Transcendence Legacy – Voidswept 100% Walkthrough GUide

For Transcendence Legacy – Voidswept gamers, it is a full walkthrough information written by taking part in in Knowledgeable Mode. Let’s test it out.

A Voice Beckons

Beginning a brand new sport

Select your issue between Newbie, Commonplace or Knowledgeable.
This can’t be modified later.

Misty Woodlands

Hazard Degree: 1
Objects (south of campfire): Life Flask x2, 250 Gold, Chest Key (sparkle), Spirit Card & Self-importance Card (Chest Key wanted), Anima Flask, Spirit Pot
Objects (north of campfire earlier than boss): Revival Balm x2, Elixir
Objects (after boss)

All enemies are visable and you may determine on the market weaknesses.

Mob Title
Weak spot
Sword, Holy, Darkness
Bow, Holy
Employees, Fireplace, Darkness

These mobs might be listed within the Bestiary with their stats and drops.

Guarding will restore some MP and a degree up will restore to full well being.
Knockout occasion members will earn EXP however when all occasion members are okay.o. it’s sport over.

On Knowledgeable keep away from preventing for now, 2 maps to the north is a campfire, the place it can save you and restore your well being.
After you can begin grinding.
Use your abilities to degree them up, in order that they get stronger and cheaper to forged.
For the provoke talent: Talent Degree 3 = Price of 8 MP -1 = 7MP

North of the campfire it’s important to battle mob teams of three.
To the west is a hostile presence.

Boss Mist Crawler: Schar will be part of your occasion. Weak to Lance and Holy. Poison it to deal extra DoT.

You unlock the primary Achievement “Out of the Woods”.

It can save you the sport.

Illuminated Palace

Ruined Village

Objects: Chest Key, Elixir, 604 Gold

Schar leaves the occasion for now.

Pet Cats 100x to unlock the Achievement “Cat Lover” and procure the Bell Whip (Employees).
Pet canines 100x to unlock the Achievement “Canine Lover” and procure the Bone Membership (Axe).
These weapons are a lot stronger because the at the moment obtainable Tier 1 and a pair of weapons on the Blacksmith (stats resemble tier 3 weapons).

Inform the Blacksmith “I would like higher tools” to start out the aspect quest “Higher Armed I”, Higher Armed II”.
Inform the Witch Lucy “I would like extra abilities” to start out the aspect quest “Higher Potential I”, “Higher Potential II”.
After you have got fulfilled one request, you’ll be able to ask once more for the following one.
The Blacksmith for instance will present you both a Weapon or Armor and add Tier 3 gear to his inventory.
Lucy for instance will add Tier 2 spell books and Tier 1 charms and passives to her inventory.

Notice: I like to recommend to be taught as many abilities as doable to regulate them for boss battles.

Discuss to Schar to unlock Quick Journey and Occasion Administration.

Misty Woodlands

Objects (after boss): Energy Card & Historic Data (Chest Key required), 530 Gold

Non-obligatory boss on the beginning map Gargantuan Thorns: beware for Sleep, Poison and robust AoE! Weak to Sword, Axe and Fireplace. Finest wait till you might be a lot stronger, particularly on Knowledgeable (like over 400 HP).

Palace of Mild

Hazard Degree: 5
Objects: 430 Gold (2nd flooring stairs behind pillar), Chest Key x3, Historic Data, Spirit Pot, Revival Balm x2, Smithing Materials & Aura Card (Chest Key required), Yellow Rose x2, Lux Key (third flooring East), Smithing Materials, Anima Flask (third flooring west behind pillar), 452 Gold, Historic Data & Smithing Materials (Chest Key required), Elixir, Treatment, Life Flask

Mob Title
Weak spot
Skeletal Warrior
Lance, Fireplace, Wind
Petrified Knight
Axe, Bow, Wind, Darkness
Sword, Axe, Holy
Bandit Mage
Sword, Axe, Fireplace
Bandit Fighter
Lance, Thunder

Within the first flooring (entrance) is a locked chest.
Within the room of the 2nd flooring is a campfire however you want a Lux Key to enter subsequent room.
On the third flooring you’ll proceed when go throught the gate, however first go downstairs to the west.

Defeat the Bandits and Celina and Zion will be part of the occasion.

Notice Occasion Administration: Passive occasion members will now earn some EXP, however nonetheless trade them often!
Zion is at the moment the one character with an preliminary AoE.

On the third flooring east is one other locked chest and Yellow Roses.

Notice Yellow Roses: You may present maximal 2 Yellow Roses to a personality on the campfire to unlock a particular scene within the ruined village and lift their stats.

Unlock the door on the campfire and proceed.
Within the basement you discover a hostile presence.

Boss Holy Knight: Weak to Lance, Bow and Darkness. Sanctuary (Tier 2 Spell E-book) is a reside savior towards this boss. With the right weapon abilities you’ll be able to maintain him poisoned and blinded. Unlocks the Achievement “Radiance”.

Yellow Roses

  1. 20 Max HP & 10 Max MP.
  2. All Stats +4 & Achievement “Favored by Clymene”.


  1. 20 Max HP & 10 Max MP.
  2. All Stats +4 & Achievement “Favored by Schar”.


  1. 20 Max HP & 10 Max MP.
  2. All Stats +4 & Achievement “Favored by Celina”.


  1. 20 Max HP & 10 Max MP.
  2. All Stats +4 & Achievement “Favored by Zion”.


  1. 20 Max HP & 10 Max MP.
  2. All Stats +4 & Achievement “Favored by Revouger”.

Azure Helix

Ruined Village

Put together.

Palace of Mild

Non-obligatory boss on the 2nd flooring Regal Dragon: Weak to Lance, Bow and Ice. Finest wait till you might be a lot stronger (HP over 500)!

Sunken Sanctum

Hazard Degree: 10
Objects: Smithing Materials & Historic Data (Chest Key required), Cobalt Key A (2nd map, NE room), Chest Key x3, Smithing Materials, Anima Flask x2, 604 Gold, Yellow Rose x4, Spirit Card & Vitality Card (Chest Key required), Treatment x2, Cobalt Key B (third flooring, SW room), Spirit Pot, 228 Gold, Endurance Card & Vitality Card (Chest Key required), Historic Data (spikes map 2), Phasma Pot, Life Flask, Haste Card & Spirit Card (Chest Key required),

Mob Title
Weak spot
Marine Walker
Sword, Lance, Thunder
Sword, Employees, Fireplace, Thunder
Big Crab
Axe, Fireplace, Wind
Bandit Thief
Axe, Fireplace, Ice
Bandit Shaman
Sword, Lance
Employees, Thunder, Wind

Head north to the two map.
The primary 2 rooms you come throughout are locked and want Cobalt Key A & B.
The NW room accommodates a locked chest.
Unlock the SW door with the Cobalt Key A.
When you flip the swap to decrease among the spikes, you might be ambushed.

Free is now the western room of map 1 with one other locked chest as properly the way in which to the 2nd flooring.
On the central room of flooring 2 is the Campfire I.
Immediately above the Campfire I on the third flooring is one other locked chest.

Unlock the SE door of map 2 and defeat the following Gargoyle.
That has lowered the remainder of the spikes.

Within the east room of map 1 and within the north room of flooring 3 are one other locked chests.
Enter the room on map 3 to proceed.

Boss Ketos: Weak to Bow, Fireplace, Thunder.

You routinely attain Campfire II and Revouger joins the occasion.

Additional north waits the guardian of this dungeon.

Boss Kraken: Weak to Sword, Thunder and Darkness. It has a powerful AoE and may paralyze the occasion. Blind and Poison is advisable in addition to HP over 300, Sancutary and Purify to every occasion member!




That’s all we’re sharing right now in Transcendence Legacy – Voidswept 100% Walkthrough GUide, when you have something so as to add, please be happy to go away a remark beneath, you can even learn the unique article here, all of the credit goes to the unique writer XEALEEN

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