One More Dungeon 2 Achievements Guide

We are with you with our One More Dungeon 2 Achievements information. We might be sharing all of the achievements within the sport with you. This information is below building. We defined how one can get achievements.

One More Dungeon 2 Achievements Guide

This is a work in progress information for One More Dungeon 2. If you’re curious how arduous it’s to get every little thing, the reply is that it’s not all that arduous. Chances are that you just’ll unlock all of those naturally whereas enjoying, and for those who occur to be lacking a number of, then this information has you coated. I’ve checked out a number of different guides, and chosen to place the entire achievements in alphabetical order as an alternative of bunched below one big collective part. This approach, you’ll be able to simply discover what you’re in search of with out having waste time with an pointless search!

One More Dungeon 2 Achievement FAQ

If you’re trying stats and proposals, think about the next:

  • How lengthy will it take me to do that?
    • Depends in your talent degree at video video games, however 4-6 hours roughly.
  • How troublesome is it?
    • If you’re new to rogue-lites, it’s not that unhealthy. For anybody that’s performed Ziggurat or Curse of the Dead Gods, this’ll in all probability be very simple.
  • What class ought to I be?
    • Unlock a ranged class, just like the Wizard as early as you’ll be able to (discovered proper subsequent to the category altering room, prices 3 Runes to unlock). It’s extraordinarily overpowered, and whereas you may get away with melee-focused characters, the hit detection and figuring out for those who’re shut sufficient to strike an opponent is usually a problem. All of the bosses would be the bane of your existence, so I’d extremely, extremely advocate utilizing ranged assaults. With a few relics and stockpiling as a lot magic as you’ll be able to, this sport will bend to your mighty magical arsenal.
  • Are any of those achievements missable?
    • No

Enjoy enjoying the sport, and please go away a remark when you have any questions. I’ll be tinkering a bit extra to fantastic tune wording and explanations!

All Together

All TogetherClear all class statues

Every time you defeat a boss, a “wing” of the citadel opens up. You’ll discover human statues round, all it’s important to do is spend runes to clear away the blight masking it to unlock that class. The achievement pops once you free the entire class statues.


Achievement Guide

CreatureDestroy the Creature

Second to final boss, however the final boss of the particular dungeon ranges. Attack the eyes once they’re seen, and conceal when the pupil modifications from spherical to diamond formed, much like a cat’s eye. If you don’t, you’ll take harm. Do not assault the attention after it does the pink beam assault, you gained’t deal harm. Periodically, the boss will summon tendril enemies that keep in place and shoot purple goo at you. Occasionally, a bit of the sector will fall away. If you’re enjoying a spread based mostly character, you shouldn’t have too many points.


Achievement Guide

DemonologistSummon and destroy the Demon

You’ll typically come throughout “special” rooms that require sure actions to activate the occasion. His room requires that you just mild the entire candles with any weapon that does fireplace harm. Once all of them have been lit, the demon is summoned. It’s a melee-focused enemy and can do appreciable harm doing a number of assaults repeatedly in entrance of it, strikes with every assault. It’s a reasonably sluggish opponent, so you’ll be able to simply again peddle away. I’ve encountered it as early as Level 1.


Achievement Guide

DetectiveFind and return the shell

Periodically, as after you clear bosses, zones within the hub space will develop into explorable. After the primary boss you could find a snail known as Aristocrat protruding of a ledge, requesting you to search out it’s shell. He could be discovered by heading towards the king’s throne room, however as an alternative of coming into, head left, after which hold one other left, and he’ll be on the left. After clearly the subsequent boss and eradicating a number of the blight, you’ll discover it sitting on a pedestal. Simply decide it up and return it to him to unlock the achievement.


Achievement Guide

ExperiencedReach the tenth character degree

Easiest to do by operating from the very first degree all the best way to the tip. To velocity it up, I like to recommend destroying every little thing, killing every little thing, and gathering each EXP boosting relic you’ll be able to. I’d additionally advocate unlocking the EXP boosting shrine, each little bit helps.

First Blood

Achievement Guide

First BloodDie for the primary time

It’ll occur finally, kudos to you for those who handle to get this achievement final!


Achievement Guide

FlowerDefeat the Third Boss

This boss could be a actual ache. It’s principal assault is capturing ice balls at you. Periodically, it’ll burrow to a brand new location as effectively. Sometimes, it’ll glow blue and acquire a defend, turning into invulnerable. Simply wait out this half and bounce into the water to dodge the shockwave that follows. Thankfully, it doesn’t have minions, making fast work of it when you get the dance of it down.


Achievement Guide

IfritDefeat the Fourth Boss

Ifrit’s principal technique of dealing harm is to summon homing fireplace balls which have a really broad arc, and for those who’ve been working towards your kiting expertise, you’ll be able to simply aspect step them. Ifrit often teleports to a brand new location, and fairly ceaselessly will teleport away to trigger the ground to develop into hostile. Step onto the elements that don’t glow pink a few occasions, after which resume the beat down.


Achievement Guide

LeprechaunFind the Leprechaun

Shows up randomly within the dungeon as a barrel with eyes. Click on it like a chest and also you’ll be showered with items and unlock the achievement.


Achievement Guide

MerchantCollect 500 gold whereas exploring the dungeon

It must be finished in a single run, and for those who begin from degree 1, it’s best to unlock it across the third or fourth zone fairly simply. Sell any gadgets you don’t wish to the snail with the gold coin signal above it within the dungeons, and hold a watch out of any relics that assist in gold accumulation.


Achievement Guide

MetamorphosisChange character class

You can unlock a few lessons pretty early with out having to defeat the primary boss. Once you do, in a chamber with the priest close to the dungeon entrance, you’ll discover the statues. Simply click on on one and it’ll unlock the achievement.

Monster Slayer

Achievement Guide

Monster SlayerDestroy 100 monsters in a single run of the dungeon

Self explanatory, simply begin from degree 1 and finally it’ll unlock.


Achievement Guide

PersistenceDonate 50 gold

In the room with the category statues, close to the king and the dungeon entrance, is a priest with a donation field. Each donation is 5 gold, so donate 10 occasions. It does nothing, however unlock an achievement.

Ready for Battle

Achievement Guide

Ready for BattleClear all talent statues

Just like the category statues coated in blight, you want to discover and clear the entire talent statues. They appear to be actually massive chess items, and there’s eight in whole. You’re capable of unlock extra of them the extra you defeat bosses.


Achievement Guide

RevolutionOverthrow the Snail King

Last boss earlier than you’ll be able to escape. His flying saucer will barely change colour to point what kind of assault he’s going to make use of. Red is for bombs, blue is for ice balls, inexperienced is for toxic mortar and purple is laser beam. For pink, stand close to the ice partitions to blow them up so you’ll be able to throw the switches. For blue and inexperienced, simply dodge. For purple, stand below an overhang. Recommend bringing additional bombs from the service provider and keys, and hope you get fortunate. He appears extra possible to make use of bombs the nearer you’re. Once you throw three switches, he’ll come crashing down, providing you with a while to assault and defeat him.

Royal Beetle

Achievement Guide

Royal BeetleDestroy the King Beetle

In the dungeons, you’ll see little beetles scuttling about, and for those who step on sufficient of them, the King Beetle will spawn. Kite in circles and destroy him for loot and an achievement.


Achievement Guide

ScullDefeat the First Boss

The first boss is a lesson in why vary assaults are so good. He will monitor your actions and predict the place you’re going to be, and shoot fireballs whereas standing nonetheless. If you stand full nonetheless and shoot from vary, you’ll be able to simply aspect step them. Periodically, the boss will leap to a brand new location, don’t be the place he’s going to land, as his thunderous butt will trigger a shockwave that may deal appreciable harm.


Achievement Guide

SpiderDefeat the Second Boss

Periodically shoots a wave of three poison balls at you and transfer across the area often. Periodically will retreat up into the ceiling, and three spiderlings will spawn. Defeat them to convey again out the boss.

Start of the Path

Achievement Guide

Start of the PathComplete the primary degree of the dungeon

Simple and simple, and is unimaginable to overlook. The enemies on degree 1 are fairly primary, whereas they’ll do severe harm, their assaults are sluggish and you’ll circle-strafe or get them into the jam of a door and assault them simply sufficient.


Achievement Guide

UnluckyGet 5 curses

Surprisingly, you’re very prone to by no means get this naturally, as a result of there’s simply so some ways to negate it. You can forcefully get hold of it by equipping a cursed weapon and attacking with it. Doesn’t matter for those who’re attacking something, simply assault the air and also you’ll unlock this in speedy style.

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