Persona 5 Royal Secret Boss Battles Guide

Welcome to our Persona 5 Royal Secret Boss Battles Guide. This information goals to supply a breakdown of every boss fights, and inform you what’s the easiest way to defeat them. We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Persona 5 Royal sport. If you might be a type of who discover it troublesome to complete the sport, let’s take you to our Persona 5 Royal information.

Persona 5 Royal Secret Boss Battles Guide

Just like every other JRPG, Persona 5 Royal has a variety of non-compulsory secret or problem boss battles that you simply’ll be capable of deal with. Their problem stage can vary from pretty regular to WTF I’M DEAD ON EASY DIFFICULTY? This information goals to supply a breakdown of every boss fights, and inform you what’s the easiest way to defeat them.


Persona 5 Royal Secret Boss Battles Guide

While not a secret boss, the Reaper is a troublesome boss that seems in Mementos that I figured I ought to point out as nicely. Because in Persona 5, the Reaper may very well be cheesed throughout Flu Seasons by restarting the battle till he’s with Despair after which ready 3 turns, however in Persona 5 Royal, he can not suffer from Despair, so that you’ll must defeat him with your individual skills now.

Let’s begin by going over easy methods to discover him. The Reaper can spawn in most flooring of Mementos (not relaxation flooring, first flooring, or final flooring), all you need to do is spend time within the Mona Car on a flooring with shadows and sit outdoors of battle for a pair minutes (attempt one other flooring if he doesn’t seem after ready). Once he spawns, you’ll hear chains rattling, and also you simply have to seek out him.

Reaper Stats

Secret Boss Battles Guide


To begin issues off, you truly need the Reaper to ambush you as a result of that’ll end in him solely having 1 motion as an alternative of two actions per flip. It’s typically beneficial that your get together needs to be round Lv 60+ earlier than difficult him in your first time, however relying on the problem settings and your personas, it’s doable at a lot decrease ranges.

Once the combat begins, we’ll be abusing the Reaper’s AI by throwing a Magic Ointment or Makarakarn on certainly one of your allies. This locks the Reaper right into a predictable Concentrate + Megidolaon spam as an alternative of utilizing elemental abilities that your teammates have a weak spot to. As lengthy as you handle your staff’s HP and might survive the nuke every time, try to be good to only assault with no matter you bought.

Buff everybody with Thermopylae. Debuff the Reaper with Debilitate. Use Concentrate and deal Almighty harm, or in any other case use one of the best harm abilities out there. Rinse and repeat till the Reaper is completed.

P.S. – Izanagi-no-Okami is probably the most busted Persona along with his Myriad Truths and Persona Trait (Country Maker). He’s additionally free (resulting from being DLC) and really excessive stage to begin with, so for minimal grinding, you possibly can simply use him.

Caroline & Justine

The secret boss combat from Persona 5 has been introduced over to Persona 5 Royal principally unchanged. Their stats are an identical, however they not take harm from a repelled Demonic Decree or Divine Judgement.
Secret Boss Battles Guide

To unlock this secret boss battle, it’s essential to be in New Game+. Head to Mementos and converse with Caroline in entrance of the Velvet Room to begin the battle when you’re prepared. Keep in thoughts they’re solely out there between 5/9 and 12/22, so should you’re previous these dates, you gained’t be capable of problem them.

Caroline Stats

Secret Boss Battles Guide

Justine Stats

Secret Boss Battles Guide


The twin wardens have 6 totally different phases, every with their very own assault sample, and each 6 turns, they may transition to their subsequent part (indicated by dialogue throughout the battle). If your total staff is ever knocked down, their instantaneous kill All-Out Attack will probably be triggered; and should you don’t meet the part change’s harm requirement, they may knock down your total staff, killing everybody. You’re given 50 turns whole to defeat them, should you hit flip 51, they will even knock your total staff down. Since they don’t skip phases, it’s additionally doable to defeat them earlier than they attain their previous couple of phases should you do sufficient harm.

When combating them, it is best to attempt to cut up the harm between the 2 so you possibly can meet the HP requirement for part change, in addition to for the next causes:

  • Both twins will use Diarahan as soon as on the opposite twin when the opposite twin reaches 50% HP for the primary time, restoring the opposite twin again to full HP.
  • If you don’t defeat each twins on the identical flip, on the surviving twin’s flip, she’s going to forged Recarm and revive the opposite twin with 4,000 HP.
  • Lastly, the twins might break their assault patterns to take advantage of a weak spot. If both twin ever knocks a celebration member down (through vital or weak spot), they will use the One More to take away your buffs or their debuffs with Dekaja or Dekunda, and even Baton Pass for the opposite twin to take advantage of one other weak spot. In addition, in the event that they burn, freeze, or shock a celebration member, they could additionally break their assault sample for a Technical bonus harm.

    Boss Pattern Overview

    Phase Requirements Moveset
    1 100% – 75% HP Caroline – Heavy Phys
    Justine – Heavy Gun
    2 75% – 50% HP Caroline – Heavy Fire / Elec
    Justine – Heavy Ice / Wind
    3 100% – 75% HP (Post-Diarahan) Caroline – Heavy Psy / Bless
    Justine – Heavy Nuclear / Curse
    4 75% – 50% HP (Post-Diarahan) Caroline – Heavy Phys / Fire / Elec / Psy / Bless
    Justine – Heavy Gun / Ice / Wind / Nuclear / Curse
    5 50% – 25% HP (Post-Diarahan) Caroline – Severe Phys / Fire / Elec / Psy / Bless
    Justine – Severe Gun / Ice / Wind / Nuclear / Curse
    6 25% – 0% HP (Post-Diarahan) Caroline – (Random) Severe Phys / Fire / Elec / Psy / Bless
    Justine – (Random) Severe Gun / Ice / Wind / Nuclear / Curse

    Before you start the battle, be sure to convey personas with out weaknesses, and ideally they’ve repel to return some further harm. Though this isn’t technically a requirement should you preserve observe of the twins’ assaults and change to the right personas, it would change into an issue if the combat drags on lengthy sufficient to succeed in the final part the place you’ll be rolling the cube and praying they don’t exploit your weak spot.

    Next, be sure your get together has debuff and buff all stats abilities, akin to Debilitate and Heat Riser. Once you’ve selected what AoE assault you’ll be spamming to take care of the twins, convey Charge / Concentrate relying on whether or not it’s a bodily or magical assault, because you’re seemingly going to be the principle harm vendor. For bodily, I recommend the basic Hassou Tobi from Yoshitsune (with Arms Master). For magical, it may be Megidolaon from Satanael (with Almighty Boost, Almighty Amp, Magic Ability, and Tyrant’s Mind), Shining Arrows from Kaguya (with Bless Boost, Bless Amp, Magic Ability), or probably the most damaged construct: Myriad Truths from Izanagi-no-Okami (with Almighty Boost, Almighty Amp, and Magic Ability).

    Now, on to the combat itself.

    Phase 1 will probably be your time to arrange debuff, buffs, and begin attacking with out an excessive amount of fear since there gained’t be any weak spot exploit issues in your get together members, solely vital hits which can cause them to eradicating your buffs or eradicating their debuffs.

    Phase 2 is if you’ll want to begin paying consideration and preserve observe of their talent utilization to keep away from getting your weak spot exploited. Caroline will use Agidyne/Maragidyne, then Ziodyne/Maziodyne; Justine will use Bufudyne/Mabufudyne, then Garudyne/Magarudyne. Have your get together members guard or change out in the event that they’re weak to an upcoming assault.

    By part 3, each twins ought to have already used Diarahan as soon as, therapeutic one another to full. This part additionally has Caroline switching to Psiodyne/Mapsiodyne, then Kougaon/Makougaon; Justine switches to Freidyne/Mafreidyne, then Eigaon/Maeigaon.

    For part 4, Caroline & Justine combines their assault patterns from part 1, 2 and three and makes use of each elemental talent at the least as soon as.

    Phase 5 is the place it begins to get scary, and also you’ll wish to defeat them rapidly earlier than the following part. Caroline & Justine follows the identical elemental sample as part 4, besides now they’re utilizing extreme harm abilities as an alternative of the earlier heavy harm abilities.

    Phase 6 has Caroline & Justine utilizing the talents out there throughout part 5, besides there’s not a sample, it’s random. You’ll wish to keep away from this because you by no means know after they’ll resolve to take advantage of certainly one of your get together member’s weak spot, then chain the One More for extra downs. There’s additionally a tough cap of fifty turns. If they handle to stall you to this flip with their Recarms, your total staff is immediately worn out.


    Persona 5 Royal Secret Boss Battles Guide
    Persona 5 Royal Secret Boss Battles Guide

    This secret boss battle is definitely out there in your first playthrough. All it’s essential to do is evident the Path of Da’at (which may be accessed beginning on Jan 13), and ensure to have talked to Jose 3 totally different cases whereas there (every time will set off a special cutscene). Once that’s accomplished, head to the ultimate flooring (Cognitive Control Room) and he’ll be ready to speak to you on the finish of the room.

    Jose Stats

    Secret Boss Battles Guide


    Unlike most bosses within the sport, Jose solely has one motion per flip, and he doesn’t have a lot value noting apart from all his assaults being AoE, and that he has an AoE Confusion talent. He additionally at all times begins the battle through the use of Drift, a heavy bodily assault to everybody.

    Since he’s proof against bodily assaults, it’s finest to convey a magic targeted staff, and it is best to carry Null Confusion on Joker’s persona. The different factor to be careful for is should you see him utilizing Launch, it means he’ll be utilizing Special Fireworks subsequent flip, which offers Colossal Almighty harm and can probably kill anybody that isn’t guarding.

    Aside from the standard debuff and buff technique, you can even think about using Life Wall from Haru’s third persona awakening, Lucy. It’s successfully the identical as casting Tetrakarn & Makarakarn in your complete get together, and also you’ll get to observe Jose harm himself (outdoors of Special Fireworks).


    Probably probably the most troublesome boss combat in Persona 5 Royal.


    Similar to the unlock situations for Justine & Caroline’s secret boss battle, you’ll should be in New Game+. Head to Mementos between 1/14 and a pair of/2, and a cutscene will play the place Lavenza requests to battle you. Talk to her in entrance of the Velvet Room, and also you’ll be capable of begin the combat.

    Defeating Caroline & Justine just isn’t obligatory, however you do get some distinctive dialogues after the combat with Lavenza should you do.

    Lavenza Stats

    Secret Boss Battles Guide


    As she’s the toughest boss within the sport, I strongly advocate that you simply max out your get together’s ranges and have their third persona woke up (besides Akechi & Yoshizawa because of the awakening not being out there) earlier than difficult her your first time.

    The primary gist of Lavenza’s boss battle is much like Caroline & Justine’s boss battle. Lavenza has 4 totally different phases for her combat, every with their very own assault sample, and when you do sufficient harm inside 9 turns, she’ll instantly transition to her subsequent part (indicated by dialogue throughout the battle). If your total staff is ever knocked down, she’ll immediately wipe your staff with an All-Out Attack; and should you don’t meet the part change’s harm requirement after your eighth flip, she’ll knock down your total staff. She technically doesn’t have a tough flip restrict, however each sixth activate the final part, Lavenza will forged Concentrate + Megidolaon, which ensures a staff wipe until you might have one thing to endure the deadly blow (akin to Enduring Soul), during which case, you purchase your self one other 5 turns till she does this once more.

    Boss Pattern Overview

    Phase Requirements Moveset
    1 100% – 75% HP Turn 1 – Dekaja + Heat Riser
    Turn 2~8 – Rage / Dizzy / Sleep / Confuse + Heavy Fire / Elec / Ice / Wind
    2 75% – 50% HP Turn 1~8 – Phys / Gun / Bless / Curse
    3 50% – 25% HP Turn 1~8 – Severe Elemental
    4 25% - 0% HP Turn 1~5 – Severe Damage Skills
    Turn 6 – Concentrate + Megidolaon

    *Lavenza will periodically use Dekaja, Dekunda, and different debuff / buff elimination abilities in all 4 phases.

    Recommended Damage Type for Boss Phases

    *Lavenza has 50% Almighty resistance till part 4. Attack with the right aspect as an alternative.

    Phase (HP) Persona Damage Type
    1 (100% – 75%) Berith Ice
    1 (100% – 75%) Kelpie Elec
    1 (100% – 75%) Inugami Wind
    1 (100% – 75%) Nue Fire
    2 (75% – 50%) All Personas Ailment + Technical
    3 (50% – 25%) All Personas Phys / Gun (Critical)
    4 (25% – 0%) Atavaka Elec / Wind / Psy / Almighty
    4 (25% – 0%) Thor Ice / Wind / Nuclear / Almighty
    4 (25% – 0%) Lucifer Almighty

    As with the preparations for the twins boss battle, don’t convey personas with weaknesses as that’ll go away you open to getting knocked down. Repel can be good to have as a possible supply of additional harm too. Also be sure your get together has the required debuff and buff all stats abilities, in addition to buff gadgets. Lastly, you’ll wish to carry just a few totally different personas, as you’ll be switching between them to deal totally different harm sorts relying on which persona Lavenza has outfitted at present.

    It’s necessary to notice that Lavenza may be downed on this boss combat. While you possibly can provoke an All-Out Attack, it’s higher to Baton Pass for a buffed up highly effective assault.

    For part 1, Lavenza begins with Dekaja to take away your get together’s buffs, and follows it with a Heat Riser. After that every flip she’ll try and afflict an ailment and rotate between personas to deal Fire, Elec, Ice, and Wind harm. Not a lot else to say apart from assault with the suitable aspect, and deal 5,000 harm earlier than the 9 turns are up.

    On to part 2. Lavenza now turns into vulnerable to all illnesses besides Despair, and also you’re compelled to deal at the least one occasion of Technical harm every flip, or on her flip it’s an instantaneous All-Out Attack staff wipe. She now makes use of Phys / Gun / Bless / Curse abilities, so be careful for her insta-kill Bless/Curse abilities. I recommend afflicting her with Dizzy or Sleep to make it straightforward on your self, or you can afflict her with Rage and halve her protection, evasion, and accuracy.

    Technical Damage Chart

    Ailment Technical
    Burn Nuclear / Wind
    Shock Nuclear / Phys / Gun
    Freeze Nuclear / Phys / Gun
    Dizzy Any
    Sleep Any
    Forget N/A
    Fear Psy
    Rage Psy
    Brainwash Psy

    Phase 3 is the luck part. Lavenza loses her Phys/Gun resistance, however you’re now compelled to land at the least one Critical on her every flip, or on her flip it’s an instantaneous All-Out Attack staff wipe. She can also forged Tetrakarn to stop bodily assaults, so be careful for that and attempt to finish this part ASAP. Otherwise, she simply does extra harm as she now makes use of extreme harm abilities.

    You’re on the house stretch. Phase 4 doesn’t have any flip situations like part 2 or 3, however on Lavenza’s sixth flip, she’s going to at all times use Concentrate + Megidolaon, which is a assure Okay.O. to everybody. The solely strategy to survive is to have one thing that may endure a deadly blow, which can purchase you 5 extra turns earlier than she throws it out once more. Otherwise, she’ll be utilizing extreme harm abilities, and can regularly do an everyday assault after certainly one of your get together member’s turns.

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