Secret Care Cafe: Full Gallery Unlock Save File

Secret Care Cafe is a 2D sport developed by Rare Alex, here’s a save file so that you can obtain, which can assist you unlock the entire galleries.

Note: the newest model of the sport is 0.7.21 Public. Some new content material is added to the sport. the brand new patch additionally fixes some identified points.


Full Gallery Unlock Save File

Here’s the file to totally unlock the gallery together with Abilities, Endings and Patreon scenes (all 5 of them), although you’ll solely be capable to truly watch these Patreon scenes in the event you’re taking part in the Patreon model of the sport.

Updated for 0.7.21

Extract into %localappdata%Secret_Care_Cafe

>>Download Link(f95zone)<<<


About Secret Care Cafe [Rare Alex]

Everyday appeared like nothing was altering. Go into your cubicle, put in numbers to the sheets, put together displays, hope for bonus each quarter. Only to see your supervisor get all of the credit score to your work. Was it your destiny to spend the remainder of your days on the similar place, being simply an insignificant pawn in your individual life? No!

You’ve had sufficient! With the assistance of your loyal girlfriend Cynthia, you took a mortgage, left your previous office behind and opened a Maid Cafe! Cynthia and two of her good buddies turn into maids that can assist you with on a regular basis struggles!

Developer: Rare Alex Patreon Itch.ioDiscord

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