The Genesis Order: All Secrets Guide (V0.51)

The Genesis Order is a well-liked grownup sport developed by NLT Media. as the brand new model V51113 is now out. here’s a information on tips on how to discover all secrets and techniques within the new model.

Note: If you’re the outdated model V0.49, you possibly can try this information to get all secrets and techniques.


All Secrets Guide V0.51

Credit to rainwake

(Story) Diamond Saw

Wilkes Mansion entrance yard – Diamond Saw Recipe beneath the weeds and Saw Blade beneath the rock.             

Wilkes Mansion Backyard – Saw Handle beneath the weeds

Church Backyard – Rough Diamond is the final ingredient you have to discover. You simply want some glue and also you’ll be capable to craft a Diamond Saw

(Story) Chest key and Dumbbell
Warehouse – After speaking to Melissa at Tasha’s intercourse toy store, she’ll need to search the Warehouse. You want the Diamond Saw to chop the lock

(Story) Chest location
Wilkes Mansion Kitchen Secret room – Eventually you, Erica and Kimberly sneak into the Wilkes Mansion for extra info. You want a Diamond Saw to chop the lock on the gate. Once you’re in, you need to go to the kitchen, which is on the fitting aspect of the mansion. Once you enter the kitchen secret room, seize the Watcher’s Eye

Wilkes Mansion Lobby – Turn the statue on the fitting

Wilkes Mansion Dinning Room – Place the attention into the statue and return to the foyer

Once you allow the dungeon, you possibly can revisit it by turning the foyer statue

(Story) Ela’s Dildos
Apartments – The strongbox may be minimize open with a daily hacksaw. It incorporates the code 1998. Ela’s Key Fob is beneath the weeds. The key fob opens up Ela’s SUV, the place you could find a Large Buttplug, Bubble Gum, and Shinto Shrine Bell

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Ela’s home – Safe may be opened utilizing the code 1998. You will discover a Small Buttplug

Ela’s home 2nd ground – Medium Buttplug may be discovered within the chest. You simply want to choose the lock.

Strong Lockboxes
Need a Diamond Saw to chop these


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