Persona 5 Royal Fusion Guide

For Persona 5 Royal gamers, this information will assist you to know the mechanics of Normal Fusion and be taught to provide your required Persona, whether or not for regular gameplay or progressing the Strength confidant with out the usage of guides.


(TL;DR under in case you don’t need to learn an excessive amount of)

Ever try to fuse two comparable Personas hoping for one more comparable, barely higher Persona, solely to finish up getting a completely totally different Persona 30 ranges above you? Seeing how vastly totally different the outcomes of Normal Fusion can generally be would possibly make it really feel like a totally random system that’s irritating to work together with, particularly when taking a look at Strength requests and questioning “how the Beelzebub am I supposed to know how to get that”. In actuality there’s a pretty easy, constant method that if understood might will let you know the outcomes of a fusion while not having to test in-game or any on-line instruments.

Hopefully this information helps make Normal Fusion a extra approachable and pleasurable a part of the sport. After studying the mechanics you need to be capable to work out find out how to fuse your required Personas, whether or not it’s for normal gameplay or to finish the Strength confidant with out having to depend on a web based information which can use Personas unavailable to you.

This information is for primary Normal Fusion solely and won’t cowl issues like Fusion Alarm or the Electric chair. Mostly as a result of it’s been some time since I’ve performed Persona 5 and don’t bear in mind how these work. Maybe as soon as I get to these elements I’ll add them in.


No two Personas share the identical base stage and Arcana, so a mix of two can provide you a selected Persona.

The stage is the common of the bottom ranges of the 2 Personas being mixed, rounded as much as the subsequent highest quantity (common + 1 if the common is a complete quantity, common + .5 if it’s a decimal).

The Arcana is mounted based mostly on the 2 Arcana being mixed, see the chart under.

The end result would be the Persona of this stage inside this Arcana, or the subsequent highest stage Persona inside this Arcana if there’s none of that particular stage.

Example: Arsene (Level 1 Fool) + Jack Frost (Level 11 Magician). Fool + Magician = Death. Average of ranges + 1 = 6. Closest Death Persona at or above stage 6 is Mokoi, so Arsene + Jack Frost = Mokoi.

Treasure Demons improve or lower the “tier” of a Persona inside its Arcana based mostly on which Arcana and Demon are getting used. “Tier” being the rank of the Personas based mostly on their stage of their Arcana. The beginning tier is definitely based mostly on the Persona’s present stage as an alternative of base stage, so for instance if in case you have an Arsene that ought to go up by 1 “tier”, ordinarily it could go as much as Obariyon until Arsene is stage 9 or increased (Obariyon being 8), by which case it could go as much as High Pixie as an alternative. Fusing two Treasure Demons provides the outcomes of a regular fusion.

Persona 5 Royal Fusion Guide

Skills are inherited based mostly on a Persona’s “Inheritance Type”. This is a hidden stat that isn’t precisely intuitive. You can discover them on-line, reminiscent of within the fusion calculator hyperlink under.

Persona 5 Royal Fusion Guide(x = that inheritance sort can not inherit that ability)

Here’s a useful fusion calculator that lists all Personas together with their expertise, Inheritance Types, and Weaknesses/Resistances.[]

How It Works (Usually)

Each Persona has an Arcana and a base stage. There are not any two Personas that share the identical base stage and Arcana, so the mix of each can act as an identifier for a Persona. Normal Fusion then merely wants to mix the bottom stage and Arcana of two Personas being fused into an identical pair and provides the corresponding Persona consequently.

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So we’d like a “formula” for every: One for the bottom stage, and one for the Arcana.

  • Treasure Demons have their very own distinctive rule set and fusion utilization.
  • A Persona being fused can’t be the ensuing Persona. In different phrases, you can not fuse a Persona into itself. Instances by which this may occur have particular guidelines, see under.
  • When I say “base level”, I imply the extent of a Persona with none level-ups or elevated XP. This is the bottom stage it will possibly probably be, as in case you fused it with out bonus XP, or simply bought it from a Palace/Mementos.



Each pair of Arcana in fusion have a selected final result Arcana. Arcana A and Arcana B will all the time give Arcana C, no matter stage. See the fusion chart for every pair.

Example: Chariot + Justice = Moon.

Persona 1
Persona 2
Thor (Level 64 Chariot)
Angel (Level 9 Justice)
Girimehkala (Level 43 Moon)
Ara Mitama (Level 30 Chariot)
Dominion (Level 68 Justice)
Tsukiyomi (Level 50 Moon)
Slime (Level 10 Chariot)
Principality (Level 29 Justice)
Sui-Ki (Level 24 Moon)

No matter what stage or particular Personas used, a Chariot and a Justice will all the time give a Moon. Lovers and Fool will all the time give Chariot, Fortune and Empress will all the time give Hermit, and so on.

Persona 5 Royal Fusion Guide


Now that we all know the Arcana, we simply have to know the bottom stage, at which level we’ll have each the identifiers we have to discover the right Persona. The base stage of the end result Persona would be the common of the bottom ranges of the 2 Personas being fused, rounded as much as the subsequent highest quantity, that means if the ensuing common is a complete quantity it will likely be elevated by 1, and if it’s a decimal it will likely be elevated by 0.5.
[bBase ]Level of Outcome Persona = [(Base Level of Persona 1 + Base Level of Persona 2) / 2] + 0.5 or 1[/b]

If there’s a Persona of the matching Arcana at this stage, that would be the end result. If not, the end result would be the subsequent Persona up inside the identical Arcana, in different phrases the closest increased stage Persona inside the Arcana.



  • Arsene (Level 1 Fool) + Suzaku (Level 16 Sun).
    • A fusion of Fool and Sun would yield Justice.
    • We want a stage 9 Persona:
      • 1 (Arsene) + 16 (Suzaku) = 17
      • 17 / 2 = 8.5
      • 8.5 is a decimal so we add 0.5 to carry it as much as the subsequent highest quantity.
      • 8.5 + 0.5 = 9
    • We want a Level 9 Justice.
    • Angel is a Level 9 Justice, and can be our end result.
  • Nigi Mitama (Level 22 Councillor) + Slime (Level 10 Chariot).
    • A Fusion of Councillor and Chariot would yield Sun.
    • We want a stage 17 Persona:
      • 22 (Nigi Mitama) + 10 (Slime) = 32
      • 32 / 2 = 16
      • 16 is a complete quantity so we add 1 to carry it as much as the subsequent highest quantity.
      • 16 + 1 = 17
    • We want a stage 17 Sun Persona.
      • Problem: There isn’t any stage 17 Sun Persona! The closest are Suzaku at Level 16 or Thunderbird at Level 34.
      • Even although Suzaku is way nearer to our stage calculation, we go upwards, so we get the subsequent highest Sun Persona after stage 17.
    • Thunderbird is the subsequent highest Sun Persona at stage 34, and can be our end result.

Special Cases

The guidelines above won’t all the time work, so there are some particular instances to pay attention to.

Max-Level Personas

If you fuse two Personas however find yourself with a stage increased than that Arcana’s highest stage Persona, the end result will as an alternative be the best stage Persona of that Arcana. If nonetheless that Persona is a Confidant Persona and also you haven’t maxed that Confidant but:

Trying to fuse a Confidant Persona with out having maxed that Confidant

You will merely find yourself fusing the subsequent Persona down inside that Arcana.

Fusing two Personas of the identical Arcana

You can fuse two Personas of the identical Arcana and the end result will all the time be one other Persona of that very same Arcana. This is the one method you might find yourself with the end result Persona being the identical as one of many Personas being fused, however this isn’t allowed. Instead, the end result would be the subsequent lowest Persona inside that Arcana, if this had been to occur. If there are not any decrease stage Personas in that Arcana, the fusion will merely not be attainable.

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  • Arsene (Level 1 Fool) + High Pixie (Level 16 Fool). Formula would usually give a Level 9 Fool which might transfer as much as the subsequent highest Fool: High Pixie. But since we used High Pixie within the fusion, that isn’t allowed, so as an alternative it goes right down to the subsequent lowest Fool, Obariyon, at stage 8.
  • Arsene (Level 1 Fool) + Obariyon (Level 8 Fool). Similar to above, this time we’d find yourself with Obariyon. Then we’d go down since that’s not allowed, however the one decrease Fool is Arsene, which additionally isn’t allowed. Thus this fusion merely isn’t attainable.

Treasure Demons

Treasure Demons have distinctive guidelines for fusion, two particularly:

1) Treasure Demons fuse Personas into different Personas of the identical Arcana. The fusion will improve or lower the Personas “tier” by 1 or 2 inside the identical Arcana, relying on the particular pairing of Treasure Demon and Arcana (see the chart). “Tiers” right here means the Persona’s rank inside their Arcana based mostly on base stage, e.g. for the Fool Arcana, Arsene can be Tier 1, Obariyon Tier 2, High Pixie Tier 3, Izanagi Tier 4, and so on. Fusing Arsene with a Crystal Skull, which will increase the tier of Fool Arcana by 2, would give High Pixie, since she is 2 tiers above Arsene.

2) The fusion end result is definitely based mostly on the Persona being fused’s present stage, not their base stage. This signifies that within the above instance, in case your Arsene was stage 9, slightly than fusing into High Pixie, it could go one other tier increased and fuse into Izanagi, since Arsene’s present stage is increased than Obariyon’s base stage, thus Arsene is being handled because the Tier 2 as an alternative of Obariyon.

Persona 5 Royal Fusion Guide
(Chart for Treasure Demon fusion. The quantity signifies the tier change.)

Fusing two Treasure Demons

It is feasible to fuse two Treasure Demons collectively, by which case they observe the usual fusion guidelines. Match the Arcana, common of base ranges + 1, then discover the corresponding Persona.

Skill Inheritance

(Note: Whereas the remainder of this information is info taken from a handful of sources and put into my very own phrases, this half is just about ripped straight from the wiki. Thanks wiki!)

How many expertise could be inherited?

The quantity of expertise a Persona can inherit depends on the whole variety of expertise possessed by the Personas being fused. This is what number of expertise you’ll be able to select and find yourself having in your Persona, not the whole pool of expertise you’ll be able to select from.

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The “Number of Parent Skills” right here is the whole variety of expertise held by the Personas being fused, no matter whether or not or not these expertise could be inherited. Whether you’ll be able to inherit all of them or none of them, if a Persona has 8 expertise it can rely as 8 expertise when deciding what number of expertise could be inherited.

Number of Parent Skills
Number of Inherited Skills

(Another be aware: Normal Fusion can solely rise up to 4 inherited expertise, since 8 from every dad or mum places you within the 13-23 vary).

What expertise could be inherited?

The extra fascinating part 🙂

Each Persona has an “Inheritance Type” that determines what expertise it will possibly inherit. A Persona’s inheritance sort would possibly roughly line up with its expertise, weaknesses, and resistances, however that is on no account a rule and shouldn’t be anticipated.

As an instance: Hua Po, Inugami, and Orobas are all the “Fire” Inheritance Type, however have totally different expertise and resistances. Hua Po looks as if essentially the most conventional “Fire” sort, getting access to Fire expertise whlie repelling Fire and being weak to Ice. Orobas can be weak to Ice and has Fire expertise, however has no Fire resistance. Then you get Inugami who nullifies Fire, however doesn’t care about Ice and has no Fire expertise in anyway, whereas nonetheless being a “Fire” Inheritance Type. And whereas sure, it does nullify Fire, it additionally nullifies Gun and Curse. In reality, its solely in-built offensive expertise are bodily, which to me looks as if it needs to be a “Physical” Inheritance Type, however no, it’s Fire.

These Inheritance Types are not proven in recreation. Given they received’t be significantly apparent both, you’ll must experiment or look them up.

Also, some Personas have signature expertise which can be distinctive to them and can’t be handed on to some other Personas, reminiscent of our beloved Hassou Tobi.

Here is the Inheritance Type chart, taken from the wiki.
Persona 5 Royal Fusion Guide

(x = that inheritance sort can not inherit that ability)

Looking on the chart you’ll see a number of fascinating issues.

  • “Gun” expertise are lacking from the chart as they’re lumped in with Physical Skills on the subject of inheritance.
  • The “Almighty” Inheritance Type can inherit any non-signature ability.
  • Some expertise could be inherited no matter Inheritance Type:
    • Support expertise, reminiscent of -kaja/-kunda expertise or Elemental Walls/Breaks (NOT therapeutic expertise!).
    • Almighty expertise.
    • Passive expertise, reminiscent of Elemental Amp/Boosts or Resistances.

(A 3rd be aware: I believe traits could be inherited it doesn’t matter what however truthfully I don’t know I simply bought to the purpose the place traits grew to become a factor and so they’re new and scary again in my day they weren’t a factor. I’ll replace after I know, if I care sufficient to try this)
(Oh and I’m fairly positive you should use playing cards on any Persona no matter inheritance, like 99% positive)

That’s all we’re sharing immediately in Persona 5 Royal Fusion Guide, if in case you have something so as to add, please be at liberty to go away a remark under, you too can learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique writer PELICANFORCE


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