Inside the Backrooms Walkthrough

We are with you with a brand new Inside the Backroom Guide. We proceed our guides with out slowing down. Our matter at present is inside the backroom walkthrough. You can discover the walkthroughs of all particular person ranges under.

Inside the Backrooms Walkthrough

Level 0 (Lobby)

This is the first part you enter. It has no monsters, so you can not die right here.

Level 1 (The Backrooms)

Radio Stick Man

  • You’ll more than likely see him earlier than he sees you,
  • When close to lights will change to a orange-like shade.
  • He likes to choose corners and stand in them for lengthy durations of time, however when he does transfer you’ll hear his loud footsteps.
  • He can solely see you if you’re near him (a bit farther from the place the orange-lights begin), you’ll know he has seen you by a loud roaring sound.

He is simple to overlook, should you’re ever being chased simply break sight from him, and he’ll decelerate


  • Starting at the canine will make it cease transferring for a second, and transferring out of view will trigger it to slowly stalk you.
    If you stare at it for too lengthy, break eye contact, or begin working it can begin chasing you once more.

The technique is to stare at it because it notices you, and slowly transfer away round a nook, at which level you’ll be able to run away and conceal behind one thing inflicting the canine to maneuver away.


  • The most annoying of the Level 1 Monsters
  • It can not transfer, but it surely ailing take a number of moments for it to fade away.
  • It will solely present up in areas with out lights, it’s not sure to set positions, but it surely does appear to want sure spots.
  • If a lightweight breaks it will possibly open an area for a Smiley to look.
  • By a smiley you’ll hear a distorted sound, inflicting your flashlight to flash.
  • The longer you have a look at it the extra in peril you’re of it immediately killing you.
  • The nearer you’re the extra highly effective the impact.

I’m not sure was causes it actually assault, but it surely looks like: Touching it, or breaking Eye contact by trying away appears to set off it.

The technique I’ve discovered is that by the sides of the smiley doesn’t appear to extend danger, which means blocking the different facet of the smiley by a wall can mean you can see, and anticipate it to fade out. It can not have an effect on you whereas it’s fading out

Level 2 (Parking lot / Office)

Skin Walker

  • This Monster is simple to irritate, as being near it, being comparatively far with him seeing you, or making sound (speaking or whistling) will trigger it to chase you.
  • It has considerably good reminiscence, so you have to to interrupt sight from it for longer durations of time for it to de-agro.

The sport speaks of it being about to odor blood, however I’ve by no means actually examined this

  • Due to the dimension of the areas you’ll discover him it’s best to control his straightforward aggression to maneuver him out of areas it’s worthwhile to be.
  • But should you ever want to interrupt his aggression, for a second after he has attacked you he’ll keep in place, and till he begins transferring once more he can not agro you, which means that transferring behind partitions, or pillars may be useful.

Level 2 cont. (Party Room)

Party Go-er

  • This monster can solely be present in the occasion room, The occasion room has 3 mini-games, every having 3 phases.
  • These mini-games scale in issue relying on what section, and the way many individuals you may have in your foyer.

If all gamers die the section is reset, and you’ll lose each reward/candle you may have collected in the present section


  • The monster doesn’t seem on this section, however that doesn’t imply it will possibly’t injury you
  • Balloons will stand up from the floor, if all balloons are destroyed the subsequent section, or the subsequent mini-game will start
  • You need to destroy all the balloons in a time restrict, signified by the sound of a ticking clock.

If you fail to destroy all the balloons by the finish of the timer, the remaining balloons will fly to the closest participant, and injury them.

Gift Maze

  • Once the final of the balloons are popped the message on the all will ask you to stroll into the field below it.
  • Once all gamers have entered the field wall will pop up from the floor, and a timer will start.
  • Gifts will randomly be put in the maze, discovering all of those presents will ship you to the subsequent section, or mini-game.

The presents will solely seem as soon as the timer has began, exploring earlier than that will provide you with nothing, and will trigger you to overlook a present.

If you fail too acquire all the presents in the given time (which is able to more than likely occur), The lights in the maze will flip pink, and the Party Go-er will start looking out.

If the Party Go-er finds you balloons will fly up from the floor, and forestall you from transferring for a small period of time, should you have been too near the Party go-er this can all the time imply instantaneous dying, however if you’re far sufficient, you’ll be able to shortly run to a hiding house.

The Party go-er will generally test hiding areas, which means nowhere is actually protected throughout the section.

Invisible Maze

  • Similar to the final maze, you should discover objects hidden in a maze, however this time the maze’s partitions are solely in a position to be seen by pink traces on the ground.
  • You should discover randomly positioned candles
  • This is each a bonus, and drawback, as you’ll be able to see the location of the candles, however normally not the direct path to get there.

The timer on this remaining mini-game is extra forgiving, however when it runs out it normally means you’ll die, as the Party Go-er isn’t restricted by the invisible partitions

The maze is formed like a C which means that heaving to go from one a part of the maze to a different could imply going the whole approach round.
The finest spot to be positioned is satirically in the nook the Party Go-er is, as this nook can take you to any a part of the maze.

  • The Party Go-er can not assault you till the timer is up.
  • The Final Door to flee is not going to present up till you may have blown out, and picked up the Red Keycard at the middle of the room.

I like to recommend sending the particular person with moth jam to the middle desk, and wait till all different gamers have reached the nook reverse of the Party Go-er, as as soon as the card is picked up the remaining timer will start.

Level 2 cont. (The Pool)

  • Legged Water CrawlersIn the remaining stretch of the sport you’ll be in a big pool full of randomly positioned monsters that you simply can not see.
  • You should use the movement detector to see them.

They do transfer, generally randomly, but when the gamers will get in vary of them, they are going to begin to transfer in direction of the participant, they’re slower than you, however nonetheless quick sufficient to pose an issue.

I like to recommend looking for gaps of their positioning to maneuver by way of, If you factor the hole is simply too small to undergo, it more than likely is.
You could generally want to control them coming after you to maneuver them away from locations it’s worthwhile to go.

After this level you enter the remaining room, which you can not die in except you may have made a grave mistake.

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