The Planet Crafter Beginner Tips

Welcome to our The Planet Crafter Beginner Tips information. A easy set of suggestions that can assist any beginner and even veteran participant beginning anew!

The Planet Crafter Beginner Tips

That’s why we provide a easy tip for the avid planetary grasp that can assist you develop your vary of exploration early within the recreation.

Tip 1

I often ignore the oxygen tanks, as a result of I discover them to be a waste of excellent Cobalt, they solely actually assist when you prefer to play it protected and even then I often solely hold 1 oxygen tank on me, with no backups made. The large motive I don’t actually concern myself with Oxygen tanks shall be defined in Tip 2.

Tip 2

That is very easy, actually fundamental, however helps an entire lot. Everytime you plan on going out on an exploration mission. Take 4 Iron, 1 Silicon, and a couple of Titanium. Why? I can hear you asking. Nicely, you possibly can construct a basis, a dwelling compartment, after which a door for straightforward entry to oxygen.

Primarily this creates just a little outpost constructing you could shortly get inside to recuperate your oxygen. Moreover, you possibly can accumulate close by iron and construct storage inside in an effort to collect supplies from an space, retailer em in your outpost, after which haul them again simple peesy. This mainly cheeses the oxygen recreation mechanic so that you by no means have to fret about oxygen ever once more when you set out a web of Outposts

Tip 3 – The Planet Crafter Beginner Tips

Seize free objects first when exploring. What are ‘free objects’ you may ask? Nicely handy strawman, they’re objects that aren’t saved anyplace within wrecked areas. Take for instance, seeds. The battleship within the desert has loads of seeds aboard, nevertheless most will find yourself ignoring them and go straight for the good things, like Alloys and datachips, considering you possibly can choose up these seeds later… Nicely right here’s some unhealthy information, these free objects will finally despawn. (The timer doesn’t begin til you close to the precise wreckages)

When you close to a wreckage, your objective is to collect something that isn’t sealed inside a storage field pronto! Within the prologue I made the error of not selecting up mentioned seeds on the battleship and once I tried going again later for them, that they had all despawned, leaving me with about 5 completely different meals seeds, and seven completely different plant seeds for my run. All the time accumulate your free objects as quick as potential. Couple this with tip #2 and retailer free objects inside your little outpost bases scattered throughout the map so you possibly can haul it again to principal base if you’re able to return!

Tip 4

That is actually simply an evidence. The Ore extractor, extracts ores from its location. So if you’d like Aluminium, construct it in an space that has aluminium.

The tier 2 ore extractors are the one ones that may extract issues like Osmium, Sulfur, Iridium, and so forth.

Tip 5

Meals and Water… These are the one two issues you need to fear about when you’ve been slapping out outposts.

Now, this could come as no shock, however Growers and the Water Collector are your greatest mates and will undoubtedly take precedence in constructing.

Usually you will get by with 2 growers (One doing Beans, and the opposite doing no matter else) Nevertheless, this includes you actually micromanaging your meals, so if you wish to simply develop quite a lot of meals with none worries, go together with 4 growers strictly for meals. You need about 10 extra growers after that… why? (4 for Eggplants, 4 for Squash, 2 for the shrooms) You will have these crops for hi-tech stuff afterward.

Water is fairly simple when you get a water collector, nevertheless I like to recommend 2x to start out with and when you will get water from lakes, you’ll instantly wish to change your 2 water collectors with lake water collectors. Your water struggles shall be greater than managed. Then as quickly as you possibly can, construct the water air purifier, and you’ll by no means actually need to hold water round ever once more, as a result of you possibly can drink straight from any lake.

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