Nightmare Reaper Basics Guide for Topaz Mini Game Monster

For Nightmare Reaper gamers, this information will clarify to you the fundamentals on the monsters of the Topaz Mini-Game, let’s test it out.


Every Space could have 5 totally different Pok… I imply monsters. You encounter stated monsters by strolling on tall grass, providing you with the chance to seize them. Of those 5 monsters, 4 can be “frequent”, wich means you wont have any issue encountering one, and 1 can be “uncommon”, wich means it may take you 5 min or 2 hours of grinding to lastly encounter. These “uncommon” monsters should not a lot stronger then commons, however they could have some perks/talents you’d usually get solely in additional areas.

Topaz Cash

The holy grail of cash. You may be given a reasonably substancial quantity of Topaz Cash whenever you discover the Topaz cartridge. DO NOT WASTE THEM. There are solely 4 methods (that i do know of) to earn Topaz Cash, and all of them require plenty of time within the sport. Topaz Cash should not affected by any coin worth nor treasure increase. Right here they’re on the order of finest to worse supply of Topaz Cash in my view:

Beating any common stage of the principle sport :
Upon exiting any stage, you’ll earn 100 Topaz Coin. (Word: I have no idea if it will increase with new sport +)

Achievements :
Offers you the ammount said within the in-game achievement menu. Could be a nice increase of cash, however are solely obtainable as soon as.

Killing wild monster / promoting captured monster :
Solely provides you 1 Topaz Coin (with some rares exeptions). A waste of time, however should you actually get pleasure from these battles, go for it i suppose.

Successful battles towards npcs :
Offers you some Topaz Cash, however at all times much less then the price to start out the encounter. There isn’t any approach to make a revenue out of those.

However what’s monster?

Now that its out of the way in which, what are monsters?

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A monster has 4 Main componants: Lvl, attributes, stats and talents. (and identify i suppose)

Lets use good previous Bouldo as an exemple:

Bouldo Rock / Object

Stats (at lvl 1) : HP = 20 ST = 5 DE = 7 SP = 3 DO = 4 AC = 4

Talents : Tumble, Armor, Step on, ?


Bouldo is a stage 1 monster when captured. He can solely be leveled up by spending topaz cash on the improve stations within the space (they’re orange orbs) for a price of 100 Topaz Cash. YOU CANNOT UPGRADE YOUR MONSTER BY KILLING WILD MONSTERS (aka there isn’t a expertise system). Upgrading improves stats, grant new talents, and permit you to problem the world boss, which grants you entry to the following space upon defeating. Topaz Cash are very scarce, the rarest cash in sport, so I like to recommend to solely improve monsters to the requirement to the boss and no extra, for the reason that subsequent space could have higher monsters to catch anyway.


His traits are rock and objects. which means that a few of bouldo’s talents could have the trait rock, whereas others could have the item trait. Rock assaults whereas deal at finest essential (so so much) of injury towards some traits, regular damages towards others, and at worse ineffective harm (very, little or no). This additionally signifies that bouldo could be very resistant towards some traits, however will get destroyed by others. So attempt to hold your lineup as numerous as doable.

For those who occur to know what trait is powerful towards which, please depart a remark


Monsters have 6 stats : HP (well being factors) ST (strenght) DE (defence) SP (pace) DO (dodge) and AC (accuracy). Every time you stage up a monster, it features a couple of hp and a small increase in one other stat.

Bouldo has 20 HP. If he takes 20 or extra harm (with out getting healed), you’ll automaticaly swap to the following monster, and also you wont have the ability to use Bouldo once more till you feed it ( Simply work together with what seems like a hen drumstick with flies round it ) . If all your monsters have 0 HP, you lose the battle, and must feed your monsters. Word that you simply wont lose any Topaz Coin by dropping a battle.

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Bouldo has 5 ST. ST just about simply displays how a lot harm your assaults do. Im not 100% certain about it, however i believe it additionally impacts therapeutic talents.

Bouldo has 7 DE. DE reduces the harm obtained from ennemy assaults.

Bouldo has 3 SP. SP dictates which monster can use a capability earlier than the opposite. If the distinction is giant sufficient, a monster may use a capability twice and even thrice earlier than the opposite can.

Bouldo has 3 DO. DO will increase the possibility to dodge an ennemy capacity. Word that not all assaults have the identical hit likelihood.

Bouldo has 4 AC. AC will increase the possibility of hitting the ennemy together with your assault. Word once more that not all assaults have the identical hit likelihood, and a few wont require a lot AC to reliably hit their goal.

Bouldo has… nothing else. Transferring on.


Each monster has 4 talents. Talents are the actions you assign to your monster after urgent the “assault” button. Talents are additionally gradualy unlocked as you stage up your monster. Means # 1 is at all times unlocked. Means # 2 wants stage 10 to be revealed and used. Means # 3 wants stage 20 to be revealed and used. Means # 4 wants stage 30 to be revealed and used.

Listed here are examples of capacity results:

Assault: offers harm to ennemy.

Debuff: lowers one of many ennemy stat.

Assault + Debuff: offers harm to ennemy and lowers one of many ennemy stat. (observe: if the assault misses, the ennemy monster received’t be debuffed)

Buff: Raises one among your monster stat. (observe: can’t miss)

Assault + Buff: offers harm to ennemy and raises one among your monster stat. (observe: if the assault misses, your monster received’t be buffed)

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Heal: Restore a set quantity of HP of your monster. (observe: can’t miss)

Assault + Heal: offers harm to ennemy and restore a set quantity of HP of your monster. (observe 1: if the assault misses, your monster received’t be healed)(observe 2: the quantity of gained well being is SOMETIME dependant on the harm dealt to the ennemy creature. exemple: lvl 30 Buttonor’s Devour capacity makes him heal 14 hp, regardless of how a lot harm was dealt. Nonetheless, Orbost’s kiss capacity will heal Orbost for the precise ammount of injury dealt )

Word: the identify of the assault usually trace its impact, as Soak up, for instance, offers harm and heals.




That’s all we’re sharing at the moment in Nightmare Reaper Basics Guide for Topaz Mini Game Monster , if in case you have something so as to add, please be at liberty to depart a remark under, you may also learn the unique article here, all of the credit goes to the unique writer MAGGOTS


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