Soulstone Survivors 7 Minute Speed Run Guide

For Soulstone Survivors gamers who’re making an attempt to realize the final couple speedrun achievements, this information will enable you out.


I wish to begin by mentioning that this complete construct comes from Brokenz Plays on YouTube, take a look at his video right here to see it in motion:
I had executed sub 8 minutes (barely) utilizing necromancer earlier than this, however my first run utilizing this construct ended up sub 7, and with some effort and luck i pushed to sub 6. It does require you to have progressed a bit within the sport, one of many optimum skills requires unlocking all characters and one other requires a sub-9 minute run to be accomplished. Here is the very best run i used to be capable of handle with this setup:


Soulstone Survivors 7 Minute Runs Guide
Shoot and Rain of Arrows: The two skills tied to sentinel’s first weapon. If i had prestiged sufficient to unlock ricochet i feel that will work higher than RoA, however havent examined it.Void: MOST IMPORTANT ABILITY!!!!!!! This will pull enemies from offscreen, not directly rising spawn charge by bringing them into your killzone sooner. Other skills CAN hit stuff offscreen however that is much more constant

Chromatic Bolt: Unlocked after you will have bought each presently unlockable character (there are 14 i imagine). This does its personal factor and can incessantly launch offscreen to kill enemies there that could be exterior your Void radius. Best half about it’s its homing, will all the time hit its targets. I feel space will increase how far it travels earlier than expiring however havent examined it an excessive amount of.

Storm of Arrows: Another offscreen homicide machine, in a short time turns into insane with forged velocity + multicast, it beat out chromatic bolt in harm on my quickest run.

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Bloodlust: Cast velocity is king, this means positively carries its weight. No want for a Sixth damaging ability to be sincere, CB and SoA do loads of work on their very own.


I’ll simply preface this by saying one factor…… forged velocity and aoe are king. Always take them over harm, supplied you will have some harm multiplying runes it shouldnt be a problem and most the whole lot ought to be one or two shot, with bosses dying in just a few seconds.

1.) Area of Effect: Most essential for void, nevertheless it’s simply usually actually good at rising your likelihood to hit distant enemies. Also, like i discussed above, I imagine it makes Chromatic Bolt journey additional (and thus hit extra enemies) earlier than it expires.

2.) Multicast: Just as efficient as forged frequency, besides this scales a lot tougher (particularly with a selected rune that i’ll speak about later). More casts = extra hits = extra lifeless enemies.

3.) Cast frequency: Same as above, hitting extra is gonna be higher than hitting tougher when the whole lot dies immediately in any case

Everything else is just about irrelevant. In phrases of debuffs i’d worth Fragility over others (perhaps doom as effectively) simply to make bosses a bit smoother.



These will make the whole lot a lot simpler, principally as a result of the modifiers on harm runes are multiplicative, not additive like most harm sources within the sport. Most of the harm runes are unlocked naturally as you play the sport, however i’ll element the unlock necessities as effectively:

1.) Purity: Increases harm by 50%, however decreased by 5% per completely different sort of unfavourable impact on the goal (to make clear, from what i can inform, the empowered variations of results, i.e. melting for burning, weak spot for fragility, don’t rely individually for this.) Unlocked after defeating a complete of 200000 enemies. I used Focus Fire in my run, which in hindsight was a mistake due to the decreased space, i in all probability may have pushed it a bit decrease with out it however meh (Focus Fire provides 40% harm at the price of 20% space of impact, unlocked by defeating 2000 elite enemies)

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2.) Executioner: Enemies take 5% additional harm per completely different sort of unfavourable impact on the goal. Unlocked by profitable a match with all curses as much as and together with tier IV enabled on Dungeon of Despair (map 5). This cancels out the unfavourable impact of purity after which some since, once more, all of those are multiplicative.

3.) Generalist: You deal 5% additional harm per every completely different sort included in your presently energetic expertise. Unlocked by defeating 400 lords of the void. This is extraordinarily efficient with Chromatic Bolt as a result of it contains each harm sort in its tags, contributing 12 stacks to the buff by itself. embody the tags from our different expertise and it provides up someplace on the order of 80% elevated harm.

4.) Multicast Mastery: Increases the prospect for lengthy chains of multicasts to occur. Unlocked by profitable a match with all curses as much as and together with tier IV enabled on the Caves of Dhal Zhog (map 3). Now then, what does this imply. We don’t have any numbers right here and that i haven’t executed sufficient testing to say for certain, however the basic concept is that multicast can set off itself. Spells triggered by multicast have a (drastically decreased) likelihood to set off multicast once more, and this rune will increase that likelihood. Basically you possibly can find yourself triggering 4,5,6 casts from a single one with lower than just a few hundred multicast %. Again, i don’t know the precise values nevertheless it did appear noticable in comparison with taking part in with out it.

The Run

Now let’s briefly speak about gameplay. Really it’s fairly easy…. decide a nook, any nook will do, and fake its your finest pal you havent seen in without end. simply give it an enormous previous hug whereas your arrows and spells maintain the whole lot round you. Corners not directly improve spawn charge because it forces enemies to spawn nearer to you. You’ll wish to place your self in a roundabout way towards the wall however slightly bit away from it so enemies can spawn between you and the wall as effectively. Other than that simply let the autocasting do its factor. Hope this helps you all together with your runs 🙂


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That’s all we’re sharing at present in Soulstone Survivors 7 Minute Speed Run Guide, in case you have something so as to add, please be happy to go away a remark beneath, you may also learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique creator lfmasked


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