Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Guide (0.7.0 Updated)

For Phasmophobia gamers, this can be a complete information of all of the cursed possessions, gadgets and objects, learn how to use them, their results, and ideas & methods. This consists of the tarot playing cards, ouija board, tortured voodoo doll, music field, haunted mirror, and the summoning circle.

General Rules (Read First)

  • A cursed possession will all the time spawn on each map, and all have an equal likelihood of spawning.
  • Each cursed possession has one spawn place per map. On medium/massive maps they may spawn within the first room.
  • All cursed possessions will give a photograph reward when photographed utilizing the digicam.Tip: For a 3 star picture your digicam have to be <1.5 meters away from the proof, so get as shut as attainable, akin to crouching when photographing the summoning circle.
  • You should use cursed possessions whereas inside the home.
  • Once the cursed possession is totally used or damaged (ouija board/mirror), you possibly can not use mentioned merchandise.
  • Breaking a cursed possession will trigger a cursed hunt, which has totally different guidelines than an everyday hunt and can have an effect on future “normal” hunts.
  • For the cursed possessions that have an effect on sanity per use (all however the tarot playing cards), reaching 0% sanity will brought on a cursed hunt (apart from the music field, which causes a traditional hunt). Tip: Since hunts get tougher after triggering a cursed hunt, you need to wait no less than till after set-up to make use of a cursed possession.

    Personally, I discover it’s higher to attend till after you’re tried the whole lot you need to first, and when hunts can begin/have already began.
    Since above 50% common sanity is the prime set-up/protected proof gathering stage the place hunts don’t usually provoke, that’s across the time once I would begin utilizing cursed possessions.
    Remember to take drugs first to keep away from hitting 0% if wanted.

Cursed Hunts

Cursed hunts differ from common hunts in that:

  • They can occur at any sanity degree
  • They can’t be prevented (Crucifixes or smudge sticks may have no impact, and crucifixes is not going to be consumed)
  • They have a grace interval of 1 second
  • They are longer than regular hunts no matter map or problem
  • All “normal” hunts after will likely be longer

Cursed hunts happen when:

  • A cursed possession is damaged (ouija board/mirror)
  • The ouija board is used with ~<5% sanity
  • The loss of life tarot card is pulled
  • A pin goes into the voodoo doll’s coronary heart
  • The music field is dropped whereas enjoying music, the ghost touches the music field, or manifests for greater than 5 seconds
  • The summoning circle is used

Tarot Cards

The tarot playing cards are essentially the most unpredictable cursed possession of all of them, every card having a novel impact on both the participant or the ghost.

Tip: Make certain to take a photograph first, a photograph can’t be taken if all of the playing cards have been used.

To choose up the deck, press your pick-up merchandise key (E by default). To pull a card, choose up the deck and press your “primary use” key/button, which is true click on by default.

Each tarot card deck comprises 10 randomly generated playing cards. After getting used, every card will fritter away and vanish in a coloured flame that’s depending on its sort. The flame coloration isn’t important until it’s the Wheel of Fortune card.

The following desk describes the totally different playing cards you might pull, so as of probability of being pulled.

The Wheel of Fortune
Green: The participant positive aspects 25% sanity.
Red: The participant loses 25% sanity.
Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Guide (0.7.0 Updated)
The Tower

Causes an interplay.

Tip: This can pressure the ghost to work together with the Ghost Writing Book or DOTS Projector along with doorways/objects.

Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Guide (0.7.0 Updated)
The Fool
Will seem as one other card at first, earlier than turning into The Fool because it burns.
No impact is utilized when drawing this card.
When drawing playing cards throughout a hunt, all playing cards will flip into the idiot.
100% throughout hunts
Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Guide (0.7.0 Updated)
The Hermit
Teleports the ghost again to its ghost room and traps it there for 1 minute.
Does not stop hunts.
Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Guide (0.7.0 Updated)
The Devil
Triggers a ghost occasion.
Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Guide (0.7.0 Updated)
Triggers a cursed hunt.
Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Guide (0.7.0 Updated)
The Sun
Fully restores the participant’s sanity to 100%.
Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Guide (0.7.0 Updated)
The Moon
Instantly drops the participant’s sanity to 0%.
Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Guide (0.7.0 Updated)
The High Priestess
Revives a lifeless individual at their corpse. If nobody is presently lifeless, it’s going to revive the subsequent participant who dies.
Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Guide (0.7.0 Updated)
The Hanged Man
Instantly kills the participant who drew the cardboard.

Tarot Cards – Phasmophobia Wiki[]

Ouija Board

The oujia board is an object used to ask the ghost questions. This may be very useful in figuring out the ghost room or your present sanity, however has another enjoyable makes use of as effectively.

The ouija board was a characteristic earlier than the cursed possession replace, nonetheless it underwent a number of modifications (each visible and purposeful) on this replace.

New Changes to Ouija Board (from the 0.5.0 Cursed Possessions Update)

  1. The ouija board not fails questions
  2. New questions have been added
  3. You can examine your sanity utilizing the ouija board (which is useful for nightmare mode)
  4. You should say goodbye to the ouija board earlier than strolling away from it, or else a cursed hunt will begin
  5. Using the ouija board with ~<5% sanity will even trigger a cursed hunt

Detailed Ouija Board Information

To use the ouija board, you possibly can both maintain the ouija board or place it on the ground, and activate it by left clicking on the ouija board (work together keybind). The ouija board have to be picked up with an empty hand together with your pick-up button (E by default). Swapping to a different object will drop the ouija board. Once activated, a planchette will seem.
To ask the ouija board a query, you could maintain your push to speak button and be inside a sure vary of the ouija board (investigation space). The ouija board doesn’t must be within the ghost room nor the ghost for use.

As with all of the cursed possessions, the ouija board does depend as its personal picture sort that rewards plenty of factors. If a photograph of the Ouija Board is taken inside 20 seconds after a query is efficiently requested, it’s going to depend as an interplay picture as a substitute, so ensure that to get a photograph earlier than use and through for optimum picture factors.
Tip: There is not any restrict to the variety of ouija board interplay photographs that may reward factors (the identical query may be requested as effectively), so you possibly can fill remaining picture pages with these photographs to ensure more cash on the finish of the session.

If the query is acknowledged, the planchette will transfer to reply the query, and an EMF Level 2 studying will likely be generated across the Ouija Board. If the ghost has EMF Level 5 as proof, there’s a 25% likelihood for this to be the studying as a substitute.

If the participant who activated the board walks away from an energetic Ouija Board, or the participant presently asking a query has inadequate sanity to “pay” for the query, the board will break itself up and set off a cursed hunt.

Some Useful Ouija Board Questions

Question Examples
Sanity Drain
Ghost Room Location
Where are you?
What is your favourite room?
Give’s the ghost’s location, gained’t be ghost room if ghost is roaming. Good for a common concept.
Bone Location
Where is the bone?
Where is your physique?
Where did you die?
Give’s the title of the room the place the bone is situated.
How outdated are you?
What is your age?
The age of the ghost is a quantity randomly generated between 2-90 at the beginning of the contract. However, if the ghost is a thaye, the quantity will enhance over time.
What is my sanity?
How loopy/insane am I?
Am I insane?
Each query gives you a sure vary of your sanity proportion. Very useful for nightmare mode when you possibly can’t see your sanity. See subsequent part for breakdown

Sanity Questions

Sanity Range
What is my sanity?











How loopy/insane am I?

Not Very






Am I insane?







See the wiki for extra questions, together with some enjoyable ones you possibly can check out:

Ouija Board – Phasmophobia Wiki[]

Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo dolls are used to pressure interactions from the ghost.

To use the voodoo doll, choose up the voodoo doll by urgent your pick-up merchandise key (E by default) and press your “primary use” key/button (proper click on by default).

Interacting with the voodoo doll will stick 1 of 10 pins in it at random, forcing the ghost to carry out an interplay akin to EMF 5, writing within the Ghost Writing Book, creating silhouettes in D.O.T.S. Projectors, and touching doorways, home windows, and light-weight switches for Fingerprints.

Each pin use will drain sanity by 5%. If your sanity is lower than 5% on a traditional pin use, all of the remaining pins will go in and a cursed hunt will begin.

All pins stabs are thought-about “normal” stabs, apart from a stab within the coronary heart. If a pin is stabbed within the coronary heart, a cursed hunt will begin, and the customers sanity will drop by 10%.

Voodoo Doll – Phasmophobia Wiki[]

Music Box

The music field is used to find the ghost.

To activate the music field, choose up the music field by urgent your pick-up merchandise key (E by default) and press your “primary use” key/button (proper click on by default) to begin the music.
The music field will open when it’s picked up, nevertheless it’s not activated till the music performs.

Once activated, the ghost will begin singing together with the music at its present location.
It will nonetheless stay invisible until it’s inside 5 meters of the activated music field, triggering the music field ghost occasion. During the box-triggered ghost occasion, the ghost will manifest totally and begin strolling towards the music field.

Tip: Taking a photograph of the ghost throughout this ghost occasion nonetheless counts as a ghost picture

The music field has three situations that may trigger a cursed hunt:

  • If the music field is thrown from a participant’s stock whereas enjoying music.
    Tip: Just keep away from this by inserting the music field together with your secondary use key (F by default).
  • If throughout the field ghost occasion it: it seems for greater than 5 seconds, or touches a participant holding the music field.

An activated music field will drain the sanity of any participant (inside 2.5 meters) by 2.5% per second, with a most lack of roughly 75% for listening to the entire music.
Upon reaching 0% sanity, a traditional hunt will happen. (I examined this for two hours it’s true.)

Music Box – Phasmophobia Wiki[]

Haunted Mirror

The haunted mirror is a cursed possession used to find the ghost room.

Tip: If you’ve been having bother discovering your cursed possession on the same old surfaces, ensure that to examine the partitions for the mirror!

To use the mirror, choose up the mirror by urgent your pick-up merchandise key (E by default) and press your “primary use” key/button (proper click on by default) to activate it.

When activated, the haunted mirror will present part of the ghost room. This view is a stay feed of the room, so any lights turned on, gadgets moved, and gear or gamers current within the room will likely be seen. The solely exception is that if the participant utilizing the mirror is inside its view; neither the participant nor the mirror will likely be seen.

Using the haunted mirror will quickly drain the consumer’s sanity at a charge of ~10%/second, together with the animation of elevating and reducing the mirror.

If the consumer’s sanity reaches zero, the mirror will break, and the ghost will begin a cursed hunt from its present place.

Haunted Mirror – Phasmophobia Wiki[]

Summoning Circle

The summoning circle is a software used to begin a ghost occasion of a full physique manifestation of the ghost.

To use the summoning circle, you could mild all 5 candles utilizing your secondary use key (F by default) whereas holding a lit lighter. These candles may be blown out or extinguished with time like regular candles.
Once all are lit, the ghost will seem totally materialized, until it’s a shade, which seems as a translucent shadow. There will likely be a 1-6 second “grace period” the place the ghost will likely be immobile and trapped contained in the circle. (Tip: This serves as a fantastic alternative for a ghost picture.) Then the ghost will begin a cursed hunt. The summoning circle can solely be used as soon as, so use it correctly.

Lighting every candle will deduct 16% of close by gamers sanity, a complete of 80% for all candles.
If you hit 0% sanity upon lighting the final candle, there will likely be no grace interval and a hunt will begin immediately.

If the circle is lit throughout an ongoing hunt, the ghost will likely be teleported to the circle with no grace interval, doubtlessly killing you immediately.

Summoning Circle – Phasmophobia Wiki[]

Helpful Links + Sources

The most useful useful resource I’ve discovered for any participant of any ability degree is Wibble’s Master Doc.
I assure this doc will educate you one thing new.Wibble’s google sheets doc is public (anybody with the hyperlink can view) so that you don’t want a google account. However, when you want to use the interactive ghost proof guidelines, you’ll need to make a personal copy.

Wibble has a fantastic information to the whole lot Phasmophobia, from ghost behaviors to even the particular level values for picture rewards. He additionally updates it with each replace, so this can proceed to be a fantastic useful resource, particularly with large modifications. I personally use this reference whereas enjoying on a regular basis, at the same time as somebody with plenty of expertise.

If you might be having bother with cursed possession areas this interactive map[] can also be a useful useful resource. I’m additionally planning on making an in depth information on this subject sooner or later!

I gathered most of this info from the Phasmophobia Wiki and referenced different steam guides to attempt to enhance upon the prevailing info already within the Phasmophobia guides. (@RzcCoreyTTV and @austinjamessy right here on steam have some nice reference guides printed already.)

And sure, wiki’s are public and may be edited by everybody. This is why I’ve verified their sources as effectively. Most of the info given has been group examined and verified, however I made a decision to cross-check information and confirm some issues in-game myself simply to ensure.

Otherwise, info acknowledged was from my very own experiences and data of the sport.


That’s all we’re sharing immediately in Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Guide (0.7.0 Updated), you probably have something so as to add, please be at liberty to depart a remark beneath, you too can learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique writer KittyMoon5


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