The Wonderful 101: Remastered All Bottlecaps Guide

If you might be gathering bottlecaps in The Wonderful 101: Remastered, this information will assist get all of the Bottlecaps, let’s test it out.

Story and Difficulty

Beat the Operations.
This Bottlecaps are awared for beating all of the Operations on any issue.

Bottlecap Name
Meet the Wonderful 100!
Complete the Prologue.
Beat the Prologue on any Difficulty.
The Vile and Vicious Sixth
Defeat Laambo.
Beat Operation 1 on any Difficulty.
You Sunk My Giant!
Defeat the Gah-Goojin.
Beat Operation 2 on any Difficulty.
The Insidious, Immortal Fifth
Defeat Wanna.
Beat Operation 3 on any Difficulty.
Undersea Assassin
Defeat the Ohdarko.
Beat Operation 4 on any Difficulty.
The Spiteful, Savage Third
Defeat Walltha.
Beat Operation 5 on any Difficulty.
The Evil, Eldritch Fourth
Defeat Vijounne.
You get this halfway trough Operation 6B.
The Little Prince
Defeat Vorkken.
Beat Operation 6 on any Difficulty.
Itty-Bitty Invader
Defeat the Vaaiki.
Beat Operation 7 on any Difficulty.
The Cold and Callous Commander
Defeat Gimme.
Beat Operation 8 on any Difficulty.
The Brains of the Abominable Bunch
Defeat Jergingha.
Beat Operation 9 on any Difficulty.
They are.. The Wonderful 101!
Complete all levels.
Beat all Operations 1-9 on any Difficulty.

Normal issue
Normal issue is unlocked from the beginning.

Bottlecap Name
Operations 001-003 (Normal)
Complete Operations 001-003 on Normal.
Self Explanatory
Operations 004-006 (Normal)
Complete Operations 004-006 on Normal.
Self Explanatory
Operations 007-009 (Normal)
Complete Operations 007-009 on Normal.
Self Explanatory
Hero in Training
Complete all levels on Normal issue.
Self Explanatory

Hard issue
To unlock Hard issue it’s a must to beat each operation on Normal.
On Hard issue you begin encountering enemies from later Operations within the earlier Stages of the sport.

Bottlecap Name
Operations 001-003 (Hard)
Complete Operations 001-003 on Hard.
Self Explanatory
Operations 004-006 (Hard)
Complete Operations 004-006 on Hard.
Self Explanatory
Operations 007-009 (Hard)
Complete Operations 007-009 on Hard.
Self Explanatory
Wonderful Hero
Complete all levels on Hard issue.
Self Explanatory

101% Hard issue
To unlock 101% Hard issue it’s a must to beat each Operation on Hard.
This issue modifications the sport quiet a bit to make it harder. Most notably the time doesn’t decelerate any extra if you use your Liner to attract morphs and each time you cancel your morph to run or dodge an assault you lose one battery when enabling it once more.

Bottlecap Name
101% Wonderful Hero
Complete all levels on 101% Hard issue.
Self Explanatory

Result Screen:
At the tip of each Operation your entire single mission outcomes will rely collectively to get a single ranking. Keep in thoughts in case you die or use objects within the operations the Result Rank will likely be lowered.

Earn 10 Platinums on the Mission Result display screen. Must be earned in separate battles.
You have to earn 10 time Platinum ranking on the finish of an Operation. Pure Platinum counts too, however regular Platinum is sufficient
Silver Saviour
Earn a median of no less than Silver throughout all Operation Result screens.
You have to have no less than Silver Rank on the finish of each Operation on a single Difficulty,
that is doable to do on Very Easy too
Platinum Paragon
Earn a Platinum or increased in all Operation Results screens.
You have to have no less than Platinum Rank on the finish of each Operation on a single Difficulty,
that is doable to do on Very Easy too


You are first launched to Kahkoo-regah in Operation 1A. Those are hidden problem missions, to enter them it’s a must to draw a circle across the mystical signal on the bottom.
Some of them seem proper in your approach, whereas different ones will be extraordinarily effectively hidden.
They solely seem on Normal, Hard and 101% Hard issue and never on Easy or Very Easy. Each of the problem has it’s personal problem for instance the one in 1A on Normal is a unique problem than 1A on Hard.

Bottlecap Name
Finders Keepers (Prologue)
Find all of the Kahkoo-regah within the Prologue.
This one can’t be performed when enjoying the primary time, you want the Hammer means which you get later within the sport. You should hammer the hatch after Mission 5 to drop into the bus and discover it.
Finders Keepers (Operation 001)
Find all of the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 001.
1A: It will spawn proper subsequent to you after you beat Mission 10.
1B: After you beat Mission 4 it’s a must to bounce down the constructing once more and backtrack the place you began after the bossfight.
Finders Keepers (Operation 002)
Find all of the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 002.
2A: After you beat Mission 5 it’s a must to backtrack the place you began after the bossfight.
2B: After you beat Mission 3 bounce to the subsequent platform the place the Toilet is, to the left is an indication the place it’s a must to marvel liner as much as make a ladder seem to achieve the hidden platform above it.
Finders Keepers (Operation 003)
Find all of the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 003.
3A: After you allow the primary inside of the aircraft to rescue luca and earlier than you utilize the cog go down and climb up the a part of the aircraft to seek out it
3B: Inside the aircraft after Mission 5 you discover enemies inside with out a mission beginning. Beat the entire spawning enemies there to make it seem.
Finders Keepers (Operation 004)
Find all of the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 004.
4A: At Mission 2 the sport tells you to attract the hammer to sink down into the water, however it’s a must to wait on high of the water till all enemies float as much as you. After you beat them return to the left to seek out it.
4B: After you beat Mission 2 don’t open the claw door infront of you, as an alternative transfer all the way down to the very backside of the sector, you possibly can bounce down there to discover a hidden platform beneath. Enter the pipe and rescue all civillians, it’s a must to hug the wall and never exit the water wall to seek out all of them. After that it spawns close to the beginning of the extent.
Finders Keepers (Operation 005)
Find all of the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 005.
5A: After Mission 5 decelerate the spinning spiral with bombs and climb it on the solution to the highest to discover a small pipe you possibly can enter. It’s kinda exhausting to nail the precise place to enter the pipe with out the spiral to begin spinning once more. After that climb as much as the highest of the statue to seek out it.
5B: Where you discover the statue so as to add to you crew it’s a must to gentle all of the pillars with fireplace, than the portal will seem.
Finders Keepers (Operation 006)
Find all of the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 006.
6A: After you beat mission 5 go to the underside proper of area and wonderliner there to discover a hidden platform, from there it’s a must to marvel liner once more to the underside left to seek out one other hidden platform with the portal on it.
6B: Where you might be left off after the bossfight you discover 4 torches it’s a must to gentle them to spawn the portal. You discover fireplace abit later within the stage and it’s a must to backtrack with it.
Finders Keepers (Operation 007)
Find all of the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 007.
7A: After you get Chewgi and all of his teammates it’s a must to backtrack all the way in which again to the beginning of the extent to seek out the portal.
Finders Keepers (Operation 008)
Find all of the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 008.
8A: At the tip of the extent after mission 7 you will see that an airvent which bossts you as much as attain the ultimate platform of the extent. You have to make use of the vent to spice up your self up, however don’t go onto to the final platform, as an alternative go all the way in which again to the place mission 4 was.
8B: After the primary mission and dropped down the outlet, it’s a must to climb up the wall all the way in which to the highest as an alternative of to proper the place the sport desires you to go.
Finders Keepers (Operation 009)
Find all of the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 009.
9B: 1: After Mssion 2 if you get your 100 members to crush the final wall of the harrier, don’t proceed as an alternative transfer again all the way in which to the beginning of the ship.
2: At the tip of the stage after mission 5 hint the road on the underside left of the platfrom together with your marvel liner to make the portal seem.
Finders Keepers (Epilogue)
Find all of the Kahkoo-regah within the Epilogue.
Same because the Prologue! After mission 5 hammer the hatch on high of the bus to seek out the hidden portal inside.


You Can Hole Up, But You Can’t Hide
Find all of the Kahkoo-regah.
For this it’s a must to discover all of the entrances to all of the Kahkoo-regah doesn’t matter which issue you discover them.
Complete half the Kahkoo-regah.
This one counts the problem during which you beat the Kahkoo-regahs, for instance it’s a must to beat all on regular and half on exhausting to get this.
Complete all of the Kahkoo-regah.
You should beat all Kahkoo-regah on Normal, Hard and 101% Hard to unlock the ultimate and hardest Kahkoo-regah referred to as Operation 101, after you beat it this tough earned Bottlecap is yours!


There is an attractive guidelines for all of the collectibles within the sport!


With this Checklist you’re going to get the next Bottlecaps

Bottlecap Name
The Whole Wonderful 100
Rally collectively 100 standing members.
Wonderful Heroes are the everlasting members of your crew. They don’t depart it after an operation just like the civillians do.
Eat Your Heart Out!
Obtain all of the Hero Heart items.
Find 4 Heart Pieces to extend your max well being.
Operation Annihiliation
Complete all the key missions.
This one requires you to seek out all secret missions on each issue: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and 101% Hard.
Kahkoo-regahs rely as secret missions too, you want them as effectively.
Database Ace
Obtain all of the Wonderful Files and GEATHJERK Files.
Wonderful information comprise Information in regards to the Heroes whereas GEATHJERK Files comprise Infomation about Enemies. Some of the are fairly effectively hidden.

Wonderful Figures are discovered at hidden locations and given as rewards for beating Kahkoo-regahs

Figure Hunter
Obtain half of the whole Wonderful Figures.
Hero Collection
Obtain the entire Wonderful Figures.

After you receive the hammer, you should utilize it to hit suspicious locations to seek out hidden underground objects, if you buy the Wonder Radar within the store, you possibly can hear a beeping sound the place that you must use the hammer.

Junior Stomper
Obtain a hidden underground merchandise.
Full-Fledged Stomper
Obtain half of the hidden underground objects.
Master Stomper
Obtain all of the hidden underground objects.

Team Members

Team Members
All about recruiting and leveling your crew.

Bottlecap Name
A Hundred Eyes See All
Get 50 members on the crew.
Draw a circle round civillians to make them be part of your crew quickly, get a complete of members to unlock this.
The Fury of 200 Fists
Get 100 members on the crew.
Draw a circle round civillians to make them be part of your crew quickly, get a complete of 100 members to unlock this.
There’s a Little Justice in All of Us
Rescue 1,000 civilians.
Draw a circle round civillians to save lots of them. Save a complete of 1000 civillians to unlock this


Likeable Hero
Raise the extent of a member to MAX.
When you utilize a crew member in any approach, as captain to assault or block, and even as ammunition from unite gun, every thing they do will get them exp to extend their rank. They can increase rank from 1 to 4 (MAX)
A Slot to Be Proud Of
Unlock a Custom Block slot.
As you stage up your crew members you accumulate a complete rank. You can test this rank within the Custom Block Menu. At sure thresholds you unlock extra customized block slots to make use of
Increase your Vitality Gauge to the max.
Same as above, as your whole crew rank will increase you well being will improve too. To attain the utmost that you must have stage 400 that means no less than 100 members at rank 4 plus discovered the entire Hero Heart Fragments.
Fully Charged!
Increase your Unite Gauge to the max.
The Unite Gauge will increase if you gather Batteries on the sector. This resets after every operation, to get this bottlecap it’s a must to max out the gauge in a single operation.


Turn That Evil Frown Upside Down
Recruit an enemy.
You do that routinely in Chapter 6B, if you wish to do that earlier it’s a must to circle an exploding smaller enemie together with your marvel liner. Sometimes if you beat a smaller enemie you possibly can see them glow purple when their hp reaches 0, thats the time to recruit them!
Foe Today, Friend Tomorrow
Recruit 500 enemies.
Recruit a complete of 500 enemies, you get quite a lot of them with out a lot work in mission 9B and 9C


A Fistful of Justice
Gain sufficient allies to acquire the Justice Missile.
As you recruit members, civillians and enemies you possibly can see a missile counter on the backside left improve, simply recruit as a lot as you possibly can to get this.
Battle-Hardended Band of Heroes
Obtain the Unite Big means.
You get this Ability when the entire Wonderful Heros attain rank stage 4, secret characters and civillians and so on don’t rely.
Super Unite Morph!
Activate the Super Unite Morph!
After beating the sport you should buy the Platinum Forever within the store, you want 100 members to make use of it, draw a giant P letter and this bottlecap is yours.


All of the opposite Bottlecaps which can be exhausting to group collectively.

Bottlecap Name
Repel 10 assaults utilizing Unite Guts.
Buy the unite Guts within the store and use it to dam blunt assaults 10 occasions. It doesn’t work on sharp hits like swords, drills or lasers.
Return to Sender
Deflect 10 beams utilizing Unite Sword.
You can replicate lasers with having a sword geared up, you possibly can even assault whereas doing it, so long as you have got a sword in your hand each laser will replicate.
Heave Ho!
Execute no less than 50 throws.
Use your crew assault to make members rush onto enemies, if sufficient members assault a single enemie the will likely be shocked. Draw a circle round a shocked enemy to elevate and than throw them. Another approach to do that is hold capturing your members with Unite Gun onto them to get the stun.
Rogue Hero
Wreck 3,000 issues.
There are quite a lot of destroyable objects within the sport, like bushes vehicles and so on. 3000 of them takes a very long time to achieve, simply hold doing different Bottlecaps and you’re going to get this ultimately.
Mixing Apprentice
Mix 30 occasions.
You can discover Space Veggies within the open or when destorying smaler objects. You can use the Mixer within the Menu to craft objects with them. Do this 30 occasions.
Mix Master
Mix area veggies 100 occasions.
To combine 100 occasions is a very huge grind. An simple solution to farm veggies is Operation 2B, get your members into the ferris wheel, there are alot of them in there. After that you just beat the subsequent mission till you the see the saving immediate within the backside nook. Than you possibly can return to Operation choose and repeat.
Batting a Thousand!
Use the bat to hit away the entire molecular disintegrator photographs fired by Die-Tiekuu with out lacking as soon as.
At the tip of Operation 1B you discover the bat, stand onto the pitchers floor and look ahead to the Die-Tiekuu to shoot at you, it’s a must to hit each ball till it’s defeated. If you miss a shot press pause and choose retry within the menu to reload the final checkpoint.
I’m Not Lucky, I’m Special
Win the roulette in Operation 003-A thrice.
Use the Hammer to begin on cease the Roullette. You should win 3 Times, it doesn’t matter which worth you win. If you hit an empty area press pause and choose retry within the menu to reload the final checkpoint.
Battery Binge!
Collect 1,000 Wonderful Batteries.
This will come by itself whereas going for different Bottlecaps. No particular place to grind them, simply attempt to gather each Battery you discover in your approach at all times.
O-Parts Passion!
Collection 10,000,000P in O-Parts.
This will come by itself whereas going for different Bottlecaps. If you wish to grind, often boss battles give essentially the most of them, particularly in case you can mash quick at QTE’s.
Transcendent Teamwork
Use the Wonder-Liner to activate Unite Morph 100 occasions.
Draw any assault formation 100 occasions, it will occur by itself whilst you play the sport.
Around the World
Extend the Liner a complete of no less than 100 kilometers.
Always attempt to attract huge variations of the Unite Morph you attempt to do, it will occur by itself whilst you play the sport
Take It Out on the Other Guys!
Recruit a quarreling couple.
In Operation 1A after Mission 14 you possibly can recruit the couple from the cutscene in case you backtrack somewhat bit.
Ah, Now That’s Better
Cut down all of the weeds rising in Operation 005.
After Mission 1 in operation 5A use a giant Unite Sword to chop all of the grass earlier than you enter the mountain.
Rescue all of the captive residents in Operation 005.
There are alot of explores to save lots of Operation 5A, for me the outline was kinda deceptive. I obtained the bottlecap after i rescued the hidden ones on the high of the mountain after mission 1. Use the Claw to climb the Mountain all the way in which up you possibly can, and lower the online with the sword to save lots of them.
Repel 100 Drill Cells with the Unify Naginata.
In Operation 7A you’re going to get the Unify Naginata Ability if you end up blocked by quite a lot of drills. Just ensure that to repel all you could find with the brand new Naginata means.
The Harder They Fall!
Defeat the Vaaiki with out ever letting it get huge.
Vaaiki is the Boss of Operation 7B. You simply should beat it quick, in case you take too lengthy whereas combating it, it is going to develop greater and stronger. You can flip to Very Easy if you’re fighting this.
Mystic Wonderful Power
Regenerate 20 flower beds.
There are alot of lifeless flower beds scattered troughout the sport. You have to attract a circle round them to make them bloom once more, it will often reward you with an merchandise or collectible. No solution to observe which of them you discovered, however there are far more than 20 to seek out within the sport
Perfect Driver
Complete the Maglev stage with out taking injury.
The Maglev Stage is in Operation 2A, it’s a must to beat the entire driving part with out getting hit. If you or the Maglev get any injury hit the Pause Button and choose Retry from the Menu to load the final checkpoint. You can do that on very simple to beat the enemies sooner.
Use Unite Ball to skyrocket into the air.
First Place to that is Operation 2B, after the waterslide you possibly can see some airvents, and one in every of them is abit sinked in. Buy the Unite Ball means from the store and use it to get in there, after just a few seconds you’re going to get shot in air actually far and unlock this Bottlecap.
What a Haul!
Catch 10 fish.
In Operation 1A and 1B the place you possibly can swim you see fish in water, simply draw a circle round them to catch them. Just repeat the Operation till you discovered sufficient.
Can We Take a Day Off?
Enjoy all of the rides in Operation 002-B as a crew.
You have to make use of the Water Slide and the Ferris Wheel with all Team Members earlier than your self get in, use the liner within the course and ensure to get in final.If you have got bother with this you possibly can scale back your max crew members to begin with within the Operation selcet menu.
Complete an enormous robotic boxing match with out taking injury.
This sounds extra exhausting than it really is, you possibly can play Operation 5C on very simple, and begin mashing punches. On very simple he won’t ever counter and a few hits will get trough in case you alternate between excessive and low punches. If you get hit earlier than the boxing battle it’s effective you’ll nonetheless get this, simply don’t get hit within the precise battle.
Shmup to No good
Complete Operation 006 by piloting the Virgin Victory whereas destroying 170 enemies.
In Operation 6B the place you might be controlling the ship it’s a must to beat 170 enemies. I discovered utilizing the unite whipe and unite gun to be most useful for this.

Miscellaneous 2

Bottlecap Name
Mind If I Borrow That?
Obtain each kind of weapon dropped by an enemy.
Every time an Enemy spawns they’ve a colored circle beneath them. Beat them with the matching colou means like pink for hand or blue for sword and so on. and they’re going to drop their weapon. No actual solution to observe which one you might be lacking, however there are totally different weapons for simliar enemies. The capturing playing cards Hoedown drop a unique weapon than the spiked one Gehdown even when they give the impression of being very similliar. And there are 3 various kinds of the panther like enemy Doora. Yellow, Purple and Black one. I made a small guidelines so that you can copy right here []
We Come in Peace
Ride on 5 UFOs.
Sometimes the small UFO enemies will depart theirs there so that you can journey. Just to this 5 occasions on totally different UFO’s
Successfully execute Ukemi 100 occasions.
Ukemi is a customized block it’s a must to purchase within the Shop. It’s Hard to make use of however actually useful to get Platinum Rankings. If you get hit and fly trough the air it’s a must to press the bounce button on the precise second you contact the bottom, the character then will bounce up once more and make backwards flip therapeutic the injury you simply took. It’s exhausting to get the timing down, and it doesn’t work if an enemy flattens you or similiar, solely works on knockback assaults.
Uniting Black Belt
Land three forms of Unite Morph assaults in a single combo.
You can do that fairly early on, simply use Hand, Sword and Gun in a single combo.
Uniting Guru
Land 10 forms of Unite Morph assaults in a single combo.
This is alot more durable to since you want 10different forms of morphs ( want some hidden characters) and discover an enemy to tank all of that injury. I did it on Operation 1A on 101% Hard the place you battle your first Diedough-Goo the large robots. Using Hand,Sword,Gun,Whip,Claw,Bomb aswell as hidden ones Drill,Googles,Naginata and Boomerang in a single combo.
Counter Master
Counter 30 enemy assaults.
Counter is a Custom Block you purchase from the Shop. If an enemy assaults you, it’s a must to press within the course the assault is coming from. It’s actually bizarre to do however might help negating incoming injury.
Nice Try!
Earn an evade bonus no less than 10 occasions.
This really means 10 occasions in a single combo. Buy the Unity Spring from the store and unequip the Unite Ball and time slowing Blocks like Hero Sense and so on, it will make it alot simpler. Go to Operations 8B the place the loopy spinning Ferris Wheel is positioned, keep subsequent to it and spam the dodge button and it’s best to get evade bonus factors each time you do it. Just proceed till you get the Bottlecap, if it stops providing you with factors simply bounce from the cliff and reset it.
Aspiring Technician
Obtain three abilities.
You have to purchase 3 totally different abilities from the Shop
Master Technician
Obtain all abilities.
You have to purchase the entire abilities from the store, some might solely unlock after beating sure Operations or beating the sport.
Aspiring Morpher
Obtain three particular Unite Morphs.
Buy 3 totally different Unite Morphs from the Shop.
Morphing Maniac
Obtain all particular Unite Morphs.
Buy all of the Morphs from the store some might solely unlock after beating sure Operations or beating the sport. Additionally you want the Unite Big means which you get for reaching rank 4 with the entire Team Members and Unite Cannon for leveling up all Gun customers.
Custom Blocker
Obtain all of the Custom Blocks.
You have to purchase all of the Custom Blocks from the sShop some might solely unlock after beating sure Operations or beating the sport.
Treasure Hunter
Plunder half of the bathroom treasures.
Will come naturally as nearly all of them are on plain sight.
Treasure Maniac
Plunder the entire bathroom treasures
Get into the entire Wonder Toilets, nearly all of them are on plain sight. Harder to get is the one in Operation 7A the place it’s a must to backtrack after getting Chewgi to have sufficient Members and one in 6A the place it’s a must to drop off to the left edge after mission 1.
Good in Tight Spaces
Use all of the pipes in Operation 001-A.
There are 3 Hidden Pipes in operation 1A
1: After Mission 4 bounce again and down the damaged bridge, you want it to get again up once more.
2: Do the identical after Mission 12, bounce down the bridge and use the pipe to get again up.
3: Once extra after mission 13, bounce down the damaged bridge.


Lord of Tight Spaces
Reach all of the hidden areas in Operation 004.
In Operation 4A and B it’s a must to take all of the unsuitable pipes first earlier than coming into the one which helps you progress.
4A 1: After mission 6 get into the best pipe earlier than progess within the left one.
4A 2: After mission 9 go into proper and left pipe earlier than progress into the center one.
4B 3: After mission 2 don’t open the claw door, as an alternative go to the underside of the sector, you possibly can bounce down there discovering a hidden platform with the final pipe to make use of.
That’s all we’re sharing at present in The Wonderful 101: Remastered All Bottlecaps Guide, when you’ve got something so as to add, please be at liberty to depart a remark under, you may also learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique writer Kantera

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