Shadows Over Loathing Prologue Fuel Reserves Guide

For Shadows Over Loathing gamers, this can be a information to realize a totally full gasoline can and earn the “Fuel Reserves” achievement.

The Diner

After you have got eliminated the journal out of your face and stepped out of the lavatory able to face the world, speaking to the girl behind the counter offers a myriad of decisions that may ultimately instill you with a perk to begin your journey with.

In order to focus solely on the achievement, we’re going to decide particular choices. When requested why YOU are on this journey, select

“I got in some trouble back home”

and when she pressed for specifics, you’ll select.

I began a hearth in a mailbox

Now that you’ve made her cautious of your psychotic nature, you may stroll away with a perk that provides +1 dmg to any magical weapon you wield. There is nothing else within the diner associated to the achievement so proceed to exit and get in your bus till it’s eventual breakdown.

The Gas Station

The driver has given you a mission of filling the gasoline can. But you…your gonna additional EXTRA fill it simply to spite him. First, nevertheless, we have to get a really feel of our environment.

Start by heading to the left and stopping on the first constructing, the gasoline station, and head inside. On the snack shelf is a Cheez Loaf, there may be meat within the register, and a baseball bat towards the wall. Grab all 3 of those after which try and enter the backrooms and persuade your interior voice that you just labored right here. Once within the again, search the third shelf to your worker file and 5 XP.

Head into the storage and examine the fuse field on the left to note its fuse is damaged. Head again into the hallway and examine the 2nd shelf for a substitute fuse. You can then substitute the damaged one and use the change subsequent to the door to decrease the automobile and siphon some gasoline from it.

Elias House

Continue down the Road and cease by the Elias home and head inside. After some transient dialog, speak to him once more to acquire the barn key. Proceed to rummage via his total front room and obsessively ask him about every little thing. In explicit, you need to acquire the Pears by asking concerning the bears fieldhaunted duck name subsequent to the left-most door, ask concerning the 2nd door during which he warns a few mud satan, the third door which results in the lavatory, and a field labeled class rings

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Head contained in the third door which results in the lavatory and flush the bathroom for 5 XP. Leave the lavatory and skip the 2nd door and head out again in the direction of the barn. Head contained in the barn and to the proper to start a battle with Elias’ daughter’s robotic. Defeat it for 5 XP and the gasoline that lie behind it.

Train automobile (& buddy)

Head additional down the street and BE SURE TO HELP THE TURTLE!!!!!!

Once you come to the practice automobile, head inside and discover a hobo on the proper and a gasoline can on the left. Talk to the hobo and comply with take a few of his jerky. Then head left to acquire the final little bit of gasoline that the driving force needed you to acquire.

The Pettiness

We don’t need to carry him a full gasoline can. No, we need to go above and past to be petty for no matter cause you determine. It’s time to begin the lengthy convoluted path of revenge. This is the place you begin going after the achievement.

Still within the practice automobile, Rummage the bottom part of filth for a class ring, Then proceed to eat the jerky to extend your muscle by 1 in addition to spend 15 XP to extend your muscle once more. with 3 muscle, your prepared to simply open the massive door within the automobile.

as soon as out again, ignore the bull and go to the makeshift kitchen. Interact with the range to get a Grimy Spatula and the fridge to get some additional gasoline. it’s possible you’ll then transfer left and beat the tar out of the bull to acquire 5 XP and some gasoline on the automobile behind him.

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Proceed to depart the practice automobile and run all the way in which again to the bus to gather your new pet turtle. instantly equip him as he’s a healer and wanted to tank the ultimate boss.

Head to Elias home and inform him concerning the ring you discovered. Let him have it without spending a dime to get 5 XP. Head out again and head to the proper and take the rusty pistol kind the clotheslines. Continue to the proper to battle the gun-toting scarecrow. Defeat the scarecrow to get 5 XP, then seize the gasoline behind him on the tractor. DON’T RUN AWAY YET!!! Step away kind the tractor and again on it to begin pretending your a farmer. Pretend just a few occasions to earn one more 5 XP. Satisfied, head into the barn and to the locker straight and to the left to acquire one other little bit of gasoline.

It’s time to cease being a muscle head. Spend 15 XP so as to add +1 moxie in addition to consuming the Cheez Loaf to get one other +1 moxie. Go to the workbench on the proper aspect of the barn to acquire some welding gloves. Equip them and head to the practice automobile. Your gloves will mean you can acquire the crowbar from the barrel. You can even work together with the knapsack by the hobo and open it along with your 3 moxie to acquire a little silver key.

With that completed, we will cease being moxie. Equip the Grimy Spatula and eat the pears for +1 Mysticality then head to Elias’ home. Head into the 2nd door the place the mud satan resides and spot the black spot on the ground to the proper. You can use the crowbar to pry open the bottom and go down into the basement.

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Once you fall down, construct the ladder then work together with the cabinets on the left to acquire the gross greens (VERY IMPORTANT!!!). You are actually able to tackle the spiders. The “More dangerous blind spider” is extra harmful. Take it out instantly by throwing a rock at it then wacking it along with your spatula. Do the identical factor subsequent flip to kill the opposite spider and acquire 5 XP.

Time for the ultimate boss, the mud satan. Initiate the battle and lick your wounds after he inflicts bleed. Throw gross greens on him to cripple his injury. Then throw a rock at him and wack him along with your spatula. Your new pet turtle will heal you for 1 HP and save your life from bleeding. Throw one other rock and hit the satan along with your spatula to defeat it for 5 XP.

Spend your hard-earned XP on +1 mysticality so that you’ve 3 altogether and proceed to the gasoline station. Inside the again rooms, you should utilize the little silver key on the desk to the left to acquire a gasoline pump hose. Proceed to the storage and work together with the generator simply south of you to siphon some gasoline from it. Leave the gasoline station and head to the left most pump. With your newly obtained hose, you may connect it and siphon the final little bit of gasoline inside.

If you adopted this information, you need to now have 300 % full gasoline can and can earn the “Fuel Reserves” achievement.


That’s all we’re sharing in the present day in Shadows Over Loathing Prologue Fuel Reserves Guide, when you’ve got something so as to add, please be happy to depart a remark beneath, you may as well learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique writer Kweh-tzalcoatl


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