Tactics Ogre Reborn How to Recruit Units

Welcome to our Tactics Ogre Reborn How to Recruit Units information. A easy rationalization on the fundamentals of how to go about recruiting models in battle. We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Tactics Ogre Reborn recreation. If you might be a type of who discover it troublesome to end the sport, let’s take you to our Tactics Ogre Reborn information.

Tactics Ogre Reborn How to Recruit Units

This information is simply meant to cowl the fundamentals. But we figured this might be helpful for fast reference.


A number of key factors to know.
First, you CANNOT recruit throughout coaching missions.
Second, there are some models that CANNOT be recruited (like the 2 Griffons that present up with the Beast Tamer early in chapter 2).
Third, you should use the Chariot Tarot to rewind and check out once more, HOWEVER, you have to do one thing to change the RNG earlier than making an attempt once more (as doing the very same factor will lead to the identical final result). So for those who tried to recruit and failed, rewind, then strive transferring to the opposite aspect of the unit and recruiting.
Fourth, you need the unit’s well being to be as little as potential, and also you need to stand subsequent to them for one of the best possibilities.

Skills Required

To recruit models, you want the abilities tied to their race.

  • Recruit: Human & Winged
  • Coax: Lizardman & Lamia
  • Subdue: Beast (Griffon, Octopus, and many others)
  • Tame: Dragon
  • Control Golems: Golem & Pumpkin
  • Master Undead: Skeleton & Ghost
  • Demon’s Pact: Orc, Imp & Zombie (although Zombies are technically Undead, they don’t rely as them for recruiting)
  • Fey Pact: Fairy
  • Seraph’s Pact: Divine

The courses that get entry to every talent are:

  • Recruit: Cleric, Knight, Paladin, Princess, Ranger, Songstress, Princess
  • Coax: Buccaneer, Patriarch/Matriarch, Wizard
  • Subdue: Beast Tamer
  • Tame: Beast Tamer
  • Control Golems: Warlock/Witch, Wicce
  • Master Undead: Necromancer
  • Demon’s Pact: Lich
  • Fey Pact: Rogue, Shaman, Vartan
  • Seraph’s Pact: Cleric, Divine Knight, Priest, Princess

Loyalty – Tactics Ogre Reborn How to Recruit Units

Every unit has a loyalty (which adjustments based mostly on varied issues). You can examine a unit’s basic loyalty by citing the assistance possibility and highlighting their identify. It provides you with a line, which can present what their loyalty vary is, based mostly on alignment. The decrease a unit’s loyalty, the simpler they’re to recruit.

(The following information is taken from a reference publish on the GameFAQs board for the PSP model)


  • Lawful: This unit helps you in all issues—a loyal ally to the tip.
  • Neutral: This unit backs your each choice.
  • Chaotic: In the eyes of this unit, you’re a worthy chief who can do no fallacious.
  • Creature: This beast purrs like a kitten whenever you draw close to.


  • Lawful: This unit typically speaks in your behalf to win others to your aspect.
  • Neutral: This unit appears favourably in your selections and shares an understanding with you.
  • Chaotic: This unit is ready to put apart its personal pursuits in service of your trigger.
  • Creature: The beast has taken to you, a loyal companion that can battle at your aspect.


  • Lawful: More typically that not, this unit speaks in help of your selections.
  • Neutral: Though not brazenly discontent, this unit is not going to communicate in opposition to those that are.
  • Chaotic: Though not brazenly discontent, this unit makes no effort to preserve counsel with you.
  • Creature: Though nonetheless cautious of you, this beast is content material sufficient as long as it’s fed.


  • Lawful: Though not brazenly discontent, this unit is commonly at odds together with your selections.
  • Neutral: This unit averts its eyes when spoken to and infrequently refuses to reply to even easy questions.
  • Chaotic: This unit typically speaks brazenly of its distaste on your selections.
  • Creature: This beast cowers at your method.


  • Lawful: Of late, this unit has grown extra vocal in criticising your selections.
  • Neutral: This unit regards you with eyes chilly and distant.
  • Chaotic: This unit doesn’t open its mouth however to complain.
  • Creature: Same as above.


  • Lawful: Its not unusual to discover this unit defying you brazenly in entrance of others.
  • Neutral: Often you’ve observed this unit gazing you with thinly veiled hatred.
  • Chaotic: Not solely does this unit disagree together with your selections, it appears to brazenly revile you.
  • Creature: This beast crouches as if it would spring on you at any second.


  • Warning: At this level the unit is fed up, and sending it into battle might randomly trigger your unit to desert your military PERMANENTLY.
  • Lawful: This unit has misplaced all religion in you and may scarce look you within the eyes whereas speaking.
  • Neutral: This unit regards you with violence in its eyes.
  • Chaotic: This unit regards you with violence in its eyes.
  • Creature: Same as above.

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