Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Trading & Goods Guide

Supply and Demand are the instruments of the Merchant King. Better understanding these in Bannerlord will enable you grow to be the following Musa of Mali.

Bannerlord 2 Trading & Goods Guide

This information will current an outline of useful resource movement in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord as of early entry launch. It may also go into use this to commerce utilizing your social gathering, with a deal with early to mid recreation, and the implications this has on constructing workshops and caravans.

It relies on my remark from buying and selling completely different items round Calradia and creating a big horde of wealth early recreation. In future updates I wish to add extra particulars on caravans, workshops, fiefs, and the way sources play into the prosperity and success of various areas and factions.

Item Categories (Trading Perspective)

The recreation comprises 3 classes of things with regard to buying and selling. All objects are produced at a city or metropolis, apart from weapons, armour, and ammunition which might all solely be purchased, plundered, or generally crafted. Each city makes a speciality of one base merchandise, which might generally have associated objects (i.e. cities that elevate cows additionally produce butter and cheese). The merchandise classes are:

  • 1. Loot/Equipables
  • 2. Livestock
  • 3. Goods

1. Loot/Equipables

These are objects which can be typically plundered off the battlefield. It consists of all weapons, armour, and ammunition. Mounts and meals not included.

These are sometimes greatest used to improve your participant and companions after which both promote on the nearest city or within the case of weapons smelt on the smith’s for crafting sources.

2. Livestock (2 Sub-Categories)

Livestock consists of all animals and mounts.

2.1. This first subcategory consists of conventional livestock animals which can be used for meals and sources. These are hogs, sheep, and cows. They are all raised in cities across the Calradian countryside.

2.2. The second subcategory consists of all mounts. They can be utilized for meals, though that is clearly ill-advised and expensive. Their major goal is rising journey pace, rising carrying capability, and offering mounts for knights and warfare.

Livestock is necessary in that they’ve a pair completely different functions and normally create associated items via their elevating.

3. Goods (2 Sub-Categories)

This consists of meals objects, in addition to purely commerce objects that will enhance sure city and metropolis stats (want to check).

3.1. Natural Goods:

These are objects produced in cities and are reaped straight from the pure sources of the land. Examples embrace: Iron, Flax, and Grains.

3.2. Manufactured Goods:

These are objects produced in cities and are created by processing Natural Goods into extra complicated and precious objects. These are additionally far much less plentiful than Natural Goods. Examples embrace: Jewelry, Tools, and Linen.

Goods are necessary as they’re your major supply of earnings, and their provide and demand are extra impacted by pure abundance than different objects.

It is necessary to know the nice chain, in order to know the place items will likely be plentiful or scarce. See Chart under. Good chains are speculative and never but confirmed*. Any marked with a query mark could also be outputs or not.

Supply & Demand: The Arbitrage Potential

Each space is plentiful in sure items and scarce in others. By understanding the place items originate from you may perceive the place they may promote low-cost and the place they may demand a hefty worth, it’s all about arbitrage. Remember too, there are different retailers and caravans, as such, to get the very best worth to your items it’s important to go removed from their vacation spot of origin as many caravans assist unfold the products additional outward. Another choice is to go the place they’re in exceeding demand, typically giant affluent manufacturing sectors in search of inputs or kingdoms at warfare.

Keep in thoughts, villages have the bottom costs for Base Goods, particularly in provinces with many villages producing the identical good. Towns, due to this fact, even have the most cost effective costs for Manufactured items they produce, particularly in provinces which have the Manufactured Good’s Base Good enter in giant abundance. The vice versa is true for the place issues will likely be very costly.


The recreation will spotlight costs* in inexperienced which can be low-cost and spotlight costs in purple which can be costly. With yellow costs being a variety between the 2. This is necessary to notice as usually once you purchase you need costs to be inexperienced, and once you promote you need costs to be purple. It might be complicated, as once you go to promote it reveals a purple worth. This means the worth is excessive not that your revenue will likely be adverse. While that is very useful, it’s in no way good, and doesn’t at the moment enable you perceive common worth or revenue potentials. The yellow vary can also be fairly giant, and I’ve purchased many items for close to half the yellow worth, after which bought them within the yellow worth vary for good revenue.

The greatest approach to be taught what to commerce is thru expertise. Eventually, after pursuing commerce for a while you’ll naturally be taught what you may roughly purchase and promote items for, and it will enable you maximize earnings. At the beginning of your recreation utilizing the inexperienced (low worth) and purple (excessive worth) indicators is nice sufficient and can enable you be taught costs and grow to be a real grasp service provider.

Note: Only commerce items are proven inexperienced and purple costs. This doesn’t embrace hogs, sheep, cows, and horses. For this stuff you will need to be taught by experimenting your self, nevertheless, arbitrage potentialities exist and are big. I like to recommend wanting on the manufacturing maps for the place these items are produced, for they’re a number of the best items to see the place there will likely be provide and demand based mostly on manufacturing areas. In future updates I may also embrace a tough checklist of costs you may count on.

Trade rumours are additionally extremely precious and you must at all times take a look at costs that present up listed beneath the nice. These rumours provide you with a greater concept of common costs and the place you should buy low and promote excessive. They are nice for capitalizing on wars and different occasions that create big demand and skyrocket costs simply outdoors your regular commerce route, these let you regulate and make the most revenue. You collect these rumours from cities as you go to them, in addition to out of your caravans or workshops relying on a commerce perk.

As such, it is rather precious to have caravans or workshops gathering this info for you. Lastly, I imagine that the costs fade because the rumours grow to be older, and thus precise costs could fluctuate relying on how way back you heard the hearsay, so in the event you see sky-high costs for good you might have in your stock attempt to beat different retailers there earlier than they steal your earnings.

Note: That in cities the extra of an excellent you purchase the upper the worth will tick, and vice versa for items that you just promote with the worth slowly reducing. Keep a watch on this to stop erosion of earnings. Villages alternatively will promote and purchase all their items for the said worth, nevertheless, they’ve restricted coin purses and can’t buy a lot off you. They are the perfect place to purchase Natural Goods kind.

You also can commerce with different commerce caravans. They can generally have nice offers, and don’t appear to vary the worth irrespective of how a lot you promote or purchase. Their costs appear to be based mostly of native city costs.

The dealer talent tree additionally has perks that say it’ll present your common worth, and revenue and loss. I’ve but to seek out the place these are literally displayed, if somebody is aware of and will remark under that might be superb. It appears that in the event you hover over the worth it’ll inform you the common, but to seek out revenue and loss although.

Resource Abundance, Lore, & Faction Preferences

Calradia’s Kingdoms:

The above map reveals Calradia’s Kingdoms. Each roughly encompasses a distinct environmental area with completely different areas having completely different pure sources.

  • Red: Vlandians (e.g. Western Europe/Normans)
  • Green: Battanians (e.g. Celtic Tribes)
  • Blue: Sturgians (e.g. Slavs)
  • Teal: Khuzait Khanate (e.g. Turkish Tribes/Mongols)
  • Yellow: Aserai (e.g. Arabic Tribes/Caliphs)
  • Red-Purple: Western Empire (e.g. Western Rome/Military Party)
  • Pink-Purple: Northern Empire (e.g. Rome/Republic Party)
  • Blue-Purple: Southern Empire (e.g. Eastern Rome/Monarch Party)

Each one shares comparable traits to their historic affect. As such, they share comparable pure sources as their historic counterparts, and comparable commerce patterns. Their behaviour and differing preferences can also result in adjustments in items provided and demanded.


They have very low-cost hogs, nevertheless, cattle might be very costly. They have much less manufacturing capabilities and thus their costs are low for many Base Goods and excessive for many Manufactured Goods. Their wine and oil are sometimes very low-cost in some extra mediterranean areas. Their army favours heavy mounted knights and thus has a excessive demand for warfare horses, notably desert horses.


Overall very low-cost costs. Abundance in pure sources like grain, sheep, hogs, hardwood, iron ore. Lacks manufacturing sector and thus Manufactured Goods are typically costlier, with Jewelry commanding extraordinarily excessive costs.


Furs, Furs, Furs, and a few flax and linen. Terrific for affordable furs that are in giant demand the extra south you go and the harsher the land you end up in ( you Aserai). Similar circumstances as Battanians and Vlandians, with some demand for wine, dates, and olives.

Khuzait Khanate:

Lots of herding animals within the far japanese areas previous the mountains. Very good for hides, cows, sheep, and meat. Some areas demand salt. Other actually like olives and wine. Iron ores are pretty plentiful and instruments look like fairly low-cost within the South Eastern components. Steppe horses can generally command a good worth in lands with few obtainable mounts (Cough* Battanians). Some good sources of linen and pottery. Sometimes calls for silver ores and leather-based. Almost at all times needs some quantity of furs.


Dates, grains, salt, horses, and fish. That is about all they’ve, for the trade-off of getting all of it! Sometimes oil may also be fairly low-cost. Manufactured items appear to demand excessive to medium costs relying on latest caravan exercise. Generally most meals objects are low-cost, nevertheless, objects like hardwood and iron ores can garner earnings in a land with no bushes. If you ever wished to be a horse service provider that is the place to collect your inventory. Can re-sell to horse hungry Vlandians for double the worth.


The Empire has a variety of items and similarities in widespread, with much less pronounced distinction between the three. They have a combined bag of Base Goods and Manufactured Goods demand and provide. Often their territories have probably the most volatility in possession. As such, you may revenue off of short-term demand spikes whereas passing via to faraway lands. Overall, there may be extra metropolis by metropolis variance and thus alternatives for arbitrage at shorter ranges however with usually much less consistency and magnitude (except you get fortunate and may promote to a metropolis after a siege :)).

I counsel experimenting and discovering your most popular commerce route. It might be enjoyable to role-play and run with the lore of the sport, specializing in sure merchandise or commerce niches. However, some diversification is at all times wholesome for earnings. This is doubly if you’re buying and selling in meals, as it may be slowly eaten at by your troopers. Speaking of troopers, as of March 2020, it’s pretty straightforward to keep up a private social gathering of no less than 25-35 males. You barely, if in any respect, must stage them as much as hold most hostile events at bay (truly combating them is a distinct matter).

Keeping them low stage may be very advantageous to start with as you might be typically working on a shoe string price range and don’t have the flexibility to be footing giant month-to-month expenditures between origin and vacation spot. A ultimate be aware, it may be worthwhile to purchase low-cost horses and mules to extend your pace, merchandise turnover, and thus earnings. It can also be a good suggestion to grow to be an element time horse service provider, as horse are at all times helpful, typically precious, and stroll themselves.

Item Production Maps

Maps present the place every merchandise is produced by province, or which cities manufacture which objects. A province being both a city and its sure villages or a fort and its sure villages. Order proven is enter Base Goods after which Manufactured Goods the place relevant.

*These are an ideal information to understanding the place provide and demand will likely be. With low-cost provide close to village producers or city producers and costly demand being distant the place these items are laborious to entry. I like to recommend you draw your individual commerce routes and check out them out utilizing these as a information. Below every map are easy instructions to journey to make revenue.

*I.e. Hogs go East and South means you should purchase Hogs in The North West the place there are producers (Vlandia and Battania) and you must promote them distant the place the nice is in low provide and excessive demand. In this case based mostly on the map and expertise it will be to the East and South, particularly Souther Empire and the Aserai.

All maps have been made on my own, you might be free to obtain and use them as you want, though I at all times admire credit score too 🙂 . I’ve tried to match relative items, mirror the movement charts, and guarantee visible readability. I apologize for my poor picture enhancing abilities.

If anybody has any curiosity in my information recordsdata itemizing villages, cities, and their sources let me know. I’ll search for a approach to share them with you and others on-line.

Hogs, Sheep, and Cows:

  • Hogs go East and South.
  • Cows go West and South.


  • Desert Horses go North and West.
  • Steppe Horses go West.

Grain, Olives, Grapes, and Dates:

  • Olives go East for client and South for producer demand.
  • Grapes go East for client and South for producer demand.

Brewery, Olive Press, and Wine Press

  • Oil goes North and to the Centre of the map.
  • Wine goes North East.
  • Beer is issue however can go to the Centre of the map.

Furs, Cotton, and Flax

  • Furs go South so far as potential.
  • Cotton goes South West.
  • Flax goes Central or to Manufacturers.

Velvet Weavery, Wool Weavery, Linen Weavery, and Tannery

  • Velvet goes West and South.
  • Linen goes West and Central.
  • Leather goes roughly South.

Clay, Hardwood, Iron Ore, and Silver Ore

  • Clay goes Central, or to areas with Pottery Shop.
  • Silver goes to Manufacturers with shortages, or to the South or West.
  • Hardwood goes South.
  • Iron Ore goes South.

Pottery Shop, Wood Workshop, Smithy, and Silversmith

  • Pottery Goes North and Central.
  • Tools go to wars, earlier than, after, or throughout.
  • Jewelry goes West.

Fish and Salt

  • Salt goes West.
  • Fish can go Central, considerably troublesome.

Caravans, Workshops, and Fiefdoms

Caravans are doubtless greatest began on the fringe of the map, in order that they’re extra more likely to journey to farther lands and expertise extra excessive adjustments in setting and sources. Haven’t examined, nevertheless, it could be the case that the world you begin them in is their house turf/specialty space and can extra doubtless be served and traded with.

Workshops needs to be positioned in territories the place enter items are low-cost and obtainable. Greater threat might be achieved by putting in territories which have fewer enter items (however nonetheless some) and have a scarcity in manufacturing for that good, monopoly alternatives :). An instance could possibly be manufacturing Jewelry within the Western fringe of the continent, nevertheless, that is untested and should require you to purchase silver and transport it there. Considering their could also be caps on workshop revenue this will likely additional scale back the positive factors from taking threat and opening up manufacturing in capital low areas*.

Another factor to think about is competitors. Each city has 1-3 workshop slots, you must concentrate to what’s being produced there and if it’ll compete along with your workshop or let you monopolize. As effectively, you could possibly setup workshops that profit your commerce routes and let you extra simply join sure objects from producers, to makers, to customers. Finally, wars and sieges on cities with workshops shuts them down and turns their revenue to zero till over. Perks within the talent tree appear to counsel there could also be an opportunity they’re additionally destroyed. Therefore, it could be greatest to open workshops in secure areas.

Cap on workshops could have been eliminated, wants testing. I’ve a silversmith in Onira that produces about 180-280 revenue per day.

Workshops are typically low threat and low reward whereas caravans are the alternative. Both take a while to begin up and start making common earnings, with earnings slowly enhancing over their lifetime. As of now, April 2020, Caravans seem to make double the revenue of workshops, the eradicating of the workshop cap could change this.

I’ve but to have a lot expertise with fiefdoms, so I can’t say a lot. However, the place you personal fiefdoms it could be advantageous to additionally personal manufacturing. It may additionally be in your curiosity to make sure a wholesome good provide into your cities and cities to advertise growth and prosperity. Especially meals, hold their abdomen full and they’ll serve.

As a kingdom you make wish to deal with conquering provinces with items that you just want, or cities that comprises 3 workshops slots and can thus be capable of produce greater than cities with just one or two. This could closely affect the success of sure clans and nations.

Profitable Trade Route Examples

Western Trade Route

Some routes I’ve discovered helpful have been to commerce between western Calradia (Vlandians, Battanians, and Western Empire) and the Aserai. You can promote Aserai horses/desert horses for nice financial institution, and western Calradia has many low-value items that Aserai can’t produce like grapes, hardwood, wine, olives, furs, and hogs.

Eastern Trade Route

Another is travelling between Eastern Aserai, The Khanate lands, the Empire, and the Sturgian north. You can buys furs within the north and promote them within the south for double or triple revenue. You can then purchase horses, oil, linen, instruments, pottery, and so on. alongside many stops and commerce with Empire, the Khanate, and someday head extra west to unload livestock like cows kind the Steppes and different merchandise you choose up for affordable alongside the best way.

Full Rotation

The final map is my present rotation. It is a mixture of each, and permits me to see wars which can be happening and faucet into earnings after sieges probably the most. However, most significantly it takes you alongside the sting of the map the place there are extra variation in good provide and also you get entry to some items that different areas utterly lack alongside your route. I make simply over 50k per rotation and it takes me in all probability an hour in real-time, relying on what number of off-shoot routes I take to capitalize on commerce rumours.

Beginner Route:

A newbie route is to commerce round Poros and Zeonica once you first start the sport. This is a reasonably secure space the place you may construct up some gold to recruit 20-30 troops to maintain bandits off your again whilst you commerce in distant lands. The greatest means to do that is to purchase low-cost items from villages and promote them to cities. Pay consideration to commerce rumours and journey between the native cities tons to maintain a pointy eye on costs as arbitrage potential is decrease when the cities are so shut. I’d counsel the following step of buying and selling furs from close to Tyal and cattle from Baltakhand all the way down to Husn Fulq and Razih. From there you may transfer into the total Western or Eastern commerce route, and progress to full rotations in the event you like.

Western Trade Route Map

Eastern Trade Route Map

Full – Current Rotation

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