harm to bosses however are difficult to place since they all the time fly at a continuing tempo round you in a circle. (Upgrade: The upgraded Kinetic Drone is only a greater, sooner shifting regular drone. Very good improve if you’re going orbitals)

– Trailing Drone: Flies straight behind you. This is the orbital I’d advocate if you’re going orbitals. The truth you may simply management it by simply turning and shifting round makes it higher then kinetic for that cause alone. It generally is a bit harmful although, because it all the time stays behind you which implies enemies get actual shut. (Upgrade: Same as above)

– Proximity Zipper: Flies in small circles round you. The identical as Kinetic, however shut vary reasonably then medium. So, identical recommendation (Upgrade: Same)

– Distant Clobber: Flies in very broad circles round you. The identical as Kinetic, however far distance away from you. So, identical recommendation (Upgrade: Same)

– Loitering Projectile: I’ve unlocked it, however haven’t had it as a weapon alternative but. Will replace this after I do.


Lasers: Lasers are shut vary, excessive injury weapons which have a singular improve. If you’re going lasers, ensure you are good at dodging, since a lot of the lasers love to do their very own factor. Still, because of the distinctive improve, they are often fairly good if used proper. (The Unique Upgrade is Ricochet Laser, which makes every laser have an opportunity to spawn a second laser, which every have an opportunity to spawn a 3rd laser… With sufficient of those, your display will seem like a rave occasion!). Also, one recommendation I’ll give for ALL lasers is get Laser Range upgrades! Having them be such quick vary to begin makes them tough to make use of, so enhance their vary everytime you get the possibility!

– Precision Laser: An in depth vary, quick capturing laser that targets the closest enemy. This is the Laser’s bread and butter. It has all the things we love in a weapon. Fast, shoots the closest enemy and does respectable injury. The one draw back is that it’s vary can be the shortest, so watch out when utilizing it. (Upgrade: Longer period, longer vary and extra injury. All good issues!)

– Photon Prism: Fires three quick vary laser beams at random close by enemies. While the phrase “random” would possibly scare you, it simply means it targets random enemies, reasonably then the closest one. Unlike different “random” weapons, this one is definitely semi-decent because it does nonetheless goal enemies. Still, Precision is a bit higher, so I’d take that over this. (Upgrade: Same as above)

– Unstable Plasma Beam: Fires a medium vary, excessive injury laser in a random route. Ah sure, my outdated ‘friend’… random. I’d advocate each different laser over this one, since this one actually fires randomly… really randomly. Still, with the distinctive improve, that is nonetheless okay to choose up… however provided that there’s no higher laser accessible. (Upgrade: Same as Precision Laser)

– Plasma Sweep: Single firing laser that rotates in a full circle round you. A bizarre weapon, like the following one, because it begins by capturing out to your proper and then does a 360 diploma circle round your ship earlier than stopping. Not dangerous, per say, however difficult to make use of because you mainly have to maneuver your ship to make sure the laser hits it’s goal. Still, in opposition to massive swarms of enemies, this serves fairly effectively in wiping them out. (Upgrade: Same as Precision Laser)

– Quantum Blaster Arc: Fires a excessive energy single laser beam that rotates in a full circle round you. This is the Plasma Sweep’s massive brother. More injury and vary, however longer cooldown. Since it capabilities an identical in each different method to the Plasma Sweep, simply learn above for my assessment. (Upgrade: Same as Precision Laser)


Explosions: What’s there to say about Explosions that isn’t apparent? They explode and make issues useless. All of them have related traits: High injury, AoE assaults however comparatively lengthy cool-downs in comparison with different weapon sorts. If you’re going Explosions, attempt to decide up a bunch of Explosion Cooldown Reductions Scrap Upgrades, since it’s going to negate the one draw back of utilizing them. Also, the Explosion simply occurs, there’s no missile or something fired.

– Close Range Artillery: Fires a mortar spherical on the closest goal. The bread and butter of Explosions. Targets the closest enemy and causes an AoE blast centered on them. This is a superb Explosion weapon and I’d advocate choosing one in every of these up at each alternative. Only one different explosion is a decide over this one in my view. (Upgrade: Fires sooner. Amazing! Helps negate the one draw back!)

– Hull Deflector Blast: Fires an explosion centered on you in a small AoE. This is a reasonably good Explosion weapon, since it might clear our a bunch of enemies if you’re surrounded. It additionally has a semi-decent firing fee, so that you don’t need to be as afraid by being swarmed. Still, the truth that it solely works when the enemies are near you is a little bit of a draw back once we are speaking about long-cool down weapons. (Upgrade: Fires Faster… like Close Range Artillery)

– Wild Artillery: Fires a mortar spherical in a random location. If you will have learn this information from the start, you understand how I really feel about “random” weapons. Yes, this fires sooner. Yes, this offers extra injury. No, I wouldn’t advocate it until there’s LITERALLY no different Explosion weapons (and even then… it’s a tough promote). Random received’t save your life or kill key enemies which might be about to kill you. Avoid! (Upgrade: Same as above)

– Tactical Nuke: Fires an enormous explosion centered on you for enormous injury. Now THIS is an Explosion weapon! Centered on you means it’s going to filter out all the things shut by, but it surely’s bigger radius means it additionally clears out issues at medium vary (in contrast to Hull Deflector Blast). It additionally has MASSIVE injury, able to clearing out even the strongest regular enemies when upgraded. The one draw back this has it the longest calm down within the sport of any weapon. However, with that being stated, simply seize your self a bunch of Explosion Cool-down Reductions and these infants and thank me later. (Upgrade: Same as above)

Weapons: Epilogue

If you ask me my suggestion for which Weapon sort it’s best to go for, this sport closely encourages you to begin with Projectiles. Your beginning character begins with one, there are just a few accessible as weapon selections from boss drops while not having unlocks and they’re good and simple to make use of.

That being stated: Once you’ve unlocked just a few issues, Explosions are most likely the perfect presently in my view. Being capable of have enormous AoEs is nice for the swarms and their excessive injury makes them semi-decent boss killers.

Lasers are undoubtedly the goofiest although. Can have your complete display coated with lasers at later factors. Not essentially the strongest, however most likely essentially the most visually interesting.

Orbitals are… fascinating. I haven’t tried them closely within the full sport, however I used them a bunch within the demo. I’ll replace this later as soon as I’ve performed with them a bit extra, however if you’re going orbitals, select the “Orbital” character (Gary) and attempt to get some sprint upgrades and the Scrap Upgrade that provides your Orbitals the identical bonuses as your dashes. Can be fairly enjoyable to make use of.

Scrap Ups

This part will cowl the Scrap Ups within the sport. However, due to the sheer variety of them (and what number of are overlaps), this part will probably be truncated and solely discuss briefly about every.

Let’s begin with the best ones:

X Cool-down Reduction, Damage, Range, Speed, Duration, Size, and many others…: Basically, any Scrap Up that has a weapon sort and a type of phrases (ie: Explosion Size or Laser Cool-down Reduction). All of those are fairly self explanatory, so I received’t go over them intimately. The finest of every class might be Cool-down Reductions, however Laser Range is one to maintain an eye fixed out for.

Dash Upgrades: Again, something that begins with “Dash” or has the phrase “Dash” in it (ie: Dash Cool-down discount, Dash Snap Back, Leave a path of plasma whereas dashing). The just one actually price mentioning is Dash Cool-down discount, since having the ability to have an emergency “oh no!” button is all the time helpful. Other then that, you would get the Dash improve belonging to your weapon sort for those who’d like, however not wanted. DON’T GET SNAP BACK! (We use the sprint to get away from hassle, Snap Back returns you to your origin level, mainly placing you again into hassle with out an escape technique)

Increased Shield Drops/Restore Shield Points: Meh. Not way more to say about them. I’d reasonably have extra injury or extra cool-down then regaining a defend level or getting extra defend drops. Not nice, so solely decide these up for those who want them to reside.

Scrap Gain/Scrap Magnet Range Boost: Yes. Just sure. Scrap = ranges = Scrap Ups = makes you higher. In different phrases: Increasing the quantity of Scrap you acquire is ALWAYS good. Scrap Range Boost can be good, so that you don’t need to fly inside just a few millimetres of a bit of Scrap to choose it up. Pretty a lot all the time take for those who can (until you want one of many different ones).

Boss Cool-down: Take this. Yes, you heard that proper. Take this. While it may appear foolish to WANT to struggle extra bosses, keep in mind that preventing bosses provides weapon drops… and is just about the one method to get weapon drops (besides one different method, listed later, however that’s unreliable). More Weapons = More Power = More Good. So, take this and beat these bosses!

Enemies X after they die: These are your traditional “Enemies explode on death” or “Enemies turn into projectiles on death”. Not dangerous, not nice. You can take these, however they shouldn’t be your high precedence. Take for enjoyable, not for a real construct.

x2/x3 Boost: Pretty a lot provides a small likelihood to get a Scrap Upgrade later that’s really double and even triple in a single decide. While this would possibly sound cool, it’s unreliable and whereas it lists “Levels”, it doesn’t really say how a lot of a p.c every degree provides. I by no means decide this up, however the one time I did, it didn’t appear to do a heck of rather a lot. (Plus… learn the “How to beat the Boss” part for why this improve turns into fully irrelevant)

Kill x% of Enemies When you Kill a Boss: If you’re killing a boss, chances are high you’re sturdy sufficient to kill the encompassing enemies. I wouldn’t hassle with this.

% Damage Boost per Unique Weapon Type: Get a flat % injury enhance for every distinctive weapon you will have. Now, this doesn’t imply the precise “type” (Like Laser, Projectiles, and many others…). It really means every distinctive weapon (Precision Laser, Photon Prism and Unstable Plasma beam would depend as three “unique weapon types” for this). Not improbable typically, since you’re higher off simply going with the Damage+ for the precise sort of weapon you’re selecting to important. But, in case your weapons are in every single place, this generally is a bit helpful.

Damage Boost While Shields Are Depleted: Scroll down and learn what I’ve to say about “Always Get x2 Upgrades When Shields Are Depleted” Scrap Upgrade to learn the way I really feel about this one.

Now for a particular part of “One off” upgrades. These are upgrades you may solely take as soon as and could make an enormous distinction to a run. Make certain to learn them rigorously earlier than choosing them up (Also, the aforementioned “Snap Back” is a One Off, but it surely’s so dangerous I’m not even going to listing it right here)

Always Draw Your Most Upgraded Card: Makes certain one of many three choices you’re given on every Scrap Upgrade is your most upgraded card. Oh my god! Yes! Just all of the sure! Playing Explosions? Get sufficient Cool-down Reduction to make it your most upgraded card. Lasers? Range or Ricochet. Best of all, it’s also possible to maintain just a few upgrades near your highest, so if it’s good to swap to a unique improve, you may ensure you get all of them. Take this and don’t look again.

Replace Shield Drops With Weapons: Whenever a Shield Drop would spawn on this planet, it will get changed with a Weapon Drop as an alternative. I, completely LOVE this improve! The draw back is which you can by no means decide up shields from drops once more, however who cares?! More weapons! With sufficient weapons, enemies received’t even be capable of HIT you! Take this!!!

Keep One Weapon When Going Ultimate: Whenever you gather three of the identical weapon, it goes “Ultimate”, providing you with an upgraded model. This improve makes it so when that occurs, you additionally get one non-upgraded model as effectively. YESS!!! Why are these so good?! Remember what I stated about extra weapons = extra good? How would you are feeling about getting two weapons from one boss drop? That’s what this does. Grab this and get ALL the weapons!

Ignore Upgrade Group Restrictions: There are some Scrap Upgrades which have little circles on the backside of the playing cards. These are “Groups” and as soon as you’re taking one improve from a selected group the remaining are locked. This improve unlocks them. That certain sounds cool, however a lot of the teams aren’t improbable. Different Weapon Types whenever you Dash? Enemies Explode with Different Weapon Types? Honestly, not price it, until you’re going a Dash construct.

Always Get x2 Upgrades When Shields Are Depleted: Time for the difficult one. Let me begin off by saying: I’ve a number of hours on this sport and have gotten excellent at dodging enemies. If you aren’t that good at dodging, don’t take these. With that being stated nonetheless, for those who ARE good at dodging…. Always Get x2 Upgrades When Shields Are Depleted is the perfect Scrap Upgrade within the sport, the ultimate or perhaps a shut second. This turns each single degree up right into a double degree up (or triple if you’re fortunate, however double at minimal). That. Is. Insane! If you and your pal each had a run final for twenty minutes and you bought this improve early and he didn’t, you’d have twice as many upgrades as him for those who made certain to maintain your shields at zero the entire time. Except, you would be even MORE then double his degree for those who acquired Scrap Gains. This is pure, uncooked energy that’s so good, if I don’t get it early, I restart my run. This is THE improve to look out for when you get good at this sport. Add onto that the truth that there’s an improve that will increase your injury by a LOT when shields are down AND an improve that makes defend drops into weapon drops… AND a personality particularly made for having zero shields (Remington ‘Double’ Dagger: Doubles your injury however can by no means get shields). Learn to dodge and take this. Every. Single. Time. No matter what different choices can be found, you’re taking this!

And these are the Scrap Upgrades! These aren’t your solely type of upgrades although, so let’s discuss…

Permanent Upgrades

So, you died. That’s unlucky. Good information although, now you may unlock some Permanent Upgrades! These are small boosts that make you a bit higher every and each run. The longer you final, the extra credit you’ll get which you’ll spend on extra Permanent Upgrades.

Most of those are self-explanatory although, so velocity run studying!

Damage: More injury
Cool-down: Lowers the cool-down for all weapons
Scrap Gain: Increases how a lot every particular person Scrap drop is price by a proportion
Shield Drops: Makes Shield Drops extra frequent
Credits Gain: You get extra Credits if you end up achieved a run

My suggestion: Scrap Gain adopted by Cool-down. You COULD get Shield Drops for those who go for the improve talked about above that adjustments Shield Drops to weapon drops, however I nonetheless like me Scrap Gain essentially the most.


Well, to begin off with, you solely acquired Murphy. The extra you play, the extra choices you’ll have. Each character is locked behind an motion, so if you wish to strive a personality, simply scroll over to them and see what you gotta do (ie: Gary wants you to get three sorts of orbitals in a single run)

So, let’s go over every character and let you know my very own private choice on the finish.

Murphy (+15% Scrap Gain/Damage/Projectile Cool-down): While he’s a bit leaning in the direction of Projectiles due to his Cool-down, good outdated Murphy may be good with any weapon sort. More Scrap Gain and Damage is sweet for all the things. Plus, because you begin with solely him, you may strive him out immediately!

Old Major (Auto Collects All Scrap, however solely will get 75% of their worth): While it appears actually good at first, the Auto Collect All Scrap is dwarfed by shedding 25% of all of the scrap you attain. Add onto that the truth that Magnet Drops are a factor, which mechanically collect all of the Scrap within the degree, no matter distance, and, in my view, I believe it’s time the Old Major retired.

Shrapnel (Collecting Scrap Spawns a Projectile, positive factors the Projectiles Spawn on Death ability): 100% my least favourite character. Why? To begin with, he begins with Scatter Repeater as his beginning weapon. A random firing weapon to begin with… Oof. On high of that, his passive of firing a projectile when he picks up Scrap is… mediocre at finest. Don’t advocate him for any cause… until you actually wish to give him a strive.

Gary (Orbitals change into homicide bots that fly after enemies reasonably then observe a set path): If you’re going Orbitals, you’re going Gary. The greatest draw back of Orbitals is that they beautiful a lot all fly round nonetheless they need, so ensure you are excellent at dodging… may additionally wish to decide up an in depth vary, non-orbital weapon to protect you. Still, having the orbitals fly in the direction of enemies is good and higher then the standard “orbit” they usually do. So, Orbitals = Gary.

Big Baz (Projectiles Have Knockback): So, Big Baz has just a few issues going in opposition to him. First, his passive provides knock again to your projectiles. Which is… advantageous. Except it doesn’t work on bosses. On high of that, I’d reasonably simply kill the enemy then knock them again. The knock again itself is extra like a stutter then a noticeable push too. Also, actually missed a possibility along with his beginning weapon. He begins with the Auto Smasher, which offers good injury, that means that the small fry at first will possible die earlier than they get knocked again. Would have been each thematic and higher for his passive if he began with Minigun.

Pyrek (Explosions depart a injury over time impact. Starts with the Decoy Skill): Just so you understand, Decoy makes it so, once in a while, you’ll drop a “ship” that appears like your personal and all of the enemies will goal it. However, that’s not the explanation you play Pyrek. You play it as a result of explosions trigger DoT fields. This is VERY good. And I WOULD say that, like Gary, if you’re going Explosions, you go Pyrek. But in contrast to Gary, there’s only one character who beats Pyrek with regards to Explosions… and all the things else…

Remington ‘Double’ Dagger (Doubles all injury however can by no means acquire shields. Gains the Static Shield ability): Static Shield makes it so everytime you’d decide up a Shield Drop, reasonably then gaining a defend, you trigger a big explosion of Static that damages and slows all enemies caught in it. Let me start by saying that if you’re simply beginning out or aren’t good at dodging, Remington just isn’t nice for you, as he can NEVER have shields, so each hit kills you. Only decide him up for those who can dodge effectively. But, for those who CAN dodge effectively… decide Remington. Just do it. Double injury PERMANENTLY is CRAZY! Ya, the early sport may be scary since you die in a single hit, however after you get some weapons and upgrades, you change into an unstoppable power. Combine Remington with all of the Scrap Upgrades that solely apply when you haven’t any shields (like x2 improve, extra injury when shields are zero, flip Shield Drops into Weapon Drops) and Remington turns into a God. Learn tips on how to dodge and then decide Remington. You received’t remorse it.

Final phrase: If you’re going for Orbitals, go Gary. If you wish to play a personality for enjoyable or as a result of he sounds fascinating, play whoever you need. If you wish to win, you play Remington.

How to beat the Boss

Quick warning: Minor spoilers for the “final boss” right here, so for those who haven’t gotten that far, go get that far and come again. You’ll know him whenever you see him.

Alright… so that you learn by means of the information, perhaps acquired just a few observe video games in, unlocked some stuff and you’re able to struggle the UFO for actual. Well, strap in trigger that is going to be a bumpy trip.

To begin off with, as I discussed above, this part assumes you understand how to dodge pretty effectively. If you’re nonetheless battling that, maintain training that earlier than persevering with this as it is going to be an important ability to win.

Also, there are just a few upgrades, weapons and a personality you have to to unlock. If you haven’t, look them up in sport of their related part to learn the way.

Ready to beat the UFO? Here’s the conditions:

Unlocked Scrap Upgrades:
x2 Upgrades When Shield Depleted
Replace Shield Drops With Weapon Drops
Keep One Weapon When Going Ultimate
Scrap Gain/Scrap Magnet Range Boost
The Explosions Scrap Upgrades (Especially Cool-down, however Damage, Size, and many others…)

(These aren’t required upgrades, however will make your life rather a lot simpler):
Always Draw Your Most Upgraded Card
Increased Damage When Shields Are Depleted
Boss Cool-down
Lasers Explode
Dash Cool-down

Close Range Artillery
Tactical Nuke

(These weapons aren’t required, however will make your life a little bit simpler):
Hull Deflector Blast
Wild Artillery
The Laser Weapons (If going for Lasers Explode)

Alright, you bought all the things you want now (and perhaps just a few bonuses). You’ve had some observe and you’re lastly able to take down the UFO. So, let’s focus on your technique!

You’ll wish to discover your x2 Upgrades When Shield Depleted early on. I’d advocate for those who don’t discover it by Threat Level 5 (on the newest), you restart your run. Personally, if I don’t get it by Threat Level 3 I restart, however that’s choice.

Once you will have that, give attention to attempting to choose up the opposite Scrap Upgrades you want (listed above) in addition to the weapons. Make certain to choose up a bunch of Explosion Cool-down, as your greatest weak point early on will probably be how lengthy it’s going to take on your weapons to fireplace. Try to take the required weapons if they’re accessible (with Tactical Nuke edging out Close Range Artillery by a little bit bit, not a lot although). If they aren’t accessible, take the opposite Explosion weapons. If THOSE aren’t accessible and you bought the choice Scrap Upgrade for Laser and the Laser weapons, take these. Otherwise, if NONE of these can be found, I’d go for Auto Repeater or Auto Smasher for some early defensive choices.

Your important purpose early on is survival. Every hit kills you and you don’t have plenty of firepower, so attempt to keep alive. Dash if it’s good to and keep away from all the things. Try to kill bosses shortly (which, because of Remington’s double injury needs to be pretty fast early on. You can actually two or three shot the primary boss!). Here are the priorities with regards to Scrap Upgrades, from most necessary to least necessary, high to backside:

x2 Upgrades When Shield Depleted
Replace Shield Drops with Weapon Drops
Keep One Weapon When Going Ultimate
Scrap Gain/Scrap Magnet Boost
Explosion Cool-down Reduction
Deal Additional Damage When Shields are at Zero (sure, that is an elective, however for those who acquired it, take it over the others)
The Other Explosion Upgrades (Damage, Size, et.c..)
Always Draw Your Most Upgraded Card
Boss Cool-down
Dash Cool-down
Lasers Explode

If none of these can be found, reject the Scrap Upgrade. It’ll offer you 50% of your Scrap bar again, so don’t be afraid to reject them.

Once you’ve gotten just a few weapons and upgrades, you’ll discover surviving a lot simpler. Between your massive AoE’s, double injury and (hopefully) diminished cool-downs, you’ll be shredding the enemies earlier than you understand it. The bosses can nonetheless be troublesome although, so make sure that to not get complacent.

Once you’ve gotten to round Threat Level 40, the boss will spawn and… he’s not that threatening. I’m severe. Yes, he’s an enormous UFO. Yes, he strikes fairly fast. But he’s not the menace. His minions are.

When the UFO spawns, he spawns in a singular “normal” sort enemy. I’ll name them… Deathbots. These guys are what are going to finish 9 out of ten of your runs. They are quick, have an excellent quantity of well being and spawn in huge swarms in each route for so long as the boss is alive. They will flight straight at you and hit you, killing you. These guys are monsters. However, that’s why we went Explosions.

Projectiles simply can’t hit sufficient enemies AND the boss to take care of them.
Lasers aren’t dependable sufficient (plus, there’s a bug that makes them not be capable of hit the UFO itself until you will have plenty of vary, sufficient to hit it’s middle)
Orbitals… simply no.

But with Explosion’s excessive injury and massive AoE’s, they’re simply what we have to take care of the Deathbots. Hopefully you bought sufficient Nukes, Explosion Cool-down and luck to take care of them.

With that, you have to be ready to struggle the UFO and his Deathbot military!

Ending Thoughts/Advice

I do know that by means of most of this information, I instructed you what it’s best to or shouldn’t do, however on the finish of the day, this sport is all about experimentation.

If you actually wish to play Orbitals, then go for it!
If you wish to say “I don’t need no weapons!” and go for a Dash based mostly construct, then go loopy!
If you wish to take Snap Back… nonetheless don’t. I’m sorry, simply don’t take it… ever.

Try issues. Use these weapons that you simply haven’t tried. Think a personality appears to be like fascinating? Give them a shot!

Play the sport the best way YOU wish to. If you do, you may be enjoying the best method.

That’s all we’re sharing immediately in Void Scrappers Basics, Weapons, Characters and Scrap Upgrades Guide, in case you have something so as to add, please be at liberty to depart a remark beneath, it’s also possible to learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique writer IncognitoCheeto

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