Sexy Mystic Survivors Advanced Weapons Guide

For Sexy Mystic Survivors gamers, this information covers superior matters associated to weapons and passives. Let’s test it out.

Weapons and Passives Basics

Each degree up, the participant can select a brand new weapon or passive, or improve an current weapon and passive. There is a max of 6 weapons and 6 passives for many characters. Additionally, 6 random passives are spawn on the map, giving a most doable 12 passives.

Note: To receive the seventh passive, all 6 passive slots should be stuffed already. Thus, the following time a passive is picked up from the bottom, it’ll create a brand new slot, permitting the participant transcend the utmost of 6.

Generally talking, acquiring greater than 6 passives is critical for surviving the best issue. Although it’s not essential, and could also be counter productive, to gather all 12 passives.

For weapons, they are often developed to their stronger type after a) they’ve reached degree 8, b) the corresponding passive is obtained and c) a treasure field is opened after the primary 2 circumstances are met.

The main goal to surviving the best issue is to evolve all 6 weapons. And to try this, it’s worthwhile to plan out which 6 passives to be taken first. The greatest method to do that is pause the sport at first to drag up the mini map to see what has been spawned. You ought to focus choosing up passives that you simply want however aren’t obtainable on the map.

Choosing a Character

Some characters are higher than others for finish sport content material.
The greatest character is Melisandre as a result of her passive skill to realize 1% injury per 100 gold picked up.
The good characters are Bellatrix, Ayne, Cassandra, Ciara, and Isaya. These characters both have a great passive or good lively skill fitted to highest issue.
The awful character is Rosaline as a result of her wpn missing an evolution type
The worst characters are Camyla and Sophia, as a result of their lack of escape or survival skills.

Best Weapons and Passives

Generally talking, passives are extra vital than weapons. So when given the selection, sacrifice weapons for a passive. Also, it’s not essential to have Legendary qualities, as they solely present 15% enchancment over the fundamental model.

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The greatest passives are Exp Gain, Attract and Cooldown. These are almost necessary.
The good passives are Health, Armor, and Recovery, as a result of they permit evolutions which might be essential for survival.
The good passives are Area, Boots and Damage. Additionally, for Melissandre, Gold is sweet too. These present further injury, which is good to have.
The acceptable passives are Luck, Cheese and Projectile Speed

Due to the desirability of the passives, this results in the next Weapon selections:
The greatest Weapon is Holy Cross (Evolution 1) which does by far probably the most injury and Energy Shield (Either evolution is ok) which supplies one of the best survival and cheap injury.
The good weapons are Frost Staff (Evolution 1) for the freezing impact and Scythe (Evolution 2) for cheap injury.
The good weapons are Fire Boots (Evolution 1) for nice injury and Chakram (Evolution 2) for acceptable injury.

Therefore, a typical finish sport Weapon / Passive combo would appear like this:
Exp Gain with Chakram
Health with Holy Cross
Armor with Energy Armor
Recovery with Frost Staff
Area with Scythe
Attract and Cooldown as the extra passives
The above setup consumes 5 weapon slots and seven passives. If your character doesn’t use one in all these weapons because the beginning weapon (ie. you aren’t Melisandre, Cassandra or Ciara), then you have to the eighth passive to evolve that weapon. If your character does use one in all these weapons, then it is suggested that Fire Boots be taken because the sixth weapon and Boots because the eighth passive.

Final Words

The greatest strategy to survive the top sport isn’t by choosing Cheese for extra lives. Rather, it’s to maximise injury and armor. To try this, it’s a precedence to get the mandatory Weapons and Passives as quickly as doable. The longer you are taking to gather your 8 essential Passives (see part above), the longer you’re uncovered to dying. Once the 8 Passives are obtained, the sport can now not spawn new passives in your degree up choice menu. Thereby accelerating the Evolution of your weapons.

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This means don’t be grasping attempting to roll Legendary passives. Don’t be grasping attempting to get all 12 passives. And preserve your lively skill obtainable in case you get walled in with no escape.


That’s all we’re sharing at the moment in Sexy Mystic Survivors Advanced Weapons Guide, when you have something so as to add, please be happy to go away a remark beneath, you can even learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique creator WomboCombo


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