SIGNALIS Endings Guide

Welcome to our SIGNALIS Endings Guide. What labored for me to unlock the totally different endings we found! We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the SIGNALIS sport. If you might be a kind of who discover it tough to complete the sport, let’s take you to our SIGNALIS information.

SIGNALIS Endings Guide

What labored for me to unlock the totally different endings we found!

Mild Spoilers Maybe

I’ll attempt to not really give away any plot factors however be warned. Obviously when you’re studying a information on methods to get totally different endings you have to be ready for this however simply in case.

The endings look like based mostly in your “Psyche Evaluation”, which is some extent plotted on an X/Y axis you possibly can see when you go up out of your fundamental menu. It will likely be displayed on the precise.

On the X-axis you will have “Overclustered” and “Fragmented” as two opposites. Overclustered appears to be gained within the largest quantity by having a full stock and attempting to choose up extra stuff. Generally carrying round loads of stuff directly on a regular basis appears to maintain it at a good stage. “Fragmented” is the other and appears to come back from being undersupplied; having few objects in your stock, strolling round harm, and dry firing an empty gun.

On the Y-axis you will have “Hypersensitive” and “Catatonic” as opposing forces. Hypersensitive appears to come back from dodging enemies and sneaking by them with out alerting them. Catatonic appears to come back from alerting them in addition to working into their assaults and consuming hits.

Note, these aren’t 100% certainties however issues I appeared to note nudging the factors on the graph round as I performed and did totally different (typically by chance silly) issues. I’m the least sure about what precisely it takes to get “Fragmented” up.


This might be the worst ending. It’s appropriately cowardly, for gamers who keep away from fight as a lot as attainable…however not in a skillful approach. Alert monsters, take hits, run away. I obtained this whereas having a persistently excessive “Catatonic” rating, and customarily simply attempting to horde as a lot ammo and sources as attainable. I do imagine taking some hits is important. Play “panicked” and “afraid”. Possibly a mix of Catatonic/Fragmented?

“Memory” SIGNALIS Endings

This ending is…nicely it’s not the worst! It’s nonetheless not very “good” both.

This is the ending most gamers who’re skilled with survival horror video games and good at balancing fight and avoidance appear to get. Play “smartly” by avoiding monsters, but in addition burning up corpses. Always be working. My “Overclustered” and “Hypersensitive” had been persistently excessive after I bought this ending. I’ve seen different gamers get this ending whereas leaning Hypersensitive/Fragmented although, so possibly it’s the Hypersensitive that’s a very powerful half?


There’s a development with these endings not being superb. I suppose it’s up for debate which is the “best”, however this ending appears to be the one most gamers have the toughest time getting.

I haven’t personally obtained this one but however based mostly on the content material and the opposite endings I’ve gotten, this seems to be the ending for gamers who aggressively hunt down fight and kill as a lot as they’ll. I’d assume a excessive “Fragmented” rating performs into this. Don’t horde that ammo; use it.

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