The Callisto Protocol Combat Mechanics Guide

For The Callisto Protocol gamers who need extra specificity on fight mechanics, this information will describe or attempt to decide how fight really works.


Introduction, or, Does This Need to be a Guide

No. It doesn’t “need” to be a information, however as I went by way of the sport for the primary time I stored discovering myself plagued with increasingly irritating questions poking at my mind. This information is right here as a self-answer for that, but in addition as a possible place for gamers to crowdsource how a few of these mechanics even work (see: worms and “stomp mutation stoppage”).

Most of those factors are issues that gamers will be taught on their very own after hours of play and trial-and-error fight engagements, however that is all stuff I want I knew earlier than I dove into the sport (I stored pausing and attempting to look issues up/re-reading tutorials as I went by way of the early recreation jail, attempting to determine wtf I used to be doing proper or improper).

Hopefully if there’s anybody who’s like me and hasn’t performed this but or discerned these on their very own (or has conflicting proof) they’ll use this data for reference.


For new gamers, dodging feels a little bit unintuitive at first, clunky and gradual. You get hit by dodged assaults and may’t determine what’s occurring.

1) To efficiently dodge, you have to be holding A or D upfront of an assault. When I say “in advance,” I imply greater than a second. There aren’t any timing home windows, and in reality, making an attempt to dodge by utilizing non-existent timing home windows you suppose could also be there are the rationale for the dodged assaults that hit you. If you try to dodge an assault proper because it occurs or simply earlier than it occurs, Jacob will dodge, however nonetheless get clipped by the assault. I don’t know if that is intentional habits or not. If you’re holding A or D effectively upfront of an assault, you’re assured to dodge it. In my expertise, I finished get hit by dodged assaults after the primary couple hours of the sport, and performed the remainder of the sport with out this downside, by doing the above.

2) Dodge path doesn’t matter. New gamers make the above mistake, and it instantly results in this query as effectively. “Why did I get hit by an attack I dodged? I must have dodged in the wrong direction.” No, you didn’t, it was simply the above “bug” occurring. It makes no distinction whether or not you dodge left or proper, no matter assault path. As lengthy as you maintain a dodge key effectively sufficient upfront, you’ll dodge it.


“What’s the point of blocking? Why is this a mechanic if I can just dodge?”

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1) Blocking won’t cease you from taking harm. If you possibly can dodge an assault, it’s higher to try this than block, excluding #2 under. The harm you do take might be a small quantity of chip harm, however they’ll nonetheless be sizeable chunks on the best problem. You can improve your stun baton to cut back the quantity of injury taken when blocking (until you’re on the toughest problem there’s no motive to waste credit on this past Level 1, nevertheless).

2) You want to dam if you wish to journey an enemy. If you’re a perceptive new participant, you’ll discover that there are a selection of tutorials you possibly can learn on the primary menu. Quite a few these describe mechanics that aren’t out there to you but (however they don’t point out that). One of those is a block counterattack, which you’ll be able to unlock later. This means that you can strike an enemy’s legs instantly after blocking, dropping them to the bottom.

3) Blocking have to be used to stop full harm from projectiles; see subsequent part.


This is an empty placeholder part in case anybody has any questions on melee assault mechanics. Dodging and blocking has already been lined, however there shouldn’t be many/any imprecise or complicated melee assault mechanics.


Not a lot to clarify right here, weapons are weapons, you don’t begin getting ammo drops for a sure gun till you personal it (so if you need extra ammo for weapons you really need, do NOT receive weapons aside from ones you need to use). However:

“What is this quick swap tutorial? What is this switching mechanic? I don’t get it.” Yeah this tutorial sucks at explaining that you’ve got two weapon “bases.” One base is a one-handed modular weapon platform, and the opposite one is a two handed one. You get the 2 handed one later. The fast swap refers to switching between the one-handed weapon and the two-handed weapon; it doesn’t confer with switching from any given gun kind to some other given gun kind. Each of the platforms can solely be holding one weapon kind at a time, and fast swapping adjustments between these two. If you need to swap from a pistol to the Skunk gun, Jacob pulls the weapon kind off the platform and places the opposite weapon kind on it.

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This is simply to make clear for individuals who, like me, noticed that fast swap tutorial earlier than it turned really related, and have been baffled when urgent fast swap did completely nothing, together with how slowly it took to alter weapons from hand cannon to skunk gun. It’s since you solely have the one-handed platform for half the sport.


1) Projectiles can’t be dodged. You can sidestep them, in case you’re far sufficient away, however Jacob doesn’t enact a dodge when being shot at by projectile spit.

2) Projectiles have to be blocked to keep away from full harm. Not pretty much as good as sidestepping however typically instances that won’t be a luxurious (both you’re not far sufficient away, or Jacob will carry out a dodge whereas being melee attacking by a second enemy, which retains you in place as you carry out it, permitting you to be hit with the projectile).

3) You can block worm leaps, however this appears unreliable. I’ve finished some testing and may’t get it to work half the time. Other than attempting to shoot them earlier than they leap or see you, I haven’t discovered any dependable option to take care of worms (and taking pictures isn’t at all times dependable both, as a result of that solely works in case you can react, intention and shoot quick sufficient to one thing small that’s visibly on the display). If anybody has any foolproof strategies of coping with this stuff to stop their “latching on” assault, remark under. Half the time it seems the worms simply bypass the block, and the opposite half the time they pop on contact (which seems to do extra harm than it ought to, so once more, I can’t inform if I really did block this efficiently, or if worms have a kamikaze mechanic I simply don’t find out about).

GRP Mechanics

1) Ignore the sport tutorials on this. The GRP doesn’t “slowly recharge,” which means that it step by step refills over time at a gradual fee. Instead, what occurs is that the GRP will totally refill itself after a sure size of time. Basically, when you cease utilizing GRP, the cooldown begins, and when that’s over, you get all of your vitality again. The upgrades for the GRP cut back this cooldown time. I repeat, the tutorial is mendacity to you.

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2) Energy expenditure goes from low, medium, and excessive for object, regular enemies, and enormous enemies respectively. Firing one thing takes a bit of vitality (relying on which of the three lessons of object I simply listed) whereas holding one thing drains the GRP. Holding an object takes a really tiny quantity of vitality over time, you possibly can maintain it for a really very long time. Holding a standard enemy will drain vitality at a considerable fee. Holding a big enemy will drain vitality at a horrifying pace, and may simply kill your battery with a non-upgraded GRP, so in case you’re going to aim throwing a big enemy (e.g. the tall spitter), seize it and throw it as quick as attainable. If you want to preserve vitality however nonetheless need to take care of these enemies particularly, both shoot their heads off, or pull them in and drop them in entrance of you so you possibly can melee them/shoot their face.

3) No, at no level do you unlock the flexibility to gradual time.

Tentacles/Stopping mutation

Literally simply shoot the tentacles.

“There doesn’t even need to be a section for this” I hear you say, and also you’d be proper besides for no matter mysterious nonsense the ingame tutorial is referencing:

Stomp on a downed enemy to stop them from mutating additional and attacking once more.

What does this imply? Who within the hell is aware of. But no matter they’re speaking about, it doesn’t seem to work or just isn’t a possible answer to something; I’ve tried a number of instances. Just don’t hassle attempting this or exit of your option to do it; in case you see tentacles, shoot them. It’s an immediate kill most, if not all, of the time, and also you usually have loads of ammo.


That’s all we’re sharing at the moment in The Callisto Protocol Combat Mechanics Guide, you probably have something so as to add, please be at liberty to go away a remark under, you may as well learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique creator Shrinkshooter


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