The Genesis Order: All Secrets Guide (V0.55)

Welcome, here’s a information on get all secrets and techniques within the replace 55124.

Note: If you might be updating the sport to the newest model, you possibly can try the V0.57 information.


All Secrets Guide V55124

Swim Shoes & Snorkel

Check underneath the boulder to seek out the Right Swim Shoe 

Forest 1 up, 1 proper
Left Swim Shoe & Snorkel. Snorkel requires a Boomerang to get. If you don’t have a Boomerang verify the v0.53 information to see the place you may get it. Afterwards the Left and Right Swim Shoes mix to improve your sneakers routinely.


Visit the Farm and head north to get to a pond. With our Swim Shoes, we will fetch the Electromagnet Recipe.


Nails could be present in a oil barrel exterior of the Warehouse

Copper Wire could be discovered within the Warehouse. We have to purchase it for $900

Electric Tape could be present in Andrea’s home. Use the Diamond Saw on her Strong field. If you don’t know get a Diamond noticed verify the v0.51 information. Now we will craft the Electromagnet by Angel Craft. Electromagnet will probably be helpful for opening Ella’s protected and any Card Readers


After heading over to the Police station, you’ll uncover that you simply’re in a predicament. After taking part in out the occasions, depart the police station.

Loud noises in Ella’s condominium
We want Ella’s condominium key to verify her condominium. Of course, we couldn’t simply name her, so we have to discuss to Jon on the Warehouse. He may give us a duplicate of her key, however needs us to fetch a gold coin for him in alternate. To try this, we want swim sneakers and snorkel. We have already got that, so return to the realm within the Forest the place we discovered the Left Swim Shoe & Snorkel. Swim throughout the pond to seize Valuable Coin. Return this to Jon in alternate for Ella’s Apartment Key

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Electromagnet & Ella’s Safe
Ella’s protected requires the Electromagnet to open.

Meeting Andrea at her home
After being greeted, you’ll be allowed to free roam her home. If you go proper 2 twice, there’s a room with a Pressure Plate within the center. Step on it.

If you go left 1 room and use the Electromagnet on the cardboard reader, you’ll open the door to a room up. A Gold Figurine will probably be dropped from the ceiling. Grab the Gold Figurine, we’ll come again for that Chest later.

Melissa the Police Station
Melissa calls and asks you to seize Andrea’s Thumb drive from her workplace. To try this we first want a disguise. Visit Tasha on the intercourse toy store within the Strip Center. She’ll offer you a Fake Moustache. Next, go to the police station and use the Electromagnet on a Police Car to take a police uniform. The Uniform and Moustache will fuse to turn out to be a Disguise

Enter Andrea’s Office on the 2nd Floor, proper facet, furthest room to the suitable. She has a card reader, which we will disable with our Electromagnet. Disabling it strikes the orange site visitors cone exterior of her workplace (backside proper nook). She has a protected, and the code is 169 (we get that by trying on the 3 clocks exterior of her workplace). We now have the thumb drive that Melissa needs.


Chest Key

After utilizing the Electromagnet on the Card Reader in Andrea’s workplace, the orange site visitors cone will transfer. Allowing you entry a secret passage to achieve the Chest Key


Andrea’s House, room north of the one with the dancer statue. It’s acquired a card reader that may be opened with the Electromagnet

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Channel 4 Kimberly’s Changing Room. Need a Diamond Saw to open the Strong field to acquire Sunglasses. If you don’t have a Diamond Saw, try the v0.51 information

Gold Statue within the underground cave

Need Snorkel and Swim Shoes.
Eve Cathedral > Judy’s Room > Stairs into caves > 1 Left > 1 Down


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