Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide

For Symbiotic gamers, this information comprises in-game details about objects and some footage of ranges with some walkthrough advices

In-game objects by rarity in alphabetical order

Items are giving for gaining XP scale within the left backside nook.

Adrenaline Surge

– one of the crucial needed objects
Effect: Bullets deal extra injury
Rarity: Common
In-game description: The…parasite? Symbiote? Thing on my arm appears identical to the SIR, that’s normal infantry rifle for you civvies, that the corps used again on Earth ya know?… the place the hell did this factor see of these?

Apex Roar

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– no unfavourable impact however you possibly can select one thing higher

Effect: Emoting pushes away close by enemies (press ‘R’ to listen to it)
Rarity: Common
In-game description: Compressed gasses fashioned from the excretion course of could be expelled quickly to enact concussive power

Defense Mechanism

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– it’s helpful just for group of static enemies or together with ‘Black hole’

Effect: Bullets depart acid swimming pools on hit, damaging enemies and your self
Rarity: Common
In-game description: Capillary motion of acidic nodules could be utilized to leverage lingering results on projectile influence


Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– as often known as ’Bulky Biomass’

Effect: Increases most well being
Rarity: Common
In-game description: Excess biomass offloaded into host, neural and digestive capabilities amongst others

Incineration Response

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– the extra enemies the bigger explosion

Effect: Emoting damages close by enemies
Rarity: Common
In-game description: Use of emote expulsion can be utilized as deterrent for foes in shut proximity… attempt to not get any on you

Internal Combustion

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– shoot sooner

Effect: Increase fee of fireplace
Rarity: Common
In-game description: Efficiencies within the esophogal tract permit for drastically improved output of motile offspring

Split Shot

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– this merchandise shouldn’t be for you, let’s select one other

Effect: Fire extra bullets, every bullet offers much less injury
Rarity: Common
In-game description: Rapid gestation of motile projectiles permits for twins and even additional manufacturing of ammunition types


Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– selecting this merchandise depends upon your playstyle (a.okay.a ‘Unnatural Resistance’)

Effect: Armors the symbiote, reduces injury taken out of your proper
Rarity: Uncommon
In-game description: carcinization native to Earth pressure genetics supplies a baseline for chitinous plating, grafting these genetic sequences to host pores and skin permits for larger hurt tolerance/i]


Burning Shots

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– watch’em all burn
Effect: On hit units enemies on fireplace, dealing further injury
Rarity: Uncommon
In-game description: Capsaicin, native to Earth-strain plant types, can combine genetic strands into barbed projectiles to induce burning in wounded foes


Hive Sight

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– bettering accuracy (a.okay.a ‘Hive Shot’)

Effect: Bullets monitor enemies
Rarity: Uncommon
In-game description: Motile flagella on offspring permit for preyseeking behaviors to be enacted


Hollow Bones

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– nah, it’s helpful provided that double leap shouldn’t be sufficient

Effect: Lose max well being to realize an additional leap
Rarity: Uncommon
In-game description: I’ve taken some liberties along with your bone marrow… Try to not get shot fairly as a lot


Vampiric Mutation

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– well being factors falling like a snow

Effect: Enemies drop therapeutic orbs on hit
Rarity: Uncommon
In-game description: Through use of sympathic biotransfer, biomass from injured foes could be siphoned again unto the host, and used to facilitate therapeutic processes


Exploding Shots

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– extra injury!

Effect: Bullets deal injury in a small space on influence
Rarity: Rare
In-game description: Compressed gasses could be injected into projectiles to fragment and explode upon piercing an enemy


Symbiotic Virus

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– broken enemies infect close by enemies

Effect: Spreads on hit results in a small space
Rarity: Rare
In-game description: Corollary parasites can infect the worldmind’s minions and unfold results of the bigger parasite organism



Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– this isn’t what we select (even it’s very uncommon)

Effect: Lose accuracy, bullets deal boosted injury in an space
Rarity: Mythic


Black Hole

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– sticking enemies collectively

Effect: suck enemies right into a black gap
Type: Active merchandise (proper mouse button)
In-game description: Through excessive compression of spacetime inside a simulated mindhive, projectiles can create miniature and quick lived singularities


Grappling Hook

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide– for dodging boss assaults

Effect: quickly grapple to terrain
Type: Active merchandise (proper mouse button)
In-game description: Through redistribution of musculature frameworks, a tongueesque organ could be constructed on the base of the esophogal interface, helpful for speedy traversal


There’re solely three ranges with three bosses. Each degree comprises of two randomly genegated arenas. The sport has 5 varieties of arenas.

A swimming pool
Symbiotic Levels and Items GuideThere’s a pool of acid within the backside of the extent that slowly goes up and offers a injury about 10% of HP scale every second.

A 3-staged atrium-ish enviornment
Symbiotic Levels and Items GuideThe most suitable choice is climb on the higher stage and catch all of the jumpers with bullets

Arena with an enormous totem within the heart
Symbiotic Levels and Items GuideLarge areas permits you to run across the totem and shoot all of the enemies falling down. Bonus merchandise is within the highest level of map.

Blood sewers
Symbiotic Levels and Items GuideThis enviornment could be very snug to play with so many excessive factors and an area in heart. Also a hook could be very helpful right here.

Ceremonial corridor
Symbiotic Levels and Items GuideThe best and a largest map with probably the most variety of enemies. Just run and shoot and leap and shoot and run…

Every map has a further merchandise that steal a half of your well being once you take it (just like the hook or the black gap) however typically you give your well being for nothing
Symbiotic Levels and Items GuideJust don’t press ‘F’.

And yet one more factor. Enemies all the time caught within the partitions. You can hear them, you possibly can take the injury should you keep near the wall, you possibly can kill them should you shoot straight by means of the wall.



Symbiotic Levels and Items GuideThere’s an acid beneath the ground. When the ant explodes it destroys the ground and the columns and releases six extra little ants. So the easiest way to win is to avoid explosions or use the black gap to blow up 4 of them collectively.


Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide
The degree is the effectively with an acid quick filling it from the underside to the highest. There’re two methods to go up – stairs and a ramp. To keep away from stings and go up sooner use the hook. Exit is within the higher level.

Symbiotic Levels and Items Guideacid fills it in a short time


Symbiotic Levels and Items GuideIf you don’t get additional well being or armor it kills you with a single shot. Be ready. The hook is really useful however not needed. Double leap is sufficient. The most suitable choice is to have all of the injury boosted objects to kill it sooner.
Hyena (??) has three phases:
1) shoots 3 times with a inexperienced wave and run straight at you
2) creates some minions and shoots an extended and slower wave
3) shoots sooner and runs at you extra usually.

At the top of this degree there shall be to choices: to flee (go to menu) or to proceed (new sport+).


That’s all we’re sharing in the present day in Symbiotic Levels and Items Guide, when you’ve got something so as to add, please be happy to go away a remark under, you may also learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique writer North_Art

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