Killing Floor – Toy Master How to Setup Dedicated Server

For Killing Floor – Toy Master  gamers who need to host a server of your personal, this information is all you want to setup a devoted server, let’s test it out.

Why model issues

Have a glance on Skell’s v4 repair changelog and you’re going to get all the things. If you already know the distinction skip this part.

  • Uses the fastened variations of specimens.
  • All doorways are set to the enumerator ME_IgnoreWhenEnroach.
  • Moved the 2nd room’s decrease chest in order that its spawned uber might look regular when spawning away from below the overpass.
  • Some graphical fixes (modified a few projectors out for one thing higher).
  • Fixed server crashes on map change.
  • Rebalanced issue scaling for sport issue and participant quantity.
  • Rebalanced zed squads.
  • Fixed some points with gamers not respawning (undecided).


  • All zeds now have rather more responsive hitboxes.
  • Animation error spam has been fastened.
  • All zeds now have footstep sounds.
  • Fixed all socket names.

Ventriloquist Dummy:

  • Increased Health to 325 (from 130).
  • Increased HeadHealth to 65 (from 25).

Uber Ventriloquist Dummy:

  • Zap Threshold is now 5 occasions greater (from 0.25 to 1.5).
  • Added issue scaling to this in order that it goes up to 3.0 on Hell on Earth.
  • Increased Health to 2048 (from 1500).
  • Increased HeadHealth to 1024 (from 700).

Ventriloquist Knifethrower:

  • Increased Health to 325 (from 130).
  • Increased HeadHealth to 65 (from 25).
  • All burn resistance code overwritten to not obtain a injury discount.
  • Removed exploit with knives the place they may very well be picked up as crossbow bolts.
  • Knives have been utterly reworked to act extra like knives.


  • Increased Health to 720 (from 525).
  • Increased HeadHealth to 550 (from 525).
  • Reduced melee injury by 1/3 (from 12 to 8).


  • Increased Health to 98 (from 70).
  • Decreased HeadHealth to 50 (from 70).

Jack (Boss):

  • Collision cylinder (hitbox) now toggles relying on whether or not or not he’s hiding.
  • ZED Guns (MKI and MKII) now deal injury to Jack.
  • Explosive weapons now additionally use their impression injury.
  • Time between assaults elevated.
  • Time discount per cover section decreased.
  • Throws 1 further bomb per throw time.
  • Damage elevated to 200 (from 100).
  • Radius elevated to 300 (from 220).
  • Speed decreased to 1750(from 2000).
  • Explode timer elevated to 4.0 (from 2.0).
  • Throws 6 bombs when going to cover (as an alternative of 10).
  • Hiding bombs act otherwise from common ones.
  • Damage elevated to 200 (from 100).
  • Radius elevated to 300 (from 220).
  • Speed decreased to 800 (from 2000).
  • Explode timer elevated to 6.0 (from 2.0).
  • Shoots 3 noticed blades (as an alternative of 5 knives): Damage decreased to 10 (from 15).

The Redirect

If you may have a working redirect (native one or on a internet hosting) proceed additional. Else examine How to simply create a Redirect, it’s actually straightforward and can make your purchasers expertise a lot better.

Now the vital half: there’s a particular concern with Toy Masters – it makes use of modified karma recordsdata which KF’s engine will not be ready to redirect. So with this mod your choices as a devoted server host differs somewhat bit.

No redirect (the lame method)
  • You have to ask EVERY consumer to shut the sport -> set up Toy Masters from the Steam -> rejoin. This will work when you plan to use the vanilla Toy Master, however for v4 Fix it would battle with some consumer put in recordsdata.
  • If somebody skips that recommendation and patiently waits for 10-20 what number of minutes it would take to obtain the entire Toy Masters with 10kb/sec? – he’ll be part of and crash in 100% due to lacking karma recordsdata on his consumer.
Working redirect (the proper method)
  • Add all *.uz2 recordsdata as common.
  • For karma recordsdata arrange Marco’s Music Downloader (extra particulars in subsequent part).

So any consumer simply click on -> obtain -> play. Instead of manually googling and polluting sport folder with a doubtlessly incompatible model.


Toy Master v4

If somebody tells you that you simply want to use SteamCMD to get the recordsdata for devoted server – be happy to throw some tomatoes at his face. In actuality it’s as straightforward as putting in different KF mod.

Past me 2015 was good to accumulate all required (+redirect) recordsdata and knowledge in a single place[].

  1. Install vanilla Toy Master.[].
  2. Install v4 Fix[] on high of it.

The outcome will likely be:

├── Animations
│ └── KF_Puppets.ukx
├── KarmaData
│ ├── babydollRagdoll.ka
│ ├── pinwheelRagdoll.ka
│ └── VentriloquistRagdoll.ka
├── Maps
│ └── TOY-DevilsDollhouse.rom
├── Movies
│ └── dummyLoop.bik
├── Sounds
│ └── PuppetDoll_SND.uax
├── StaticMeshes
│ └── Puppets_SM.usx
├── System
│ ├── KFCharPuppets.u
│ └── KFEffectsPuppets.u
└── Textures
├── KF_PuppetHUD.utx
└── KF_Puppets_T.utx


Music Downloader

Install Music Downloader v2.1 for karma recordsdata redirection:

  • TWI Forum[] – requires config file modifying and handbook redirect creation.
    ;= put your redirect deal with with out http prefix
    ;= these file names have to be in lowecase
  • – binary recordsdata match the unique, I simply added redirect recordsdata (*.uz2) and configured settings so they’ll simply work. Copy-paste the hyperlink, take away the dot and blame steam for banning Mediafire hyperlinks.

N.B. #1 Some individuals are frightened that Music Downloader is greylisted. Do you recognize that complete Toy Master is greylisted as nicely?

N.B. #2 Menu will pop-up when purchasers be part of, with all the data why this mod is required and what it does. On settlement sport will relaunch itself and obtain karma recordsdata. This is sufficient already to stop crashes, however corpses will keep within the air with out ragdoll. It’s one time factor and will likely be fastened on consumer sport subsequent relaunch.

Killing Floor - Toy Master How to Setup Dedicated Server

Last Steps

If you need to simply run a server and play as soon as
ucc server TOY-DevilsDollHouse.rom?Game=KFCharPuppets.TOYGameInfo?Mutator=MusicLoader.MusicMut?Difficulty=7


KFMapVote Setup

KFMapVote.ini entry:

GameConfig=(GameClass=”KFCharPuppets.TOYGameInfo”,Prefix=”TOY”,Acronym=”TOY”,GameTitle=”Toy Master”,Mutators=”MusicLoader.MusicMut”,Options=)

And to repair the maplist this may very well be simply fastened in mod’s code… add this to someplace in your server’s killingfloor.ini:



That’s all we’re sharing in the present day in Killing Floor – Toy Master How to Setup Dedicated Server, when you have something to add, please be happy to go away a remark under, you can too learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique creator NikC-

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