Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

Welcome to our Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%. How to get all achievements for Shadows Over Loathing? This information will inform you. Achievements are roughly listed by when they’re achieved. We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Shadows Over Loathing recreation. If you’re a kind of who discover it troublesome to complete the sport, let’s take you to our Shadows Over Loathing information.

Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

Some notes earlier than we start…

  • You can have a number of saves! While the sport does autosave, after you full your first playthrough or if you choose [New Game] after you’ve began an current run, there will likely be an extra possibility on the primary menu titled [Select Character]. These characters are your different saves/runs, so don’t fear about one character run changing one other’s information.
  • Don’t really feel discouraged if it’s important to begin new saves to get some achievements, I promise the sport goes quick if you realize what you’re doing. Generally you too can mash although any dialogue sections and it’ll advance via the primary story.
  • There are (content material spoiler) 6 chapters plus the prologue, and technically an epilogue however the epilogue has no gameplay and is just for exhibiting the ending.
  • Also I simply spoiler-tagged the variety of chapters there are above, however every achievement consists of data on when it may be earned, so late-game achievements could have that data. You’ve been warned!

Fuel Reserves

You stuffed the gasoline can up ALL the best way
Achievable solely in: Prologue

To earn this achievement, you primarily have to do the whole lot you’ll be able to presumably do within the prologue part to be able to refill the gasoline are you able to obtain from the bus driver within the second half of the prologue chapter. Filling up the gasoline can to 100% is not going to grant the achievement; you need to fill it as much as 300% (clearly).

There are 9 completely different locations within the prologue you need to go to refill the gasoline can:

  • In the cup holder of the automobile contained in the gasoline station storage
  • From the generator contained in the gasoline station storage
  • From the gasoline pump with the lacking hose within the gasoline station
  • In the barn behind Elias’s home, by the robotic
  • In the barn behind Elias’s home, within the locker
  • On the tractor behind Elias’s home
  • In the hobo practice automobile
  • In the fridge behind the hobo practice automobile
  • Near the bull behind the hobo practice automobile

The Duality of Hat – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You posed for 2 completely different fedora photos
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 1

This one is well missable in a run, however fortuitously it’s pretty fast to start out a brand new save and obtain if wanted. You’ll want to go to the Hat Photography store with the cursed fedora, after which once more with the identical, uncursed model.

Shortly after arriving at Murray’s Antiques, Jessica will ship you out to go discover and fetch a foredoomed fedora from a forlorn facility. After you retrieve it, don’t use the uncursing machine on it but, and as a substitute fall asleep. Jessica will cease you from retreating to your room the primary time, however you’ll be able to merely ignore her and work together with the door to your room once more. Go to sleep, and if you get up, Chapter 1 will formally begin and Ocean City will open up extra. Take the cursed fedora to the Boardwalk, put it on, and stroll into the Hat Photography store. The photographer will comment that he hates your drip however will {photograph} it anyhow. Afterwards, return to Murray’s Antiques at any level and uncurse the fedora. Return to the Hat Photography store as soon as extra, carrying the identical, now uncursed fedora, and also you’ll have the ability to take a brand new photograph with it, awarding you the achievement.

A Victimless Crime

You solved Mrs. Brewster’s thriller
(The achievement taste textual content says “Mrs.” however the location and character’s identify is “Ms.”. Literally unplayable, I do know.)
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 1

First, you’ll have to find Ms. Brewster’s Home for Traveling Salesmen by wandering across the Ocean City map till you unlock its location. I discovered it after buying a touring salesman’s wares, and he marked the situation on my map.

There are two vital components to this thriller that you just’ll have to deduce to earn the achievement:
A. Which room the occult salesman is staying in inside Mrs. Brewster’s home
B. The destiny of the sufferer

You’ll deduce A by speaking to all of the obtainable salesmen and figuring out which salesmen reside in every room, and B by being particularly perceptive of the crime scene in addition to gathering data from the opposite salesmen.

Everything it is advisable resolve the thriller is inside the home. When you’re completed analyzing the crime scene and speaking to the opposite salesmen, return to Ms. Brewster to inform her your solutions concerning the homicide.

In case you want the answer, the reply is that the occultist is in room 3B, and concerning the destiny of the sufferer you need to additionally reply “No, I’m pretty sure you didn’t kill anybody…” which reveals that the “victim” didn’t really die, however he was a jokes and gags salesman pulling a darkish prank. You should select these two dialogue choices for the achievement to be awarded.

Ten Tickles

You gave a tentacle ten tickles
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 1

Wander across the map till you discover the Tentacle House. Enter the basement to discover a tentacle seed (chances are you’ll want to make use of a fuse on the fusebox to search out it). Return residence and plant the tentacle seed in your room, and work together with it ten instances.

The Hot 100

You tuned a radio along with your gifted talons
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 1

This is achieved after uncursing the pocket watch and getting into the dream state that follows, with you enjoying as a T-Rex. Do not eat the cat. Interact with the whole lot else within the room besides for any of the doorways, because the entrance door, door to your room, and door to the speakeasy will all take you to the identical finish of the dream state. You’ll have the ability to develop your dinosaur’s dexterity stat inside this sequence and finally when you’ve 10 or extra dexterity, work together with the radio and a brand new possibility will seem to tune it. This will grant the achievement.

Chessica – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You beat Jessica at chess
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 1(?), however will seemingly be close to endgame

Over the course of the sport, you’ll discover everlasting and reusable elemental armor stat improve books, and also you’ll additionally naturally acquire gear, meals, and potions that may elevate these stats when they’re lively as effectively. There is randomness concerned so your mileage could fluctuate with every try, however I’d suggest making an attempt to have at the least 10 stat factors or so for every armor. Once you do, work together with the chessboard in Murray’s Antiques and problem Jessica to a recreation, and all the time select the choice with an elemental armor stat test if obtainable, as every other selection doesn’t matter however received’t assist. Keep making an attempt this till you win and the achievement is awarded, or proceed boosting your armor stats via numerous means as wanted. This achievement isn’t missable and might in concept be achieved every time, as long as you’ve the armor stats to succeed.

Hardcore Gamer

You received all of the prizes on the Ocean City Boardwalk
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 1(?), however will seemingly be close to endgame

Similar to the Chessica achievement, this achievement isn’t missable and in concept could be achieved every time, as long as you’ve the Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie to qualify, however this may increasingly must be on the finish of the sport.

You will want 15+ in Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie (and a little bit of meat I suppose) to succeed all Boardwalk recreation stat checks. To my data, this needs to be doable in principally any run even when it comes shut. If you’re within the last chapter, Chapter 6, and nonetheless want some stats boosted, I like to recommend the next actions:

  • Unlock all 4 stat will increase obtainable for every stat in your Basic Skills web page in the event you haven’t already.
  • Check to see that you just don’t have any lively debuffs affecting your three MMM stats. Wash your palms at a sink or uncurse your self on the uncursing machine as wanted.
  • Equip stat-boosting gear as wanted, eat non permanent stat-boosting meals as wanted, and drink non permanent stat-boosting potions as wanted. There are meals (Devil’s Food, fruit cocktail samples from junk mailpotions (Noble Elixir), and gear (Monster Club Sash, Maggot Hat) that may every provide you with +1 in every stat if wanted, or loads of others that may grant +1 to at least one or two stats.
  • Have an lively boon from a cat that provide you with +1 in a wanted stat.
  • Have an lively boon from a drink on the speakeasy that offers you +1 in a wanted stat(s). There are drinks that gives you +1 in two of your three MMM stats.
  • There is a bathtub within the junkyard in Chapter 2’s Crystaldream Lake. This tub can ONLY be used as soon as per run and when used, it’s going to grant you +1 in every of those stats for the remainder of the in-game day. Because of this I might maintain off on utilizing the bathtub till the ultimate day for this achievement, however it will not be needed relying in your stats. (Personally I used to be in a position to earn this achievement in a run the place I had used the bathtub on an earlier in-game day.)
  • Collect and work together with new gadgets in your room, as a few of these will grant you +1 in your MMM stats for the in-game day.
  • Enter fight and instantly give up a number of instances — this gives you some random boons that will likely be lively for the remainder of the in-game day, and also you’ll have the ability to attain boons for +1 Muscle, +1 Mysticality, and +1 Moxie after sufficient defeats.
  • Visit the fortune teller on the boardwalk 3 instances for the everlasting perk Skeptical, which provides +1 Mysticality.
  • Finish the search line from the Cathedral in Ocean City for a +1 Muscle perk.
  • Finish the search for Marvin in Ocean City for a +1 Moxie perk.
  • At a later level within the recreation, you’ll encounter a cornfield space. This is accessible in Chapter 5 in Gray County at a location known as the Drexel Stead. Within the corn maze behind the home, you’ll discover a dentist with some minor aspect quests so that you can full.Completing these aspect quests will grant you a everlasting +1 Moxie perk.
  • When you’ve entry to the ultimate chapter space, work together with all of the inmates within the Prison in Government Valley and commerce them crackers or no matter else they request. Some of them will grant you everlasting stat boosts.You’ll have the ability to get +1 in every stat for doing so.

More Meat Than Sense – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You purchased a barrel
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 2, however will seemingly be close to endgame

This achievement isn’t missable, so be at liberty to take your time. Whenever you ultimately have 10,000 Meat to spare, return to Valley Hardware and work together with the barrel that has the ten,000 Meat price ticket. The shopkeep will ask in the event you’re severe however he’ll finally conform to promote it to you, awarding you the achievement.

The barrel will now be yours to fish in, and you may fish up some nice late-game consumables with out limits!

A Witch in Time

You saved the village of Sandwich
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 3

To earn this achievement, you need to comply with the Crystaldream Lake Sandwich Museum quest line to completion. This one is likely one of the longer aspect quests within the recreation and when you can entry the Sandwich Museum in Chapter 2, it’s really not completable till at the least Chapter 3 attributable to a required merchandise being within the subsequent map.

Everything’s a Sandwich If You Believe

You ate a stuffed pepper
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 3

In the steam tunnels of S.I.T., there’s a door with a cranium and crossbones. Read the hobo code subsequent to it to be told of the key menu merchandise, a stuffed pepper. Afterwards, head on in and order the stuffed pepper from the cashier, after which eat it. Simple and attractive.

Cleaning House

You drove enemies out of 23 Hilbert House rooms
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 3

This achievement is just doable in a non-pacifist run, and should solely be doable in runs with programs involving both chemical substances, or meta-acoustics, or spiders. (Please do appropriate me if I’m flawed, however my first run concerned none of those topics and I used to be by no means capable of finding a approach to entry Hilbert House.)

As lengthy as you’re taking at the least one of many following three programs (Chemicals, Meta-Acoustics, Spiders), you’ll achieve entry to the Hilbert House, an infinite generative dorm constructing. Fight your method via 23 rooms of enemies to unlock the achievement.

No, Truce With the Fishies – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You made peace with the Fishmother
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 3
I like to recommend simply doing this one throughout an all-pacifist run, although it’s not required.

To earn this achievement you should be utterly pacifist in direction of all fishmen within the recreation. As in, don’t enter fight even as soon as with them concerned.

After talking with Rufus within the secret lab within the S.I.T. steam tunnels, he gives you a quest to gather three kilos of fishman eggs (one pound is discovered at a time and there are greater than three obtainable within the recreation). You should proceed to keep away from any and all fight with fishmen as you acquire them.

Once that is finished, return to Rufus and he’ll ship you to the Fishmother’s lair. If you’ve averted fight with fishmen, she will likely be amicable in direction of you and provide you with her pearl, incomes you the achievement.

A Well-Rounded Education

You handed all 9 SIT programs (requires a number of playthroughs)
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 3, supplied you’ve accomplished your programs in different playthroughs.

Pretty simple. The 9 programs are:

  • Botany (fight)
  • Robotechtronics
  • Chemicals
  • Geology (fight)
  • Meta-Acoustics
  • Astronomy
  • Spiders (fight)
  • Culinary Science
  • Phys. Ed.

Since you’ll be able to solely select one from every group per run, you’ll have to finish these over a minimal of three separate saves.

Note that any programs famous with (fight) will not be obtainable choices when doing a pacifist run. Also word that if you don’t select chemical substances, or meta-acoustics, or spiders, then you definitely (to my data) will likely be unable to entry the Hilbert House, which solely impacts the Cleaning House achievement in the event you want it.

For assist with finishing any of those programs, confer with Guide to S.I.T. Courses by (Influ)Enza.

For further assist with chemical substances, one other nice information could be present in An Idiots Guide To Chemistry, The Seminar by Kenny.

Both of the above linked guides are unbelievable sources and deserve likes and awards!

The Dark Side – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You discovered all 9 Shadow abilities
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 3
This achievement requires you to be troubled with Shadow Taint, which is irreversible and locks you out of sure content material (interacting with hoboes and plenty of shopkeeps outdoors of Main Street for instance), so do it on a run the place you’re cool with that.

Obtain the cursed e book on the finish of Chapter 3 after finishing your chosen three programs and defeating the next boss. Do not uncurse the e book. Instead, maintain onto it and lift your shadow taint to at the least degree 3.

Shadow taint is a hidden stat from the start of the sport and can seem beneath your different stats in your stock menu when you attain at the least degree 1 of shadow taint. Raise your shadow taint by encountering rift holes in random places every day, select to succeed in contained in the rifts and pull out numerous shadow consumables and gear, and eat/drink all shadow consumables you discover. Consuming a number of will finally improve your degree by 1 at a time.

When you attain degree 3, learn the e book and spend XP on it to unlock all 9 of the obtainable abilities.

Bad Dog(s)

You bought into the Secureberus vault
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 4

First off, I don’t really assume it is advisable unlock the entrance door of Secureberus in Ocean City to unlock this achievement, however I might be flawed. If you do, it’s seemingly that your Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie stats are excessive sufficient to by the point this achievement is doable anyhow although.

To earn this achievement you’ll really have to find and head to Mudhenge. Enter the Mudhenge space and stroll via the gates for some good Lost Woods-style motion. Allegedly there are audio cues to point in the event you’ve entered a gate in the proper order, however I had a really arduous time with listening to it and needed to confer with a information myself (linked beneath).

There are 5 gates you’ll be able to stroll via that seem onscreen; we’ll confer with them as 1-5 with the leftmost one being 1 and the rightmost one being 5. With that in thoughts, enter the gates within the following order:
1, 2, 1, 2, 5, 2, 5, 4, 3

If profitable, you will see that a cult of nudists. Fight them, or dance with them by stripping your self of all gear. Then place your compass on the altar, consider meat, and enter a gate.

You’ll then be taken to a riverboat, which is its personal whole sidequest as effectively. Complete this space, and when you find yourself finished, return to Mudhenge. Interact with the altar once more, consider meat once more, and enter a gate once more.

Now you need to be contained in the Secureberus vault, and the achievement needs to be awarded.

Freaky Frogday – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You helped the employees of Haim Quarry
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 4

My solely addition to the information is that on the next step:

Speak with Frogger once more and try and persuade him that the curse needs to be undone. You’ll have to immediate him with questions in a specific order to steer him to the conclusion. There isn’t any penalty for failing and you may redo this part as many instances as needed.

the sport actually is specific on the order you ask the follow-up questions, and it took me fairly a number of makes an attempt to nail it down. You ought to ask the questions within the following order:

  • “How do you know how the statue works?“
  • “A frog gave me this emerald. How’s that possible?”
  • ”Why don’t you are taking the gem out your self?”
  • ”Why do you need to be a human a lot?”
  • ”It appears impolite to do that to these folks.”

Lastly, I consider this achievement locks you out of retaining the grub hat you discover at the back of the cave for the run, so hold that in thoughts in the event you have been counting on it to get the Hardcore Gamer achievement in the identical run.

The Prince of Tides

You met Largestmouth Luke
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 4
On the run that you just need to unlock this achievement, I like to recommend taking a look at this information BEFORE getting into Largemouth Bass & Sons in The Big Moist.

Just Showing Off

You defeated the Ziggurat Goliath
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 4

On a non-pacifist run, after rescuing Charles Wallace within the Gatorman Fortress, return to the Ziggurat Goliath on the very backside of the fortress basement. He’ll be there ready so that you can combat; defeat him and also you’ll earn the achievement.

You Did the Monster Sash

You bought a fully-decked out Monster Shack sash
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 4

Find the Monster Shack in The Big Moist, then speak to the six children to get six completely different aspect quests from them. Complete all six aspect quests and they’re going to award you with a sash and a badge for every of their quests finished; receive all six to earn the achievement.

Your Neck Will Go On

You discovered a elaborate necklace
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 4, solely in a Chemicals course playthrough, solely in the event you settle for working with the mob.

To earn this achievement, you need to:

  • Agree to work with the mob earlier within the recreation. (To my data there’s no draw back to doing so. In the sport. I can’t touch upon it in actual life.)
  • Take the chemical substances course at S.I.T.
  • Complete the chemical substances course, and remember to make and hold barnacle dissolver. You can do that by pulling the levers within the order . To deduce this, you’ll be able to both discover it by way of experimenting, or referring to the chemical substances results desk listed in An Idiots Guide To Chemistry, The Seminar by Kenny.
  • Obtain the diving helmet from outdoors of Fission Chips at S.I.T. by interacting with the model there and passing the Muscle stat test.
  • When The Big Moist map is accessible, you’ll obtain a request from the mob to additionally examine a submarine, and its location will likely be added to your map. If you’re working with the mob however haven’t obtained this project but, it’s doable you might have to finish all prior assignments as much as the final one for S.I.T. first.
  • Visit the submarine, placed on the diving helmet, enter the valve hatch contained in the submarine, and work together with the field with barnacles to use the barnacle dissolver and obtain the necklace and achievement.

Esprit de Corn

You maximized morale within the Maize Maze
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 5

In the corn fields behind the Drexel Stead, there are eight characters. Fulfill all of their wants after which return to Colonel, one of many NPCs, for the achievement.

  • Cornelius is a hobo within the first row of the corn maze that you may receive cornbread from and ship to the hobo camp. Do each of these issues.
  • Sissy is a younger lady within the center-left of the second row who’s lacking her cat and her teddy bear, each of which could be discovered within the corn maze. You’ll want to speak to her about her lacking bear first earlier than you’ll be able to find it for her. After you do, discover the toybox within the fourth row and you will see that them there. For returning Sissy’s cat, see beneath.
  • Sissy’s cat should be discovered first earlier than returning it to Sissy. It could be discovered within the fourth row of the corn maze within the very left. After encountering the cat, you’ll be able to return to Sissy who will recommend you discover a saucer of milk for her to coax the cat again to her. You can receive a saucer of milk from Stan within the fourth row of the corn.
  • Sarah is a dentist discovered within the second row of the maize, on the proper finish. She wants a affected person to follow on (which will likely be you), some chattering tooth, and lastly a popcorn maker. You’ll want to speak to her about her needing the tooth first to be able to find them for her, then discover the toybox within the fourth row and you will see that them there. After you come to her she is going to point out the popcorn maker; return to the one discovered among the many random home equipment close to the place Cornelius was, choose it up, and produce it again to Sarah. As a bonus, finishing her questline will award you with a everlasting +1 Moxie perk.
  • Ike is the creamed corn/iced corn/creamed ice vendor within the third row. He wants a fridge coil and a barrel of milk. A fridge coil could be discovered among the many array of things from round the place Cornelius was, or you might also have one from earlier within the recreation. You can receive the milk barrel from Stan the milkman within the maze.
  • Stan is the milkman close to the toybox within the fourth row, speak to him and let him vent to you about his troubles. He’ll provide to promote you milk after that however don’t buy it simply but as his costs are wildly steep and he’ll decrease them as you assist him. He’ll first complain about not having a bowtie, however after he does you’ll be able to return to the wardrobe you’d’ve handed within the second row on the best way to Ike. Interact with the wardrobe and now you can discover a bowtie there. Return to Stan with it, he’ll decrease his costs, and he’ll additionally complain that his hat is soiled. Take his hat and you may clear it in both the washbasin within the home equipment pile within the first row, or you’ll be able to take all of it the best way again to the laundry room at S.I.T. accessible from the steam tunnels. Return his clear hat to him and his costs at the moment are at their lowest, the place you should buy a barrel of milk for Ike, a saucer of milk for Sissy’s cat, and a glass of milk for the primary quest.
  • There’s a big crow within the fourth row on the proper. You can provide it cornbread from Cornelius and it’ll allow you to cross, which provides you entry to some onions to carry again to the speakeasy.
  • Colonel is within the second row, center-right, however can solely be accessed from getting into the third row first. Speak to him when you find yourself finished with all different characters’ wants and he’ll grant you an award and the achievement.

Jasper’s Six

You executed an ideal heist
Achievable solely in: Chapter 5

Complete all requests from the six folks in and round Sneed’s Feed & Seed Jasper’s Feed & Tack:

  • A counterclockwise mainspring for Wendelin from The Old Gilmore Place
  • A glass of milk for Iola from Drexel Stead
  • A paperweight for Xenia from MacMillicancuddy’s Farm
  • Fertilizer for Pixley from Grode Valley Orchard
  • An engine for Farina from The Old Ford Compound
  • A meteorite for Oskaloosa from The Moleross Place

Most requests are pretty simple and/or their components are pretty out within the open, however it’s doable chances are you’ll want an extra trace for Farina and a very good quantity of assist for navigating the hellscape that’s The Moleross Place.

For Farina, if it is advisable pacify some bean magic, return to S.I.T. after encountering a storm of beans and converse to Rufus in his secret lab within the steam tunnels. He’ll provide you with a whistle that performs at a frequency that cancels out beans.

Once all sidequests are fulfilled, converse to Jasper within the again room of the Feed & Tack to execute the heist, and depend on everybody’s skills when prompted to earn the achievement.

A Friend of Ours – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You accomplished all of Don T’s assignments
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 5

Accept the provide to work with the mob in direction of the start of the sport, and hold accepting their calls and finishing their requests for the achievement. The last project from the mob entails getting into the vampire den on the Ocean City boardwalk, and word that this location can’t be returned to afterwards so be certain you try the whole lot you’d wish to in there, particularly the bathroom inside for the Sanitation Engineer achievement! When this quest is accomplished, you may be awarded the achievement.

The Gang’s All Here

You obtained the hobo camp’s highest honor
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 5
Note: This is NOT achievable in a route in the event you resolve to embrace darkness and achieve Shadow Taint earlier than incomes the achievement.

There are 23 hoboes to befriend and dwell on the Hobo Camp in Ocean City over the course of the sport. There’s a beautiful information by bigbloon that covers all of their places and wishes (and likewise covers two extra hoboes that aren’t recruitable however are nonetheless befriendable, which helps you) and could be discovered right here:

You’ll have to initially befriend hoboes and converse to the Hobo King on the Hobo Camp till he begins to really feel snug round you and entrusts you to assist him recruit extra hoboes. Once you’ll be able to, find all hoboes within the recreation and refer them to the Hobo Camp. Once you’ve discovered and recruited all obtainable hoboes, befriended them, discovered Hobo Code, interacted with all Hobo Cryptography gear within the Cryptography automobile, and many others., you’ll be able to return to the Hobo King as soon as extra and earn the achievement.

Cat Fancy – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You unlocked each cat
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 5

Unlock the boon/pet possibility from all obtainable cats. There are 12 cats obtainable all through the course of the sport, plus an extra one from the prologue.

Note: I don’t consider I ever met the prologue cat alone first run however I did nonetheless earn the achievement on that run, however would want another person to substantiate this.

Sanitation Engineer

You flushed each rest room
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 5

Flush all 16 bogs within the recreation.

Be warned that a number of of the bogs are missable in a run, so for the missable bogs you’ll need to:

  • flush the bathroom within the prologue earlier than giving the complete gasoline can to the bus driver
  • settle for working with the mob, make it to the tip of their questline, and on the ultimate project of the mob quest remember to flush the bathroom in earlier than finishing the search! You won’t be able to entry this location once more after the search.
  • absolutely appropriately resolve the crime at Ms. Brewster’s to unlock entry to the toilet in her home. See the part on A Victimless Crime for assist.
  • not have any shadow taint on this run, or at the least wait till after you unlock the situation of the Dauphin House from a hobo in a diagonal boxcar in Chapter 4. Otherwise there isn’t any different approach to find the Dauphin House, to my data.
  • discover the situation of The Moleross Place from Oskaloosa in Jasper’s Feed & Tack earlier than embarking on the heist on the finish of Chapter 5
  • not be aiming to finish the Temporal Oopsie achievement in the identical run. While this rest room isn’t actually missable, it can’t be achieved in the identical run as Temporal Oopsie as you’ll have to entry Delphine Farm in Gray County for a bathroom, and this requires carrying the Mobius Ring, which locks you out of the Temporal Oopsie achievement.

Temporal Oopsie

You bought locked out of the universe due to a temporal paradox
Achievable solely in: Epilogue, BUT you need to make sure the situations are proper for this as early as Chapter 2.
This achievement is mutually unique with Predestined in the identical run, and also will stop you from incomes the Sanitation Engineer achievement in the identical run.

This one is achievable as long as you do nothing appropriately. Er, as long as you do nothing, which will likely be appropriate. Alright, let me elaborate.

In Chapter 2’s Crystaldream Lake, sooner or later you’ll encounter your future self a number of instances. One of those instances they’ll hand you a Mobius Ring. To earn this achievement, DO NOT WEAR THE MOBIUS RING EVER. Just neglect about it. It doesn’t exist to you this run. Then go forward and proceed on with the sport nevertheless you would like, and attain the epilogue chapter.


You closed the Time Loop
Achievable solely in: Epilogue, BUT the actions to qualify for the achievement can start as early as Chapter 2 and be accomplished as early as Chapter 5.
This achievement is mutually unique with Temporal Oopsie in the identical run.

In Chapter 2’s Crystaldream Lake you’ll sooner or later whereas travelling by way of map, encounter a future model of your self. This will occur a number of extra instances till finally a annoyed future you offers you a Mobius Ring. At some level earlier than the ending of the sport (I like to recommend ready till Chapter 5), placed on the ring. Note that you just won’t be able to take away the ring till at the least Chapter 5.

Once Chapter 5’s Gray County is offered to you, try and take away the ring in the event you haven’t already, then return to Crystaldream Lake and choose Wander on the map a number of instances till you study Delphine Farmhouse in Gray County.

Visit Delphine Farmhouse and resolve the puzzle inside. Get a notepad prepared in the event you’d like to resolve the puzzle your self. This one was really one in all my favourite puzzles in the entire recreation. The answer will rely barely on when you converse to the yous in the home, as you’ll want to talk to the “new” yous on the similar time to be able to not break the timeline. Fortunately right here, breaking the timeline doesn’t lead to any penalties apart from booting you again outdoors and making you restart, so you’re free to strive as many instances as you want till you piece it collectively.

If you want help, right here is the answer I had, in chronological order. Don’t do something roughly than what is printed.

1. Enter the home
2. Pick up the candlestick
3. Speak to the self by the log pile
4. Speak to the self on the dinner desk
5. Enter the bed room on the far left door
6. Speak to the self on the desk within the bed room
7. Leave the bed room, stroll to the far proper, and enter the toilet
8. Raid the drugs cupboard
9. Leave the toilet
10. Pick up the hatchet
11. Stand on the log pile spot and converse to your “new” self
12. Enter the bed room on the far left door
13. Throw the candlestick on the trapdoor within the ceiling
14. Go up the steps
15. Rummage via the packing containers
16. Speak to your “new” self
17. Jump down the opening
18. Speak to the self sitting within the armchair
19. Unlock and exit via the door
20. Sit on the dinner desk and converse to your “new” self
21. Leave via the rightmost door to the toilet
22. Immediately exit the toilet
23. Interact with the kitchen to acquire plant meals
24. Smash the urn in direction of the left and acquire the important thing
25. Enter the bed room within the leftmost door
26. Sit on the desk within the bed room
27. Talk to your “new” self
28. Leave the bed room
29. Enter the toilet on the far proper
30. Flush the bathroom
31. Leave the toilet and enter the bed room on the far left
32. Feed the plant
33. Exit the bed room and enter the armchair room within the center door
34. Sit within the armchair
35. Speak to your “new” self
36. Open the field
37. Leave the armchair room and go away the home.
Friggin. Brilliant.

Lastly, after doing all of that, wander round Crystaldream Lake till you discover one other “new” you. Give them the Mobius Ring, and the achievement needs to be awarded.

The Last Dance – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

Gabby saved the universe
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 6/Epilogue

With Gabby as your companion, journey to completely different places round Crystaldream Lake and sooner or later she’s immediate your consideration along with her “Hello!” speech bubble. Speak to her; this may assist you to ship her on a Companion Vignette the place you management her strolling via a mushroom cave. Have her discover a appropriate spot to plant(?) extra Gabbys. You’ll know she’s finished when she is granted a stat enhance. Afterwards, exit the cave to return management to your character.

Walk round Crystaldream Lake a bit extra and finally she’ll immediate you for consideration once more. You may have to come back again one other day for this immediate, or you may additionally get this immediate in the identical in-game day. Speak to her and settle for the Companion Vignette once more, by which Gabby returns to the cave to be met with extra Gabbys. Interact with every, and she or he needs to be granted a brand new skill, Clone Swarm.

Finally, take Gabby with you to the confrontation with the ultimate boss contained in the rift contained in the Black House inside Government Valley. Enter the rift and converse to Gabby on the left of the display screen. Gabby ought to have a immediate to make use of Clone Swarm, which summons all her different Gabbys to overwhelm the Shadow President and the eldritch horror, and the sport cuts to the Epilogue. Upon the start of the Epilogue, the picture beneath ought to come up and the achievement will likely be awarded.

The Forbidden Melody

Obie saved the universe
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 6/Epilogue

First, you need to initially unlock Obie as a companion in Goldwraith Park in Ocean City by giving him some meat, then asking him to depart as a part of your project from the groundskeeper. He’ll fortunately oblige as you probably did him a favor earlier, and also you’ll have the ability to discover him once more on the Hobo Camp. So lengthy as you aren’t already troubled with Shadow Taint, you’ll be able to converse with him to hitch you as a companion.

To entry his first Companion Vignette, have him as your lively companion and take him to locations round The Big Moist, and converse to him if he prompts you to your consideration. He’ll retrieve one thing of his and get a stat enhance consequently, then you’ll be able to exit his vignette by leaving.

For his second Companion Vignette, take Obie to S.I.T. places afterwards, converse to him when prompted, and enter his second Companion Vignette. There are two issues it is advisable full with him on this vignette. The first is to cancel his contract by way of merely advancing via the dialogue, and importantly, the second is to finish the oboe minigame on the far proper of the bar. This minigame is a Simon Says-style reminiscence recreation. It’s powerful, and it doesn’t assist that the man enjoying with you is enjoying on a flute in a unique key. I accomplished this one by simply enjoying similtaneously the man, utilizing the visible route of the flute notes as they got here out. For instance, if a word he performs flies upwards, it is advisable press as much as play the proper word, if a word he performs flies to the left it is advisable press left, and many others. Once you (finally) full this minigame Obie will likely be rewarded with a talent, Forbidden Melody.

Lastly, contained in the Black House in Government Valley, take Obie with you. Enter the rift and converse to Obie, and he could have a dialogue possibility to make use of Forbidden Melody. Select this selection and the sport will minimize to the epilogue, the place the next display screen ought to seem and you need to earn the achievement.

100% All Achievements Guide

Bullet of Pure Love – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

Molly saved the universe
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 6/Epilogue

Earn Molly Buttons as a companion by accepting the mob’s provide on the morning of Day 2, and discover her simply outdoors of Murray’s Antiques.

For her first Companion Vignette, take her round Gray County till she prompts you to your consideration. Speak to her and ship her on her vignette, by which she visits her household residence and finds a letter on the bottom. Return by strolling offscreen after you receive this letter.

Her second Companion Vignette is discovered after this by touring along with her in Ocean City. She’ll immediate you to your consideration (and a few Meat); converse to her and provides her the required meat, and she is going to buy a cake.

Once you’ve finished these two vignettes, take her to Government Valley within the last chapter and go to the Prison. Speak to the inmates and discover Nancy, who Molly will give the cake to. This unlock’s Molly’s ending skill.

Lastly, enter the Black House with Molly, enter the rift, and Molly’s ending will already activate. The recreation will minimize to the epilogue and in the event you see the next display screen, you may be awarded the achievement.
100% All Achievements Guide

No Dogs Don’t Prevent Oblivion – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

Barker saved the universe
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 6/Epilogue, Botany course solely

There are three companions attainable in Chapter 3 the place S.I.T. is, however all three are mutually unique with each other and depend upon which main you select. Even with that, Barker continues to be simply missable as a companion even in the event you take the corresponding main, Botany.

To receive Barker as a companion, you need to select the Botany main at S.I.T., which can finally take you to Professor Kalos’s trip residence at Crystaldream Lake. Do not have interaction in fight with the bizarre plant canine monster as a result of that’s actually Barker. Instead, enter the home’s kitchen, receive the canine bowl, and fill the bowl with water at a sink. Afterwards you’ll be able to provide the bowl of water to the plant canine, incomes Barker as a companion.

Take Barker as your companion round Crystaldream Lake and he’ll immediate you to your consideration. Complete this primary Companion Vignette.

Barker’s second Companion Vignette is in Gray County; take him round there, converse with him when he prompts you to your consideration, and full this vignette.

At the very finish of the sport, take Barker with you into the Black House. Inside the rift, converse to Barker, then the Shadow President, then shut the portal. If finished appropriately, the sport will minimize to the epilogue, show the next display screen, and award the achievement.

100% All Achievements Guide

The Umbraline Solution

Adams saved the universe
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 6/Epilogue, Chemicals course solely

Take the chemical substances main at S.I.T. and create an answer for bronze revivifying. With this answer in your stock, work together with the statue within the chemical substances lobby, and Adams will likely be added as a companion.

Adams’s first companion vignette can be in S.I.T., so with him as your companion, search for his immediate for you consideration and converse to him. He will retrieve his outdated binder on this vignette.

For his second vignette, take him to Crystaldream Lake, the place he’ll immediate you to talk with him and start his second companion vignette. Complete this vignette as effectively.

In addition to those vignettes, it is advisable create Umbraline Annihilating answer again within the chemical substances lab by deciding on the substances within the order 1, 2, 3, 4. Take this answer with you to the tip of the sport.

Bring Adams with you to contained in the Black House in Government Valley, enter the rift, and converse with Adams to make use of the answer. Afterwards you may be delivered to the epilogue display screen, and you may be awarded the achievement.

I apparently forgot to get a screenshot of Adams’s victory display screen so I hope this suffices.

100% All Achievements Guide

This Wrench Kills Machines – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

Simone saved the universe
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 6/Epilogue, Robotechtronics course solely

Take the Robotechtronics course at S.I.T. and speak to Simone, who’s standing contained in the Robotechtronics lab. She will have the ability to then be part of you as a companion.

Take her to Gray County, and Simone will immediate you to talk to her to ship her on her first companion vignette. Have her poke across the oil rig till she obtains an improve to one in all her skills.

Her second vignette could be obtained in Ocean City, the place she is going to return to her residence. Go via the vignette’s puzzle to completion to acquire Chekhov’s Gun and return.

FInally, take Simone with you into the Black House’s rift, and converse along with her. She will use Chekhov’s Gun, prompting the epilogue and her achievement to seem as proven.

100% All Achievements Guide

The Bite Heard Round the World

Alphonse saved the universe
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 6/Epilogue, BUT the actions to qualify for the achievement can start as early as Chapter 1.

Alphonse might be the trickiest companion to realize. Some sources appear to fluctuate, however I gained Alphonse as a companion by doing the next:

  • In the Zimmer House in Ocean City, receive the crystal from the rift within the basement, and take it outdoors of the home with you. This will completely destroy the home for the remainder of the run, however hey, free crystal.
  • Don’t have interaction with the shadow taint stuff an excessive amount of in any other case. You will want just a bit bit although, like a single degree of shadow taint. Obtain a number of shadow snacks from reaching into the rifts across the recreation, however maintain off on consuming them till close to the tip of the sport.
  • Enter The Big Moist in Chapter 4. Wander round a bit and finally Alphonse will strategy you and develop into your companion.

Accept Alphonse as your companion within the Big Moist and stroll round with him, as his first companion vignette ought to come up pretty rapidly. Complete this vignette by having him retrieve his sun shades.

Alphonse’s second vignette can be within the Big Moist, conveniently sufficient, and you need to have the ability to immediate it by simply touring to a different location inside the Big Moist. This one has him returning to his household. Speak to all members of his household, then return when you find yourself finished.

At the very finish of the sport, carry Alphonse with you into the Black House. Now you need to scarf down a number of shadow meals and potions to succeed in shadow taint degree 1 in the event you’re not already at that degree. A brand new subject for Shadow Taint will seem below your different stats if you open your stock menu when you attain at the least degree 1.

Now enter the rift, then converse to Alphonse, who will likely be thrilled to eat the Shadow President. With her out of the best way, your slight quantity of shadow taint will assist you to work together with the panel she was working at. Choose the purple button, the one that permits you to develop into one with the eldritch being and rule the universe. This will then take you to the epilogue, and the Alphonse display screen and achievement ought to seem.

It’s vital that you’ve got a slight quantity of Shadow Taint for this ending as having none will disallow you from even selecting the purple button on the console (you’ll be able to strive, however the recreation remarks that that possibility doesn’t even make sense with the roleplaying you’ve finished that run in any other case), and having an excessive amount of Shadow Taint will lock you into the evilest ending, and out of any companion endings.

100% All Achievements Guide

Somebody Else’s Problem – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You destroyed Gobulon Prime
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 6/Epilogue, BUT the actions to qualify for the achievement can start as early as Chapter 1.
I like to recommend doing this achievement in the identical run as a pacifist run.

In Goldthwait Park, settle for the project to take away the roaches from the lepidopterarium (the butterfly conservatory), however don’t combat them. Ignore this quest till you’ve 8 or extra Mysticality, then return to the roaches and discover one now you can converse to. (This possibility is not going to seem except you’ve at the least 8 Mysticality). They will give you an object to make use of on the last boss encounter on the finish of the sport. Accept their provide and promise to comply with via.

Play via all the remainder of the sport nevertheless, after which on the very finish contained in the Black House, enter the rift. You can work together with the portal door and use the article that the roaches gave you. Do so, and the sport will minimize to the epilogue and the achievement will likely be awarded by the tip of the epilogue sequence.

The Milk of Human Kindness

You accomplished the sport with out preventing
Achievable beginning in: Chapter 6/Epilogue, BUT the actions to qualify for the achievement begins on the Prologue.

To obtain, create a brand new character, open the Character Options menu, and allow Pacifist Mode. Keep this setting on at some stage in the playthrough. All fight is now disabled, which turns the entire recreation right into a neat point-and-click puzzle kind of deal.

  • Pacifist Mode will make some areas and loot totally inaccessible, however nothing required to succeed in the ending after all.
  • Botany, Geology, and Spiders will not be accessible S.I.T. programs in a pacifist run. You will likely be locked out from these choices since they require fight.
  • I’m undecided if skipping the prologue after the bus runs out of gasoline will have an effect on your playthrough’s pacifism standing. Ideally not, however I like to recommend working via the prologue manually simply in case.
  • You can earn this achievement even when you’ve got any quantity of shadow taint, obtain The Dark Side in the identical run, and many others.
  • A ton of things are pointless in a pacifist run and could be offered for meat as a substitute.
  • Obtaining No, Truce With the Fishies and Somebody Else’s Problem works very properly for a pacifist run, so I like to recommend aiming to get all three of those achievements in the identical run.

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