Stranded Alien Dawn Survivor Happiness Guide

Welcome to our Stranded Alien Dawn Survivor Happiness Guide. This information will present you find out how to keep away from meltdowns, by understanding the sport’s happiness mechanics.

Stranded Alien Dawn Survivor Happiness Guide

This information will present you find out how to keep away from meltdowns, by understanding the sport’s happiness mechanics. We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Stranded Alien Dawn sport. If you’re a type of who discover it tough to complete the sport, let’s take you to our Stranded Alien Dawn information.

What Causes Meltdowns?

Aside from just a few very uncommon scripted sport occasions, meltdowns have an opportunity to occur anytime a survivor’s happiness falls under 20%. Therefore, the best method to make sure meltdowns by no means occur is solely by no means to let a survivor’s happiness drop under 20%.

But the way you ask? You have armchairs and dart boards and cozy beds and Emelin’s gourmand meals… they usually nonetheless have meltdowns. It could not seem to be you’ve got a lot management over this, however you’ve got extra management than you would possibly understand when you perceive how the sport’s happiness mechanics work.

The Happiness Meter

A survivor has 4 meters, as proven on the Overview tab:

  • One for his or her total happiness
  • One for the way hungry they’re
  • One for the way drained they’re
  • One for the way stressed they’re

The final three are pretty easy to deal with. Feed your survivors, and provides them time to sleep and loosen up, and you may preserve these bars principally full. However, doing that by itself received’t assure that your survivors are completely satisfied.

There is just a little arrow alongside the underside of the happiness bar that reveals you their present temper. This signifies the place their happiness is trending; their happiness will slowly transfer within the path of that arrow over time.

For instance, on this picture Krista’s happiness is presently at 44%, nevertheless it’s slowly shifting towards 68%, assuming their temper stays the identical.

Since a survivor’s temper straight influences how completely satisfied they’re, your solely actual concern is to maintain their temper — i.e. that arrow — as excessive as potential.

Survivor Moods

Survivor happiness guide

A survivor’s temper is made up of all the great and dangerous issues which have occurred to them lately. How a lot this stuff have an effect on their temper is proven on the Happiness tab:

Survivors have a baseline temper of zero. They’ve crash landed on a primitive world the place they should combat for his or her day-to-day survival, they usually actually miss having an web connection to play their Steam video games. It’s a not a scenario to be completely satisfied about.

Anyway, there may be nothing difficult right here. You merely add all of those values up, and that may let you know the place the temper arrow sits on the survivor’s happiness bar. In this instance, Krista’s temper is elevated by 77% from the optimistic issues which have occurred to them, and decreased by 9% from the detrimental issues which have occurred. Therefore, the arrow is sitting at 68%, and their happiness will slowly change towards that worth.

Note {that a} survivor’s temper can by no means go above 100%, nor can it drop under 0%, regardless of how completely satisfied or depressing they’re. However, something under 20% means they’ll ultimately be liable to having a meltdown if their temper doesn’t enhance.

Survivor happiness guide

Like most individuals, the survivors will recover from their dangerous experiences after some time, and conversely the great experiences will likely be too far prior to now to proceed making them completely satisfied. If you hover over one of many temper modifiers with the mouse cursor, it would present you the way for much longer every one will proceed having an impact on the survivor.

Note that there are just a few modifiers that don’t have an expiration time, similar to being in love with somebody, nevertheless these are the exception not the rule.

The non-obvious half

On the floor, this can be a pretty easy system. However, there are three crucial issues that make it extra difficult.

First, a survivor’s happiness bar is locked each time the survivor is sleeping. It doesn’t matter what their temper is. If they fall asleep at 42% happiness, they’ll get up at 42% happiness, regardless of how lengthy they’ve slept. When they get up, their happiness will resume shifting slowly towards the worth of their temper.

Likewise, a survivor’s stress/rest bar can be locked each time they’re sleeping. If they have been 97% relaxed after they went to sleep, they are going to be 97% relaxed after they get up. This appears like it might be a superb factor, however this will really work towards you as we’ll discover out later.

Finally, as talked about above, practically all temper modifiers keep in impact for a set period of time earlier than expiring. This timer does NOT pause whereas a survivor is sleeping. If they’re completely satisfied as a result of they loved a pleasant mug of ale, after which sleep for 8 hours, they might not nonetheless be completely satisfied about it after they get up. (Kind of like actual life typically.)

Putting all of it collectively

The most blatant takeaway from every little thing above is that any work you do to make your survivors completely satisfied is totally wasted whereas they sleep. Their happiness can’t enhance whereas sleeping, and the temper buff they get from these issues will principally expire throughout that point.

This can result in a double-penalty you probably have a survivor loosen up earlier than sleeping. If they go to mattress totally relaxed, they’ll get up totally relaxed and subsequently will refuse to carry out any extra rest actions, robbing you of the prospect to refresh these essential temper buffs.

This isn’t fairly as dangerous with consuming. They will lose their “well fed” temper buff whereas sleeping, as a result of their starvation bar isn’t locked and can drop whereas they’re sleeping. But this lets you make them eat once more within the morning to get the “well fed” temper buff again for some time. However, that is wasteful and creates further work in your prepare dinner(s).

TLDR – How to keep away from meltdowns

Since a survivor’s happiness can’t change (nor can they’ve meltdowns) whereas they’re sleeping, you may ship them to mattress in a fully horrible temper — practically ravenous and fully stressed — they usually’ll get up no worse for put on. Actually higher since at the very least they received’t be drained anymore.

You can then feed them straight away, which in a short time fills their starvation bar, then have them loosen up for a pair hours. Now you’ve got the meals, relaxation, and rest bars practically full, and extra importantly they’ll begin their work shift with a full set of temper buffs that received’t expire for some time.

This permits their good temper to push their happiness bar upward for so long as potential, and away from any danger of a meltdown.

One last trick

The AI for the survivors is presently… sub-optimal. They don’t take note of when their subsequent rest time will likely be. Frequently they’ll do genius issues like:

  • Walk tremendous distant proper earlier than stress-free time
  • Harvest one plant, as a substitute of the entire area
  • Drop that one harvested plant on the bottom
  • Go for a stroll to loosen up since there may be nothing else enjoyable to do close by
  • Run again residence and eat at 1:00 AM whereas everybody else is making an attempt to sleep (disturbing them)
  • Get to mattress late and oversleep whereas everybody else will get up (and disturbs them again)

This is extremely irritating, and I hope this will get mounted earlier than the sport leaves Early Access, as a result of the one dependable answer proper now could be some pretty intense micromanagement.

However, there’s a trick that works moderately effectively proper now, and it synergizes very properly with every little thing above. Survivors do appear to respect their scheduled sleep time far more than rest time, and can follow that schedule higher than others. Therefore, you’ll get the very best outcomes in the event you construction their day as Work -> Sleep -> Relax in that order.

This will trigger them to work so long as potential, then go on to sleep (pretty near the specified time), then get up and eat/loosen up so all of their temper buffs are refreshed. However, this solely works reliably in the event that they aren’t under 50% starvation when it’s time for them to sleep. Otherwise they’ll attempt to eat first.

The answer to that second drawback is to not have one large work shift every day like most of us do right here on Earth. Instead, break it up into two equal 12-hour shifts. The survivors on this sport don’t thoughts getting their sleep in shorter chunks, so long as they keep totally rested.

Survivor happiness guide

(Note: I exploit the schedule above for my survivors, and it has labored out nice. However, I even have the Sleep Training breakthrough and my base format is optimized for minimal strolling and hauling. You could have higher outcomes with one thing fully totally different, together with use of the “anything” choice. The essential level to remove from that is attempt to eat and loosen up after sleeping, not earlier than!)

Anyway, I hope this information has been useful so you may spend much less time coping with meltdowns, and extra time specializing in the opposite components of the sport!

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