Omega Strikers Kai Builds

Welcome to the Omega Strikers Kai Builds guides. In this matter, we shared Kai’s goalie and ahead builds with you. You can discover all of the builds beneath.

Omega Strikers Kai Builds

You can have two builds for Kai a Goalkeeper construct and a Forward construct. Although you need to use Kai in each Forward and Goalkeeping, we suggest utilizing him as a Goalie to get the utmost out of his Barrage capabilities. As commonplace Builds, you’ll be able to equip him with  Super Surge and Rapid Fire and use further particular or Built Differently because the third builds.

Kai is usually performed as a frontline/midfield character, nevertheless he’s very efficient as a goalie if you’re on a excessive talent degree. The principal benefit of Kai as a goalie is the truth that the lengthy ranged abilities can nonetheless hit each the enemies and the ball whilst you keep at your purpose and defend in your workforce.

Omega Strikers Kai Builds

How to Play Kai Goalie

The core gameplay once you’re taking part in Kai on the purpose is realizing the correct time to make use of your abilities. You’ll need to use your abilities solely when the ball is on the enemy’s aspect of the sphere, in order that they don’t interrupt you when defending. Following this idea, we are able to divide the gameplay in two elements: defending and sniping.

Defending: When the ball is in your aspect of the sphere, you must deal with utilizing your fundamental assault and positioning your self on the right place. You ought to at all times goal to throw the ball away from the enemy gamers whereas defending, not solely as a result of that’s the optimum approach to play the sport normally but additionally since you don’t have any defensive abilities.

Whenever you see your self in a tough spot, use the motion talent (spacebar) to shortly reposition your self.

Sniping: When the ball is on the enemy’s aspect of the sphere, that’s the time to do the sniping. Kai has two offensive skills and each have a extremely lengthy vary, Barrage and Giga Blast.

Barrage ought to be used to contest the ball every time there are a lot of gamers spamming their abilities on it. Since Barrage fires a number of photographs, it may well be certain that by the top of the competition, the ball goes additional into the enemy’s aspect of the sphere, permitting your workforce mates to comply with up on the assault.

Giga Blast has an extended vary and ought to be utilized in two conditions: to snipe the enemies and to snipe the ball. Whenever an enemy is on the sting of the sphere, you need to use Giga Blast to push them off the sphere, given the right angle. Furthermore, you’ll be able to snipe enemies with Giga Blast to briefly stun then and help your workforce mates. The second state of affairs is a little more difficult and requires extra talent, that’s sniping the ball. If you handle to goal accurately, you’ll be able to snipe the ball with Giga Blast, and for those who do it within the appropriate angle to hit the enemy’s purpose, it often is an effective way to attain as a result of it is extremely sudden and quick.

Kai Goalie Pros and Cons


  • + You can keep on the purpose always whereas nonetheless hitting each the enemies and the ball from afar;
  • + Giga Blast does lots of harm and pushes the ball ahead with very excessive velocity;
  • + Barrage is nice for contesting the ball, guaranteeing that it goes away out of your purpose.


  • – No defensive abilities, requiring that you just handle your positioning very properly;
  • – Barrage may be very dependant on comply with up out of your workforce mates because it decelerate the ball;
  • – Hitting the ball with Giga Blast requires lots of observe.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Kai is a superb character to play on the purpose for those who can handle your positioning and observe sufficient your sniping skills. He is considerably dependant on workforce mates, however you’ll be able to nonetheless carry a recreation in case your talent degree may be very excessive with him. The key right here is to know the character and act in response to the state of affairs.

Best Kai Forward Build

Kai is greatest performed up entrance as a ahead, harassing the goalie and sinking targets. Super Surge will increase his motion velocity from Blazing Pace, letting you zip across the area. Rapid Fire ensures your Barrage is continually prepared, as it’s one among your greatest scoring instruments. Finally, Extra Special retains your knockout and sniping instrument on-line extra usually.

  • Super Surge
    • Movement skills hit 20% tougher. Dashes and blinks achieve 50% journey vary. Hastes are 50% quicker.
  • Rapid Fire
    • Primary skill cooldown diminished by 12%. Increases to 25% at max degree.
  • Extra Special
    • Special skill cooldown diminished by 15%. Starting a brand new spherical reduces its remaining cooldown by 15s.

Best Kai Goalie Build

Kai’s package appears offense-oriented, however he’s fairly efficient as a goalkeeper. His projectile skills enable him to play as a long-range goaltender, particularly with Rapid Fire outfitted, as Barrage is a wonderful defensive instrument. Built Differently offers Kai a slight enhance in measurement so he can cowl the purpose higher. Combining this with Super Surge makes him a formidable wall that may transfer shortly.

  • Rapid Fire
    • Primary skill cooldown diminished by 12%. Increases to 25% at max degree.
  • Built Differently
    • Gain 35% and hit 5% tougher.
  • Super Surge
    • Movement skills hit 20% tougher. Dashes and blinks achieve 50% journey vary. Hastes are 50% quicker.

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