Midnight Ghost Hunt Starter Guide with Tips and Tricks

For Midnight Ghost Hunt gamers, this can be a newbie’s information, basic ideas and methods are offered, and weapon stats, potential makes use of, loadout and group comp recommendation are listed under as effectively.

Normal Information About This Guide

Final replace: 4/4/22

I’m engaged on this information on my own, and as such it takes some time to get info down. I attempt to give as correct of data as I can to strive and show you how to study the sport and make an knowledgeable determination on which loadouts match your playstyle.

Remember that this sport remains to be very new. New issues could also be found, and updates could change any statistics. Hold this in thoughts when taking a look at precise numbers, as they might be totally different after updates.


Within the following sections, I can be offering info on the assorted weapons and instruments obtainable to the hunters.

The way to Play a Hunter

The hunters have 2 targets, get rid of all ghosts, and survive till the emergency evac. If both of those targets are met, the hunters win. The perfect technique to play as a hunter can be to spend the primary 4 minutes of the match looking for the ghosts, utilizing each instrument at your disposal to search out them. Your group ought to have an excellent unfold of harm, monitoring, and trapping weapons and devices to assist hunt the ghosts down.

Keep in mind to Change Loadout

Close to the doorway to each stage is a generator, the place you may swap your loadout at any time free of charge. When you’re having bother discovering ghosts utilizing one gadget, or everybody took assist weapons, you need to swap your loadout to make use of the suitable gear. You must also change your loadout to be fight prepared when midnight arrives. Opening the generator additionally refills your devices comparable to C4 and Medic Equipment. Simply do not forget that the generator has a ten second cooldown.


After 5 minutes, if any ghosts are nonetheless alive, all of them are revived (even should you vacuumed them up) and develop into stronger. They’re now going to strive and kill you, so your greatest wager is to be ready. Till you get the muscle reminiscence to swap your loadout to a full-combat one, and how far it’s important to run to succeed in the doorway, you need to at all times go towards the doorway to the stage when there may be about 50 seconds remaining. As soon as there, swap out your weapon for the next injury one, gadget for an offensive one, and perk for another fight centered. Then, prepare as a result of the ghosts are coming. Most video games will finish proper right here, with one aspect dying. However, on the off likelihood either side are nonetheless standing after 5 extra minutes, the emergency evac arrives and the hunters can go away the map to win the match.


Spectral Cannon

Spectral Cannon is an efficient throughout weapon. It’s by no means a nasty selection, however it’s hardly ever your best option. You need to use this weapon in case you are ever not sure which one to make use of, or should not have a greater one unlocked.

Direct hits deal a flat 27 injury to each ghosts and props. It has a small splash injury radius that scales down with distance. The splash radius is tiny and shouldn’t be relied on
Nice assault pace, firing 5 photographs in about 2.3 seconds
Appears to haven’t any most vary, and no injury fall off
Extraordinarily correct
First rate reload pace
Solely carries 5 photographs

Salt Shotgun

Salt Shotgun is a really area of interest weapon thats greatest towards extraordinarily aggressive ghosts. It has a really excessive knockback to maintain ghosts at bay, whereas additionally dealing excessive quantities of harm at shut vary. Best for combating aggressive ghost gamers, defending assist, or combating ghosts off at midnight.

Hits deal as much as 62 injury, scaling with distance, knocks the goal again primarily based on injury dealt
Extraordinarily quick assault pace, firing 2 photographs in about .6 seconds
Very brief efficient vary, heavy injury fall off
Hits no matter its aimed toward, its a shotgun
Fairly good reload
Solely carries 2 rounds

Ghost Masher

Ghost Masher is your anti-ghost melee weapon. It has brief vary, however offers constantly excessive injury. That is one other nice weapon towards aggressive ghosts and can end them off effectively when their prop is damaged. Nonetheless, it offers little or no injury to props. Best for combating aggressive ghost gamers, or combating ghosts off at midnight.

Hits on ghosts deal 52, whereas props solely take 18
First rate assault pace, swing 10 instances in about 9.6 seconds
Melee vary
No have to reload/recharge


Sledgehammer is your anti-prop melee weapon. Similar to the ghostmasher, however is just not helpful as soon as the prop breaks. Best for smashing props to search out ghosts, and dealing heavy injury to massive props.

Hits on props deal 37 whereas ghosts solely take 3
Unhealthy assault pace, swing 10 instances in 11.25 seconds
Melee vary
No have to reload/recharge

Venture X

Venture X is a minigun weapon that could be very efficient at dealing excessive quantities of harm in a short time, however slows you down whereas firing. That is very best for killing trapped ghosts shortly, or combating at midnight.

Hits on props deal 19 injury whereas ghosts take 15
Assault pace begins gradual however ramps up shortly
Appears to haven’t any most vary, no injury fall off
Extraordinarily correct
Takes perpetually to chill down when overheated
No max ammo, as an alternative generates warmth and can overheat, changing into unable to shoot. Overheating takes about 5 seconds.


Frostbite is an SMG with a excessive hearth fee, respectable injury, and slows ghosts on hit which finally freezes them. That is very best for slowing and stopping fleeing ghosts, or protecting aggressive ghosts again.

Each shot offers a random quantity from 3-6. Props solely take injury whereas frozen, which takes about 1 second.
Superb assault pace, fires 60 rounds in 4.5 seconds
Appears to haven’t any most vary, no injury fall off
Extraordinarily correct
First rate reload pace


Reaper is a sniper rifle that reliably offers excessive injury at lengthy vary however has a low hearth fee. That is very best for searching down ghosts, both taking pictures them from a distance should you discover them or killing them as they run away.

Each shot offers 17 injury, adopted by two ticks of three injury every, and an explosion that offers 44 injury. This totals 67 injury. The explosion offers splash injury with a tiny radius.
Very gradual assault pace, fires 5 photographs in 8 seconds
No most vary or injury fall off
Pinpoint accuracy, comes with a scope for lengthy distance photographs
Pretty lengthy reload

Harpoon Bazooka

Harpoon Bazooka is a good assist weapon that helps safe kills, however offers little or no injury. It attaches a series to the goal, and pulls them towards you for a couple of seconds. That is very best for catching ghosts which are attempting to flee, or pulling ghosts into traps or away out of your group.

Each shot offers 10 injury, adopted by three ticks of 4, 5, and 6 injury every, totaling 25.
Assault pace depends on how far the harpoon flies, nevertheless it doesn’t shoot quick. When you hook a ghost, it lasts about 4 seconds
Appears to haven’t any most vary or injury fall off
Very correct, although the projectile has a low pace and could also be dodged
No ammo/power means no want for a reload

Riot Protect

Riot Protect is, effectively, a riot defend. It protects you from ghost assaults, whereas permitting you to battle them again. It even blocks props flying at you. Best for shielding allies, or shopping for time for the emergency evac. Testing the precise quantity it blocks is hard as a result of I’m doing every little thing within the coaching area.

Assaults deal 11 to props, and 6 to ghosts. Its a defensive instrument, not a weapon
Assaults 10 instances in about 6.2 seconds
Melee vary
No ammo/power means no have to reload


The flamethrower is nice at clearing out whole rooms in the hunt for hidden ghosts as you may injury a number of props without delay with out losing any time, however it is vitally unreliable for injury. Best for sweeping by way of massive rooms to search out the ghosts.

Holding the hearth button offers 6 injury per tick. If you launch, the burn slowly whittles down, lowering in injury till it fades after 6 seconds.
Burn ticks are 4 at 6, one at 5, three at 4, three at 3, two at 2, 5 at 1 for a complete of 59
Props don’t take injury instantly, as an alternative they burn after a delay of about 1.3 seconds
Spends 30 ammo in 4.8 seconds
Quick vary
Hits every little thing you level it at, plus has respectable unfold.
First rate reload pace



The radar is a short-range ghost detecting tools. It’s used to inform you when you find yourself close to a ghost (or a ghost impact). The stronger the studying, the nearer you might be. It doesn’t inform route. Pairs very effectively with spectrophone.


The vacuum is a crucial gadget that somebody ought to carry always. When a ghost is killed, it drops crystal-like stays which different ghosts can use to revive. The vacuum is the one approach to take away the stays and forestall a revive. This doesn’t cease the midnight revive.


Defibrillator is used to revive fallen hunters. If a ghost knocks a hunter down and doesn’t eat their soul, you should use the defib on them to convey them again up. This merchandise is normally ineffective, nevertheless it doesn’t harm to hold one.

Medic Equipment

The medic package is used to completely heal hunters. You may both use your most important motion button (default LClick) to heal your self or a hunter you might be going through, or use your secondary motion button (default RClick) to throw the medkit onto the bottom so different hunters can use to heal themselves. Every medkit has 3 makes use of. Ensure everyone seems to be totally healed when midnight strikes.


The spectrophone is a long-range ghost detecting tools. Reverse the radar, it doesn’t inform you if you’re close to a ghost (or ghost impact), provided that there may be one within the route you might be going through. Pairs very effectively with radar.


The pathfinder reveals ghost footprints. Via the display screen on the machine, you may see the trail the ghosts traveled within the final 15 seconds. That is solely ineffective on ghosts that aren’t transferring, however is superb at following one should you misplaced it round a nook.


The entice is an easy machine you drop on the bottom to catch ghosts and preserve them locked in a single place. It offers 1 injury at a reasonably quick fee towards trapped ghosts. Ghosts that enter the entice’s radius can not go away it till they break it. The entice might be damaged with one assault, so it is vitally fragile. Nonetheless, the entice has no time restrict and lasts till you decide it up or it’s damaged. You should use it to dam off an escape route, purchase your self a bit extra time as you run, or make it tougher for them to dodge.


The grenade is a excessive damaging, one time use injury gadget. Throw it at a ghost or ghost prop, and it sticks. It bounces off of regular props. After about 4.8 seconds, it explodes in a big radius. Ghosts caught to it take anyplace from 250-270 injury, whereas any within the neighborhood take injury primarily based on how shut they’re to the middle of the explosion. This injury can harm and even kill the one that threw it, however doesn’t have an effect on different hunters. You may maintain the primary motion button (Default LClick) to “prepare dinner” the grenade and begin the timer earlier than throwing. You get 2 grenades by default.

Grappling Hook

Can’t say a lot in regards to the grappling hook. It helps you to get to locations you may’t usually, or run across the map quicker. It can’t be used to swing, and takes 6 seconds for it to recharge so it’s fairly inefficient. Wherever it might take you, ghosts can attain too so it might’t be used to cheese.


C4 is one other excessive injury, one time use gadget. Throw them with most important motion (Default LClick) and ignite with second motion (Default RClick). it offers 225 injury to no matter its caught to, however offers 300 to something instantly subsequent to it. Massive explosion radius offers much less injury the farther from the middle. You may throw each (or 3 if in case you have the perk) on the bottom earlier than igniting. This gadget can harm and kill the one that positioned it, however not different hunters.



Light-weight will increase the pace of your dash. This dash pace is quicker than what ghosts get, and is without doubt one of the greatest perks for my part. It’s glorious for sweeping the map and discovering ghosts.

Therapeutic Aura

Therapeutic aura provides you a small inexperienced circle. Any ally contained in the circle regains well being at a fee of about 1 well being per second. It is vitally gradual, and a lot much less environment friendly than medic kits. Therapeutic auras don’t stack, which means even when all 4 hunters have it, they nonetheless solely heal so quick. Don’t use greater than 1 on a group.


Coldblooded is without doubt one of the worst perks. It solely exists as a counter to one of many ghost perks, making you not seen by way of partitions. This is able to be advantageous by itself as that ghost perk is superb, however the decreased well being makes it not price it.


Juggernaut might be the perfect perk to seize at midnight. Doubling your well being at the price of being unable to dash. As soon as midnight hits, you received’t be operating a lot anyway, and that double well being makes you numerous tougher to kill.

Fast Reload

Fast reload is an efficient perk that reloads all weapons (and cools down Venture X) a lot quicker. Pairing it with low-ammo weapons like Spectral Cannon and Salt Shotgun can drastically improve sustained DPS.

Prolonged Magazine

Prolonged magazine is an efficient perk that places extra ammo in your clip. Pairing it with high-ammo weapons like Frostbite and Flamethrower can drastically improve your burst DPS.

Further Gear

Further gear helps you to carry extra consumable gear. You now get 2 medkits (for a complete of 6 heals), 2 traps, 3 grenades, or 3 C4. That is simply usually good.


Overkill is a meme perk. It replaces your gadget with a weapon. This implies you would take a ghost-killer weapon just like the Ghostmasher, and a prop-killer weapon just like the Flamethrower to assist catch ghosts should you battle with detection devices. Or you may carry two offensive weapons so that you don’t have to reload as typically. Weapons can’t be swapped when you begin reloading, however Venture X might be put away whereas overheated so you may nonetheless shoot whereas it cools down.


Gadgeteer is one other meme perk. It replaces your weapon with a gadget. You would take 2 monitoring devices like Radar and Spectrophone to seek out effectively, the defibrillator and medic package to essentially lean into assist, or each grenade and C4 to pump out a ton of harm.

Ectoplasm and You!

Ghosts construct up ectoplasm whereas standing nonetheless. In the event that they aren’t possessing a prop, ectoplasm builds up extraordinarily quick. Ectoplasm is drained slowly whereas transferring, and excessive quantities make ghosts simpler to trace and discover. Ectoplasm is a mechanic designed to counter ghost methods that contain tenting in exhausting to search out areas.

I’m not 100% positive how ectoplasm interacts with every of the monitoring devices, however I imagine the radar will get the next studying primarily based on ectoplasm, and the spectrograph detects ghosts from additional away. I might want to do additional testing to determine it out precisely. Ectoplasm is kind of exhausting to check by your self within the apply area.

Constructing ectoplasm isn’t the top, nevertheless. Ghost gamers can lose ectoplasm in two methods. The commonest is by transferring. When you don’t see any hunters round, take a lap or two across the room or hop again and forth between two possessed props. Simply be sure you watch the ectoplasm gauge, as should you run circles in a really small space like behind a sofa, it is not going to lower. One other approach to lower ectoplasm is by spamming taunt (default V). Some props have particular noise talents (default H), these talents to not lower ectoplasm and seem to serve no precise perform.



That’s all we’re sharing immediately in Midnight Ghost Hunt Starter Guide with Tips and Tricks, if in case you have something so as to add, please be happy to depart a remark under, you can too learn the unique article here, all of the credit goes to the unique writer Flames99Fuse

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