The Genesis Order: All Secrets Guide (V0.59)

The new model .59012 has been public lately. here’s a brief information on the right way to discover all secrets and techniques with screenshots within the new replace.


All Secrets V0.59

The info and screenshots are credited to rainwake

Essence of Strength

Church Front Yard. Shoot down Burning cross with a Loaded Machine gun. You want to go to the Sex Toy store (Strip Center) first to get ammo for our Machine Gun. At this level we must always have 3 Dumbbells and Essence of Strength, precisely sufficient to make Seed of Strength. If you’re lacking a Dumbbell, verify this guides for his or her places. Craft Seed of Strength and eat it out of your stock to achieve +1 Strength. You ought to now have 5 Strength.                

Stun Gun

Warehouse. We want an Electromagnet to seize the batteries hidden within the left wall. If you don’t have an Electromagnet try the v0.55 information to see the right way to get one

High-Voltage Inverter
Police Station outdoors. There’s a safety lock on the precise facet wall of the police station. We use our Electromagnet to disable it

Stun Gun Recipe
Farm, 2up, 1left, 1up. Needs Swim Shoes. If you don’t have Swim Shoes try the v0.55 information to see the right way to get them.

Wilkes Mansion Dungeon. Open the key passage manner by turning the gargoyle statue on the precise. Go proper and burn the wooden within the metallic barrel

Titan Shovel

Titan Shove Shaft
Church 2nd flooring

Titan Shovel Handle
Andrea’s House. Jar hidden underneath the left tree

Titan Shovel Head
Farm Creek. Go to the Farm, 2up, 1left, 1up. Needs Swim Shoes and 5 Strength. Push the boulder and break the jar on the precise for a Titan Shovel Head

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Titan Shovel Recipe
Wilkes Mansion. Sneak previous the guard to enter by means of the again door. Play the lock selecting mini-game to unlock it

Chest Key

After getting the Stun gun, go to the Apartments and head over to the tree on the left. Here we’ll get jumped by a thief, however we defend ourself and he drops a Chest Key and $700



Farm, 2up, 1left, 1up. Needs Swim Shoes

Melissa’s Profile

Apartments. Use the Boomerang on the crimson glow on the precise. If you don’t have a Boomerang try my v0.53 information.
Don’t neglect that you could purchase their profile improve on the store


Sex Toy store (strip middle)
Nellie offers us Ammo for Machine gun. This combines with the Machine Gun in our stock to make Loaded Machine Gun.

Wilkes Mansion
We must sneak in. To do this we need to go the Farm. Go 2up, 1left, 1up. Using Swim Shoes we are able to swim up and with 5 Strength we are able to push the boulder. Now we’ve to sneak previous a guard and get into the Wilkes Mansion. As the guard’s is trying down, run behind the tree. Then watch for the guard to face left and run into the again entrance of the Mansion.

Once inside, we need to go down and keep away from the second guard by working to the precise when he’s going through left. Keep going proper till we get to the Kitchen. We get a scene, then exit left.

Then flip the statue on the precise to open up the key passageway to the dungeon. Enter there for a brief scene

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Check on Jon

Church Backyard
There’s a boulder that we are able to push. This permits the group of women to discover the world north of the church. There’s an Alligator, so we’d like our Stun Gun. We get a chunk of the Toma Leolo

Church chapel
Go to see Judy and Heather


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