Scott Pilgrim vs The World Secrets & Cheat Codes Guide

For Scott Pilgrim vs The World gamers, it is a information to see all of the wacky secrets and techniques this sport has! Let’s verify them out.

Infinite Money and Character Upgrade Cheat

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition incorporates a complete of seven playable characters, every with their very own wallets. The Toronto streets will be actually powerful to navigate with a Lv1 character. Luckily, there’s a quick and straightforward approach you may make all the cash you want AND improve all your character’s stats at first of the sport.

This methodology comes from Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Wiki!

Infinite Money Cheat

This exploits the Noble Sacrifice cheat, which will be entered inside any World in Story Mode. It sacrifices one among your character’s lives and provides you $50 value of cash. The factor is, you’ll be able to preserve your treasured lives should you’re carrying a Snack that gives HP! When you enter the Noble Sacrifice code whereas carrying a Snack with HP, the Snack will offer you bonus HP and stop you from shedding a life. You can then decide up all of the cash, purchase one other Snack and repeat the method as many occasions as you need!

1) Enter the Mini-Marts retailer (it’s the shop to the left of the Sushi Bar).
2) Buy the Chewing Gum (after shopping for it, it is best to see a brand new icon subsequent to your character’s well being).
3) Exit the shop (the Noble Sacrifice Code doesn’t work inside the shop).
4) Input the Noble Sacrifice Code.
Playstation: (Hold X) and enter: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle
Nintendo Switch: (Hold B) and enter: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A
Xbox: (Hold A) and enter: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B
5) Pick up the cash and repeat the method nonetheless many occasions you need!

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Secrets & Cheat Codes Guide
By utilizing the method detailed above, you’ll be able to max out any character’s stats from the very begin of the sport, and it takes lower than 5 minutes to do!

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Secrets & Cheat Codes Guide
Follow the instructions above for the Infinite Money Cheat and repeat the method till you’ve gained about $600. Enter No Account Video, which is the very first retailer within the Shopping District, and pay Scott’s Late Fees for $504.25.

You’ll then acquire entry to all their upgrades. the entire movies are $4.95 Seven Shaolin Masters grants you +10 on DEF, SPD, WP, and STR. If you purchase it ten occasions, you’ll have the ability to max out all of these stats on that character! You can see your character’s stats by exiting the store, and deciding on Status within the menu. If you need to get your character all the way in which to stage 16, you may as well purchase Alone and Disturbed a number of occasions as every time you’ll acquire XP +1500. Additionally it’s possible you’ll need to purchase The Mystical Head for 1-Ups. the opposite movies are stat buffs which can be already within the ones listed above anyway. PLEASE !!NOTE THAT ONCE YOU LEAVE THE SHOP YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY SCOTTS FEES AGAIN!!

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Secrets & Cheat Codes Guide
Keep in thoughts you need to use the Infinite Money Cheat in another World, anytime you want further money. Lastly, should you did max out your character’s stats and leveled them as much as 16, there’s nonetheless yet another improve that may solely be obtained in World 6. Special Training should be bought from Mobile’s Secret House in World 6 for $57.50. This unlocks Tech Attack 2 for that character.

Cheat Codes/Unlockables!

Note: While the Boss Rush and Survival Horror sport modes are unlocked by default, the cheat codes to unlock them are nonetheless current within the Complete Edition.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Secrets & Cheat Codes Guide

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Secrets & Cheat Codes Guide
Skip Snowy Toronto (first stage)

In the Snowy Toronto stage, combat your approach to Hillcrest Park. Without killing the final enemy earlier than you’re allowed to maneuver on, transfer over to the center of the appropriate aspect of the display and maintain up and proper. You’ll see your character slowly begin to transfer off display, after which you’ll sprint blindly via the extent with not one of the enemies loaded. After the display dips down and again up, maintain up and proper to ensure you enter the Subspace door on the finish of the extent. This is an effective way to earn the Invulnerable trophy with little or no effort.
Ghost Glitch

This glitch was found lately, so there’s not lots of data on it. In order to carry out the glitch, stand within the lower-left nook of the primary display of the Frozen Suburbs. Then, do the Noble Sacrifice Cheat Code (see above) and maintain proper earlier than respawning. It will make you float above the extent, unable to be harm by enemies on the bottom. However, you’ll be able to’t combat them your self. You can escape by attempting to stroll up/down offscreen. Using the Noble Sacrifice whereas glitched like this will provide you with the flexibility to stroll offscreen. It appears to be simpler to tug off with a decrease SPD stat. It is unquestionably potential to do that glitch as Ramona, Stills, and Wallace on the Complete Edition in World 1. Info on different characters/variations are at present unknown, nonetheless it’s best to take action throughout and in-between ranges 3 and 5.

Mobile’s Secret House

In Level 6, after you get the important thing and combat a number of of the wolverines, it is best to see somewhat home within the background with a path resulting in it. The path doesn’t take you to the home, however preserve strolling alongside the highest of the display and also you’ll finally enter a secret path. Mobile’s meals checklist is sweet, and he has a particular coaching handbook (for $57.50) that unlocks a particular transfer.
Secret Shop

In the primary stage shortly after the buying district (if you enter the underground automotive tunnel) there might be a star on the wall close to the place the automobiles drive by, go up into that star and a hidden doorway will open leaving you with a number of the finest gadgets within the sport to buy.
Unlock No Account Video Store on the Shopping District

It could seem to be Scott has constructed up a hefty late payment of $504.25, however repay his money owed you’re rewarded with some unbelievable gadgets, all for the low worth of $4.95:

The Mystical Head- a 1up (a participant can have a max of 9 at one time)
Seven Shaolin Masters- XP:+100 DEF:+10 SPD:+10 WP:+10 STR:+10
Aliens Vs T-Rex- STR:+20 SPD:+20
Alone and Disturbed- XP:+1500
I Love Your Boyfriend- XP: +320 DEF:+15 WP:+15

Easy Invulnerable Achievement/Trophy

After beating Level 3 At Leo’s Place begin the extent once more after the temporary minimize scene the display ought to say go, then go to the map and begin the second half of this stage (use the Power of Love cheat at first and have not less than 30 energy defeat Envy and Lynette with out getting hit needs to be simple. After finishing the backstage maze Todd’s info ought to pop up after that it is best to get the achievement/trophy.
Ramona’s Item Stockpile

While taking part in as Ramona, maintain down sturdy assault for 5 seconds and launch. Ramona will pull out a random merchandise out of her Subspace Suitcase for the price of 20 intestine factors. It can spawn many alternative gadgets, from bricks to katanas. This will be completed so long as you could have 20+ guts factors, so when you have lots of guts factors, go loopy.


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