Inside the Backrooms Office Level Walkthrough

Welcome to our Inside the Backrooms workplace stage walkthrough information. In this information, we are going to inform you the workplace stage step-by-step. You will be capable of simply go the workplace part.

Inside the Backrooms Office Level Walkthrough

We will want the password code to go the workplace stage. Follow the footage and steps beneath.

Parking Garage

  • After exiting The Lobby / “The Backrooms” stage drop down into the gap to enter the parking storage
  • In the storage gather crimson valve handles mendacity on the floor
  • Use the handles to shut open gasoline pipes
  • Once all gasoline pipes are closed go away by the door beforehand blocked by inexperienced gasoline

Office Rooms

  • In the workplace rooms connect 4 fuses to the fuse field
  • Use the change to activate electrical energy
  • Once electrical energy is enabled laptop screens in the workplace rooms activate
    Office Rooms (Level 2) (WIP)
  • The symbols on the screens correspond to letters
  • The deciphering key for the symbols is in the protected in Flipped Room
  • The background colours reveal the order of the letters
  • The order is displayed on notes on the essential laptop monitor
    Office Rooms (Level 2) (WIP)
  • Click on the in-game keyboard to kind in the password
  • The laptop will open the blue door
  • Before getting into the blue door go the the Party Room

Flipped room

  • The protected at the finish of the room requires a code
  • Follow the path on the map and browse the code on the partitions
    Office Rooms (Level 2) (WIP)
  • Rotate the protected knob by dragging it with the mouse and alter course after each worth
  • Release mouse if a mistake is made to reset the knob
  • Pick up the Motion Tracker from the protected

The Party Room

  • Press on the button(s) on the wall concurrently
  • Enter the crimson rectangle on the flooring
    Office Rooms (Level 2) (WIP)
  • Finish each spherical of each occasion sport
  • Interact with the cake on the desk and decide up the key
    Office Rooms (Level 2) (WIP)
  • Turn off the electrical energy on the panel and enter the blue door

The Pool

  • If the electrical energy is left on the pool behind the blue door can be deadly
    Office Rooms (Level 2) (WIP)
  • There is a big pool stuffed with “rare” entity #5 creatures
  • Use the movement tracker from the Flipped Room to traverse by the pool safely
    Office Rooms (Level 2) (WIP)
  • Use the ladder on the different facet to get out
  • Use the Red Access Card and exit by the door

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