Terra Invicta Basic Save Editing Guide

For Terra Invicta gamers, this information will present you navigate and edit your saves, let’s test it out.

Where is my Save?

Your save may be normally be situated at,

(Drive normally C):Users(You)DocumentsMy Video gamesTerraInvictaSaves

In this folder you’ll be able to view all saves

Note: that it have to be an uncompressed file, this can be a setting that’s modified in sport, and the save have to be made whereas deactivated as saves between disabled and enabled states do NOT carry over. (no you haven’t misplaced your saves, you simply must toggle save file compression) – will confirm

But except you actually need the storage, it is best to depart file uncompressed if you happen to want to edit saves incessantly.

How to navigate your save.

Most file enhancing software program ought to work, personally I’ve used Notepad++ with out situation, and haven’t had any points.

Now that we’re in our save we will begin to go searching, which is horrifying as a result of even new(-ish) saves can have properly over 350,000 traces, and save information get greater the save I’ve been testing on has simply shy of 400,000 traces mid 2023.

As such we’ll must make good associates with the discover software, and be particular with what we seek for, no level trying to find ‘research’ as a result of that’s an attribute to each; nation, operative, org, hab, and a few extra I’ve forgotten, (will test and add extra later). Instead we will search for a selected tech, In my take a look at case, I wished to vary the progress on the Deep System Skywatch, because the occasions that it’s completion triggers would’ve messed with my Academy sport timings.

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It appears the dev’s have chosen to take away areas inbetween phrases for essentially the most half as a substitute of utilizing underscores, which simply signifies that to seek for Deep System Skywatch, we will as a substitute search for “DeepSystemSkywatch” (capitalisation doesn’t matter so far as I can inform). However most entities in sport are referred to by a quantity. In my case my faction was assigned 4444. To decide issues like what our faction is known as, and different such mysteries, we will use uniquely named objects. For occasion, if we will discover a international analysis mission and know who has contributed analysis to the mission, we will work out which factions are assigned which values.

Important notice: the sport may be left working whereas we edit the save, as we’re enhancing the save, not the present sport state, this may make it simpler to test values if each the sport and open save file are windowed.

So I can navigate this mess, now what?

That’s as much as you. For me I wished to vary analysis mission completion time, so I modified the values for the mission. You might need to edit your operator or org stats (make sure that it’s your individual op/org, not one which the AI can see), or perhaps you need to set an org from not owned (however out there) to owned (afaik the orgs you should buy are faction particular, that’s all of the factions can see and buys totally different factions at any given time, however change because the markets are refreshed).

Editing States (Nations/Countries)

Oh no considered one of your management factors is on crackdown! Don’t Worry, with trendy expertise we will rebuild we will repair this.

I’ll get footage to point out this quickly

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There a couple of various things that may be modified for a nation within the save file.

Thing to vary
How/Where to look
COUNTRY degree financial knowledge

Search by nation identify till you discover

“templateName”: “NAT“,
“displayName”: “NATION“,
“$type”: “PavonisInteractive.TerraInvicta.TINationState”

in your explicit nation, the information is ABOVE this (JSON), right here you’ll be able to change funding factors, analysis miltech degree and so on. Stats for the Whole nation.

CONTROL POINT degree stats

Search by nation identify till you discover

“templateName”: “NAT“,
“$type”: “PavonisInteractive.TerraInvicta.TIControlPoint”

Again data is above this, however right here we will change who owns the management level, aswell as if the management level is defended, and for a way for much longer, aswell as whether it is on crackdown and for a way lengthy. (watch out altering defended/crackdown standing’s as some traces change between them will get pic).

What the AI is doing in a specific management level may be modified right here by altering values between 0 – 3 for respective stats (uncertain if the AI will immediately change again upon reloading save).

That’s all we’re sharing at this time in Terra Invicta Basic Save Editing Guide, in case you have something so as to add, please be happy to depart a remark under, you may also learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique writer H208OM8


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