Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking

Welcome to our Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking. Hard time understanding what’s essential? Let you understand the ins and outs of potion making, telling you the issues you ought to be very conscious of when enjoying this recreation. We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Potionomics recreation. If you’re a type of who discover it tough to end the sport, let’s take you to our Potionomics information.

Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking

Hard time understanding what’s essential? Let you understand the ins and outs of potion making, telling you the issues you ought to be very conscious of when enjoying this recreation.

The Basics

Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking

What this isn’t: This isn’t concerning the haggling minigame *in any respect*. You need card methods, this isn’t the information for that. This one is about one factor: Potionmaking.

The tutorial does a good job of familiarizing you with how potions are created. Here’s a fast primer.

Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking
Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking

Every ingredient incorporates a minimum of one in all 5 coloration / letter coded Magimins. Some elements can have all 5.

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

You place them in your cauldron, mixing and matching magimins with a recipe till a secure brew may be created.

Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking
Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking

The Ratio of magimins is essential. If it’s not matched sufficient, no potion may be created. Depending on the accuracy of the ratio, there are just a few totally different outcomes to your potions.

  • Unstable – Will doubtlessly lose a star high quality degree.
  • Stable – Potentially achieve a star high quality degree.
  • Very Stable – Will robotically achieve a star high quality degree, with the potential for a second.
  • Perfect – Will robotically achieve two star high quality ranges, with the potential for a 3rd.

Note that these ratio ranges usually are not actual. Meaning that there’s a threshold, mathmatically, to decide if the ratio is Perfect or not. It’s in all probability about 1% error, so that you want to be good at decrease magimin amount ranges, however at increased portions you may be much less actual.

Hovering over the totally different elements of the interface will let you understand what every do, however I’ll re-iterate the essential issues to bear in mind:

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

The complete quantity of magimins within the potion determines the standard. Therefore, elements which have extra magimins = higher high quality potions and Using extra elements = higher high quality potions.

Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking
Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking

The quantity of elements used determines what number of potions are created. Every Two Ingredients Creates an Additional Potion. Always shoot to create further potions.

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

Cauldrons have stats, notably what number of elements you possibly can brew at a time (due to this fact the utmost variety of potions you possibly can create per cauldron) and the utmost variety of magimins it could actually brew safely (due to this fact limiting the standard of potions you possibly can create.)

I didn’t do a value evaluation, however it appeared on playthrough the value distinction between star high quality of singular elements (particularly at low magimin totals) is nowhere close to the value distinction between having a further potion be created. I at all times opted to improve my cauldron dimension for elements if I might over complete magimin amount. At highest degree there’s just one cauldron so my suggestion is at all times go for the most important (that means EVEN NUMBER) cauldron you may make potions in.

Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking
Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking

An further ingredient you possibly can make the most of is Fuel. It doesn’t go straight into the potion, you employ it to warmth up the pot and enhance prepare dinner occasions. Fuel may be bought after assembly Saffron, and likewise collected when your Heroes full missions (typically). The most dependable means to get gas is to buy it from Saffron each day.

What’s *really* essential to know: The Potionmaking Meta

The recreation presents a quite simple process – combine elements to creation potions of various sort and efficiency based mostly on the Magimins current within the elements. The tutorial rapidly goes over how to do that, however the potion mixing portion is barely a part of the metagame to potionmaking.

Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking
Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking

This is a recreation about time administration. That means, you’re at all times pressed for time. Let’s lay another floor guidelines you ought to be very keenly conscious of, then.

1. Potions take a specified variety of time slots relying on magimin amount / potion high quality. The extra magimins you employ or the upper high quality potion you create, the longer it can take for a potion to be achieved. Brew time is mitigated by one other ‘ingredient’ you have to be keenly conscious of: Fuel.

So, it takes a very long time to brew potions, and brewtime is mitigated by Fuel.

2. The variety of elements determines the quantity of potions created. However, the quantity of magimins within the elements are what’s going to improve the complete magimin rely, which is how high quality is decided.

So from these two info we study the primary fact about potionmaking, which is memed by the devs of their loading hints, however is a truth:

Always make your strongest potions.

And not *solely* that, however:

Always make probably the most attainable of your strongest potions

The true restrict in your capability to make potions is cauldron emptiness and brew time. The bottleneck will typically be elements, however while you develop Quinn’s store and unlock the Slime Garden, the one bottlenecks are time and high quality elements for making further particular potions.

If you discovered your self failing or flailing at first, it’s in all probability since you determined to waste time on an ideal potion, however in the event you waited for elements you in all probability might’ve made two. The journey to Quinn’s takes 1 time slot, however brewing at a minimal takes two. You do the mathematics.

Since potion brewing time is at a premium, probably the most value environment friendly factor to do is to buy Fuel to offset that. Hay goes for 10g per piece, which can cut back brewtime by one spherical. Wood is value equal, at 20g per piece and decreasing brewtime by two rounds. All different fuels have elevated prices as a result of they’re extra gas environment friendly – as Combustofer can solely accommodate three gas objects at a time. Early on these prices appear terrible, however they’re rapidly changed by the amount of potions you’re promoting. This recreation is about surviving on margins early. As lengthy as you win the match, you’ll have your cash for hire.

Additional Tips for Getting Better

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking
After unlocking Muktuk, make certain to save up for a brand new cauldron, and for brand spanking new cabinets / pedestals to your merchandise. Cauldrons first, as a result of they improve your effectivity at making potions. I Opt for the cauldron that permits you to take advantage of potions, however it’s up to you in spite of everything.

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking
Saffron unlocks after you go to her on day 4 (I believe). She sells you Fuel but in addition:

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking
Saffron is a carpenter and might improve your store. I’d rapidly improve the scale of your store to embrace extra cauldrons to enable for extra potions to be brewed concurrently. Be warned although – the upgrades require Fuel and a considerable quantity of gold. These will in all probability come after cauldron upgrades.

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking
Discounts from relationships can actually prevent cash over time, particularly Quinn’s, whose 10% and 20% low cost coupons can add up rapidly.

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking
Lastly, close to the tip recreation, you unlock getting older barrels. For six slots of time, you possibly can improve a potion’s value by a hard and fast quantity, up to 25% for the very best degree barrels. This is simultaneous to your potionmaking, so it solely extends the period of time earlier than peak costs, and doesn’t intrude with any ongoing operations.

The Ingredient Meta

Potionmakers of masterwork talent (just a bit jab, I simply imply anybody who has ever made a masterwork potion) would possibly start to discover some archetypes amongst elements they see amongst the elements they purchase. Beginners ought to know some easy issues that make their recreation simpler.

1. If you purchase a brand new ingredient, Give it to Quinn.

Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking
Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking

Quinn unlocks very early after visiting your store. After buying a brand new ingredient, returning to Quinn will unlock giving them elements to discover. Quinn will by no means fail to add an ingredient to their retailer, and they’re going to at all times have new inventory each day. There are not any shortages in Rasta, solely value modifications. That being mentioned, Quinn solely shares a *specified* quantity of any explicit ingredient each day, so your individual shortages due to mismanagement of potion varieties whereas brewing may be mitigated after you have the Slime Garden.

2. If you see an ingredient you haven’t seen earlier than for investing on hero guild missions, Invest!

Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking
Potionomics Beginner Guide to Potionmaking

Ingredients have all kinds of makes use of, however the ones you get from expeditions have a tendency to be rarer or ones you don’t have already got. Acquiring them and giving them to Quinn principally unlocks a gradual provide of no matter you discover. Investing for rarer ingredient probabilities assist get you elements to your playthrough.

3. Sending heroes on missions might be probably the most value efficient means of buying elements.

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

If you might have potions obtainable (which you need to in the event you comply with this information) you ought to be sending Mint, Xidriel, and Corsac on missions each time obtainable. Put it this fashion, the Enchanted Forest prices 25 gold, and sending Mint by way of it, whereas utilizing potions, nets you a lot elements. Generally you create crappy potions to use in your heroes, and they’re going to get you good elements to make higher potions to promote.

4. If you come up with the money for on the finish of the day, Spend them on elements. Always purchase out frequent / good high quality (ones with impartial or good traits).

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

That’s after you’ve despatched off each expedition, mission, purchased each piece of gas, crafted or upgraded your cauldrons, cabinets, retailer… you probably have cash left, get elements. They’re at all times price having round.

5. Ingredients with Equal quantities of any mixture of two or 3 magmins are the workhorses of potionmaking.

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

Almost at all times barely increased magimin counter than the default elements, that means you possibly can create good potions and tonics (the one potion varieties that use two magimins at a time) with simply a single ingredient.

6. Ingredients with combos of 4 or magimins are Slime Food.

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

Just maintain onto them till you unlock the Slime Garden. The Slime Garden is a core element to the potionmaking meta, and potions solely ever require combos of two or three magimins. Meaning that you’ll by no means get Perfect brews with elements with 4 or extra magmins. However, they’re hyper environment friendly meals for our slimes which we’ll go over later.

7. Ingredients comply with Archetypes, which improve in high quality by Weekly Tier.

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking
Just as every week is a challege, while you overcome the challege, the following tier of journey areas, potion recipes, gear, and many others all are unlocked. Many elements have tiered varieties in every journey zone. For a easy instance, the one which got here up most frequently in my first run: the Rotfly. A C-magmin Ingredient, it will increase in magimin rely as you discover increased tiers of it. Always use the most important magimin elements in your potions to maximize high quality.

The Traits Meta

Traits are the following massive Hurdle between you and getting high greenback to your potions.

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

Each ingredient can have a optimistic or adverse trait that associates with one of many senses: Taste (Taste Trait), Touch (Sensation Trait), Smell (Aroma Trait), Sight (Visual Trait), Hearing (Sound Trait).

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

When constructing potions, you possibly can think about singular elements because the ‘potency’ of a selected trait. Meaning, in the event you brew a potion that has one ingredient with optimistic Taste, and one ingredient with Negative Taste, the ensuing potion will probably be Neutral Taste.

Traits are essential: Firstly – every optimistic trait robotically will increase the value of a potion by 5%. Negative ones will reverse that, clearly. Secondly – Potion requests at all times have trait necessities. You want to discover elements with good traits to have the option to take and carry out requests which get you loads of pocket cash.

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

This simplicity of the trait system really leads to the complexity of higher potions: Most of the very best trait elements are both very slim in scope

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

or have alternate, undesirable traits.

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

The trick is clearly, stability in all issues. My strategies of operation to find new potions are two methods:

Trait First – Select the elements with the traits and magimins you need to begin the bottom. Once your praise of traits is solidified, end the potion with no matter impartial elements you might have to max out its high quality. I discovered that it was simpler to repair and finalize bigger magimin rely potions with this methodology.

Max Magimins First – Select the elements to type a stable base, normally the elements that already provide you with 1/1 or 1/1/1 ratios. From there, tweak the components till you get the traits you need. I discovered this methodology good for issues that simply wanted to match, and never be good, like for customized orders.

Obviously you’re employed with what works for you finest, it’s loads of trial and error. Miscounting your traits can lead to a set of potions you possibly can’t flip in for a customized order, so that you’re power to both use them or promote them within the store, losing area / time you could possibly be promoting your extra worthwhile potions.

So ultimate point out: Obviously elements with *solely* good traits are tremendous priceless! Don’t neglect give them to Quinn and purchase them up each time obtainable.

The Slime Garden Meta

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

The Slime Garden, unlocked while you Unlock Corsac as a hero is one other invaluable instrument within the potionmaking course of.

The Slime Garden permits you to duplicate elements you already personal. The guidelines are fairly easy – feed a slime an ingredient, and that would be the ingredient they may duplicate. Any further elements given will give bonus factors in direction of one other duplicate. Points required for any duplicate develop exponentially.

Beginner's Guide to Potionmaking

A particular factor you need to know: If the ingredient you feed to the slime incorporates a magimin that matches the slime’s coloration, then the ingredient’s magimin amount is doubled earlier than making use of the factors.

A secondary aspect you need to know: Duplicating an ingredient that doesn’t embrace the slime’s most popular coloration takes longer, and a few very excessive quantity-magimin elements take longer as nicely.

Color matches: 2 slots minimal. (3 for top of the range)
Color doesn’t match: 4 time slots. (5 for top of the range)

Since there’s diminishing returns when duplicating, it’s good to grasp onto these 4+ magimin elements like I discussed earlier – they’re probably the most environment friendly means of producing factors to duplicate your higher elements.

With all this in thoughts: It’s finest to feed your slimes your feeder meals to have sufficient feeder meals to duplicate the precise elements you need. Whenever you’re low in your ‘feeder’ meals for slimes, simply duplicate it amongst each slime to replenish. Late recreation, it’s attainable to simply acquire what you want from hero missions as a substitute of losing time duplicating feeder meals.

The finest slime meals due to this fact are the very best magimin rely elements you might have that match the slime you’re feeding. For this objective, all Pure Mana elements are basically interchangeable.
There’s fairly just a few four-magmin elements as nicely, they usually make nice meals for any slime that they match. Late recreation, Mass Grave Enoki, a whopping 336 magimins in a single ingredient, is definitely the very best meals to your A-D slimes.

Personally, the 210 Pure Mana’s, just like the Mana Vortex(B) or Mana Prism(C) had been the meals I used for the longest, earlier than I used to be ready to attain the Magic Wasteland space. Two of them was sufficient to get a number of duplicates – duplicating itself you’ll go from 3 to 6. (You place one, feed two, and get six.) Because of diminishing returns, feeding three will cut back returns to 1 for 1, so it’s inefficient to put in additional than two. But 6 elements is normally sufficient to make many potions, particularly in case your slimes are pumping that out each two time slots or so (5 elements x 6 duplicates = 30 elements, sufficient for a minimum of 2 units of 7x masterwork potions.

Hey, You’re not Going to Walk Away with out giving me a Recipe or Two, Right?

That’s it for the fundamentals of potionmaking on this recreation. Hopefully this information gave you the core ideas you want to have the option to craft good potions that make financial institution, as a result of it’s not about making good potions, it’s about constructing good elementary understanding about how the metagame of Potionmaking works.

But I’m positive there’s just a few of you which might be like, however man, give me some potion recipes!

Well I didn’t begin recording them down till in all probability midgame, and I seen one thing:

Unless it was an already good potion from base elements, I barely ever made a potion twice.

Of all of the recipes I wrote down, I believe solely two or three I revisited, rebrewed and/or revised. I at all times simply tried to take advantage of/finest potions with my obtainable elements, whereas ensuring I had cache of potions for my adventurers to go on missions with.

But who cares, you simply need recipes! So I’m simply going to write those (I’m fairly positive) are ‘perfect’ all down right here from my run.

The format will probably be as follows:

[IF I Recorded the Final Traits it will be listed like this: [] [] [] [] [] the place it can both be o (optimistic) – (impartial) or x (adverse) Traits are at all times listed in the identical order.]
(Quanty of) Potion Class: Potion Type [Minimum Quality] (Magimin Count) / Ingredient List

  • (4x) Potion: Mana [Grand] (400) Banshee’s Tongue (2), Weeping Metal Ore (3), Unicorn Horn, Mandrakee Root, Manwyrm Root
  • (4x) Tonic: Thunder [Grand] (344) Medusa Spore (2) Photonic Spore (2) Saltwatermeon (2), Eye of Newt, Banshee’s Tongue
  • (4x) Cure: Petrification [Grand 2] (360) Fairy Flower Bloom (3), Mosquito Plant (3), Spriggan Antler (3)
  • (4x) Tonic: Radiation [Grand 4] (368) Thunderbird’s Feather (4), Wepulcher Widow (3), Silver Stag Antler
  • (4x) Potion: Tolerance [Grand 5](384) Lamia’s Shed Scales (4), Crag Crab (4)
  • (5x) Tonic: Fire [Superior](608) Nessie Pheremons (4) Ogre’s Shadow (7)
  • (5x) Tonic: Fire [Superior 2](480) Oger’s Shadow (5), Bramble Rose (3), Celestial Ore, Rotfly Matriarch
  • (4x) Enhancer: Sight [Superior2](480)Hangman Eel (6), Serpent’s Tongue, Giantstool Mushroom (2)
  • (3x) Enhancer: Alertness [Superior 1](400) Jeweled Scarab (5), Rotfly Adult(2)
  • (3x) Enhancer: Seeking [Grand 2](300) Dropspider’s Shadow, Lamia’s Shed Scales, Rotfly Adult, Stalking Skeleton’s Fibular, Mrkwater Pearl, Sepulcher Widow
  • (5x) Tonic: Shadow [Superior 3](512) Naga’s Fang(5), Crag Crab(40, Sepulcher Widow, Eye of Newt
  • (5x) Cure: Curse [Superior 6](640) Grffin’s Whetstone Diamond(5), Owlbear Pheremones(5)
  • (4x) Tonic: Ice [Superior 2](464) Harpy’s Heart of Stone, Djinn Blossom, Shelled Pudding (6)

Cure: Poison [Masterwork 1](666) Jotun’s Frozen Heart (4) Dragonbreath Blossom (4), Amphithere’s Shadow (4), Warg Pheremones(4)

  • [o – o o o] Tonic: Radiation [Masterwork 2](790) Bedazzled Custard (7) Rotfly Matriarch(2), Dragon Pheremones, Abominable Tarantula, Nether Ore, Blackfrost Lobster(2)
  • [o o x o -] Cure: Curse [Masterwork 4](880) Direwolf’s Breath Diamond (4), Dragon Pheremones (4), Basilisk Cornea (2), Nether Ore (2), Blackfrost Lobster (2)
  • [o o o o o] Potion: Health [Masterwork 4](900) Space Nautilus’ Shell (9) Antlered Jelly, Fairy Flower Bulb, Inverted Bramble Rose, Basilisk’s Cornea, Mandragon Root
  • [?????] Potion: Tolerance [Masterwork1](768) Djinn Blossom, Rock Salt, Body Snatcher’s Sloughed Skin(3), Dragonfire Pearl (2), Blackfrost Lobster (5), Abominable Tarantula
  • [o o o o o] Cure: Poison [Masterwork 2](794) Amphithere’s Shadow (3), Armored Pudding (3), Dragon Breath Blossom (2) Inverted Bramble Rose, Combweb Crayfish (2) Jotunn’s Frozen Heart, Nether Ore, Kappa Pheremones
  • [o o o o o] Potion: Tolerance [Masterwork] (748) Abombinable Tarantula (3) Winged Gelatin (3) Dragonfire Pearl (3) Blackfrost Lobster (3) Dragonbreath Blossom, Diamond Salt
  • [o o o o o] Cure: Drowsiness [Masterwork MAX] (1241) Orchid of the Witch Queen (3), Cosmic Quartz (3), Dragonfire Pearl (4), Inverted Bramble Rose (4), Basilisk’s Cornea
  • [o o o o o] Potion: Stamina [Masterwork 2] (676) Diamond Salt (6) Stalking Mold (3), Inverted Bramble Rose(2), Blackfrost Lobster, Bogeyberry, Static Spiderling
  • [o o o o o] Tonic: Radiation [Masterwork 1] (692) Bedazzled Custard (7), Blackfrost Lobster(3) Crag Crab, Rotfly Matriarch, Impstool Mushroom, Static Spiderling

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