The Planet Crafter How to Unlock the Fusion Reactor

For The Planet Crafter gamers, that is an finish sport information will clarify to you what I constructed to get that terraformation quantity up and unlock the fusion reactor.


This information assumes you’re a great methods into the sport and perceive the fundamentals. This information was written when the sport was first launched on early entry (March 2022) and will not be up to date for each patch afterwards.

So that you’ve earned tier 4 buildings, are down to a handful of unlocks left, and are questioning what your end-game objectives needs to be. Your mileage might fluctuate however the complete journey took me about 25 hours to get the fusion reactor, although there are undoubtedly issues I did out of order or inefficiently so it’s possible you’ll outpace me. That is additionally a common information, you don’t have to comply with my actual numbers or recommendations. If you’d like to construct extra of one thing and fewer of one thing else, go for it. You’ll nonetheless get there.

Getting the sources

Finish sport is constructing a bunch of the identical factor, and that features miners, algae manufacturing, meals growers, and water filtration. Let’s start with these as they are going to be a stepping stone in direction of our finish purpose. Don’t make all of one thing without delay, slowly scale up your operation as wanted. The portions I give under are what I ended at, and all the miners/growers/no matter are of the highest tier.

  • 5x miners for iridium. That is actually the most wanted useful resource and needs to be arrange (at the least partially) first. You want iridium rods for rockets, heaters, miners, and a handful of different issues. There’s an iridium cave by spawn, underneath the sand waterfall, in addition to on the japanese wall of the canyons
  • 5x miners for tremendous alloy. You’ll want tremendous alloy for a bunch of issues and making it from the 6 “primary” sources is a trouble, takes a number of stock administration, and might rapidly deplete an in any other case secure and wanted useful resource pool. You’ll be able to mine tremendous alloy in the cliff-side cave close to the battleship
  • 2x miners for osmium. You gained’t want a ton of osmium, not close to the quantity of iridium and tremendous alloy, however will probably be wanted earlier than you get that final unlock. You’ll be able to mine osmium in the cave by the crashed freighter (the one by spawn), in the collapse the mud storm, in a cave linking the damaged spires space to the southern desert, in the tunnel connecting the western canyon to the southern a part of the desert with the battleship, or on the most southern finish of the map
  • 1x miner for sulfur. That is primarily wanted for fertilizer, although can be will get eaten up by just a few different belongings you’ll find yourself mass producing. You might have considered trying to construct one other miner to restrict your journeys to get sulfur while you want it, however that’s up to you. You’ll be able to thoughts sulfur at the sulfur fields which you may get to through the sand fall tunnel or by going west of the battleship by a cliff cross
  • 1x miner for uranium. For me, I obtained most of my uranium by asteroids and exploration so this miner wasn’t actually wanted, nevertheless it was good understanding it was there if I ever wanted it (and I ended up needing it a couple of times). There’s a spot to mine uranium on the southern finish of the map, west of the crashed house gate
  • 1x miner for aluminum. I personally didn’t want one, I obtained all of my aluminum by chests and exploring, however when you plan on crafting tremendous alloy your self I’d advocate at the least 1 miner, because it’ll be the useful resource you’ll burn by the quickest. Aluminum is mined from the aluminium zone. It’s the zone wtih bizarre silvery rock formations and gray floor. Onerous to miss

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  • 10x stage 2 algae farms. Algae is surprisingly essential because it’s used for fertilizer and bacterial samples, each of which you’ll want a number of, and it’s annoying as they take a comparatively very long time to produce. Make extra if you would like to keep away from a lot of underwater journeys, however don’t go wild
  • 10x Meals grower T2. You’ll want tons of mushrooms, squash, and eggplants for a fertilizers and bioplastics and so they take some time to develop. With 10 growers I used to be in a position to harvest in between different duties and virtually by no means be ready on stuff to develop. Make certain to get 10 of every seed to make the most out of them, in addition to seize some bean seeds (beans aren’t wanted for something, however make a terrific common function meals)
  • 3x gasoline extractors. Methane isn’t a brilliant laborious useful resource to get and also you don’t want a ton of it, it simply takes some time to naturally produce from the the extractor
  • 3x lake water collector. You additionally don’t want a number of water, till you do. Having 3 collectors permits you to largely overlook about water till you want it, after which you may fill your stock and overlook about it for some time once more
  • 1x Bio-dome T2. You’ll want at the least 1 to get bark which is required for lots of end-game biomass associated recipes. I used to be in a position to survive with simply 1, so long as I remembered to collect the bark is makes in between duties, however you might have considered trying to make 2 or 3 when you’re extra forgetful or need to rush biomass associated buildings and rockets


Rockets are nice for growing your terraforming worth and shouldn’t be slept on. Every rocket will enhance its related worth x10 (so if in case you have 1,000,000 ppq/s for oxygen, and launch the oxygen rocket, you’ll begin getting 10,000,000 ppq/s oxygen). That is nice, particularly while you first begin popping off rockets, however the % enhance does finally taper off as you employ extra of them as a result of the x10 is additive.

As an illustration, utilizing the beginning worth of 1,000,000 ppq/s, by your 4th rocket you’ll be getting 40,000,000 ppq/s, and launching a fifth will get you 50,000,000 ppq/s. That’s a 25% (whole) enhance from 1 rocket! Nonetheless as you launch increasingly the % enhance truly goes down: going out of your seventh rocket to your eighth is an 14.3% enhance, twelfth to thirteenth rocket is an 8.33% enhance, and it ranges off round the sixteenth rocket (which is just a 6.66% enchancment from the fifteenth).

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The take away from this? Launch as many rockets as you may early on, as these give the largest % will increase. I wouldn’t hinder myself by dedicating all my sources to launching rockets, however as you discover rocket engines you need to use them ASAP. I ended up launching a complete of 12 of every sort of rocket (in addition to the satellite tv for pc ones) and would advocate that quantity, if no more. Once more, don’t go loopy with them and hamstring manufacturing elsewhere by dedicating your self to rockets or ship 20+ up, however do what feels finest to you and is expendable inside your useful resource pool.


As you may think about, you’ll want a number of energy for every part already listed (not to point out the greatest energy pullers which we’ll get to subsequent: terraforming manufacturing). Scale your base as wanted, however I used to be in a position to get my base powered with:

  • 4x nuclear fusion turbines
  • 9x Tier 2 nuclear crops
  • A handful of aesthetic photo voltaic panels and wind farms.


Lastly, the factor that truly progresses the quantity in the high proper hand of the display. Now that you just’ve launched some rockets, have your useful resource manufacturing arrange, and might energy every part, it’s time to make quantity go up. That is the arrange I ended with, although you’re at all times welcome to make extra when you get bored, as I did have to afk for round an hour as soon as every part was constructed to unlock the fusion reactor.

  • 20x Tier 4 heaters
  • 20x Tier 4 drills
  • 20x Tier 3 tree spreaders (with an assortment of tree seeds, you may undoubtedly optimize this to velocity up your terraformation).

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That’s it actually. In case you aren’t conscious, you get tree seeds by combining a plant (not seeds) + mutagen + bark in the DNA manipulator. The higher the unique plant, the higher the tree is as making oxygen.


Scale up your base as wanted (don’t go down the record and do every part so as). Discover lots for chests and pure sources to leap begin your base. Go round after asteroids hit to get free sources (particularly the iridium and tremendous alloy ones!)

  • 15x T2 miners (5 iridium, 5 tremendous alloy, 2 osmium, 1 sulfur, 1 uranium, 1 aluminum)
  • 10x T2 algae farms
  • 10x T2 good growers
  • 1x T2 bio-dome
  • 3x gasoline extractors
  • 3x lake water collectors
  • A minimum of 12 of every rocket
  • 4x fusion reactors
  • 9x T2 nuclear crops, or one other fusion reactor
  • 20x T4 heaters
  • 20x T4 drills
  • 20x T3 tree spreaders
That’s all we’re sharing right this moment in The Planet Crafter How to Unlock the Fusion Reactor, if in case you have something to add, please be at liberty to depart a remark under, you may as well learn the unique article here, all the credit goes to the unique creator Sabard


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