Sonic Frontiers All Egg Memos Guide

For Sonic Frontiers gamers, this information gives all of Eggman’s information that may be bought from Big’s retailer within the fishing recreation. In these recordings, the Doctor describes Cyber ​​Space from his perspective and inform a little bit about his life.

Sonic Frontiers

Egg memo 1

Some pressure is conserving me from exiting Cyber Space. Is it as a result of my Artificial Intelligence made unauthorized entry to the databases? If so, that’s the precise reverse of what it was imagined to do!

Egg Memo 2

What is G.U.N army craft doing in right here? Sage has helped me keep away from the worst of it, and it doesn’t seem like manned. Is it a protection mechanism? I must be taught extra.

Egg Memo 3

The terrain right here retains shifting. I’m discovering recreations of areas from the south island. West Side Island, even Angel island! Where is that this environmental information coming from?

Egg Memo 4

I’ve discovered components from my very own EggInternet, United federation, and even planet donpa Kindom race information! As finest as I can surmise, this Cyber Space extends properly past the scope of those islands and is gaining info from the world. Fascinating!

Egg Memo 5

I’m formally jealous. The whole expanse was constructed by the traditional race who had beforehand settled on these islands! The stage of know-how they employed is totally alien to me, so I can not salvage it.

Egg Memo 6

It seems the Starfall islands act because the CPU for Cyber Space. Once I’m out of right here, I must safe them in any respect prices. I’m not capable of entry the info too readily, but it surely seems the complete historical past of the Ancients is acquired right here in Cyber Space.

More than that, they logged their reminiscences and their needs. It is nearly like they encoded their very souls into this place. Now then-how can I exploit that to my profit?

Egg Memo 7

Who have been the Ancients? They predate my civilization by a large margin.

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The echidnas? Pffft

The Black Arms? Please

The Babylonians? Hardly!

And but they didn’t appear to affect the world past these three piddly islands. What stopped them from conquering the world?

Egg Memo 8

I’m discovering a number of connections between the ancients and the chaos emeralds. Their know-how appears constructed with emeralds in thoughts. It is nearly like they share the identical origin. I take pleasure in a superb thriller, however not when the solutions are extra mysterious!

Egg Memo 9

The ancients appear to have employed a set of unusual icons as keepsakes or totems. That similar imagery is being utilized by the Koco working across the islands. Did the koco encourage the ancients? Or did the Koco undertake the leftovers as soon as the Ancients have been gone?

Egg Memo 10

Something worn out the ancients, that’s for sure. A catastrophic occasion brought about dire environmental shifts throughout the islands. It seems they made some effort to rebuild, But they have been residing on borrowed time. They died out inside a technology.

Egg Memo 11

I had Sage run a diagnostic on the recorded genetic information of the ancients after which towards archives I’ve with me. They are family of chaos, the God of Destruction. After numerous years, their DNA corroded to the purpose they have been fully remodeled into a brand new species.

Egg Memo 12

I’m deploying my most superior synthetic intelligence into the traditional community spanning the beginning fall islands. I’ve code-named it, Sage. Sage will take over the alien community, take management of all its sources, and provides them to me.

Egg Memo 13

Sage is acting at peak effectivity! Makes me marvel the place I went mistaken with Orbot and Cubot. Not solely is she taking management of the Ancient’s community, however she is harassing Sonic as properly. I like it.

Egg Memo 14

Despite her finest efforts, Sage can not appear to regulate the titans. Phooey, She can immediate them to behave. But one thing is obstructing her from assuming complete management.

Egg Memo 15

Sage retains working the numbers by me and it’s getting tedious. Yes, the facility that worn out the ancients was formidable. Yes, unleashing it on this world can be catastrophic. But I’m a genius. Once I’m out of right here I’ll discover a method to deal with it.

Egg Memo 16

This is taken into account a very powerful Sonic Frontier egg memo. From Dr. Eggman’s perspective. Sage has been essential to my survival right here in Cyber Space. Early warnings of hostile entities, guiding me previous firewalls and conserving me up to date on progress in the actual world.

Egg Memo 17

I by no means actually knew my cousin, Maria. Everyone spoke of her like she was very particular. All that love for somebody who was gone once I was proper. But I’ve to marvel. Back then, was she something like sage is now?

Egg Memo 18

Sage advised the funniest joke throughout her report. How quick can Sonic screw issues up? Instantly, he’s the quickest factor alive. I let you know she is a chip off the outdated block. Well, for a program I imply. It is just not like she is alive.

Egg Memo 19

Just a bunch of proteins bumping collectively. Anyone can do this. A real genius does it with code and electrons and if I did create life, she can be good and dependable and completely efficient and why? Because her dad is a genius.

Egg Memo 20

Sonic is on the island. I can not keep in mind the final time I had a superb night time’s scheme with out him working it. Still for the purely natural creature, acquiring Mach 1 of his personal violation is spectacular. I’m a person sufficient to confess that.

Egg Memo 21

It is sonic who named me Eggman. Except the joke is on him I embraced the identify. I made it my very own. His mockery is now a reputation feared throughout the ages! I’m not going to undertake Baldy McNosehair although. My dignity has limits.

Egg Memo 22

It seems Amy Rose has been dragged into the combination. Clever Girl. She has come a great distance since being a straightforward pawn in my schemes to ensnare Sonic. It looks like she had some bother discovering herself. But if you grasp round with somebody with as huge an ego as Sonic, self-identification must be a problem.

Egg Memo 23

Knuckles is right here too (Cyber Space). What a rube. That hair-trigger of his drawback, but in addition a boon once I can get him to go off in the fitting course. Wait! if he’s right here, meaning Master Emerald is unguarded! It is the facility that shall be mine. I’m caught right here. Phooey.

Egg Memo 24

Sonic is right here, so it’s no shock tails is simply too. It is a pity. Young energy has a eager thoughts and a great deal of potential. Yet he’s fixated on worshipping Sonic. Then once more, possibly that’s for the perfect. Given all the difficulty he gave me in Station Square and on the ARK.

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I believe I favor him losing his potential lingering in Sonic’s shadow.


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