Stay Out of the House All Puzzles & Codes Solutions and Key Items Locations

For Stay Out of the House gamers, this information is to unravel all Puzzles and Codes for the House and Bunker so let’s begin with the House one.


– Toolbox Padlock : 4262
– Closet Padlock : 5291
– Clock code : 05:00
– Voltage Puzzle : 45v , 30v ,50v and 70v : The goal is to not exceed 200v.
– Lead door resulting in the bunker : 9751

Before going for Bunker options i need to inform the place some objects are.

– Batteries : 1 in the second flooring , 1 in the first flooring in the lounge (AVAC Fire Fighting machine) and 1 in attic.
– Hammer : appears to be all the time in first flooring (At least for me)
– Valve deal with : In the nicely outdoors the House after exiting by the attic.


– B202 footlocker code : 1304
– B207 storage emergency door : Just shoot the knob with the revolver
– B208 Conference door : Just shoot the knob
– Operation disk defragmentation : the 3 blue above , the 3 yellow in the center and the 2 purple under : The answer is to place the colour with the most sq. of his colour first and the one with the least in final ( consult with this Don’t neglect to apply it to the leaking pipe to chill it.
– Shutdown code (Blue) : B2 , A2 , C4 , B1, B3 , C1 , A4 , C2
Shutdown code (Red) : A1 , B2 , C3 , B2 , A3 , A4

There you go you possibly can full the recreation.



That’s all we’re sharing at present in Stay Out of the House All Puzzles & Codes Solutions and Key Items Locations, if in case you have something so as to add, please be happy to go away a remark under, you may as well learn the unique article right here, all the credit goes to the unique writer MasterDarkseid

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