Ship Of Fools Characters Tier List

Welcome to our Ship Of Fools Characters Tier List information. For Ship Of Fools gamers, this information offers you with an inventory of character ranges, let’s check out them. We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Ship Of Fools sport. If you might be a kind of who discover it tough to complete the sport, let’s take you to our Ship Of Fools information.

Ship Of Fools Characters Tier List

For Ship Of Fools gamers, this information offers you with an inventory of character ranges, let’s check out them.

Tier List – Lotte Tier

Crazy beginning trinket, a number of the strongest ammo within the sport appear to be those which might be stated to be of “limited” use, they usually load a twin cannon, which additionally doubles their passive weapon worth.

The actual energy lies in stockpiling planks, harpoons, and most significantly, cash. Funding principally turns any run into simple mode. You’ve gained over 1000+ money earlier than finishing District 1. If you’ll be able to earn gold to wreck trinkets, you’ll be able to principally kill each enemy and boss within the sport in a single shot.

Coins, planks and harpoons are additionally fired each third time, so all % likelihood trinkets are 3x extra prone to proc as a result of every hit is dealt with individually.

Best used with Double Shot and Grape Cannon, if you happen to resolve to not use these 3 objects, the starter trinkets are nonetheless very highly effective with excessive capability bombs and ammo.

Seems to scale regeneration velocity primarily based on ammo sort and max capability, so +capability artifacts and trinkets work greatest for her.

S Tier


Can’t actually inform if Hink or Quill are higher at taking pictures, so I put them each at S tier, I haven’t fairly discovered how their trinkets work, however it appears to be proportional to what they hit, ie penetrating Birds, for instance, enhance their harm by 1 for every enemy they impale on their subsequent hit. The base harm enhance of the Fool’s Ship could be very giant. She doesn’t appear to be as depending on good jewels as Hink is, however good shot jewels don’t appear to be notably uncommon both.


Very highly effective trinkets, when you infuse some trinkets set off all results and spray them into an space on vital strike. If you get the Berserk trinket it crits on nearly each hit, many trinkets additionally add a small proportion to crit likelihood, some have a excessive proportion, each Hink and Quill are good picks for gunners.


Very highly effective trinket, you load up your weapons and also you or your archer associates can take them down with enormous buffs, the harm and velocity will increase are fairly apparent and considerably self-explanatory, a direct buff per load of ammo.

Ship Of Fools Characters A Tier List


Best Paddle customers, fast assaults work properly with in-game artifacts and trinkets. Quick to fend off boarders and melee fighters, whereas your buddy cannon cannon, there’s actually not a lot to say Wearing a chunk of jewellery can shortly grow to be foolish.


Places all varieties of egg ammo, appears to work on egg associated relics too, looks like principally regular eggs, however eggs are very highly effective ammo, particularly early on, simply RNG heavy, the eggs you get generally get forward of you Ended up getting one even within the tremendous early levels.

B Tier


Krillstoph is strong, the trinket helps you to shortly parry melee attackers in a difficult spot, the one purpose I put it right here as a substitute of A is as a result of I feel once you choose a personality devoted to paddling primarily based on the present boss Todd is normally extra helpful when now we have fights. Not a lot to say, actually simply didn’t stand out.


Spare a harpoon on use, actually highly effective with the appropriate mixture of relics and trinkets, however in all probability very depending on the RNG to get these. I’ve by no means actually had an issue with enormous harpoons in barrels, so saving by no means felt too large to me, Lotte type of makes it irrelevant, and loaded harpoon ammo works with all trinkets regardless How simple it’s to be an A-level solo if you happen to’re fortunate, however in any other case nothing particular.

C Tier


The drawback with Finley’s beginning trinkets is that you simply solely actually profit from harm to your ship when it takes harm, which you’re attempting to keep away from, and appear to principally present cash and harpoons, however can even present issues like shields. Basically the one beginning trinket within the sport that doesn’t have a continuing worth all through the run. Avoiding harm doesn’t offer you a bonus.


Similar problem to Finley, offers just a few seconds of rage when surprised or knocked down, helpful to set off in case your buddy hits you, type of a solo solely D class, it’s important to make your buddy take the time to Trigger it, which may be greatest spent on basic shoots. Good at when you have to paddle and step on one another’s toes. Rage is a strong impact, so it’s price doing, particularly if you happen to’re unfortunate early on on the run. But usually not excessive uptime.

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