Potionomics How to make Super Potions

Welcome to our Potionomics How to make Super Potions information. Wait, why did my potion out of the blue drop in rank after I added further Magimins? Why did it out of the blue spike up after I solely added a bit? In this information you’ll be taught what Super Potions are and the way to make them.

We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Potionomics sport. If you might be a type of who discover it troublesome to end the sport, let’s take you to our Potionomics information.

Potionomics How to make Super Potions

Wait, why did my potion out of the blue drop in rank after I added further Magimins? Why did it out of the blue spike up after I solely added a bit? In this information you’ll be taught what Super Potions are and the way to make them.

The Basics

A potion’s stars and tier enhance solely primarily based on the entire quantity of Magimins put inside, with a bonus utilized solely after that brew has been established. A potion’s stars aren’t decided by the ingredient’s rank, particular combos of several types of ingredient don’t (but) present a buff, and but at particular values of Magimins, a potion’s rank out of the blue shoots to the utmost quantity of stars of their tier. What’s occurring?
The particular Magimin values at which a potion shoots up to max stars in its tier is at all times 1 earlier than the subsequent star is hit.

As cheezy52 put it; “This feels like it’s almost certainly a bug – looking at the trend of where the star threshholds are, all of these are exactly 1 before where it “should” be. I believe somebody used a “<” of their if-else block the place they need to have had a “<=”, so when it’s proper on these thresholds, the sport simply defaults to the final “else” within the block, which is the 5-star high quality for that tier.”

Okay, it’s most probably a bug, must you actually play the sport this manner? And to that, I say, particularly on this case, that each bug is simply an unintended characteristic. If not for analyzing the sport and experimenting, one would simply gloss over the excessive worth, see it as a bug, and transfer on.

So right here we’re, an simply exploitable bug that immediately makes the sport means too straightforward by supplying you with potions means above your rank totally free. Or not?

How to create a Super Potion Potionomics How to make Super Potions

How to make Super Potions.

We’re making a Super Potion in a couldron with a most of 320 Magimins, barely sufficient for a low-star grand well being potion with out steadiness buffs.
The particular values for Super Potions are listed under:

  • 1->2: 9, 19, 29, 39
  • 2->3: 74, 89, 104, 114
  • 3->4: 169, 194, 214, 234
  • 4->5: 314, 344, 369, 399
  • 5->6: 504, 544, 584, 624

Once any of those targets are hit, you’ll acquire the utmost stars of that potion’s tier, despite the fact that the Magimins aren’t at that top of a degree within the tier.
It appears to be like straightforward sufficient, however you’ll quickly realise that truly getting these values may be trickier than it appears.

The trick to getting essentially the most use out of Super Potions, is to get a lift from the bottom quantity of Magimins to the best stars, with out disrupting the steadiness bonus an excessive amount of so you possibly can even get to the subsequent tier. A full tier improve simply by hitting a selected worth, actually a secret mechanic! However, hitting these particular targets may be difficult, which can be coated within the Ingredients part.

Cauldron Selection and Magimins

How to make Super Potions.

One of crucial issues to have, is a cauldron that’s ready to barely hit the primary tremendous potion worth of the subsequent tier. For this demonstration, I’ve used an ocean cauldron which has a capability of 8 components and 320 Magimins.
This cauldron completely matches the criterea, and is obtainable after the primary competitors. Do notice that it wants to be upgraded twice to obtain a 320 Magimin capability.

Ideally, the quantity of potions must also be maximized. Every 2 components, an extra potion is created. Since this cauldron can include 8 components, 4 Grand potions are created after Balance buffs. This implies that cauldrons which might solely include 7 components produce much less, and also you’ll have to have higher components to hit the 314 Magimin goal with such cauldrons. Upgrading your cauldron is vital with Super Potions, as upgraded Cauldrons normally bridge into the subsequent tier of potions, which additionally occurs to be the place Super Potions are only.

Ingredients and Combinations

How to make Super Potions.

I see you’ve lastly arrived to actually grasp the craft of tremendous potions. The greatest tremendous potions are exhausting to create, because you’ll want high tier components and customarily be fortunate. But you possibly can keep forward of the curve with a couple of tips you’ll be taught right here

The values of the Magimin targets are usually not divisible by 6. You may need seen this already, however most components, particularly in early sport, solely grant magimins in multiples of 6. This means you want to put together components that don’t divide by 6 to even create these tremendous Potions. For strictly even-numbered tremendous potions in early sport, (2->3: 74, 3->4: 194(not potential in lower-tier cauldron), and 4->5: 314), stacking up components corresponding to these is vital, specifically those with a single factor:

  • Fairy Flower Bulb – 4A,
  • Impstoll Mushroom – 4B,
  • Rotfly Larva -4C,
  • Kappa pheromones -4A -4C,
  • Pixiedust Diamond -4B -4C
  • River Calamari -8A

In addition, the toughest to hit Magimin targets is the odd-numbered one,169
For this, you’ll want to have odd-numbered complete Magimin components. Immediately fill them in Quinn’s retailer, they are often purchased once more fairly cheaply the subsequent day, and also you’ll want them in case your cauldron’s most is simply above 169.
The odd-numbered complete Magimin ingredient obtainable early on and usable are:

  • Cubic Ooze – 3A -3B -3C,
  • Bog Beet -27B
  • Hydra Vertebra -9A -9B -9C

The 2 routes I’d advocate for 169 Magimins, are:

  • 5 components 169: 40+40+40+40+9 (Cubic ooze) or 60+40+18+27(Bog Beet/Hydra Vertebra)+24
  • 6 components 169: 30+30+30+30+40+9 (Cubic ooze) or 30+30+40+18+27(Bog Beet/Hydra Vertebra)+24

For 314 Magimins, I’d advocate these routes:

  • 5 components 314: 168+60+40+40+6
  • 6 components 314: 70+64(early sport luck)+60+60+30+30 or 168+40+40+30+30+6 or 168+60+30+24+24+8
  • 7 components 314: 60+60+60+60+40+30+4
  • 8 components 314 (further potion): 60+60+40+40+40+40+30+4 or 60+40+40+40+40+40+27+27
  • 9 components 314 (no >40): 40+40+40+40+40+40+40+30+4 or 30+30+40+40+40+40+40+27+27
  • (5->6:504).

Of course, in order for you/want to add components,

Cohesive Balances for Next Tier

How to make Super Potions.

Super potions can actually solely be known as tremendous potions once they soar a full tier from their authentic place to begin. However, the this may be known as the trickiest a part of making one. Multiple components affect the steadiness bonus of a potion.

There are 2 methods to go about balancing one, the primary is to merely goal for “Balance of magimins is stable”. This offers you an opportunity to obtain a better tier potion, nevertheless it isn’t assured.

Of course, aiming for that secured further star and thus a tier improve with “Balance of magimins is very stable” is troublesome sufficient.

Let’s take 314 with 7 components, A difficult however potential creation, one with out requiring extraordinary luck just like the 5-ingredient creation. This superior potion can solely actually be created with formulation that embody 3 totally different components. With 2 components, the 60 Magimin minerals and gems you could possibly have obtained in early-game will produce an excessive amount of of the opposite components (>15 in a single one for 314 Magimins).

How to make Super Potions.

Since recipes using factor E are usually not obtainable but for those who’re at this tier/competitors, I’ll deal with the creation of the Superior Sight Enhancer. This recipe wants the next in accordance to my sheet:
7 components 314: 60+60+60+60+40+30+4(Fairy Flower Bulb)
However, this recipe works nice for perception enhancer, a slight modification can let it work with the potential supplies we bought from the brand new areas our adventurers may conquer. According to the ingredient information by Princess Félicie:

How to make Super Potions.

7 60 complete Magimin components may be acquired, and all originate from these 3 second-tier areas. Since we want to add in complete 4 60 supplies, and with both D or E empty, respectively E and D can’t exceed 15. So we already know this could require at the least 3 thunder quartz. If we add 4 thunder quartz, no matter we do, we’ll have an extra of factor A. So 3 thunder quartz, 1 Copper Dollop, add 70 of factor B with 40+30, and 1 Rotfly Larva -4 producing -105A -115B -79C -15D. Damn, nonetheless not adequate.

Luckily, we additionally possess some Squid Vine (Ocean Coasts), this reduces the necessity for 4 60 Magimin components to 2, however requires 2 further 40 Magimin components:
7 components 314: (60+10)+60+60+(60-20)+40+(30+10)+4(Fairy Flower Bulb) =
7 components 314: 70+60+60+40+40+40+4(Fairy Flower Bulb)
1 Squid Vine, 2 Thunder Quartz, 2 Banshee’s Bloody Tongue -40B , 1 Spriggan Antler -40C (each gotten from Baptiste, at all times, at all times take Baptiste trades and put them in Quinn in the event that they’re reasonably priced sufficient), 1 Fairy Flower Bulb to produce -84A -120B -95C -15E. Within limits and gotten the “Balance of magimins is very stable”, it’s gonna be a assured Superior Sight Enhancer.


In conclusion:

1. You now know what Super Potions are
2. Can lookup the desk of values and exploit it to drastically enhance the celebrities, tier, and consequently the worth and efficiency of your potions.
3. You know that components non-divisible by 6 are excellent within the early levels of the sport to get to tremendous potion Magimin values.
4. Understand the significance of right balancing of potions.
5. Know how to steadiness a potion via trial and error
6. How to completely obliterate the sport with this information, a real min-maxer’s mindset

How to make Super Potions..

A private notice – Potionomics How to make Super Potions

As a notice, discovering this bug/mechanic was really a ton of enjoyable. People can complain nonetheless they need that issues like this aren’t patched out instantly or aren’t launched within the sport. But personally, that is the form of pleasure I used to be precisely looking for. Imagine taking part in a sport, discovering one thing attention-grabbing, and as a substitute of immediately googling or saying it’s dangerous, you attempt to examine additional and discover this cool mechanic. People name the sport disturbing, and that’s as a result of this sport has attracted 2 sorts of players. The informal “Romance” gamer, the one who pursues all relationships and sees potion making as a sidequest. And the “Optimizer” gamer, the gamer who tries their greatest to produce the very best outcomes and focuses totally on that side.

For now, I imagine that the Romance players can use this mechanic to skip most exhausting sections if they need to till a number of difficulties are launched. A tip to them: maintain shopping for Baptiste’s expeditions, tackle adventures a bit later to be actually worthwhile with them, and add components to Quinn each time you possibly can. Guides for particular potions utilizing Super Potions will most probably come out quickly by others, so no worries I assume.

For the Optimizer gamer, this course of of selecting which components to use within the potion with limiting components is fairly cool in itself. Acquiring solely a certain amount of Magimins whereas balancing the weather as optimally as you possibly can is such a STEM factor to do it’s insane. I’m personally a chemistry scholar, and this potion mixing has such a identical vibe, I can’t describe it. Tiny bits of inginuity, math, and basic sense to create one thing very particular. I really hope the same system to this bug within the code is made, and that till then, this isn’t “Fixed”. It doesn’t damage gameplay and will increase creativity. There at the moment are a number of methods to ” the very best product”.

I really hope that each forms of players can have their very own house on this sport. It gives a lot, however due to conflicting desires and wishes, each varieties at the moment are struggling via steadiness modifications.

This is my private tackle the present state of the sport/suggestions to devs:

Please really clarify in sport how the modifiers like smellyness and so forth are decide when components are conflicting. Does the extra current modifier take over (2 smelly, 1 smells god = smelly?), or is it by probability (2 smelly, 1 smells good=33% probability of smells good)

For individuals who need to benefit from the romance, please set much less strict time consumption on easy actions like hanging round and growing their relationships. Although there needs to be a constraint, tying relationship so tightly knit to precise sport progress is gonna be very difficult. Cards in themselves don’t take part an excessive amount of, however value an excessive amount of time to get for the optimizing gamers. Either enhance the affect playing cards have on the sport, or lower time spent one way or the other. (Maybe 1 timeunit/2 interactions?) It appears you’re genuinely making an attempt to retain these gamers by decreasing the issue of the whole sport, however this classes the problem for the optimizers much more, who’re already mainly taking part in on straightforward mode..

Fixes/problem settings for a Hard problem:

Even with out Super Potions, the present bosses are usually not difficult in any respect for optimizing gamers. Bosses may be overwhelmed whereas having potions nearly 2 complete tiers above theirs. I couldn’t do the large card battle with Robin as a result of I immediately already received… Please let me select if I nonetheless wanna do the cardboard battle, even when my potions are already price 10x than my opponent’s, I nonetheless wanna persuade Robin that my potions completely crush my opponent’s.

Increase the quantity of days it takes Quinn to add a brand new product to his retailer to 2 or 3 days. This characteristic is by far essentially the most damaged factor for optimizers, excluding Baptiste’s “Rare ingredients”. that are means too overpowered at first of the sport, and even within the middlegame contribute lots to the range of choices which might then instantly be put in Quinn’s retailer.

Set a restrict to the quantity of expeditions you possibly can make at Baptiste at first of the sport, perhaps tie it to relationship.

Decrease the markup/set a decreased sellingprice on the merchandising machine autoseller, or promote potions means slower. This is simply too overpowered.

Decrease promoting worth of potions on the whole

Decrease quantity of affect Luna does.

Increase promoting worth of customized orders if/whenever you enhance their problem, They’re simply not price it proper now, even promoting potions with affect via the merchandising machine is healthier than customized orders more often than not+they don’t offer you something particular. Tie getting components to fulfilling customized orders perhaps, since Baptiste wants to be nerfed.

I’m at the moment doing a synthesis week (8:46-17:15+getting ready beforehand+writing reviews) and my sleep schedule has been completely wrecked by this sport. Through my ingame hours you possibly can see that each waking minute of free time I’ve had, I’ve spent it on this sport, slowly working via it by optimizing, constructing relationships, getting wealthy, and researching stuff like this. This is genuinely the sport I’ve needed to play for the previous few years, and because it appears you’re taking group suggestions to coronary heart, I figured I’d write this piece.

Have one.

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