The Genesis Project Item Tags & Alchemy

Welcome to our The Genesis Project Item Tags & Alchemy information. This information will goal to elucidate what every of those tags do, and what base objects have these tags to your alchemy experimentation. At the top we’ll attempt to clarify alchemy in as plain as phrases as potential and as nicely and tips on how to get the merchandise you’re going for.

The Genesis Project Item Tags & Alchemy

First of all, what are merchandise tags?

Some objects within the sport have modifiers known as tags that may change your weapons and armor properties by way of alchemy. Some helpful, some much less so. Some tags even have a grist sort connected to it, so it’s possible you’ll want a selected grist to alchemitize a tagged object. It is an effective indicator that no matter your making does certainly have the tag you wished.

A couple of tags should not utterly applied, which means they don’t have any results but. However, the tags should be wanted to create particular objects, so they aren’t utterly ineffective. These will likely be marked within the information as “recipe only.”

Tags and Items – The Genesis Project Item Tags & Alchemy

N/A method it does nothing, or there’s no account for what it does in that class. That mentioned if somebody desires to check out an N/A, say, explosive clothes, let me know what occurs.


While tags might add results to your objects, they aren’t the one factor to contemplate whenever you begin combining issues. A couple of distinctive recipes name for objects that will not even have tags, however will lead to an merchandise that does or is normally highly effective. The most notable of those recipes are straight from the comedian itself. Experimenting is a part of the enjoyable!

Alchemy – An Explanation

It generally is a little arduous to know what’s going on proper of the bat, and a few explanations given are on the premise that you just bear in mind each mechanic from the comedian. We’ll strive my greatest to elucidate this course of in less complicated phrases to assist these struggling to understand it (like I used to be).

The course of will be put into two classes, || and &&. For the sake of readability, I’ll confer with || because the One Card Method and && because the Two Card Method.

To start with, it doesn’t matter what merchandise you resolve to punch your issues onto, or the merchandise you place within the left slot within the Punch Designix. For this cause I’d advise to seize some generic objects out of your printer, that’s subsequent to your laptop, as your punch sufferer. This will prevent from dropping doubtlessly helpful issues reminiscent of your foremost weapon, your garments, or objects which have tags you want to go on. Once one thing is punched it can’t be faraway from the cardboard ever once more.

One Card Method or || – The Genesis Project Item Tags & Alchemy

This is pretty simple, you place your punch merchandise within the left slot, then you definately place one of many two stuff you’d like to combine on the appropriate. Once you punch it, take away the appropriate hand merchandise from the machine. Next, you’ll wish to place the opposite merchandise, no matter you’d wish to combine with what you had simply eliminated, and repeat the method. You will now have a double punched card. To end up take your double punched card and Cruxite to the Totem Lathe to see a silhouette of what you made. If you’re pleased with what you see, go forward and alchemitize it. If you’ll slightly have the opposite object as the bottom, use the identical substances within the Two Card Method.

Two Card Method or &&

This follows the same course of to the earlier methodology, however with a twist. You’ll have two punch victims this time. Punch your first merchandise in card 1, take them out of the Punch Designix and punch your subsequent merchandise in a separate card. Take these two playing cards to your Totem Lathe and voila, you made a brand new factor. Make certain to examine the silhouette. Use the opposite methodology if you need the opposite object as the bottom.

You could make all the things extra sophisticated by utilizing a card that you just double punched in a Two Card Method. I don’t know what occurs, particularly for those who attempt to combine in a 3rd object in there, so go ham and begin creating chaos.

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