Undecember Return and Resurrection

Welcome to our Undecember Return and Resurrection information. This information will present you all the pieces you could find out about return and resurrection! We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Undecember sport. If you might be a type of who discover it troublesome to complete the sport, let’s take you to our Undecember information.

Undecember Return and Resurrection

This information will present you all the pieces you could find out about return and resurrection!


To return to city after a battle you have to both use a ‘Waypoint’ or use a Return Scroll to open up a ‘Portal’.

  • You can freely exit the battle and return to city throughout particular contents comparable to Chaos Dungeons, Spire of Barrier and Raids.

Waypoints are situated at particular areas out within the fields. It can be utilized to both return to city or different phases throughout the Act.

  • Cannot be used throughout fight.
  • Cannot journey to areas with an inactive Waypoint.

Portals are Two-way Method of Transportation. After reorganizing again on the town, the Portal can be utilized once more to return to the stage. The Portal will shut upon returning to the stage.

  • Unlike Waypoints, Portals can be utilized whereas a personality is in fight.
  • Portals may be opened with out a Return Scroll. But it has a ten minutes cooldown.
    Portals can’t be opened whereas in fight with a Boss Monster inside Chaos Dungeons.


When your character’s HP falls to 0 throughout fight, it is possible for you to to decide on the strategy of Resurrection.

Instant Resurrection

  • Use Resurrection Scroll or Rubies to immediately resurrect from the demise location.
  • All HP and Mana are restored to 100% upon Instant Resurrection, and Skill Cooldowns are additionally reset.
  • Instant Resurrection can’t be utilized in sure contents.

Revive at Temporary Waypoint

  • Selecting Revive at Temporary Waypoint will resurrect your character at a Set Temporary Waypoint for every space(Usually earlier than getting into a particular content material).
  • Reviving at a Temporary Waypoint doesn’t price any foreign money or objects.
  • Cannot be used inside Chaos Dungeons.

Revive in Town

  • Selecting Revive in Town, or failing to pick a way throughout the time restrict will resurrect your character Back in Town.
  • Reviving in Town doesn’t price any foreign money or objects.
  • If [Revive in Town] is used inside a Chaos Dungeon, will probably be thought-about as leaving the dungeon, which can stop you from re-entering that particular dungeon. If you want to proceed progressing by way of the Chaos Dungeon after resurrection, please choose a distinct resurrection technique.

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