Potionomics Magic Numbers for Potions

Welcome to our Potionomics Magic Numbers for Potions information. Magical Numbers for potions that can kill a dragon, not to mention a person! This information lists all of these goal numbers (every ending in 4 or 9), permitting you to pump your potions extra successfully and cheaply. We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Potionomics sport. If you might be a kind of who discover it troublesome to complete the sport, let’s take you to our Potionomics information.

Potionomics Magic Numbers for Potions

If your potion is strictly one magimin in need of activating a brand new star, it’ll as an alternative be fastened to all 5 stars being stuffed. This information lists all of these goal numbers (every ending in 4 or 9), permitting you to pump your potions extra successfully and cheaply.

The Numbers

Sadly, this mechanic is at the moment damaged. I can solely hope it’s an intentional mechanic that received disrupted, for the reason that patch had no point out of a related bug fastened.

All magic numbers, organized by tier:

  • 9, 19, 29, 39
  • 74, 89, 104, 114
  • 169, 194, 214, 234
  • 314, 344, 369, 399
  • 504, 544, 579 or 584(?), 624

The final row must be rechecked, however briefly – every tier ought to have 5 magic numbers. One of these is just one in need of the fifth star anyway, so it’s principally ineffective, and hasn’t been listed.

What are the magic numbers?

While enjoying Potionomics, you’ll have seen that including or eradicating sure components causes you to instantly acquire or lose a number of stars of high quality in your potion. The magic numbers are why.

The what?Whenever the overall magimin rely in a potion is strictly one of many numbers listed, the potion can have essentially the most stars attainable (5 stars) inside its present tier (Lesser, Common, Grand, and so forth.). Nothing however complete magimins impacts the magic numbers, no exceptions.

All magic numbers finish in 4 or 9 as a result of they’re a single level in need of touchdown on a star precisely, which makes them a a number of of 5 with 1 subtracted. The magic numbers ending in 9 make the uncommon odd-numbered components very useful, because you want one among them to flip your magimins rely from even to odd numbers.


Magimin stability doesn’t matter for this impact, but it surely can push a potion into the following tier of impact (or trigger it to lose a star, if in case you have the unstable penalty). This implies that even one assured star from a really secure steadiness will at all times advance your potion to the following tier; the soundness bonus shouldn’t be proven till after you brew the potion, as with each different system.

Despite the way it could seem when you encounter a magic quantity with out figuring out the mechanic, magic numbers are not affected by the variety of potions in a batch; so long as you hit a magic quantity precisely, you get the bonus. If you ever add an ingredient and instantly lose a bunch of your stars, it’s because you was once on a magic quantity and your new ingredient precipitated you to overshoot it.

If you want to check it for your self, a couple of screenshots right here present magic numbers in motion. Feel free to experiment in-game; any merchandise in a system could be substituted for one other of equal complete magimin worth however totally different distribution and can yield the identical 5 stars regardless of the totally different coloration/ABCDE steadiness.

Magic Numbers for potions that will kill a dragon, let alone a man
Magic Numbers for potions that will kill a dragon, let alone a man

So what?

Magic numbers are extraordinarily helpful for maxing out the celebrities inside a tier with out committing components of great worth. Magic numbers are almost at all times simpler to hit whereas sustaining a very good magimin steadiness than brute-force increased magimin totals. Consider:

  • If your system may be very secure or completely secure, this ensures the next tier
  • If your system is unstable, this ensures a base of 5 stars, which at most magimin counts is at the least nearly as good as when you balanced it completely for 2 assured bonus stars
  • If your brewing calls for optimistic traits, this lets you largely disregard any stability points that will come up from forcing trait-carrying components with unlucky ABCDE distributions into your cauldron
  • If your brewing should keep away from unfavourable traits, this evades the high-magimin components that carry unfavourable traits as a balancing issue, which usually are the best approach to enhance your star rely.

Finally, for adventuring potions, magic numbers are usually the optimum approach to get potions of a better tier. Since you should use a magic quantity with a wonderfully secure or very secure system to ensure a 1-star or 0-star potion of the following tier, respectively, and your adventurers don’t care when you give them 1-star potions, in contrast to prospects, that is nearly at all times essentially the most cost-effective approach to convert your ingredient gold into adventurer mileage.

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