Potionomics Roflstomp Bargaining Deck

Welcome to our Potionomics Roflstomp Bargaining Deck information. This deck ought to land you on the theoretical most each haggle, and except you might be very unfortunate the shopper by no means will get a flip.

We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Potionomics recreation. If you might be a type of who discover it troublesome to complete the sport, let’s take you to our Potionomics information.

Potionomics Roflstomp Bargaining Deck

This deck ought to land you on the theoretical most each haggle, and except you might be very unfortunate the shopper by no means will get a flip.

The Deck

The StrategyPotionomics Roflstomp Bargaining Deck

Your first purpose is to hit Rattle ‘Em Off as quickly as doable. Extend your flip with Captivate and Jingle, use Encore if it’s important to, pull extra playing cards with Serenity of Mind, Press the Attack/Scheme and Improv.

Once you may have the Fluidity Buff energetic, you might be in an infinite flip as your deck loops round when you pull too many playing cards. Use Captivate, Jingle and Improv and also you acquire Infinite Patience as you might be simply pulling the identical playing cards you simply performed ultimately. The display screen craps out and makes utilizing the playing cards on the edges troublesome. Use Mulligan to combine the playing cards 🙂

Once you may have infinite endurance, your purpose is to stack Craftsmanship and Artistry as excessive as doable earlier than you hit max Interest and are compelled to finish. Make positive to finish with Hustle for the 15 + 5 (Closer) p.c bonus.

Notes, Alternate Cards, Bugs?

As haggles routinely finish when curiosity is maxed, there’s a pure onerous restrict on the amount of cash you’ll be able to fleece prospects for.

If solely Artistry and Craftsmanship didnt additionally add curiosity, this could be an infinite cash exploit.

This is an endgame deck as the necessities are fairly excessive, the core card Rattle is simply out there within the closing week.

[The numbers are the card numbers, not relationship levels]

  • Mulligan: Oswald 4 [Not technically needed, but useful once your screen overflows]
  • Rattle ‘Em Off: Oswald 5 (max)
  • Captivate: Baptiste 1
  • Press the Attack: Quinn 2 [Can also use Scheme instead]
  • Hustle: Quinn 7 [Not strictly needed, any closer works, Sleigh of Hand is good]
  • Craftsmanship: Muktuk 3
  • Artistry: Muktuk 7 [You could go with just Craftsmanship too]
  • Serenity of Mind: Saffron 7 [Can be substituted with Scheme, i guess]
  • Tranquility: Saffron 8 (max) [Not actually needed, but a nice all-in-one Stress solution]
  • Jingle: Xidriel 1
  • Improv: Xidriel 4
  • Encore: Xidriel 8 (max) [Depending on luck, you wont need it]

We abuse what i’m pretty positive is a bug with Jingle – it reduces the Patience value of the following card by 2, however this GOES NEGATIVE!! If you play a 0 Patience card like Captivate after Jingle, you really get again 2 endurance from the impact.

More Notes, Alternate Cards, Bugs?

Rattle ‘Em Off is an infinite endurance manufacturing unit as a result of your deck loops round after 20 playing cards. If you may have all 20 playing cards in hand and play Captivate, you immediatly draw Captivate once more.

Encore is helpful when you dont discover Rattle in time and wish extra endurance. Its additionally a very good “oh crap” card to increase the flip.

If you occur to have stress and draw stress playing cards, simply maintain going till you see Tranquility after which do away with all of them 😉

The recreation can not correctly draw your total deck in your hand, the playing cards on the sides can’t be performed anymore. Use Mulligan to combine your hand in that case.

Keep an eye fixed on the curiosity meter and ensure to set off the nearer to max curiosity for the flat 15% + 5% bonus it provides.


Roflstomp haggling deck - never end your first turn

Some buyer which i’m about to finish with my nearer, i by no means stopped my flip 1.
Unless you might be unfortunate along with your first draw, the shopper ought to by no means get their flip.

Roflstomp haggling deck - never end your first turn


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