Persona 5 Royal How to Restore Raidou DLC

For Persona 5 Royal gamers, this information is about how to restore the Raidou Outfit and Music DLC which might be in different variations of Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal

How to Restore Raidou DLC

As somebody who despises censorship in each capability, I discover it fairly essential to restore content material that’s in any other case misplaced due to petty causes (and a few anti-Japanese sentiment). This information will present you ways to restore the Raidou DLC in its entirety (costumes for all characters and battle music).

-You may have to mod the sport until there’s a separate DLC launched like they did for SMT 3
-You may have to use the mod loader to launch the sport as a substitute of the steam shortcut or else you’ll freeze the sport with the costume outfitted when going to Mementos or a Palace.
-Doing this doesn’t stop on-line compatibility or disable achievements, so there isn’t any actual draw back to following this information.

1. Install Reloaded II on Gamebanana [], and run it. This is your mod loader.

2. Make certain to choose the P5R.exe when prompted. This must be discovered within the SteamsteamappscommonP5R listing. Keep the mod loader open for now.

3. Go to the Raidou Mod Page on Gamebanana []. Click the Reloaded II 1 click on set up button. Follow prompts like your browser redirecting to your app, and the Reloaded II immediate to set up the mod.

You have put in the mod. If you had been to launch the sport utilizing the “launch application” button, the information can be accurately put in. However, you want a means to add the gadgets to your stock as your cardboard field won’t present it for you. That is okay as a result of we are able to use cheat engine to add the gadgets immediately to your stock.

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4. Install Cheat Engine [] by clicking the large inexperienced button on the high of the hyperlink. Make certain to click on “Skip All” to keep away from putting in additional bloatware in your pc.

5. Go to this hyperlink for a cheat desk []. While you’ll be able to add gadgets by cheat engine and not using a desk, it will be tedious and inclined to varied errors. Click the button on the backside of the primary submit that claims “P5R steam v8.CT”.


6. Click “Launch Application” on the Reloaded II utility, and cargo into your Persona 5 save. If you probably did every little thing accurately the sport ought to launch with no issues. Otherwise, be sure to acquired the listing proper from step 2. After you’re in, tab out.

7. Open Cheat Engine. Click to skip tutorial. Close out any extra dialogue packing containers it might strive to open up.

8. Click the button with the inexperienced rectangle round it and choose your Persona 5 EXE that’s working the sport.

9. Drag the P5R steam v8.CT file into Cheat Engine. It ought to open up a desk with a bunch of buttons on the backside.

10. Click the “Items” field. Then click on the “Outfits” field within the dropdown. Find the “Yumizaki High”, “Gouto Costume”, and “Ouran High” entries for all of the characters. Double click on the 0 underneath “Value”, and alter these values to 1.

11. If you probably did every little thing proper, they need to be in your stock with no immediate from the sport. Save earlier than going into Mementos or a Palace simply in case, however if you happen to see the outfits, then congratulations.

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12. You must be free to uninstall cheat engine, and delete the file for the cheat desk if that is all you wanted it for. You now should run reloaded 2 and click on the “launch application” button each time you run Persona 5 Royal.


That’s all we’re sharing right this moment in Persona 5 Royal How to Restore Raidou DLC, when you’ve got something to add, please be at liberty to go away a remark beneath, it’s also possible to learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique writer Parabellum


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