Marvel’s Midnight Suns Performance Fixes

Welcome to our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Performance Fixes information. A strategy to repair or ammeliorate efficiency points with the sport!

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Performance Fixes

A strategy to repair or ammeliorate efficiency points with the sport!

Why it stutters (skip when you simply need it mounted)

No: It’s not Denuvo.
Denuvo isn’t the explanation this, or any sport apart from RE8 (and that was Capcom with it including their very own layer of drm on high) run worse. Shader compilation stuttering is a plague on trendy computer gaming attributable to elevated shader complexity on trendy techniques, the adevent of raytracing, DirectX12 and the horrible method Unreal Engine 4 handles shader compilation. Since it’s not an issue on console and there’s nobody button repair for it, many devs dont give a crap and saddle us with this. They must implement both, a strategy to precompile, or an asychronous compiler. And they dont need to take care of that. This is devs ignoring a major problem that largely happens with UE4. The excellent news is the issues on this sport appear to stem solely partly from shader compiling, half from THE DAMNED 2K launcher, which opens the unsuitable model of the exe as an alternative of the 64 bit executable. Plus, there appears to be bother with the cloud save recordsdata. And the obtain cache serving to the stutter in some way. Problems throughout, however Denuvo isnt considered one of them.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Performance Fixes – Fixing the sport

Bypass the 2K Launcher

  • Right click on the sport in your Steam Library, spotlight Manage and click on Browse Game Files
  • In the sport folder, undergo these folders:
    MidnightSuns -> Binaries folder- >Win64
    to seek out MidnightSuns-Win64-Shipping.exe
  • Copy the filepath to the exe,
    when you dont know the way right here’s a method:
    Click the Windows Address Bar on high, add a (alt+92) and duplicate the advised filepath for the exe
  • Performance Fixes
  • Right click on the sport in your Steam Library. Select Properties and paste the filepath we copies in between double quotes “” and add an area and %command% on the finish
    Performance Fixes

Example of what this can seem like:

“D:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonMarvel’s Midnight SunsMidnightSunsBinariesWin64MidnightSuns-Win64-Shipping.exe” %command%

Clear Steam’s DL Cache

Performance Fixes

Go to Steam Settings (high left of steam Client, Click steam, then Settings.) ->Download and click on Clear Download Cache. Log again into Steam
I do know it doesnt actually make sense that this helps however it in some way does. Something bizarre, this sport.

Additional Settings

  • Go to the in-game settings and TURN OFF RAYTRACING. It’s busted.

    You must be good to go.

    If you’re nonetheless having issues attempt:

  • On the Nvidia management panel, Change settings for this sport and switch Low Latency to Ultra, and Energy Profile to Maximum Performance. (If you dont know the best way to use your driver’s management panel, don’t.)
  • You may also attempt, in sport to set the renderer to Directx11 which doesn’t generate shader caches. But YMMV as it might decelerate the sport otherwise.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Performance Fixes – Linux Fixes

On Proton, the launcher removes itself out of the best way since a patch to make 2K video games playable once more, however given how a lot efficiency is improved on Windows, we would wanna take away it too

I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS ON MY DECK YET. It SHOULD work since its the identical methodology used for Civ6

Put this on the Steam Launch Commands

eval $( echo "%command%" | sed 
"s/2KLauncher/LauncherPatcher.exe'.*/Base/Binaries/Win64/MidnightSuns-Win64-Shipping.exe'/" )
eval $( echo "%command%" | sed
"s/2KLauncher/LauncherPatcher.exe'.*/Base/Binaries/Win64Steam/MidnightSuns-Win64-Shipping.exe'/" )

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