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One of the standout tasks and protocols about to launch on the Solana blockchain is the Nirvana protocol. Nirvana is concentrated on making a sustainable supply of wealth that appears to search out the center floor between the extremes between high-flying speculative tokens and inflationary stablecoins. To do that, they depend on a two token system – utilizing a stablecoin, NIRV, to supply extra stability to ANA, their retailer of wealth. Merely put, utilizing this two token system, Nirvana is ready to create a token that walks the center path between pegged stability and free-floating worth.

The protocol understands that any funding requires volatility and the chance it brings to allow larger returns. Nonetheless, the staff additionally understands the significance of stability and because of this, has developed two tokens, ANA and NIRV, with every serving a distinct, however complementary objective.

Their dual-token system additionally fuels progress available in the market. The ANA token acts as a probably unstable, long-term funding, permitting customers to build up and improve their wealth. Alternatively, the NIRV token acts as a forex and retailer of worth, to be used within the brief time period. The NIRV token maintains its worth due to a totally decentralized peg.

Introducing Nirvana Protocol

NIRV is a decentralized reserve forex primarily based on Solana that produces the ANA token, the protocol’s native token. The ANA token additionally serves as a retailer of wealth, not a retailer of worth. ANA’s worth is backed by a basket of reserves maintained by Nirvana in NIRV, which signifies that the token has an intrinsic worth assured by the reserves Nirvana holds. Nirvana buys again the ANA tokens at their intrinsic worth, making that worth the tokens’ onerous ground worth. Because the reserves maintained by Nirvana improve, the intrinsic worth additionally will increase. The improve in intrinsic worth additionally will increase the ground worth, which means ANA holders are granted everlasting beneficial properties. 

Customers are additionally incentivized to stake their ANA tokens to earn rewards at intervals. prANA (pre-ANA) tokens are minted relying on the overall provide of ANA after which shared with stakers primarily based on the proportion of their staked ANA tokens to the overall ANA tokens staked. 




The Nirvana protocol reserves revenue via two mechanisms:

  • When Nirvana sells ANA tokens on the spot worth. 
  • When the protocol sells time-released ANA contracts (trANA). 

The worth of spot ANA and time-released ANA tokens are algorithmically set by the protocol’s AMM, with time-released ANA costs growing when there is a rise in demand and falling as ANA tokens vest. 

ANA and NIRV Tokens

As talked about earlier, Nirvana has launched the ANA and NIRV tokens. The former acts as a retailer of wealth, whereas the latter as a decentralized, secure retailer of worth. ANA is backed by a basket of NIRV reserves, giving it intrinsic worth. ANA might fluctuate within the brief time period, however the token’s worth at all times appreciates within the long-term providing token holders limitless progress potential. In distinction, NIRV is a stablecoin that’s meant for use, or spent, within the brief time period.

Whereas ANA acts because the holder’s retailer of wealth, the NIRV token is a superstable token that additionally acts because the protocol’s retailer of worth.

The Technical Aspects of Nirvana

Let’s take a look at how Nirvana works. Nirvana has 4 key options that drive the protocol and differentiate it from different comparable tasks. 

Reserve-Backed Flooring Worth 

Nirvana has a reserve of secure tokens backing every ANA token. Every ANA token has an intrinsic worth at which the protocol buys and burns the ANA tokens. This creates a ground worth for the token, beneath which the token can’t be traded. The protocol can keep the intrinsic worth for all ANA tokens by burning the tokens that it buys again. 

For instance, if there are 10 ANA, with a worth of $1000 within the treasury and a ground worth of $100. Because of this if Nirvana buys again 1 ANA for the ground worth, it can burn the ANA purchased, lowering the availability and matching the brand new treasury worth whereas sustaining the ANA’s worth.

Protocol-Owned Liquidity  

Nirvana’s particular objective AMM encodes the rising ground into its worth curve. The liquidity from each sale of ANA tokens via the AMM sends liquidity to the AMM reserves, guaranteeing the low-slippage profit-taking of ANA token holders and guaranteeing the ground worth. All of the liquidity for the ANA gross sales and buyback is owned by the AMM, eradicating any danger posed by low liquidity. 

Rising Flooring Worth 

The demand for the ANA token helps increase the ground worth whereas additionally serving to to keep up excessive liquidity and low slippage. Whereas the intrinsic worth of the ANA token modifications with time, it solely will increase, which means the ground worth solely goes larger, not decrease. The ground worth rises each time there’s a surplus within the reserves and rises solely to the worth that the treasury can assure for every ANA token. 


The Nirvana Protocol incentivizes token holders to stake their ANA tokens. Staking helps to take away ANA from circulation, growing its shortage and market worth. Staking ANA tokens makes customers eligible for the prANA (pre-ANA) token, a particular monetary instrument that provides a dynamic strike worth. The prANA token permits the token holder to buy ANA tokens at their ground worth. It is a important benefit to the token holder, with the market worth nearly actually larger than the prevailing ground worth. 

For instance, a person can “notice” or trade 1 prANA for 1 ANA token by paying the present ground worth of ANA. The Nirvana Protocol then burns the prANA token and gives the holder with an ANA token. 

In Closing 

The Nirvana protocol is about constructing wealth backed by actual worth. You not have to decide on between high-flying speculative tokens & inflationary stablecoins.

Nirvana affords accessibility to a token that has the potential to understand its worth and not using a ceiling. Their holistic view of tokens accounts for 2 main makes use of — one as a short-term retailer of worth, NIRV, and the opposite as a long-term retailer of wealth, ANA. Past addressing a spread of monetary wants, they’ve additionally used this method to make sure the worth of ANA gained’t drop off a cliff or register a staggering surge, breaking the increase and bust cycle. By way of incentives like staking and setting a rising ground worth, the worth of the ANA token will solely proceed to understand. In essence, the ANA token will permit the appreciation of its worth with out the chance of worth swings. 

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