Vampire Survivors How to Move Save File from Xbox Game Pass to Steam

For Vampire Survivors gamers who need to switch your save file from Xbox Game Pass to Steam, this information will present you the way.

How To

  • Launch your recreation from Xbox Game Pass, do one factor that forces save file replace (like refunding your powerup factors, which you’ll redistribute with no loss in any case)
  • Go to the Xbox Game Pass save for Vampire Survivors positioned at C:UsersyournameAppDataLocalPackagesponcle.VampireSurvivors_9pv5cyp4vwdsrSystemAppDatawgs0090000002BEA8F_0000000000000000000000006511635682F10C2669384B2B906BA3733522A65B (the precise quantity/letter strings for the previous couple of folders may not be an identical to these however they need to be nested collectively like this with out another locations to go) and duplicate the file named 8177857A91F0491085918CE40B0F1500 (or some lengthy string like this). It has no file extension on it.
  • Launch Vampire Survivors from Steam to generate the save file areas
  • Navigate to the brand new Steam save file. It is in 4 completely different locations (which we are going to get to), I changed the save file in all 4 as a result of all 4 seem within the Steam Cloud listing. (You can verify your personal Steam Cloud saves listing at if you’re curious however its not essential for this save switch) The first location is at C:UsersyournameAppDataRoamingVampire_Survivorssaves
  • Paste the copied save file 8177857A91F0491085918CE40B0F1500 right here. Rename (or delete if you happen to don’t want it) the present SaveKnowledge.sav file to SaveDataOld.sav or no matter you need to for backup. Rename the lengthy string title save file to SaveKnowledge.sav, after which copy that file to your clipboard, leaving this copy behind within the folder. 1 of 4 saves up to date.
  • Navigate to C:UsersjosepAppDataRoamingVampire_Survivors_184685636 and paste the brand new SaveKnowledge.sav file right here, when it asks if it ought to exchange present, say sure. You have 2 of 4 saves up to date now.
  • Navigate to C:UsersjosepAppDataRoamingVampire_Survivors_Data and repeat this paste course of once more. Replace the file there. You have 3 of the 4 saves up to date now.
  • AND NOW the ultimate step that was driving me loopy, Steam is definitely hiding your useful save file elsewhere fully. Navigate to [the drive you have steam on]Steamuserdata1846856361794680remote which ought to have a file referred to as SaveKnowledge with no file extension. THIS is the file Vampire Survivors masses from. Why all these different information exist, I have no idea. But if you happen to don’t exchange THIS file, the save gained’t get picked up.
  • Rename or delete the SaveKnowledge file on this folder. Paste the brand new SaveKnowledge.sav file you copied to the opposite three areas, however this time take away the file extension by renaming it and deleting the .sav from the tip. Now 4 of 4 saves have been up to date.
  • Launch Vampire Survivors from Steam. If it asks you which ones save file to use (cloud or native) choose Local.
  • Enjoy your save file

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That’s all we’re sharing in the present day in Vampire Survivors How to Move Save File from Xbox Game Pass to Steam, when you have something to add, please be happy to depart a remark under, you may also learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique creator S1DC


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