KartRider Drift Drifting Like Pro

Welcome to our KartRider Drift Drifting Like Pro information. A primary information on find out how to carry out a clear drift and getting the increase afterward.

KartRider Drift Drifting Like Pro

This information is especially written for keyboard customers, however the identical ideas apply it doesn’t matter what interface you utilize to race. Here are the keys for sure actions right here:


  • Drift Key – Shift
  • Item Key – Control
  • Accelerate – Up arrow -OR- W key

Turn Off Aids and Auto Settings
We’re going to do that the skilled means; consequently, you’ll want to show off all driving aids and assists within the settings to realize full management over your drifts and angles.

KartRider Drift Drifting Like Pro

Getting the Drift Down

How Does Drifting Work?

Pressing or holding Shift will set off a drift. Drifting lets you make sharper turns and likewise expenses your nitro increase gauge quicker in Speed mode. Performing an ideal drift may also offer you a small pace increase.

Getting the Right Angle

Note that the longer you maintain Shift, the touchier your flip will probably be. By tapping shift whereas turning proper, you’ll be able to maintain down your proper arrow key with no concern of turning too sharp and spinning out.

If you maintain shift, holding down your proper arrow key with it should set off a really sharp flip which can possible throw you into the wall.

Holding shift longer is helpful for getting sharp turns, however be sure you launch it earlier than you spin out.

Drifting Like a Pro

Finishing the Drift

Release shift if you happen to haven’t already. Straighten your kart by counter steering, which is just turning left after a proper hand drift, or turning proper after a left hand drift.

Achieving the Extra Boost

Getting the Boost

By ending an ideal drift, you’ll be able to carry out somewhat increase that brings you again up to the mark.

To obtain this increase, speed up proper as your drift finishes. Right after your counter flip to straighten up is completed, launch the accelerating key and instantly press it down once more. Timing it accurately provides you with a brief increase.

KartRider Drift Drifting Like Pro
KartRider Drift Drifting Like Pro

Performing Fast Drifts and Maintaining Speed

Nitro Boost

Drifting is a vital facet of Speed mode, because it decreases the time till your subsequent nitro increase tremendously. Using a nitro increase simply earlier than a drift will give a wider, longer, and quicker drift that may replenish the nitro gauge rather more than a drift with out the increase.

Drifting Like a Pro

This additionally lets you keep prime pace on a drift. Doing so is rather like a traditional drift, however you typically solely must faucet shift as a substitute of holding it when utilizing nitro on a drift to take care of higher management.

Be positive to not let off of the accelerator whereas drifting as that may cancel the increase. You can faucet the accelerator on the finish of the drift to get that bonus increase, however lacking the timing will mess up your pace.

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