The Planet Crafter General Rough Map

Welcome to our The Planet Crafter General Rough Map information. Only a normal reduce/paste map of the present playable space.

The Planet Crafter General Rough Map

This can be a reduce and paste map put along with screenshots which are take with perspective viewpoints. Lengthy and the in need of it, It’s not 100% correct and is sweet sufficient to offer you an thought the place factors of pursuits are.

The Rough Map

About The Planet Crafter

Area survival open world terraforming crafting sport. Remodel the ecosystem of a hostile planet to make it liveable for people. Survive, gather, construct your base, then create oxygen, warmth and strain to make a complete new biosphere.

From Hostility to Livability

You’ve gotten been despatched to a hostile planet with one mission: Make it liveable for People. To heat the planet you’ll have to survive, collect sources, construct your base and equipment, create an environment with sufficient oxygen and ultimately geo-engineer your entire planet!

Survive, Accumulate, Craft

Collect minerals and sources to outlive. Put together all of the instruments that you must fulfill your mission. Discover crashed historical spaceships and discover a planet filled with mysteries.

Construct your individual base

You have to a base and every kind of equipment to make you are feeling at residence and have the ability to deliver this planet to life!

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