The Wandering Village Training The Onbu Guide

Welcome to our information to The Wandering Village Onbu Training. The goal of this content material is to allow you to coach your Onbu in the very best manner.

The Wandering Village How to Train Your Onbu

The Wandering Village Training The Onbu Guide

Welcome! This information will put together you to your journey on the again of your model new Onbu. There are many prefer it, however this one is your-bu. We will cowl the fundamentals of gameplay, the right way to inform the belief of your Onbu, and the right way to survive the spore clouds. Because you may solely delay the inevitable: there will probably be some extent each paths have unavoidable spore.

With this information, you have to be greater than ready to deal with even the most important of spore clouds.

How do I do X?

This part is simply going to shortly cowl all of the completely different buttons within the recreation. If you’ve already performed a bit, you may in all probability skip this part.

How to Train your Onbu

Speed could be introduced as much as 4x by tapping the quick ahead button twice. You can decrease it to 1x by clicking the center icon. The recreation could be paused by urgent the play button on the left.

You may also:

  • Space to Pause
  • Press 1 for 1x pace
  • Press 2 for 2x pace
  • Press 3 for 4x pace


The Wandering Village How to Train Your Onbu
The Wandering Village How to Train Your Onbu

Resources will probably be within the prime left when within the zoomed in view. You can hover over a useful resource to see data on it.

Onbu and Map

How to Train your Onbu
Clicking on the three icons beside Onbu within the prime proper will immediately transfer you to the related display screen. You may also use the scroll wheel.

Onbu’s well being, toxicity, starvation, and sleep will probably be listed right here. You can hover over them to see their proportion.

And if he’s comfortable, you’ll see him swaying along with his derpy lil smile.

Construction, Destruction, Priority, and Science

The Wandering Village How to Train Your Onbu
The Wandering Village How to Train Your Onbu

You can convey up and minimise this menu by clicking the center bar (the one with the hammer).

This menu is without doubt one of the most vital. If you’re not sure what one thing does, hover over it.

  • Want to chop some timber? Leftmost possibility, the curved dagger (aka, a sickle). Don’t need to minimize berry bushes? Select solely timber. Don’t need to minimize rising timber? Select ‘only harvest fully grown’.
  • Want to set one thing to the next precedence? Star icon. Click and drag to set the precedence of many issues, or simply faucet one thing for solo issues.
  • The hammer and wrench is the window that’s open by default, and it’s the place your buildings are. Each tab on this menu results in a distinct set of issues you may construct.
  • Deconstruct issues. Simply click on on it, after which click on on what you need destroyed, or click on and drag. You can then change to the precedence software to extend it’s precedence.
  • The science menu. You can click on to start out a analysis right here, or shift+click on to que completely different researches so that you don’t must preserve deciding on new ones for some time.

Your Onbu and You

The Wandering Village How to Train Your Onbu
The Wandering Village How to Train Your Onbu

Your Onbu is available in one form with two colors. The very first thing to find out is what kind of technology you gained. Work out forward of time the place you need to place issues and depart room. In common, listed below are a number of suggestions:

  • Your storage/kitchens needs to be within the middle of the map.
  • Despite needing tents, the individuals by no means truly use them. They could be put anyplace that’s most handy.
  • Leave house on one aspect of wooden trunks and quarries to permit for a sawmill and such in late recreation.
  • Don’t contact Onbu’s spikes. Just belief me. He by no means forgets.

Following this, I’ve grabbed a tough define of how I usually lay out my constructions. If I’m lucky sufficient to get a central dirtzone, I’ll use that for any industrial buildings, like kitchens, forges, planks, and so forth and so forth. This leaves me a big portion of land for which to make use of for rising meals.

Also put aside an space for mushrooms as nicely. They don’t want a big zone, however needs to be someplace near the entrance of Onbu. Similarly: the compost heap works greatest proper subsequent to the pooper scooper.

The Wandering Village How to Train Your Onbu
The Wandering Village How to Train Your Onbu

You would possibly discover some crimson bins. I’ll briefly clarify what these are right here. While I’ll be entering into it in a later part, these are Decontaminators. Yes, 7 of them. We will talk about that in additional particulars later within the information, simply know that it is advisable to plan for them as nicely.

All of that is prep you are able to do within the first second of the sport, and I’d advocate pausing to start out when you plan out your Onbu.


  • On Novice and Adept: you begin in in jungle or mountains.
  • On Expert: you could be anyplace. Including a desert.

What is belief?

The greatest technique to clarify Trust, is with a narrative.

How to Train your Onbu
I used to be enjoying on Adept problem once we got here to a fork within the street. The subject was, each forks led to a biome I didn’t need to go into, had a big poisonous forest, and a lifeless Onbu. Meaning it was a big unhealthy information bears, and fully unavoidable.

I’d taken excellent care of my Onbu, by no means took his blood or spikes. He was at all times wagging his jolly little tail. So I knew he’d obey me.

I ready the torch squad, halted all however probably the most mandatory of productions, crammed up my flamers, and ready for battle. When we had been shut sufficient, I ordered Onbu to run. It was arduous. I’d not had as many individuals as I’d have appreciated (unfortunate spawn, barely a single city or break, my inhabitants was solely 25), however I crammed up the squads as greatest I may.

It took us a very long time to lastly beat again the final of the spores, two full days. By this level meals was low, onbu was ravenous and drained, I compelled him to run by way of, he started to lose well being however we made it. So I let him sleep. At this level his well being was down by 40%. What’s extra, attributable to my low pop I used to be struggling to stockpile the herbs wanted to heal the city, and develop the shrooms to feed him.

We got here to a different fork within the street, one had spores and one didn’t. Onbu, on 60% well being, extremely poisonous, very hungry, disobeyed my command. We went down the spore path. I managed to outlive, and my Adept colony is now very a lot thriving, however that’s a story for one more day.

You may be questioning what the above has to do with Trust. And that’s: Onbu has a really very lengthy reminiscence, however provided that you trigger the injury. Shortly after this, Onbu was again to obeying instructions. In truth, he was already swaying and cheerfully wagging his tail, regardless of his unhealthy situation.

Let’s evaluate this to a different run, the place I mined 1 of his spikes. Just one. Treated him wonderful in any other case. He disobeyed for weeks longer in comparison with my adept run. Despite not being hungry, or poisonous, or damage.

With all that stated, let me put it in plain English for you now.

  • Trust is a measure of the injury you’ve carried out to Onbu+ the injury the atmosphere is doing.
  • You hurting Onbu is weighed considerably greater than environmental components. (Forcing him to run, excessive toxicity, excessive starvation)
  • The above is true to such some extent, it could possibly take 7-14+ days for Onbu to completely forgive you. (1-2 hours of playtime)
  • Health is principally Trust.
  • While the above is true, there’s additionally a second hidden ‘Trust’ degree. This is the place Onbu remembers how nicely you’ve taken care of it. If he’s been fed, slept, and never poisonous for a very long time: he’s extra prone to ignore his well being.
  • If the Onbu is a-swayin’ you’re Onbu is at excessive belief.
  • If the Onbu waggs his tail: it’s at max.

So in conclusion:

Don’t damage your Onbu. It’s not value it.

Being capable of management the place you go is rather more useful than further meals, or stone or wooden.

Food, Farmland, and Berries

How to Train your Onbu
  • TLDR: 1 kitchen to 2 farms/berry farms. This applies to mushrooms as nicely. 2 mushroom farms to 1 onbu chef.

A single farmer can, if not hungry, plant 4 plots earlier than the primary is because of harvest.

This quantity is from beetroot, however I additionally examined it with corn, the longest rising plant. I discovered a farmer may plant 8 corn earlier than 1 was able to be harvested

Depending on the kind of crop, the quantity of plots you want is definitely a ton smaller than you suppose. A completely staffed herbalist can solely handle round 24 herbs. Notice how the final lane within the patch of 4 is empty.

As such With farmland, 1 absolutely staffed farm can produce 32 beetroot per harvest.

This quantity, in fact, ignores environmental components. But let’s take that quantity, and divide it by 3. That offers us 10. Now we occasions that by 5, which means 50. Why 5? Because 3 beetroot makes 5 meals.

As such: 1 full staffed farm+kitchen produces roughly 50 meals per harvest.

An individual eats roughly twice, or thrice a day. And you’ll harvest a number of occasions a day. What this implies is, basically, 1 farm can feed roughly 10 individuals.

Berries however, are very a lot the higher meals supply. However that’s provided that they’ve 60%+ effectivity. At greater difficulties chances are you’ll solely get one or two ‘good spots’ if in any respect. As such: 1 berry farm can feed roughly 15-20 individuals at 100%.

  • 1 kitchen can deal with 2 berry farms, with some leftover. It’s about 1.5 kitchens.
  • 1 kitchen can deal with 2 farms, absolutely stocked.

Scavenger Huts

Are wonderful, and great. But you in all probability need some tough numbers.

In common: 2 is all you want. But when you get the scout tower improve, you may enhance that to three or 4.

Events: Events that occur when going after a useful resource are slightly more durable to foretell. From what I can decide: if a alternative results in a foul consequence, it should at all times result in a foul consequence throughout that run.

E.G: For instance the quicksand occasion. On my novice run I at all times ran for a rope, and obtained a ton of water. But on Adept that at all times led to dying, however pulling them out proved to be the higher possibility.

Another Example: the mysterious forest, on novice I chopped across the huge tree. On Adept that brought about deaths. But leaving on adept at all times gave me planks.

I haven’t carried out in depth analysis on this, however usually for those who get a foul outcome one time, you’re in all probability at all times going to get that outcome.

Natural Disasters

There’s a number of sorts, and so they can all be dealt with otherwise.

Tornadoes and Sandstorms

Are quick. You have to run to get previous them. The greatest technique to time it’s:

  • Wait for the appropriate second by laying down, after which dash by way of. This runs the danger of Onbu losing interest although. Which is why I like to recommend:
  • Walk towards it, and look ahead to the twister to hit the aoe marker. (It will flip crimson) When it’s midway throughout: begin sprinting. If you timed it proper you need to get by way of with out subject. This might take a number of tries to get the timing proper. Make positive your Onbu is nicely rested earlier than you do that although.

Spore Clouds

These are sluggish transferring, and may oftentimes be walked previous with out subject. If they’re inside 5 dots of the street, you’ll want to attend for them to move. Waiting is a problem, as Onbu will get bored, so ensure that to arrange Decontaminators or work stations if he begins going and it hasn’t handed but.

If it strikes inside 5 dots when you’re passing by: run. In common it should journey 1 or 2 dots when you’re passing. Use the white define once you click on it as a reference.

Hot and Cold Spots

Not a giant subject. Click ‘plant’ to show off planting on farms, and harvest all the pieces in the event that they’re going to decompose.

Hot Sand

Sleep on the great poisonous free sands, after which run by way of.

The Spore is Coming

The spore will come, you may delay it however it’s inevitable. As such, it’s vital to think about Decontaminators.

The key to dealing with spores is the sledgehammer strategy. Namely: cope with it fast, cope with it quick, otherwise you gained’t be capable of deal in any respect.

Even if it means halting your farms. Even if it’s a must to draw back scouts. Get as many butts as you may into these seats.

If you haven’t unlocked decontaminators: have two employee huts constructed. Even in the event that they’re ‘locked’ and disabled. That manner: for those who run into an early spore cloud you will have a technique to combat it again.

Let’s go over the three p’s of coping with spores.


  • Make positive your physician has 3 individuals working at it, and you’ve got medication. Disable the onbu doc to steal it from that constructing for those who’re tremendous low. (They will take it from the disabled constructing)
  • Get your defences prepared. If not decontaminators, the 2 employee posts needs to be crammed and prepared for motion.
  • If you will have the horn: put together to run.


  • Get these spores that spawn gone ASAP. If you’re utilizing employee huts, scour the land 5 occasions over and ensure they’re max precedence.


  • Disable each decontaminator, scale back the docs to 1 as soon as everybody who obtained sick is healed, and proceed on.
The Wandering Village How to Train Your Onbu
The Wandering Village How to Train Your Onbu

How many Decontaminators? Where to place them?

  • The truth of the matter is persons are sluggish. Having a decontaminator in each nook will vastly pace up the removing of the menace. However, they are going to usually depart to eat partway by way of.
  • While 1 decontaminator can attain all over the place, the individual has to stroll again to their job constructing after each torch. That’s why the above picture has the crimson bins the place they’re.
  • If you place 7 within the association above: then there’ll at all times be some shut by. Doing this, a big portion of the spores will probably be handled shortly.
  • If you don’t have the pop or supplies for this massive but: construct those within the middle first.
  • And that’s actually all there may be to it.

Research Order

Do word these these are simply options. Sometimes you’ll need the physician earlier than the horn, for instance. Adjust as wanted relying in your recreation, and elegance.

I’ll divide the listing into three tiers, low, mid, and excessive. These tiers deal with getting you what it is advisable to survive.

High Tier: Basics


  • Increases your meals by 40% when cooked.

Scavenger Hut:

  • Makes gathering assets a ton simpler. And throughout extra environment friendly.


  • You want it to cease Onbu from strolling into spores

Dung Collector:

  • While you don’t want it proper now. It’s greatest to get the chocolate muffins baking forward of time.

Onbu Kitchen:

  • Required to show Mushrooms into meals. It’s good to get that manufacturing early, even for those who construct nothing else but.

Village Doctor:

  • You don’t need to want it, and never have it.

Mid Tier: Important


  • Need it to make issues and bops.


  • Need it to make issues and bops.

Onbu Doctor+Pet:

  • These are solely helpful collectively.


  • Useful when it is advisable to put together for a dash.


  • Corn is wonderful. It’s nice for decent climates.

Onbu Feeding Trebuchet:

  • There is rarely going to be sufficient meals for Onbu until you feed him.

Compost Heap:

  • Remember to set it to make biogas.


  • Without it, you’re a sitting duck.


  • 6 individuals for the house of 4.

Iron Furnace:

  • Need it to make issues


  • Need it to make issues.

Scout Tower:

  • See threats earlier than they seem. And scout extra.

Low Tier: Optional

Everything else.



Deserts are wonderful. They by no means have any toxicity. Meaning they’re your security zones. Grow corn, harvest oasis. If you’ve been enjoying proper you’ll have water stockpiled earlier than you head in. They are your one ‘safe zone’ from spores in late recreation.


Spore central, solely undergo right here in case you have no alternative. If you’ve solely obtained 1 physician energetic, enhance it to three. Use this biome to top off on water. I’d say 5 or so water gatherers are good if you may get to that time. I wouldn’t construct them suddenly. 1-2 is nice for the beginning. You can enhance it later if it’s a must to enter this biome.


It’s an okay biome. Good to restock on water. Grow beets right here in case of chilly snaps. Might have spores but it surely’s not too unhealthy.

Conclusion: With this, you have to be greater than prepared for even the toughest problem. Best of luck on the market nomads. If I missed something be at liberty to go away a remark.

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